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Omar Cabrera | Evangelist to Argentina

Omar Cabrera was one of the greatest evangelists in the history of Argentina. Today I talk with his son Omar Cabrera, Jr. about what made his ministry so successful. As we go back in history, you will be inspired as you hear about the miracles God has done in the nation of Argentina!

Learn More about Omar Cabrera: https://www.visiondefuturo.org/


Evangelism Coach Daniel King (00:03):
Welcome to the Evangelism Podcast. We’re talking about evangelism, and today I have a very special guest with me, Pastor Omar Cabrera from Argentina. Thank you for joining me today.

Pastor Omar Cabrera, Jr. (00:15):
My pleasure to be here.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (00:17):
It is so wonderful to hear about what God has done in Argentina, and not many people have heard this story, but your father was a very significant evangelist and figure in the history of what God has done in Argentina. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>, could you tell us some about him?

Pastor Omar Cabrera, Jr. (00:35):
Well he, he got saved because of a miracle that my uncle had. He was going to die at age 18. He was operated on, had a tumor in under his skull, you know, the middle of the skull because of boxing. And school teacher said, you should come to our gym. They have meetings there, they pray for, for the sake. They were all Catholics. And that night they went, they saw a miracle of a guy that was had leprosy, that God had healed. And God healed my uncle. They all followed the Lord. And at age 17, he was already preaching to the Indians in the north of a country and playing his accordion. He, he learned to play the accordion, just to gather the crowds and, and then preach to them. When he was very young at eight, he was, would spend days fasting and praying, getting ready for the mission field.

He would even sleep outside, think saying, I don’t know where God, the Lord’s gonna send me, but I got used to the atmosphere, you know, and sleep outside to get ready for what God’s gonna do in my life. He got married, came to the United States, studied in, in a seminary, home seminary in, in Georgia. After that, he was sent as a missionary to Argentina, and that was his first experience with the supernatural. He went into a chapel that was an Anglican chapel that was not being used, took his mattress and prayed and fasted for 40 days before the crusade, and the crusade started, and it never stopped. I mean, 18 months long. And he still was preaching night after night while they were already building the, the building, the champ, the temple

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (02:32):
And still going today, <laugh>.

Pastor Omar Cabrera, Jr. (02:34):

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (02:35):
Yeah, yeah, yeah. What year was that? That the,

Pastor Omar Cabrera, Jr. (02:37):
The, the first cru the previous time, the first crusade was in Concordia enter Rios, Argentina. And that was in 65. And Wow. He stayed as a missionary till 64 there, came back for a furlough year in 71.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (02:54):

Pastor Omar Cabrera, Jr. (02:55):
And after that six months of just waiting, you know, he said, no, I, I, I, I can’t live like this. I gotta go do something. So he started working for Morris Salo Oh, wow. In San Diego. Organized his Spanish department there organized the crusade in Puerto Rico, Miami, and others. And after that,

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (03:19):
So he, he was helping organize for Morris Cillo.

Pastor Omar Cabrera, Jr. (03:22):
Yeah. He was Wow. His advanced crusade manager, dance man. Yeah. for his Hispanic crusades. And two years later he said, you know, I have to go back. He would cry at night in San Diego, in the apartment we had, I was in first grade, by the way, by then, you know, in San Diego. Yeah. And would cry all night. And one of the nights the Lord said, I’m going to give you a special love for my lost sheep of the Catholic church. An audible voice told him, Futuro, which is the name of the ministry, he started in 72. He went back to Argentina with an offering from Morris that was the first seed, and had his first crusade. We have that in the black, a black and white video Wow. Archives in BC on the Futuro YouTube channel. There’s mm-hmm. <Affirmative> you could, you could find that there. And we had about 45,000 people in that crusade that we did in, in, in Santa Fe.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (04:31):
What year was

Pastor Omar Cabrera, Jr. (04:32):
The event? That was like 73, 74. Okay. First had a crusade in Ana with one of our Morris’s associates out Fido. And that’s when persecution broke out. The police would come with tear gases the horse police would come and disperse the crowds. And the mayor even wanted to charge a religious tax because so many people would come to the city. There’s another, an only entrance from all the states to Rios by tunnel under the river. And they had to put all the staff on the second Saturday because so many people would come to my dad’s event. And it, it was called a touristic attraction. So the new mayor said, no, you’re gonna pay me a, a religious tax. And he said, well, the day you can bite your coat elbow, I’ll do it. <Laugh>. And that broke persecution. And the police came and we ended up in front of the mayor’s palace.

