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How to Pray for the Sick

Healing was an important part of Jesus’s ministry while he was on earth as a tool to show his power and authority. Similarly, it should also be a part of our ministry as well, to show the power and the love of Jesus to those who are sick. In today’s episode, we’ll talk about how to pray for the sick during crusades in evangelistic outreaches, and how to effectively show them God’s love.


Evangelism Podcast Host (00:00):
Healing was an important part of Jesus’s ministry while he was on earth as a tool to show his power and authority. Similarly, it should also be a part of our ministry as well, to show the power and the love of Jesus to those who are sick. In today’s episode, we’ll talk about how to pray for the sick during crusades in evangelistic outreaches, and how to effectively show them God’s love.

Evangelism Podcast Announcer (00:34):
Welcome to the Evangelism Podcast with Dr. Daniel King, where Daniel interviews full-time evangelists, pastors, missionaries and normal everyday Christians to discover how they share their faith, their powerful testimonies and amazing stories that will inspire you to reach people with the good news. And now, here’s your host, missionary, and evangelist Daniel King.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (00:58):
Alright, how to pray for the sick. Usually when I do my messages, I will do the salvation part first, and then I will go into the healing part. So I just share the story of the boat. The first part of the story is how the boat was redeemed. It was bought back. So I would use that point to talk about how Jesus died on the cross to redeem us back from the devil, to pay the price for sin and to set us free. And so I would use that part of the story, but then I would use the part of the story where John goes and repairs the boat to talk about healing. And so I would give the salvation call. The greatest miracle is when Jesus forgives your sins. If you want Jesus to forgive your sins, lift up your hand to heaven. And then after we get through the, the alter call point, say, now we’re going to pray for the sick.

But I want to build the faith of people to believe for their bodies to be healed. And so usually I’ll share a simple story from the healing miracles of Jesus. You can pick any one of the healing miracles of Jesus, but like, I’ll share the story of the, the leper who came to Jesus one time. There was this leper, leprosy was a horrible disease. It caused your fingers to fall off your face, to become disfigured. And leprosy was highly contagious. And so this man had been kicked out of his village. No one wanted to spend time with the leper because they didn’t want to catch his disease. And so this lonely leper, one day he was out there all by himself. He heard a story about how Jesus was healing the sick. And he wondered, I wonder if Jesus can heal me. He heard about how Jesus was healing the blind about how Jesus healed.

The crippled man said, I wonder if Jesus can heal me. And so he went and found Jesus and he, he knelt down in front of Jesus and he called Jesus Lord. He says, Lord, are you willing to heal me? And Jesus reached out his hand and touched the leper. For many years, no one had wanted to touch him, even his own mother wouldn’t touch him. But Jesus reached out his hand and touched the leper. And he says, yes, I am willing be healed. And Jesus healed the leper. It says, instantly he was completely healed. And so Jesus is reaching down from heaven right now to touch you. Whatever you need from Jesus, Jesus is reaching down. He wants to touch you so that you can be healed. Jesus said to the leper, I’m willing to heal you. And Jesus says to you tonight, I am willing to heal you.

You might be wondering right now, can Jesus heal me? Does Jesus see me? Does he want me to be healed? And Jesus says, yes, I am willing. The same answer that Jesus gave to the leper, reverberates across the centuries and answers the question today, sometimes people ask, is God willing to heal me? I say, yes, God is willing to heal me. Reach out your hand right now to Jesus. He your arm might be short, but his arm is very long. He’s reaching down from heaven right now, and Jesus is ready to touch you right now. Let’s pray for you to be healed and then pray a prayer. And and then ask people to begin to do something they couldn’t do before. And Jesus heals people. The more often you pray for people to be healed, the more people you’ll see healed. You’re not the healer.

Jesus is. I like what Daniel Kalinda says. He says miracles are the easiest part of my job because I don’t perform them. Yeah. Be open to flowing in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. One preacher who was really great at this was Richard Roberts, the son of Oral Roberts. I went with him to bat in Nigeria. And he, he used words of, of knowledge really powerfully. He would often say there’s 14 people here with bad backs, and 14 people would come up and, and they would be healed. And so I remember one word he gave, there’s a little boy and you have pain in your stomach. You’re seven years old, you have pain in your stomach right now. Jesus is healing me. And in that crusade, I was playing the role of the person who would interview people before they would come up on the platform.

