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Rigo Galvez | Daniel King’s First Evangelistic Crusade

Description: How did Daniel King, the Evangelism Coach, get the opportunity to do his first crusade? On this podcast, Daniel talks with Rigo Galvez, a crusade director, who helped Daniel do his first big event. You will hear the stories of the miracles that God did as Daniel launched out into full-time evangelism. 

Show Notes: 

 When I (Daniel King) was in college, I knew I was called to be an evangelist but I did not know how to be an evangelist. I wanted to choose evangelism as my major at Oral Roberts University until I had a conversation with the evangelism professor and he told me, “Crusades are a horrible way to evangelize. They don’t work anymore.” His words disappointed me because I had studied enough about the lives of Oral Roberts, Billy Graham, and T.L. Osborn to know that the evangelism professor’s opinion was rubbish.

But, where would I learn how to do a crusade? I heard about an evangelist in Tulsa, OK named Mike Francen. I asked him if I could travel with him to one of his crusades to learn about how to do crusades. He invited me to attend his event in San Miguel, El Salvador. I arrived two weeks early so I could watch the process of how the crusade was organized.

Francen’s crusade director was a man from Honduras named Rigo Galvez. He arranged for me to preach in some churches in El Salvador and during the week I traveled with him to watch as he organized the crusade. He invited all the young people from the churches to come together. He split them up into groups of two and gave each group a stack of bright yellow posters advertising the crusade. He gave each team a paint brush and a bucket of hot glue made out of flour, sugar, lime juice, and water. I was assigned a partner and a paint brush and was sent out too. The teams spread out all over the town putting up posters on every light pole and empty wall. Soon, it looked like the whole town was painted yellow because there were so many posters.

The crusade in San Miguel was a huge success. A huge soccer field was completely packed with people. Surrounding the field were lots of trees and people climbed high in order to be able to see the platform. When Mike Francen preached, thousands of people raised their hands to receive Jesus. My spirit was stirred watching the harvest of souls.

On my last day in El Salvador, Rigo came and asked me when I planned to do my first crusade. I replied, “I hope to do my first crusade sometime in the next five years.” I figured I would graduate from college and then figure out a strategy for raising the money to pay for the crusade. Rigo told me, “You need to do a crusade next summer. Come to Honduras and I will help you do a crusade.” He asked me how much money I could raise to put towards the event. I had no idea how to raise any money at all but I stretched my faith as much as I could and boldly said, “I could come up with $5,000.” He laughed and said, “I don’t do such small crusades. Can you commit to putting $10,000 towards the crusade?” Instantly, he doubled my vision. He was a great Evangelism Coach! 

I committed to the event and started to prepare myself spiritually to preach. I decided to go on a forty day fast. Just as Jesus spent the first forty days after His baptism fasting, I wanted to set aside time to seek God before I did my first crusade. Prior to this I had fasted for various amounts of time, but never for forty days.

I set aside almost six weeks to dedicate my life to God. As I spent time in prayer, I cried out for Jesus to be manifested in my ministry. I was tired of just talking about the power of God, I wanted to experience the miracle power of God. I was desperately hungry to know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that God’s promises are true.

Soon, it was time for me to head to Honduras for the crusade. Listening intently to the Gospel, a massive crowd stretches across a soccer field. A young girl’s deaf ear is supernaturally opened. Three deaf-mute boys utter words for the first time. A woman who has been confined in her wheelchair for eleven years slowly rises and walks. Thousands of people receive salvation in Jesus.

As I watched these amazing events unfold before my eyes, I asked myself, “Why are we experiencing so many miracles tonight?” The answer came to me as I pictured myself three months prior, stretched out on a carpet, facedown in the presence of God. I had discovered the answer during my fast. The answer was Jesus!

On that crusade platform, Jesus answered my prayers. He showed up and showed off. Hundreds of people received a miracle from God. During my fast, I received a great revelation about who Jesus is, and on the crusade field that night Jesus was manifested.

The main pastor who was hosting the crusade said, “Daniel, you are the miracle we have been praying for!” I asked him what he meant.

He explained that for over two years, he had prayed for God to send a crusade to his city of Potrerillos, Honduras. Even though he had a passion for the salvation of the people of his city, he did not have the resources to host a crusade. Day after day, he asked God to make a crusade possible.

Finally, out of his desire to see a move of God, he decided to fast. He called the Pastors Association of Potrerillos together and challenged them pray together for a spiritual breakthrough.