And that’s where he preached, you know, he took the 50 buses that had come from all over and preached there. And when the police arrived, he said, okay, next month we’ll meet in another state, another town 200 kilometers away. And because of the persecution it mushroomed like the primitive church, you know, all over if we, he would rent sports arenas because of all the healings, a lot of clinics lost their clients. The doctors would influence the police. And, you know, they would close the meetings or they would go to the club and say, we’re not gonna treat your, your players if you have Cabrera. And they would say, you know, even though we had contracts, they would say, you know, you can no longer well have the event here. Yeah. So all of that kept allowing the, the word of God to continue Na you know, state by state, city by city.

After 28 years of ministry, he, he had 145 cities where he had church. Wow. Where he had been established, you know, and a lot of times the meetings would be in an arena, like in Kuman, we had 12,000 people every time he went every 15 days. And it was Tuesdays and Wednesdays. And in another boxing arena, it was Thursdays and Fridays and in different cities at the same time. Right. Yeah. And there, you know, he had two groups of people that would go ahead with bus, you know sound system and the literature and the Bibles. He would sell a lot of Bibles and he would be preaching 28 nights every month, around 145,000 people face to face every month. Wow. A lot of this is written. Wow, that’s amazing. In, in Peter Wagner’s books. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>, you can get a lot of the information there.

When he came and looked at the church, he called it the second largest in the world. Cuz he had been with Cho, he had seen what Cho was doing and what, what was happening in Argentina at that time. And he would really go into the town before opening it, pray fast stay away when in the spirit. But then he would go and see happen in the natural the first night of the meetings, you know, and a lot of times while he was in prayer, he would have visions of a policeman, okay, they’re gonna arrest me tomorrow. He would put his suit on a tie, get ready, <laugh> wait at the lobby of the hotel. And sure enough, there was a police take him in. You know, we have to question you. What are you doing? Oh. But I have the permits. You know, we were living in a very rough time when the ministry started. All the gorilla movement, the 30,000 that disappeared in Argentina, you know, the military in charge of the government. And, and so, you know, we had to get permits, but I have the permit. No, no, no. But you come with us. And a lot of times, you know, they would hold him till the end of the service and that’s okay, you can go now. Thank you. That’s how my mom ended up preaching <laugh>. So much of a wow

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (09:22):
Crusades. And so you grew up in that atmosphere? Yeah. What was that like? Were you involved in the ministry? Well

Pastor Omar Cabrera, Jr. (09:30):
See what was happening. I remember one day, it was Father’s Day and we were surprising my father showing up. He was staying in a hotel across from the theater where they were going to have the, the meeting full of people. And the moment he gets off of the elevator and comes out, the police takes them. And we, we see that scene and we turn around and look at Mom. Cuz you know, the, the whole, the theater had a, a, a, a aisle in the middle, so you could see, and there’s mom looking at all of that leading worship and seeing how he’s taken and thinking, okay, I have to preach today. Right. Father’s Day. And they just tell them, there, give him a blanket. You know, you stay here. No, no, no, no, no. I want the judge to come. I want this to be written down. You’re holding me here, you’re kidnapping me. You know? And, and they was like, take it easy. I mean, mine is a political title, so if I don’t do this, I can lose my job. My family goes to your meetings. My daughter was healed. She was deaf. I mean, you know, they would know him and and know what he was doing, but still had to stop the,

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (10:53):
Talk to me about the anointing that was on your father’s life. Mm. Often people have a specific message. That’s their life message that mm-hmm. <Affirmative> God has given them. What, what were some of the things that God gave your father that were unique?

Pastor Omar Cabrera, Jr. (11:10):
Well, there was a lot of healings in his services creative miracles. I, I could think of many of the miracles that after the Miracle happened, the whole city just opened to the gospel. A lady fell from a three story building down to the floor because of trying to catch her daughter. And in mid-air, she turned around, grabbed her daughter and hugged her. And they both fell. And the weight of the bait of the girl, in fact two, broke all her ribs.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (11:48):

Pastor Omar Cabrera, Jr. (11:50):
And, you know, you can’t put a cast. It’s like you can’t breathe. So her ribs were welded like this so she could feel those protrusions like that, like over bones and is what they call them in Argentina, sore whistle. She could feel them here and here. She had her head, so her skull went in. She could actually put all four fingers straight in like that. Wow. The sight is back there. So she couldn’t see from one of her eyes. She would go on the bike and because of not being able to read depth would hit people, they all thought she was a little crazy. She worked for a dry cleaning service, taking clothes to the different houses. So everybody knew her in town. She goes to the meeting and God started working on her ribs. And the ribs got back together as they should have been before the accident.

