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Beat Baumann | The Go Movement

Beat Baumann is the International Director for the Go Movement. Their evangelism movement started when they asked every believer on earth to share the Gospel on one day named Go Day. Now Go Day has become Go Month and the Go Decade of Evangelism. The Go Movement is building a Global Evangelism Coalition of denominations, churches, and individuals who are committed to living a lifestyle of evangelism.

Learn more about the Go Movement: https://gomovement.world/


Evangelism Coach Daniel King (00:00):
Welcome to the Evangelism Podcast. I’m Daniel King, and I’m excited about telling people about Jesus Today. I have a very special guest with me, brother Beat Baumann from the Go Movement. Thank you for being on the Evangelism Podcast.

Beat Baumann – The Go Movement (00:14):
Yeah, it’s a pleasure. I’m just very happy to be with you.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (00:17):
Well, I love the Go Movement. You have such a great focus on telling people about Jesus. Can you tell me a little bit about what the Go Movement does?

Beat Baumann – The Go Movement (00:30):
Well, we do basically we mobilize believers to share their faith. They usually don’t do our mission statements and slogans says everyone can reach someone together. We can reach the world. So we are have the keyword word is everyone the founder Ben Antarctica from Germany. By the way, I’m from Switzerland.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (00:49):
Yeah, I’ve, I’ve interviewed Werner before. Yes, we were in Malawi. Had a wonderful interview. I just love his enthusiasm. Yeah. For sharing Jesus with

Beat Baumann – The Go Movement (00:58):
People. So we’ve, we just mobilized ordinary believer to She the good news. We attend the local church and we partnered together on national level with national teams to do that, but also to reach the world in a 10 years time to, with other partners. So go move as three initiatives. It’s a lifestyle for evangelism, the go month in May to activate this, and then the yearly agenda. And the third one is the 10 years goal. The gold decade until 2030 free reaching everyone with the gospel. That’s what we are passionate about. And we are sort of a two stringing guitar. One is evangelism, pure evangelism, and the second one is we collaborate to fulfill the great commission and partner with fathers. And we are building a sort of a platform to work together, partnering with ministries. And it’s just wonderful. What, what is taking place?

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (01:55):
So let’s talk about this first very important thing, lifestyle. Tell me, what does that look like in the life of a, an ordinary believer?

Beat Baumann – The Go Movement (02:06):
It’s really depending a bit to the situation where they are, but I think in the western world, it’s in daily life to share the gospel. It’s good to pray in the morning, Lord, show me people that are open for you. And then you start the conversation, you make a compliment, you ask a question, and then in daily life, either with people you don’t know or people you already know, you just share your testimony or you share the gospel. And then I think in some places where they have more, a collective culture, lifestyle is more likely doing outreaches regularly as a church. So for example, in Karu, there’s a small group. They always go out after the church service since they heard about Go Movement, they say every Sunday afternoon you go for an outreach. So their lifestyle is that.

And some of the people, they’re really very ambitious. Like when Antarctica, the founder of Go Movement or Dave Gibson Grace Church in Minneapolis, and he, he’s also part of the global leadership team, and they do one a day, one a day every day sharing the gospel. Even if they’re on a Christian conference, they go to a dating app and starting to share the gospel to, to another guy. And, and then I think it’s so different. Some people, they prefer to, to share the gospel to people they know. Our African leaders, Stephen MuTu says, what you like to have your family in heaven and your friends, okay, in that case, share the gospel to them and, and others stay more likely go to people they don’t know. Yeah,

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (03:43):
Yeah. I’ve interviewed Dave Gibson. I’ve interviewed Steven Matua, and so if you’re listening and you want to hear their wonderful stories, Steven Matua was crusade director for Reinhard Bonky for many years and has a vision for raising up evangelists in Africa. So those are such wonderful stories that we’ve had on the Evangelism podcast. Okay. So we’ve talked about lifestyle. Now let’s talk about the go month. What is the go month? And I, I know every year it’s the same month, is that right?