In response to this call to meet with Jesus, eighty local pastors and church members fasted for forty days in order to ask God to send a crusade to their city. Amazingly, only a few days after the end of their fast, I called the pastor and asked if I could come to his city for a massive miracle crusade.

I was praying for God to move at the same time the local pastors in Honduras were praying for God to move. Even though we were thousands of miles apart as we sent our petitions heavenward, God heard us. Through a series of divine connections and miracles, God brought us together. The crusade was held and together we touched the lives of over forty-three thousand people.

Key Scripture: Joshua 4:1-7 And it came to pass, when all the people had completely crossed over the Jordan, that the Lord spoke to Joshua, saying: 2 “Take for yourselves twelve men from the people, one man from every tribe, 3 and command them, saying, “Take for yourselves twelve stones from here, out of the midst of the Jordan, from the place where the priests’ feet stood firm. You shall carry them over with you and leave them in the lodging place where you lodge tonight.” Then Joshua called the twelve men whom he had appointed from the children of Israel, one man from every tribe; 5 and Joshua said to them: “Cross over before the ark of the Lord your God into the midst of the Jordan, and each one of you take up a stone on his shoulder, according to the number of the tribes of the children of Israel, 6 that this may be a sign among you when your children ask in time to come, saying, ‘What do these stones mean to you?’ 7 Then you shall answer them that the waters of the Jordan were cut off before the ark of the covenant of the Lord; when it crossed over the Jordan, the waters of the Jordan were cut off. And these stones shall be for a memorial to the children of Israel forever.”



Daniel King  (00:00):

Today. I have a very special guest with me. He is one of my very dear friends, very close friends, and he has a very important part playing in my life because he’s the one who helped me do my very first crusade that I ever did. His name is Rigo Galvez. Thank you so much for being here. 


Rigo Galvez (00:22):

Daniel, what an introduction. Thank you, my brother. And what a privilege and honor to have this time with you. And I know it’s going to be so good that we are going to enjoy, but also we’re going to bless so many people through this,


Daniel King (00:40):

A program. Well, I’m so delighted that you’re here with me and I just have such a tremendous appreciation and love for you and for your, for your family. And one of the reasons I’m so appreciative of you is because you helped me get started as a crusade evangelist. And so I was reading in the book of Joshua chapter four. You remember the story they’ve just crossed the Jordan river and God spoke to Joshua and said, take for yourselves 12 stones from the middle of the river and build them in an altar on the bank. And so when your children come and ask what happened here, what do those stones mean to you? You can tell the story of what God has done. And so that’s what this podcast is today. It’s, it’s going to be looking at one of those stones of what God has done. Wow.


Rigo Galvez (01:38):

Wow. Yeah. Please get ready. Because what you going to listen to the world? Change your life forever. I can tell you, I know Daniel, this guy is full of God. Ideas is a Nitin. He has been doing things that are Nope, not too many people is trying because they’re, I don’t know why maybe they’re afraid, but Daniel has so much faith, such a full men of God created ideas and, and another word get ready because you will hear something that will really change your ministry and you life forever.


Daniel King (02:16):

So I thought it’d be fun to talk about the, the very first crusade that I did and, and how I arrived at doing that crusade. The first


Rigo Galvez (02:26):

Crusade, Daniel, what exciting moment, right? That was in Honduras. It was, it was in, I not remember the year now, but I think it was


Daniel King (02:35):

2003 [inaudible]


Rigo Galvez (02:39):

Neil Honduras right there in the North coast of Hawaii.


Daniel King (02:43):

Right outside of San Pedro Sula. Yes,


Rigo Galvez (02:45):

Exactly. The second city, most important city are Honduras that we call the industrial capital city of San Pedro Sula right there, outside. That was your first crusade.


Daniel King (02:56):

Yeah. And it was so amazing what God did in that. I mean, in one week we went down there and I took a team of 10 students from oral Roberts university with me. We ministered to 42,000 people in that one week.


Rigo Galvez (03:11):

I’m telling you this guy from the first day that I know him, he’s so crazy. Look at, he was so young. I can steal John today. And he took you 10, 10, 10 young people with you, Daniel, and went to Honduras, a Berry hat area. And you didn’t care. You were so hungry for souls. And what amazing crusade. That was really amazing.


