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Help Us Buy a Sound System | The Joshua Campaign in Ethiopia

Joshua Campaign has led millions of people to Jesus in the past 25 years in Ethiopia. But now they need to purchase a new sound system. Today I talk with Per Akvist about why it is so important to invest in the infrastructure of evangelism. Can you help?

To Give Towards a Sound System for Ethiopia go to: https://joshuacampaign.com/


Evangelism Coach Daniel King (00:00):
Welcome to the Evangelism Podcast. I’m Daniel King, and I am excited about telling people about Jesus. Today I am in the nation of Ethiopia with my good friend, Per Akvist. Per, thank you for joining me on the Evangelism Podcast.

Per Akvist – The Joshua Campaign (00:14):
Thank you for having me.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (00:16):
We have just completed a wonderful crusade in the city of Kemba. Yes. We went to, we flew into Arbor Mench and then drove about three and a half hours up into the mountains. Yes, ma’am. And God did tremendous miracles,

Per Akvist – The Joshua Campaign (00:32):
Even in the rain. It was fantastic.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (00:35):
And the amazing thing is, is that Joshua campaign, the organization that you lead, lead here in Ethiopia, you have been doing crusades for 25 years now. That’s correct. Across this nation. Yes. And so,

Per Akvist – The Joshua Campaign (00:51):
Well, 15 under my leadership,

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (00:53):
15 under your leadership before you Carl Haram. Yes. founded Joshua campaign. Yes. And Joshua campaign has literally seen millions of people come to Jesus. Now, the reason that I wanted to talk to you today is because Joshua campaign is launching a new project to prepare for the next 25 years of ministry. We think that God is working in mighty ways here in Ethiopia, and we want to be a part of it.

Per Akvist – The Joshua Campaign (01:26):
Wonderful. You’re so welcome,

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (01:28):
<Laugh>. Thank you. Yes. And we, we’ve actually talked before about Joshua campaign on the Evangelism podcast. Yes. but today I really want to focus in and talk about this new sound system that Joshua campaign is raising funds for the sound system that you have. It was bought 25 years ago, and pieces of it have been replaced over the years

Per Akvist – The Joshua Campaign (01:54):
And lot of repaired

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (01:56):
In a lot of repair. And even at this crusade, I was going and looking at some of the wires that are duct tape. They are wrapped up together. And you have a, a, a small truck and a generator that, that pull, that is pulled along with the truck, and then you have a, a platform, but really it’s come become time that all of that needs to be replaced. Tell, tell me some of the need of why.

Per Akvist – The Joshua Campaign (02:22):
As you said, the, the sound system is very well used. It’s I would say it’s good invested money. We, we have done so many crusades with this sound equipment, and of course, so much repairs as well. Today we have a good sound. But you see, you hear my voice as well. We, we, we use it with our own power as well. But the, the next step, we celebrating now 25 years, and with the 25 years anniversary, we would like to a new sound system. And we have something really good going on. And that’s an investment of a hundred thousand dollars we need to sell this truck that we have by a bigger one. The trailer is not good. Having the generator is not good having on the trailer, it’s a lot of accidents and things can happen on, on the Ethiopian roads, <laugh>, it’s very special roads here.

So we, we need to put the trailer on top of the I mean the generator on top of the, the, the truck. We need a larger truck in order to carry the new sound system. All in all sound stage is also, is, it’s a lot of cast irons and it’s very heavy for the boys to work with. And it’s, so it is in general, the whole, our, all of our equipment is very old and very much used. The total amount that we are calculating on now with the new truck, with preparing a new stage, the sound and all, a lot of, lot of details around we looking into a total cost of $170,000. So

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (04:28):
$170,000, you’re going to replace the platform, the sound system, and get a new truck to mount it all on. Yes. And that is a, a significant amount of money, but I was thinking about investing in the equipment that’s needed for evangelism. Now, think about a church, I was thinking about this the other day. If, if you think about a church, most of the ministry that a church does happens inside the church building. Yes. Yes. And so churches will often do a capital campaign and they will raise a lot of money in order to build a new building. And sometimes it can cost millions of dollars to build a new church building. And they ask their entire congregation to help to build the building. And, and people make commitments. And sometimes it takes a few years. They say, I will make a commitment of this amount every month for the next three years in order to help make it happen. Now, the, the reason that the ministry of a church invests in the church building is because the church building is where their ministry takes place.

Per Akvist – The Joshua Campaign (05:36):
And for members to have a comfortable place to sit in air condition and Yeah. Yeah.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (05:42):
Now for an evangelist, we don’t minister in a church building. We go out on the dusty fields. Yes. And our ministry takes place on a platform. And so I really think by investing in the infrastructure of evangelism, you can accomplish far more forgot. Sometimes evangelists go to a nation and they, they rent a sound system just from a local music group, and it can cost a significant amount of money. I mean, they can spend up to five, $6,000 per night just renting the sound system. But the benefit of owning the sound system is then you don’t have all of that cost of renting. You own it. You can go and set it up, and at the drop of a hat, you can go anywhere that God tells you to go. Anywhere that the door opens up, you can go set up the sound system in very easily. You can have a crusade.