Beat Baumann – The Go Movement (04:15):
It’s May

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (04:15):
In the month of May. Now, now in the secular world, they have pride month here in the United States we have Black History month, but you have decided that Christians should have a go month Yes. To share the gospel all throughout the month of May. Yes. Culminating in the day of Pentecost, right at the end of the month of May.

Beat Baumann – The Go Movement (04:36):
Right. So we started finally with a go day. Earlier, it was called Global Outreach Day. The last Saturday in May, it was connected with the global deaf player. But then in the year 2020, we expanded. It took to five weeks in May and say most people we ask to reach five people one-on-one each week, somebody, and then that every church would do at least one evangelistic activity every week. And there are many, many different ways, for example, in Latin America that they have a main emphasis to say the first week and maybe pray for and with people. The second week is the week of the, of the compassion, practical help, pray care. Then the third week is personal testimony. The fourth public gospel proclamation and then of May, beginning of June is then disciple making and go, mom starts with prayer in most countries of the world, and we end with the go day where at least the most child, laziest and busy person also reaching at least one person with the gospel.

And then the last Sunday, in May, since about two years since a global church planting Sunday, we partnered with global s for church multiplication and others to say every church could be involved in a church multiplication. And Christians said, do all sorts of evangelism. It could be one-on-one groups, social media, go to an old school friend visiting somebody in a hospital, just a street outreach. There are that many ways that that’s such a diversity. Usually we train and mobilize and equip people before may. Then the month of evangelism comes, followed by a time of disciple making.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (06:14):
Let’s talk about the go decade. I think that’s really why we’re here together. We’re in the city of Phoenix doing a strategic planning meeting for the Go Movement with Bob Beal. And really there’s going to be a focus in the body of Christ on Evangelism over the next decade. And so I, I don’t think this only comes from the Go Movement. Many other different movements are talking about having a decade focused on evangelism. Dr. Billy Wilson from Oral Roberts University has talked about reaching everyone on Earth with a message of Jesus Christ, the power of the Holy Spirit before 2033, the 2000 year anniversary of the first day of Pentecost. Yes. And so tell me, what does the Go Movement hope to see happen over this next decade?

Beat Baumann – The Go Movement (07:09):
Yeah, just to say there are about seven global movements. They have like similar approaches like ending Bible poverty, also with evangelism, then Rick Warren with finishing the task, and suddenly everyone is talking about 10 years to reach the world to work for towards, to fulfillment of the Great Commission. And we feel it’s God’s hand in it that he gave from the South Korean, the Americans, the European and others, just the same dream.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (07:38):
I I think that’s actually really significant because when the Holy Spirit speaks, he only, he does not speak only to one. Yeah. I think you hear the Holy Spirit speaking to different groups all saying the same thing. Yeah, yeah. At the same time, it’s like

Beat Baumann – The Go Movement (07:54):
A confirmation.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (07:55):
Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. It’s so

Beat Baumann – The Go Movement (07:57):
Beautiful. It’s so beautiful. And that also those movements now did align to one another. There have been different meetings, like Billion Soul Harvest from South Korea. God is using this Korean doctor to heal the body of Christ, somehow bringing the movements together to work. And then Dr. Billy Wilson and inviting at six December last year for a meeting. And then there was this paper I had myself on my heart, we should send out the paper to the world. And then we suggested to do, and now it happens. And now many people are signing this commitment to say, let’s intensify prayer with gospel, sharing even resources. Let’s work together, collaborate to see the world reached. So as Go movement, we are focusing on, on really collaborating especially on the national level. This year we are doing in a, in more than a hundred Nations, a national Go decade lounge meeting.