Daniel King (03:35):

I’m just remembering all the miracles that God did at that crusade. We finished the week with 14,300 people that prayed with us for salvation. We did a fire conference for leaders. We gave away 10,000 books in that little city. God did tremendous miracles. There was a little deaf girl. Her, her ears were opened. There was a woman who had a crippled leg that was healed. There was one woman who was in a wheelchair for 11 years and we asked her mama, what, what’s the problem? And she says, 11 years ago, my husband beat me with his fist and I’ve been in this wheelchair ever since. And so she put her faith in Jesus and Jesus healed her and she stood up and began to walk. She came up on the platform and pushed her wheelchair around because Jesus had appealed her.


Rigo Galvez (04:23):

I remember those mirror balls that were in no, only that kind of miracle God did through this crusade through Daniel. But it also, I remember Daniel [inaudible] was able to find all the resources to invest in that particular crusade. And I got a real miracle. That was a real miracle because I was still in school. Exactly. You were still in the school and the university


Daniel King (04:51):

Divided the money to make it happen, which was


Rigo Galvez (04:53):

Come on. That’s what I’m talking about. And you know, don’t be afraid if you have a dream, if you want to really go and go and solve for Christ, don’t worry about the money. The money will come, but you gotta be like Daniel. So let let’s talk about


Daniel King (05:07):

How it happened. So when I first started at, at college, I wanted to be an evangelism major and I went to one of the evangelism professors. And the first thing he told me was that mass crusade, evangelism doesn’t work. So I said, man, I cannot learn how to do crusades from an a professor who doesn’t even believe in them. So I was like, how am I going to learn how to do crusades? And so I heard about an evangelist who, who lived here in Tulsa named Mike Francine and brother Mike was doing tremendous crusades at the time. And I saw the pictures of what he was doing. And so I wanted to learn how to do crusades. So I called brother Mike’s office and said, can I come to a crusade? I want to learn how to do it. And dr. Mike, he said I would love for you to come on a crusade, but if you really want to learn to do it, you need to go early to a crusade. And so the next crusade was in San Miguel Salvador. Yes, Lou down two weeks early. And at that time you were the crusade director. You were organizing everything that was happening there in San Miguel. And so I was very young and I just came and showed up and said, I want to do crusades, teach me everything. And do you remember teaching me?


Rigo Galvez (06:24):

Yeah, I remember it a little bit. Maybe one of the thing I remember is when we was put in posters advertising the crusade and you went, you went to the street to, to put those posters and, and talk to people about the event. And I, I still remember the youth, you went for two weeks ahead. Right? And you spend all this time. Yes. Serving, helping us to, to make the crusade ready for dr. My friends. Yeah.


Daniel King (06:56):

I remember putting up those posters. You took me out into the front yard of the little house where the office was and you were teaching me how to make glue, to put up the posters. And you say, you have to put some, sorry, I have to put in some sugar. What are the, how do you make glue? Oh my God.


Rigo Galvez (07:16):

Those days were so difficult. Everything, you know, but praise God, you don’t do that


Daniel King (07:21):

Too much. And then we go and we climb up the ladder to put the banner across the street and you have to make sure it’s high enough that the trucks don’t talk.


Rigo Galvez (07:31):

Yes. And how to get the permission from the municipalities have hour to do all of the thin. I think you went with us also to the mayor office and you went to the street to talk to people about the event. I think you went to radio station also, right?


Daniel King (07:46):

Radio stations. I went in and talked about the crusade at different churches in the city and, and meetings with the pastors, man. I learned so much that week. Just the organization of what it takes.


Rigo Galvez (07:58):

So in your life, then there was obvious is that passion that you caring for soul. I knew it in my heart that you will become a great evangelist. And, and now I am so proud of you, man, how you start. There was so small, but look at what the Lord has done.


Daniel King (08:15):

It really is amazing. Now we’ve gone to over 70 nations, 70 and over 2 million people give their lives to Jesus in our services. And it all started. And two, three with nothing. Yeah.


Rigo Galvez (08:27):

And nothing. Wow. 17 nation then new, you already been, I am so proud, man,


Daniel King (08:35):

That, that crusade in San Miguel was, was powerful. Lots of people came, Oh man, it was a S a soccer field, a football field just jammed, packed with people. You remember there, there trees around the field and people were climbing in the trees in order to see the plow,


Rigo Galvez (08:53):

You are refreshing to me a memory. I really don’t remember now how people was even on the tree trying to, to, to see the, the, the evangelism be part of that amazing crusade. That was such a great crusade. It was, it was powerful. It was a Brack. The people was it for people? For the city. Yeah. Yeah. The mayor was very impressed. He will be getting involved in, in the end. He was so happy. And he many years after he said real, please come back, do something else because we love it. Wow. So then at the end of that crusade, see, see it for those two weeks,


Daniel King (09:29):

I had been talking to you out telling you I want to be a crusade, evangelist sharing my dream with you. And so I think the last night of the crusade, you came to me and you said, Daniel, when are you going to do your first crusade? And I was thinking maybe three or four years from now, when I get out of college, I can raise some money. You know, how could I do my first crusade? And you really challenged me and says, why don’t you do your, your first crusade next summer? Exactly. Don’t wait, don’t wait until you graduate.