And so a few minutes later, here comes this mother, and she’s bringing her little seven year old boy. And she says, when he gave that word of knowledge, he began, the little boy began to cough, and he coughed up a tape worm that was like this long. And she says he, he’s feeling better now. And I brought the tape worm so you can see, and she had it in a little plastic baggie. She was gonna show all the people the tapeworm, that the little boy and heal from a word of knowledge. But you don’t need a word of knowledge. All you need to know is that Jesus heals. It’s not your super word of knowledge. If, if you flow in that, great, we should desire all the spiritual gifts flowing, word of wisdom, word knowledge, discerning of spirits, all that stuff. But when Jesus he’s the healer.

And so you don’t need any special spiritual gift. I don’t think I particularly have a gift of healing on my life. I just preach God’s word. It’s God’s word that brings healing to people. And so you wanna bring people to a point where they are using their faith. And so I encourage people to take a step at faith. I say examine your body after we get done praying. Pray a big prayer. Lord, I pray for every sick person to be healed. I I come against the spirit of cancer. Cancer be gone now. In the name of Jesus. Blind eyes be opened in the name of Jesus. If you’re crippled, I command strength to enter into your legs and to strengthen your legs right now. Jesus is here. He’s touching people here right now. If you’ll reach out to Jesus, he will heal you.

He will touch you right now. Don’t look to me as a man. I can’t heal you. Look to Jesus right now. Jesus will heal you if you’ll focus on Jesus. Look to Jesus and say, Jesus, heal me. Come on everyone. Just lift up your hand to heaven and say, Jesus, heal me. Jesus heal me. And right now, I want you to take a step of faith and begin to do something that you couldn’t do before. If you had pain in your back, just begin to move your back. Don’t look for the pain. Look for the miracle. God is healing people’s backs right now. If you have pain in your leg, just begin to lift your leg. If you have a crutch, lift your crutch up in the air and take a step. And we’ll see people. You can see people. They will lift their crutch and they’ll, they’ll, they’ll be wobbling there.

They can barely stand up and they’ll, you know, they’ll be, you know, and, and then you’ll begin to see them straighten up as they take a step of faith. And, and, and you know, some of those same people, you, you see them walking like that. And then 10 minutes later they come up on the platform, they got their shoulders back and they’re holding their crutch up in the air. Jesus healed me. Jesus healed me. I mean, it’s a, it’s amazing what God does. And I mean, it is just, Jesus is a healer. He’s the same yesterday, today, and forever. And so then I’ll, I’ll invite people to come up to the front. If Jesus has healed you today, I want you to examine your body. See what Jesus has done. If you had a growth in your body, put your hand on the growth.

See if the growth has disappeared. If you brought a friend who was blind, test their eyes to see if they can see if Jesus has healed you Today, I want to hear about what Jesus has done. I want you to, to come forward and, and tell me what Jesus has done. Often I’ll say, you know, if, if, if Jesus has healed, if you feel better tonight, if you came with pain and now the pain is gone, just lift your hand up to heaven. And I’ll say, all those with your hands lifted, just come forward right now and tell me what Jesus has done. And then people will get shy. They’ll put their arms down. I’m not sure I really received a miracle. They probably did, but you know, they’re shy. But you know, I’ll say, ma’am, over there, you, you, did you receive a touch from Jesus?

Do you feel better? Come up here, come and tell me what Jesus did. Come, come. You know, so in a big, a big festival, you don’t have an opportunity really to individual lay hands on everyone. You know, if you have a hundred or 200 people, you can lay hands on people, you’ll be exhausted by the time you get finished. But if you have, you know, a thousand people, you can’t do that. So you have to use your words to build faith in people, to look to Jesus for their healing miracle. And don’t be discouraged. This is what Teal Osborne told me. He said, don’t be discouraged if people don’t come up right away. He says it, it’ll take time. People are, they’re wondering what happened. They never felt that before. And so I just keep talking people through just if you had a bad back, just move your back.

How do you feel? How do you feel? And and it’s amazing. Sometimes miracles are progressive where it’ll start and, and then, you know, it’ll take a few minutes for them to, to start to receive the miracle. And so don’t get discouraged. This is the toughest part sometimes is you preach a message and, and, and nobody gets healed. That’s tough. But that’s not actually what’s happening. People are being healed because God’s word where God confirms his word with signs following, sometimes it just takes time for people to get to the point where they have boldness to come up. One time I was preaching in India and we prayed for people to be healed in the first night. Not a single person came up. The second night, not a single person came up. I just kept preaching, healing. And the third night, one little old lady came up and she came up and says I was blind in my right eye.