You’re asking national leaders, what, what, what are you in? Let’s, can we work together to reach the world in 10 years? And what’s your plan and contribution to reach your country and the world? We ask for both everyone, because we need one another. There are people in South Africa from Gibuti, or there are people from India. They’re, they’re all over the place. When you reach them, where they live today, we help reaching India. And so there is now a decade launch meeting, and we then go for the consultation building regional teams. And this goes along with what we do anyway with Month Co lifestyle. But we would like to see that. Now, there will be every year a meeting. There is also joint measurement platform, but basically we help to facilitate collaboration. On one hand, we’re sitting on the round table with other movements, global movements, that which is partner as one.

But with the Go Movement Network, we are connected on the global and national level. Then we see how to implement. And that means to see that ongoingly, we see more Christians sharing a lifestyle because if we, if where there are believers it will be, it will spread out. But then partnering with church multiplication, because if you think on Turkey right now we have like 8,000 believers among 80 million. So you need to plant churches. You need also to use media, sharing the gospel online, then going on a disciple making process. And which just in the beginning of a wonderful adventure that we see, God is bringing things together, like puzzle pieces. I think also the, the global evangelist network you part of it, which will be very significant. This group will help to equip worldwide the church as also doing crusades. We just, we are just so much on personal evangelism as Go movement.

But now we discovered that some parts of the body and some parts of the world at the public Gospels proclamation is still one of the number one things. So we believe reaching the world and every person needs to be one-on-one. It needs to be public gospels, proclamation, then media all together, combine it with prayer, combine it with church multiplication, then being very strategic in collaboration. So we are now in process to to partner together and say, where are the most unrich people? Do we have a task force for Turkey, one for Somalia? And then we are connecting people all over the world saying, who from Brazil has a special calling for this nation? And then we, we try to, to to go the way. And I’m so happy that I can testify that many global ministries have want to go for the hardest place.

Might it be the Jesus film, every home for Christ, even the people with the end Bible poverty sharing the gop, the Bible, home to home. They also talk about evangelism, church planting. And then they say, we want to go for the hardest places. And somehow God gave also there God is speaking and which is going, he step by step now implemented wherever we can on national level, partnering on global level, working together on strategic processes, praying like never before, dedicating our lives to it, inviting others to have ownership. It’s quite an adventure. I compare it to my personal, in internal picture is like doing a trail round together on a mountain peak. And I think we will be successful if it’s exactly 2033, if you really reached everyone, if this is even possible, I think the deadline will help us to accelerate.

But at the end, God is, is in charge. And we will see how far we will go with, with China with other places. But I gained more confidence. I, I should give you an example. There is one area in the world. I’ve been told two years ago, there is zero church. And now I figured out there are 6,000 underground house churches in the area where I’ve been pot told there is zero church, I can’t tell here because of security where it is. It’s one of the most persecuted area for Christians. And there are places in the world where we’ve been thinking there is nothing. It’s spreading peace and mushroom and God is moving, but God is also moving now that he’s bringing the Catholic renewal. Also, they said, we need to reach 2 billion people. And now the Catholic removal, they about 120 million born again.

They’re now want to reach the rest of the Catholic church. And they’re most amazed about Big Crusades, the people. And that’s their culture. And, and I see God is orchestrating in a wonderful way, different movement, different peoples. What we need to do, I think let’s just be focused on a task involving everyone. So inviting everyone here to be involved in the go decade. You see 2033 Earth or go decade world as the webpages and say, let’s be part of this great commission adventure. Can we join hands? At least we can do much more when we partner together. We could share resources, knowhow relationships, best practice. We can travel to a place we can connect people. And I, I’m just amazed about what is taking place. For example, in India, we see historic things taking place. And where I didn’t have the faith two years ago and now see it just happening.

And I say, my God, you’re doing it. And I think let’s just follow his footsteps. But let’s see, just taking India 700,000 local congregation, you have right now a half a million villages without the church. What would be, if all of those local congregations would just adopt one village we would have in 10 years time is really every village of India, a church That will be one step. Or let’s think on on the 40 million born again, believers in India, while that’s not that much, maybe compared to the 1.3 billion, but let’s sort of think on media. And some people they tell me, you just filtered and blocked. You come to media. And then I just encounter Christian vision. They do it every day. And I think we are serving a God who’s making the impossible possible. Amen. He has it more on his heart, the world to see the world reach than we have.