Rigo Galvez (10:01):

Do it now. Yeah. You say, I have no money. I had no nobody to help me. And I said, Daniel, find something and yeah, let’s do an this coming summer, right? Yeah. Yeah. And so I was, I was


Daniel King (10:16):

Thinking, okay, Mike, how big is my faith?


Rigo Galvez (10:19):

My faith in my faith, I think,


Daniel King (10:22):

Okay, I could do this. Let’s try to do a crusade for, for $5,000. That was like the biggest, my faith good thing was let’s. I think if I worked really hard all year, I could raise $5,000 and I told you, could we do it for 5,000? And you laughed actually. Yeah.


Rigo Galvez (10:39):

Yeah. I still laughing today. Crusade sometime there is a very expensive, you know?


Daniel King (10:44):

Sure. And, and, and you challenged my fades. You said, why don’t you believe God for 10,000?


Rigo Galvez (10:52):



Daniel King (10:53):

Instantly you double my faith. Wow. And so I started raising money and by the time we did the crusade, I think we ended up investing about $14,000 into that. And God provided everything. We had all the resources amazing. It was a miracle, a miracle, and another miracle that happened. That was really cool. I remember you challenged me to do the crusade. We put the day also to see how serious


Rigo Galvez (11:22):

And passionate you asked us about Zoe, because I met a lot of people. Sure. They will say, I want to, I would like to do this. I would like to do that. And then the moment came, when you, your dream, it has to produce everything you need. And you know, but they don’t willing to take the step of faith. And I was thinking through the whole two weeks, this guy had been really working very hard, but they’re the real point is coming. Is he willing do whatever it takes an Orleans to win salt. And that’s what I saw in you. You was, you was ready to do whatever it takes, even beyond and Northern to wings, salt. That show me how you love people. That was really the real, the real thing, you know? Yeah, you’re right. There are lots of people.


Daniel King (12:15):

I want to do something big. They say, Oh, I want to be on a platform in front of a big crowd, but they’re not really willing to do the work,


Rigo Galvez (12:24):

To do the work the behind the scenes, the money to raise the money. Yes.


Daniel King (12:27):

Share the vision. They just want the picture in front of a big crowd, Dan


Rigo Galvez (12:32):

To the result already, especially when they have being able to read it or see it on TV, those beautiful, a massive event coming together. You know, they, they love that part. But what is behind is the, the, the real thing. Yeah. You did amazing. Now, how did I pass the test? Don’t ask me please. How many books are you real evangelist? Come on. How many books have you already writing about evangelists diamond? I’m sorry.


Daniel King (13:04):

20, 22 books written and another 20 on the way Dwayne T2. And I’m writing another 20 right now. So, wow.


Rigo Galvez (13:12):

Yeah. Some man that, what is what a, what a beautiful gift that God has given to you, and now you are using for his glory. Thank you, God. Amen. Well, I was


Daniel King (13:25):

Need to share the us another great miracle that happened at that crusade. We had, we had talked about doing the crusade in, in Honduras and we picked dates, put dates in the calendar, and then we wanted to go find inappropriate city to do the crusade in, in Honduras. So you went to Honduras and you’d talk to pastors in one city. And, and you told me the, these pastors are ready to do the crusade. But then like, just a few weeks later, the pastors came and said, we don’t want someone. So


Rigo Galvez (14:00):

Yeah, come into our city. And so


Daniel King (14:02):

Who is this guy? He never did anything before. And they said, we don’t want to work with him. And so you said, Daniel, you need to pray that God would provide the right city where the pastors would be ready,


Rigo Galvez (14:14):

Have to put in on your picture mustache and to make you look so old, you know, because they didn’t want the, they told me this is a little kid, what he can do. And I talked to them and it’s like, w we don’t trust the young guy, you know, or it’s say to John, come on radio. And I was, that was a little difficult, you know, but so then