And she says, and by the way, when I fell, I had this. And she goes like this. And God had put the skull back together in place, recreated the skull, recreated wherever the hole was right there. And immediately her eyesight was healed. Well, the next night we, we had such a crowd. There was people outside and they had to do two services cuz of such a crowd. Same thing happened in Santo Tome. That was in San San in Santa Fe. The other miracle was in Santo Tome in the state of Santa Fe. This lady was born, I mean, this little girl was born without her ear lobe. She just had a little, like a, a grain, the small, the size of a, a a, a corn. Yeah. You know, just a little thing like that. And hole. And the father and her mother took her there, forgot to heal her.

A lady was next to her, and she’s still in our ministry after 45, 50 years. Saw the moment when the ear started being created. Wow. The ear lobe. And it, my father saw it from the platform and he said, he was like, when you have a balloon that has been deflated and somebody starts blowing, it just goes like that. Yeah. Just blows up. And it just came out, out, out, out, out like that. And the moment it finished, like a wave of power hit that lady that she fell under the power, hit my father on stage, he fell too. People were crying and receiving miracles all over the place. And my father just couldn’t preach. He was taken out to the car, back to the hotel, and they carried him to his bed. Mm. 15 minutes later he said they came to pick him up.

What, what do you need? Oh, you have to go to the service. You left me 15 minutes ago. Said, no, no, no. That was yesterday. It was like he was in another dimension. Well, and I mean, it was like 24 hours. Yeah. He felt like was 15 minutes. And he said the worker said, we came to look for our badges. Why? Well, the police had surrounded the arena. We were at four blocks away. You can’t get in. The crowd had heard of the Miracle, and it was such a crowd that the workers were not allowed in to set up because there were so many people waiting. Wow. during that service. And the next right there they ended up asking some nuns that had come to help pick up the offering. Cause we had, we didn’t have enough workers. Wow. So, yeah. Wow. And every time that God has done something supernatural like that, it’s like the whole city. It’s God’s publicity, I would call it. You know, he would say miracles are like bells that toll calling people onto Salvation Catholic society for mass. You know, the bells would bring. And sure. People would come to mass. And so he, he used the miracles as an analogy of, you know, God doing that, calling people to come to meet the Lord.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (17:03):
And what impact did your father’s ministry have on the nation of Argentina?

Pastor Omar Cabrera, Jr. (17:09):
Well, he was the one in that time that was so hard that the opened the ground, the ground had been hardened. Churches were very small. We had had a previous manifestation of God when Tommy Hicks came and even ended up meeting with the President Perron at that time. And Perron gave him the stadium where he had the crusade. My father was part of the committee that was there with when Tommy Hicks was there. Oh. Thousands and thousands and thousands of people heard the gospel back then, but the church was not ready for the fruit.

And my father doing this spiritual exercise of going into the city, opening the heavens, praying for the strong man to be bound and being able to reap the fruit, left open heavens for many churches to grow after he would be there. And Aldo said, since Cab is here our churches have multiplied, have grown. One of them said, you built my church. My father thought, cuz he was a very generous man, and he would sow in other ministries that he had given him an offering, you know, to build his building. But she said, no, no, no. I had less than 50 people. Now I have a thousand since you came into town. And a lot of those churches even in, in Cordova for example, where he was persecuted a lot, not only by the government, but other pastors honored him to any years later saying, you’ve been an apostle to this city.

You were the one that brought the key for us to open the city for the gospel pastors that now have 10,000, you know, members. Yeah. Or 2000 or a thousand members. They honored my father as being that influence that opened cities. As a matter of fact, when he passed the mantle to me, he says, and I’m giving you the key for you to open. Wow. Sitting for the gospel. He passed me the mantle when we had a convention in our yearly convention in Cordova in touristic Town. And the very first night he said, I’m gonna do something Holy Spirit told me to do eight months ago. And he called me forward and said, I’m passing you the mantle. I’m giving you the presidency of the church.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (19:53):
And you weren’t expecting it.

Pastor Omar Cabrera, Jr. (19:55):
I was not expecting

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (19:56):
It. How old were you when that happened?