I was healed the first night, but I didn’t know if it was a real healing or not. I can see now, I just wanted to make sure. And so I was healed the first night. And she says, now it’s been two days, I can tell you that I’ve been healed. Whoa. And because she had the boldness to come up, it broke something. Yeah. And then that night we had dozens of people that were all healed the first and second night. They just wouldn’t come up. And even some of their pastors told them, don’t come up until, you know, it’s a real miracle. <Laugh>. And, and you know, so, but then people would come up and, and, and by the time we finished that, we had dozens, maybe hundreds of people that were healed in that particular crusade. So don’t be worried if it doesn’t happen right away. Just keep, and and same thing with somebody. If people don’t understand mething, I’ll go back and preach the sermon again. If, if I pray for people to be healed and it doesn’t seem like anyone has been healed, I’ll just go back and tell another healing story. Sometimes I’ll tell two or three healing stories and, and, and, and tell people will get healed. Cuz what you’re doing, you’re building faith in people. You’re using God’s word to, to build faith.

Okay? So when you’re asking people to share their testimonies, this is one of the most difficult things to get right, because you have a lot of different dynamics. You have a translator, you have the person, you have the, the microphone. And, and so this is something I actually rehearse with my translator. I say, okay, translator, I’m gonna stand right here. I want you to stand right here. And then I want the person who’s healed to stand right here. And I know that there’s a camera right there. We’re trying to get the camera shot too. There’s a lot of different things to think about here. And so I’ll say, what did Jesus do in your life? And I’ll stick my microphone out and he’ll translate what I say. And then the person will share with the audience what has happened.

But I wanna keep control of my microphone because sometimes people will grab the microphone and they might start talking about, when I was a baby my grandma told me that, da da da. And I have no idea what they’re saying. So I’ll, I’ll hold onto the microphone. And if it seems like they’re kind of getting off track, I’ll grab it back and ask them another question to, to keep, get the, get the testimony out. And I tell my translator, now, now different evangelists do this differently. If you ever seen Benny hen, Benny hen has someone on the side who comes up and say, pastor Benny, this man was dead for eight years. He was brought in a bag of bones. And tonight while you were preaching, Jesus touched the man flesh, came on his boat. And here he’s, he’s walking.

Hallelujah. Bring him here. Touch.

So that’s how Benny hen does it, right? He has the right person coming up from the top. But then you have other evangelists, you know, and, and so you’re, you’re doing the testimony and that’s great if you have someone who can, who can do that, bringing them up. But if it’s only you, you gotta work with your translator. And, and you don’t know if this is a real miracle or not. You gotta find out and say, praise the Lord. You got a miracle. And so you’re there, you’re interviewing the person. What did Jesus do for you? I tell my translator, I want you to repeat in the microphone everything that I say. And then when that

Speaker 4 (13:58):
Person is speaking, I want you to whisper in my ear. Don’t use your microphone, whisper in my ear what she’s saying so that I know. And then he’ll say, she, for 12 years, she had this pain. Now the pain has gone. She had pain in her stomach went to the doctors. And so now,

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (14:18):
Hallelujah. This woman, for 12 years, she’s had pain in her body. Now Jesus has touched her and, and she’s been healed. Mama, tell me where did you have pain in your, in your body? And, and so like, begin to do something that you couldn’t do before. If you had pain in your back, just, just begin to move your back and I’ll get her to move her back. Or if it was someone who was blind, I want something that the whole audience can see. Some miracles are, are great miracles. You know, I got healed from a headache. It’s just hard for the audience to see that. So I’ll let them testify. But if it’s a miracle that they can demonstrate and say, you know, if they were blind, I’ll pull out a handkerchief and say, here, try to touch this handkerchief and, and get them to come over here.

Or if they, they were deaf, I’ll get them. I want you to stand there and I’m gonna clap my hands, and when I clap, you clap. And so I’ll clap my hands and then come back and they’ll clap. And so you look for a way that you can share the the testimony. A way that the crowd can see that, that this is a, a real testimony. And if they brought someone with him and say, who brought this? Who brought, brought this blind man here, come up here. And then you can interview that person. Tell me, was he really blind? How, how long has he been blind? What village did you come from? How, how long did it take you to get here? And I’ll, I’ll interview and, and ask those questions and I’m creating a story. Are

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