Daniel King (14:37):

You told me, Daniel, you need to pray that God would provide a city. So I decided to go on a 40 day fast. Wow. And to pray because I was getting ready. I wanted to get myself spiritually ready. I wanted to make sure when I got up there and began to pray for the sick, my heart was right. So I said that, man, the best thing to do, I need to go on this fast. And so I was praying for 40 days. I was just in my apartment, shut the door, no food, just water. And was, was praying. And the whole time I was praying, God, give me the perfect city, just city that we’re supposed to go to help Rigo find someone who will trust that a young guy like me. And so at the end of the 40 days, you called me and you said, Daniel, I found a city. You said there is a city called [inaudible].


Daniel King (15:36):

And it said, the pastors association has been wanting to do an evangelistic outreach for over a year, but they’ve not been able to find anyone to come and help them with it. And you said in the pastor of this, that one of the main pastors there, he gathered all the other pastors together and says, we need to pray and ask God to send us an evangelist who can do a crusade here in the city. And he challenged the pastor to pastors. We’re going to fast and pray for 40 days asking God to send someone to our city. And so it was right at the end of that 40 days of their fasting that you called them amazing. And they said, yes, we want, so I was fasting and praying and asking God to give me a city to go and do a crusading. And at the same time, those pastors were fasting and praying for 40 days saying, God, please send us an evangelist.


Rigo Galvez (16:37):

Exactly. And that was the right city. What I beginning, because like you say, the, the miracles take place, the pastor was so exciting that it’s no easy sometime that you go to a city and do a crusade. And the pastor doesn’t get into siesta, Nevada. And they, all of them, there was believing for the right evangelist for the right preacher and God provide the eye and everything wasn’t miracle and how everything takes place.


Daniel King (17:11):

I was very grateful for was the involvement of pastor [inaudible] he’s he’s


Rigo Galvez (17:18):

For all of those people that maybe doesn’t know me. [inaudible] One of the greatest pastors, not the only in Honduras, because he becomes so in France or in the rest of the, of the continent of the Latino, you know, even in Spain, he, he really had been doing some much in, in those countries, in, in Honduras that everybody know him. And he endorsed the idea. He loved the idea to, to, to give, given a platform to a young new evangelists. And that, that, that was a very big open door, you know,


Daniel King (17:57):

It really was. And so I remember on the posters we put pastor [inaudible] picture, which of course, everyone in Honduras knows who he is. And then next to it, we put my picture and he came and he introduced me. And he’s the pastor of the largest Foursquare church in the world. He’s got a huge church there in San Pedro Sula. He’s done many crusades in Honduras and he’s on television. Everyone knew who he was. And so it was a real miracle. That was a man to come into really endorse my ministry. But he was so generous with his, his time. And, and to, to say, yes, I want to help a young evangelist who has a passion for souls.


Rigo Galvez (18:44):

So Misael is an amazing person. And he really been helping a lot of junk people, you know, to start their ministry and still doing today. Yeah. And he, you know, he loves you. And, and always when sometime we talk he asked me how Daniel is doing. He, I say, Daniel is another person now who I he’s growing. He’s blood


Daniel King (19:05):

Now I’m married. I have kids now.


Rigo Galvez (19:07):

Exactly. He’s a doctor now.


Daniel King (19:10):

Anyway, my doctorate. Yeah. Well, I am so grateful for what God did there in the city of [inaudible]. It was my first crusade. God moved, there were miracles. And it was really the start, the launch to what has now become a, an international ministry, going all over the world, telling people about Jesus. And so Rigo, thank you so much for helping to launch me. You know, when a, a spaceship goes up into the sky, takes off to go to space. The hardest part is the first few seconds where they burn rocket fuel and it starts to, it just shakes the whole ground in the Rockville. And it just starts moving slowly, slowly, slowly. And then when it gets into the atmosphere, it, it goes very quickly. And so Rigo, you were the rocket fuel. Wow. That launched me into crusade ministry. So thank you. No,


Rigo Galvez (20:12):

Not Daniel is a, like I say, it’s a great honor and privilege to not just was able to launch in and start your ministry in Honduras and Puerto Rico to help you in that. But also to be friend, I really am. I appreciate, and I value so much the, the, the, the friendship with you. And of course, I will say you has always a special place in my heart because not only a quality friend, but also love souls is obviously thank you for allowing me to be with you today. Thank you, Rigo. It was great to have you.

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