Pastor Omar Cabrera, Jr. (19:57):

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (19:58):
Wow. So you had been serving in the ministry

Pastor Omar Cabrera, Jr. (20:01):
Helping the same age? Cindy Jacobs had her first vision of the Lord. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative> Claudia Freon, same age. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>, when he had the anointing fall on him and started ministering. And, you know, we were comparing those on that. And he did it that Monday night. We had the convention till Friday morning and Friday morning we were finishing and he said, no, you’re, you’re, you’re in charge. You finished the convention. So I closed the convention with the communion service. And when I went down to serve him communion, you know, the cup, it dawned on me, this is for real. This is happening. You know. Wow. And that night he flew back to Buenos Aires. It was raining in Buenos Aires. He got soaked, got on a cab cab, took two hours to get to his place cuz it was flooded. When he got to his place, he couldn’t breathe. He called the ambulance, ended up in the hospital, had a couple of heart attacks at night, was in a coma, medicated coma for two weeks and passed away.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (21:14):
Wow. So when, when God showed him to pass it onto you, he did it in the the time of God. Yeah. Wow. We, and then what did that feel like for you to suddenly now have this, this mantle put on your shoulders? Well, I never, I,

Pastor Omar Cabrera, Jr. (21:30):
You know, I never had a chance to ask him, what do he want me to do? Yeah. You know, I, I mean, I was serving the Lord. I was in the Bible school that we had, I was pastoring in, in the, in the town in Rafaela, you know, in Little Town. Then I went to Golo. So I was in the ministry I was serving. I even went and studied in the seminary to prepare for that. But when 145 cities almost a hundred employees all of that fell. I felt the weight of a great responsibility. A friend came from Guatemala and he said, you call it a responsibility. What if you call it an opportunity? And the moment he said that, it was like the vision changed. And I felt I was standing on my father’s shoulders taking note of everything that he had left me. All the properties, the staff, the trained leaders, the literature

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (22:43):
What a legacy, the

Pastor Omar Cabrera, Jr. (22:44):
Impact, the legacy, you know. And I thought, wow, all I can do with what I have. Cause my fear was, I don’t know if I have shoulders for all this, if the weight is not gonna be too big. New pastors that had taken over and, you know, the work that the pioneers had done with such sacrifice was half the size and churches would, you know, put a wall and not even that half that could feel. And I was like, I don’t want that. I don’t want to do that. I mean, it was such a weight. But the moment this friend come, came from Guatemala and told me that. And from there we grew 240 churches and 20 years so many other programs that were, started the television and the whole continent. And then lase for 17 years, a national Christian network that preaches our, our sermons. The Sunday sermon in a thousand Cities. And the seminary site that we’re building. I mean, it’s so many, so many projects. That’s amazing. It’s amazing what God has done

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (24:06):
Well, but it all started with just going and preaching the gospel.

Pastor Omar Cabrera, Jr. (24:10):
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah. back in 72, we were just a few. And that first crusade preaching the gospel and, and showing signs and wonders to confirm the word. And God always, you know, giving us a strategy at the key moment to continue.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (24:32):
Was your father’s style similar to Morris Cillo or did he Yes. Did. Was he different?

Pastor Omar Cabrera, Jr. (24:39):
No, he, he was, even in the sense, like Morris rule, that he had schools of ministry would train people. He trained a lot of people

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (24:50):
Raise up an army

Pastor Omar Cabrera, Jr. (24:52):
To hear my voice. <Laugh>. Yeah. Yeah. he, he trained a lot of people and signs and wonders and would take him with him in the crusades. That’s how I got to, to see firsthand. You know, I would go with him in the crusades. He would call the he the sick. He would always minister about one illness. God would show him what he was going to do in that service and he would say, okay, all of you that have hernias, all of you that have problems in your skull, cuz it, it got indented or got hit and it’s, you know, bochy. And they would all come to the front. So we would walk with them and, you know, start asking people, what did you have and how long and what were the symptoms? And,

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (25:47):
You know Yeah.

Pastor Omar Cabrera, Jr. (25:48):
And we would see God’s power move. A lady I once told me, oh, I’m my believer son. Cuz I was like 13, 14. It’s like, I have more years of believing than you have of life, you know? And she had a big hernia. And my father prayed and I said, well, what happened? Oh son. And she went like this and she missed it. It was so big that she went like that and couldn’t find it. Wow. It disappeared completely. I mean, the size of a, a cantaloupe. Wow. And she goes, I can’t believe it. And I go, I thought you were a believer. <Laugh>. So seeing that firsthand, you know, it just,

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (26:34):
Yeah. So what was the process of your father would go into a city? He would do a crusade. He

Pastor Omar Cabrera, Jr. (26:42):
Would start, he would go ahead and stay in a hotel at least seven days, praying and fasting. Wow. usually my mom would go two, three months prior to that. Get the permits and they would choose the city based on the rallies that he would have. And, you know, a lot of buses would come from other towns. So usually when they had 15, 20 big buses coming to this meeting, he would, they would say, well, two, three months from now, we’ll be in your town. So with, even without publicity,

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (27:20):
People would know about it. Yeah. And, and then how were churches planted?