And now we will celebrate 2000 years of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. And I believe by 2033, we can say, well, we could achieve by God’s grace much more by, by being devoted to this great commission. So I’m, we are inviting just everyone to partner. Let’s do the main thing. The main thing announcing the gospel of Jesus tries to every person. And then when this is achieved, seeing we making disciples and they multiply themself, planting churches, proclaiming the gospel, every we can helping people in a practical way. And God is just in control. There’s such a vibrant atmosphere all over the world. God is awakening the sleepy giant. It’s not what we see in his 37. It’s just taking place in front of our eyes that the army of God, the people are coming together. Everything is coming together.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (16:52):
Amen. Well, I so love what the Go Movement is doing. You are very close to the heart of God. Jesus said, go into all the world. And so that is what you’re doing. You’re preaching the gospel. Amen. If someone is listening and they want to get connected to the Go Movement, they want to be a part of the go day or the go month or the go decade, or they want to have the Go lifestyle, what is your website? What is a good way for people to get connected and to see the vision of what you’re doing?

Beat Baumann – The Go Movement (17:22):
Yeah, it’s Go Movement world. It’s the webpage. Until you find some helpful resources. But still, it’s so easy. And now everyone who heard the month of May is a month of evangelism. Just do it. And then a lifestyle means we could start to share the gospel on a weekly base on a monthly base. I think at least once a month, a church should do an outreach. You meet every Sunday. We should also do once a month on outreach, when it’s about the lifestyle. We encourage really to say at at least once a week somewhere, I would like to have a meaningful conversation about the gospel. Let’s think about the hundred million to win. And if

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (18:05):
You’re really hardcore, go for the one a day every single day.

Beat Baumann – The Go Movement (18:08):
Yeah. Then you can do that. And we believing on 1 million, let’s think about 1 million will share every day, and they will multiply to two others. If 3 million are doing every day, those people reaching 1 billion in a year with a $0 and everywhere in the world unstoppable, and this will be grassroots. So I think we will see it. I talk to Dave Gibson. He has now two free networks. They all three say, we wanna mobilize 1 million to share daily, but we will see, I know maybe it’s an average one day you maybe do, you don’t do, then another day you reach 10 people. But let’s think about on one on 1 million people having 365 gospel conversation in a year. And we could see millions doing that. And that’s what that it’ll be, it’ll take place. In the beginning when Go Movement started when an article said, well, if I, I could achieve to help to mobilize 1 million Christian. And then Mark Anderson from Coldwell said, you’re just much too small. You’re

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (19:17):
Thinking too small,

Beat Baumann – The Go Movement (19:18):
Small, too small. And today we could, we can’t testify about a hundred million being active. Wow. People that never share now the due, some just once a year in May, but others now we see that with as a lifestyle. And yeah. So let’s just go for it. Let’s go for a lifestyle. Let’s let others know about the Goal Month because it’s a helpful catalyst for people that never shared in May. And then let’s work together in being very strategic. So everyone can be asked, what’s my contribution in my area? How can I partner with other churches and ministries if I’m living in interlock in Switzerland? So my my point is, what are we doing to reach our place and the world? So we also share the gospel to the tourists. We may be make a donation to other nations. We travel, we go on a mission strip. So everyone has his Jerusalem, Samaria, and the end of the world Acts one, eight. We receive power to be witnessed where we live and then in our country and the world. And I think, I believe sincerely, God has called every one of us to be active in, in those three fields if it does a lifestyle or if it’s as a as a 10 years plan.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (20:34):
Well, thank you so much for being on the Evangelism Podcast.

Beat Baumann – The Go Movement (20:36):
Yeah, it’s a pleasure. Thank you, Daniel.


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