Per Akvist – The Joshua Campaign (06:44):
It’s a big harvesting machine.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (06:47):
<Laugh>, it’s a big harvesting machine. Now the good news is that Joshua campaign has been already given a significant gift

Per Akvist – The Joshua Campaign (06:56):
That’s good.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (06:57):
Of $100,000.

Per Akvist – The Joshua Campaign (06:58):
That is really good

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (06:59):
News, <laugh>. And it comes from the everyone fund. Yes. from Empower 21, everyone is a vision by Dr. Billy Wilson, who is the president of Oral Roberts University. Yes. And he leads Empower 21. He’s also the president of the World Pentecostal churches right now. And God gave Dr. Billy Wilson a vision to reach everyone on earth with the gospel before 2033, so that every single person would have an authentic encounter with Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit before 2033, the 2000 year anniversary of Pentecost.

Per Akvist – The Joshua Campaign (07:39):
Yes. And that vision connect so well with the Joshua campaign. Our vision is one chance for every person.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (07:48):
One chance for every person. And so for 25 years, Joshua Campaign has been working here in Ethiopia trying to give one chance for every person to hear the gospel.

Per Akvist – The Joshua Campaign (07:58):
And I would say in that context of Ethiopia, where you have seen such a great opening after the communism, we, Carl came in right there in the beginning, and I came 10 years later. And all, in all 25 years in a situation where you have the nation was almost unreached, totally unreached till today you have it out of 120 million people, you have about 20% evangelical believers. And we have been a part of that. And I can say that from our platform, and I’m trying to, to, I don’t want to be an, an evangelist that pulling numbers here and there, but literally millions of people and moderate calculating, I believe around 4 million or, I mean, it is about, about 4 million people have come to Christ from preaching on, on our platform. So I think it’s good, invested money.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (09:07):
So this investment of this new sound system over the next 25 years, it could potentially result in millions more people coming into the Kingdom of heaven. Absolutely. And so for my listeners today, I want to invite you to invest in this sound system in the nation of Ethiopia. Yeah. And I have lots of evangelists who listen, I hope they will invest and then maybe even come here and preach with the sound system. You

Per Akvist – The Joshua Campaign (09:40):
Are welcome. Give us seed money and God can open up the doors.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (09:45):
So we need $170,000. We have already had this grant of $100,000, so that leads $70,000. And with that we need to update the platform, update the sound system by a new truck. Just in, we, we are investing in the infrastructure of evangelism because the platform is where the ministry takes place for an evangelist. Exactly. And so I want to ask you to give something to help out with this. Perhaps you could give $10,000, $20,000. The cost of the truck is gonna be about $30,000. Maybe you’re listening. A guy will put it on your heart to go ahead and invest and buy a truck for Joshua campaign. That’s great. And so we need your help. Anything that you want to give you can contact me and at king ministries.com. Give me a call and I’ll tell you how to invest. What’s your website if

Per Akvist – The Joshua Campaign (10:43):
Joshua campaign.com. We have a paper account there. It’s easy

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (10:47):
Joshuacampaign.Com. So if you want to give at joshuacampaign.com, you can, if you have a significant gift that you wanna make sure that you wire it directly into the account, contact me or contact brother pair

Per Akvist – The Joshua Campaign (11:01):
And we will we just open up a new account in America as well. And that information will be on the website as well.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (11:11):
Wonderful. Further on. So I want to ask you to please help us invest in the infrastructure of evangelism by putting money into the sound system. It makes every crusade way cheaper to do. Yes. And it makes it possible to do so much more for God. And we need to help Joshua campaign because right now the wires are held together with spit and duct tape, and they have been so faithful. Over 4 million souls have come to Jesus with the platform that they have now. And with this updated platform, I think we will be able to reach bigger crowds, more people, and the, the, the team will not have to be out there holding wires together in the middle of the lightning storm. And it’ll

Per Akvist – The Joshua Campaign (12:00):
Be easier to work with. It’s going to be liner race, so it’s going to be easier to, for them to work with. So everything going to be much smoother and we going to reach longer.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (12:12):
Awesome. Yes. All right. Well, thank you for listening to the Evangelism Podcast, brother Pair. I celebrate the great history of Joshua campaign and I look forward to see what God does in the next few years. Wonderful.

Per Akvist – The Joshua Campaign (12:23):
Pray for my Throat though.

Yes, sir. <Laugh>, thank you. Bless you.


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