Pastor Omar Cabrera, Jr. (27:25):
The rally would continue.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (27:27):
How long would it usually go? It would be a week, two weeks.

Pastor Omar Cabrera, Jr. (27:32):
Well, the Crusades originally, yes. But when the persecution was so strong, they would stay two, three days. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative> like a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, you know, and leave. By the time they were starting getting ready to shoot at us, that’s how my dad would put it. Yeah. we would, we’d be gone. But the people knew that 15 days from now we’d be back. And since it was sporadic

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (28:00):
Were And the stadium would fill Yeah. Every time.

Pastor Omar Cabrera, Jr. (28:03):
Every time. Yeah. at first the Crusades, you know, the 71, 72, I mean 72, 73, 74, they were longer. As a matter of fact, I’m going now this September to a, a city that he was invited to go by another pastor, and it’s gonna be their 50th anniversary. It was in 73. There, it was so supernatural. The bus, the ambulances were like 10, 15 ambulances would be waiting to go into the stadium to leave their sick. And the power of God fell. People heard from other cities, Christians and come buses. And the moment they crossed the city limits, they’d be filled with the spirit. Wow. People that were even in the main square complaining to the government because of bad salaries would be filled with the spirit in the main square. And a lot of times crowds would be so large coming from all over. By the time the a week, 10 days crusade would finish, we couldn’t even get gasoline to leave town. So we had to stay one or two more days till they

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (29:37):
Would, because so many people had come. Right. Yeah.

Pastor Omar Cabrera, Jr. (29:39):
Wow. Or there was, you know, a food. So shortage. Wow. It was a tremendous.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (29:46):
What what is your greatest memory of your father? How did he most impact your life?

Pastor Omar Cabrera, Jr. (29:56):
The time before going on stage. You know, I would usually walk with him till he got on stage. My mom would be introducing him. Here’s a man of God who’s a man of faith that has helped thousands to receive a miracle in their lives with you. The servant of God. And I will be right there with him and I could hear him whisper Holy Spirit. I open myself to you and the ministry of your angels minister, life and power.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (30:34):
And he’d pray that prayer. He

Pastor Omar Cabrera, Jr. (30:35):
Would do that before, every time before Wow. Going on stage, opening himself for the leading of the Holy Spirit. And he would be so sensitive, you know, he would be preaching and sometimes would in parenthesis say, and this comes from the School of the Spirit. And what he meant was, I had never thought of this, I have never studied this, but this comes straight from God revelation. And would, he would give a nugget of truth. You know. And well, we would study that and like, wow, Lord, wow, this is amazing. Or even there’s a person here that you know, and, and flow in the words of knowledge and, and, and see the power of God. You know, bring such healing to the people. Once in Corola he was hearing testimonies and looked at a girl that was in the front row and went like that to her and a stream of light. Everybody saw it.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (31:39):

Pastor Omar Cabrera, Jr. (31:40):
And she had extra vimo, you know, the eyes were like crooked in the middle, like almost behind the nose. Yeah. If you could. And they got straight Wow. Immediately. And the crusade where the ambulances were coming in, he saw a light come on a man. And he said, sir, you’ve been healed. Get up. Get up. I can’t get up in the name of Jesus. You are healed. And he says, no, I can’t. I only have my underwear. <Laugh>. Well wrap yourself on your, in that sheet and just get up

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (32:16):
And walk. You’ve been

Pastor Omar Cabrera, Jr. (32:16):
Healed. And sure enough, he got up, you know, like a wow. Greek with a tunic.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (32:23):
<Laugh>. Was there any, anyone meeting that was huge that you remember that what, what was the largest event? Did he ever do? The city of Buenos Aires. And

Pastor Omar Cabrera, Jr. (32:33):
He, in the city of Buenos Aires, he went to a boxing arena. Yeah. And it only had like five no 3000 in capacity. But the whole entrance was full of people standing and a black and white 19 inch television where they could see him. And a speaker that, you know, would pr you know, the sound of the image did not coincide, but we were, and people would stand all the way out and stop the avenue traffic. At, at that Buenos Aires, the biggest ones were in the center of the country in Cordova, for example, he had a, a, like a seven day crusade for anniversary. And they had like 48,000 people there that every night in the soccer stadium in Cordova. Another, another soccer stadium also. You know, like, but

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (33:30):
You said earlier he was preaching like 28 nights a month. Uhhuh <affirmative>. How, for how many years did that go? That he was preaching that much?

Pastor Omar Cabrera, Jr. (33:38):
Like for 15 years.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (33:39):
So for 15 years. And it was every month.

Pastor Omar Cabrera, Jr. (33:42):
And after that we continued doing the rallies. But he would only go to like 15. Not, not, you know, half of them. Cuz he had all the workers that he had already trained. Yeah. You know, the army like Morris. Yeah. that he had left, you know, had trained to go and do the work. So if he wouldn’t go, others would, a lot of times it would happen to us. I was 19 and the driver of the truck that would take the sound with me was 23. And we would get the phone call at the kitchen of the place cuz no cell phones back then. And we would just like, oh, he’s not coming.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (34:28):
He’s not,

Pastor Omar Cabrera, Jr. (34:29):
Can get you enough. You know, we’d go and Yes, no, I’m not going. So you do this and have my son do that and da da da da da. So I was like,

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (34:41):

Pastor Omar Cabrera, Jr. (34:42):
That’s how he would pray us. We had to be ready. <Laugh>.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (34:45):
You were ready And, and you started to preach in the crusades. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>. How old were you when you first,

Pastor Omar Cabrera, Jr. (34:51):
I, I started, I’ve been with him, you know, worship leader since I was like 15. Yeah. 14, 15. And after I came back from, or Oral Roberts when I was 23, I started going to the crusades and preaching back then at that age when I was 28, I got my first pastorate, but he didn’t give me a a church. He gave me a region of 33 cities. So that’s how I started pastoring

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (35:25):
And said, go, go plant churches.

Pastor Omar Cabrera, Jr. (35:27):
No, no. These were churches that were already established. And the pastor was taken away from there. And he said, okay, you, you take go.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (35:37):
He gave you the region. He

Pastor Omar Cabrera, Jr. (35:38):
Gave me the region. 33 cities at age 28. Wow. And you know, we would go and have rallies and crusades and meetings at clubs and arenas and fields that we had pro purchased and everything. And as the crusades continued, you know, sooner or later we would buy the building and move to our own site. And that’s how we do it even till this day, you know. And for

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (36:12):
And so you’re still doing rallies and crusades? Yeah,

Pastor Omar Cabrera, Jr. (36:15):
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah. We have a lot of sales mm-hmm. <Affirmative>, we work with cell groups and we have in a stadium our all night prayer visual and it seats 12,000 and we have to give tickets cuz a lot of times more people come and it’s a long service. Sure. So you don’t want people to stand outside. Yeah. so we have an all night prayer vigil for the last 10 years now that we do on Good Friday to pray for the nation. And we use a a stadium for that. We use a stadium for our conventions. The last one we had before Covid, we had 19,000 people pay their tickets to be in the convention, in, in Cordova three day convention. And since Covid, a lot of the venues have closed and the stadium has different laws. So we do a morning and evening like 10 10,000 and 10,000 or where we had, we had 8,000 and 8,000 the last one.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (37:28):
Wow. Mm-hmm. <Affirmative>. Well, thank you so much for sharing with me how God has impacted Argentina. Did your father ever go to other nations or just mostly focused on Argentina? He

Pastor Omar Cabrera, Jr. (37:39):
Went to other nations to teach on what God had shown him. You know how to do spiritual warfare. Yeah. How to pray to open the city for the Lord. How to raise up leaders to do the work of the ministry all over world.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (37:58):
And so since you’ve been on in lase, you’re known all over. Yeah. Not in America.

Pastor Omar Cabrera, Jr. (38:02):
Yeah, that’s true.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (38:04):
Has the ministry expanded to other nations? No. No. Are you just

Pastor Omar Cabrera, Jr. (38:07):
Mostly focused on No, we feel our call is there. Some of our pastors, you know, have, well leaders have moved to other nations and they have groups, but they’re not part of the, of our network. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (38:25):
Well, thank you for sharing with me. That’s powerful,

Pastor Omar Cabrera, Jr. (38:28):
Daniel. Pleasure.

Evangelism Podcast Host (38:30):
Daniel King is on a mission to save 1 million souls a year, but he can’t do it alone. Would you consider sowing a financial seed today to give? Please Visit www.kingministries.com.



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