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Rigo Galvez | The Origin Story of One Nation One Day “Can a Nation be Saved in a Day?”

Can a nation be changed in a day? The evidence from OneNationOneDay in Honduras suggests that the answer is a resounding, “Yes!” On this podcast, Rigo Galvez shares the genesis of how an entire nation can be saved in one day. 

Show Notes: 

In 2013 a nationwide event in Honduras was held called “One Nation, One Day.” It was inspired by Isaiah 66:8, “Can a nation be saved in a day? Can a country be brought forth in a moment?” Eighteen evangelists joined together to conduct eighteen Jesus festivals in the capital of every state in Honduras.

At Daniel King’s crusade in Copan there were about 30,000 people at the crusade and 1,285 new believers filled out decision cards. 

Our Copan team had an amazing week of ministry. Just the team of 100 people in my state ministered in 64 schools to over 20,000 students.  

Daniel King gave away 520,000 books. Across the nation of Honduras, they were given to people who decided to follow Jesus!

Over 2,000 missionaries flooded the nation to demonstrate the love of God in tangible ways through medical brigades and food distribution. The outreach was featured on the front-page of every newspaper in Honduras as the nation turned toward God. Together the team of 2,000 missionaries ministered face to face to over 1.2 millions students. 

  1. How did 1N1D impact Honduras?

 The city of San Pedro Sula has been known as “the murder capital of the world” for the past several years. The city has been plagued by drug and gang related violence. Since the recent invasion of missionaries, homicide in the city has gone down by 60%. Suicide dropped by 15%. According to the FAO, extreme poverty in Honduras has dropped by 3.4%. In the past few months, several notorious drug dealers in Honduras have been apprehended and sent to the United States to face trial. Corrupt politicians have been thrown into jail.

Previously the teachers of Honduras have frequently gone on strike. But a year after 1N1D, all the schools in Honduras completed the entire school year without any teachers going on strike. This was the first time in twenty-five years that school children in Honduras have received a full two hundred days of education.

The church has been unified and pastors from different denominations are working together. Recently, I preached for Misael Argeñal, the pastor of La Cosecha, the largest church in Honduras. He says, “For many years the pastors of Honduras have prayed for our nation. We are so happy to see the nation of Honduras turn toward God.”

On October 25, 2104, Juan Orlando Hernández, the president of Honduras and his wife knelt down publicly and prayed for the nation. This is the first time in history that a president of Honduras has humbled himself before the nation and cried out for God’s blessing to be upon his people. For over two hundred years, the United States of America has experienced prosperity because of the prayers of our first president George Washington who frequently declared days of fasting and prayer for the entire nation. In the same way, the prayers of the president of Honduras will bring the favor and blessing of God upon his nation. 

  1. What was the genesis of the idea to do a nationwide outreach like this?
  1. Can a nation be changed in a day? The evidence in Honduras suggests that the answer is a resounding, “Yes!” Thank you for helping us to change nations.

Key Verse: Isaiah 45:1-7 

“This is what the Lord says to his anointed,

    to Cyrus, whose right hand I take hold of

to subdue nations before him

    and to strip kings of their armor,

to open doors before him

    so that gates will not be shut:

 I will go before you

    and will level the mountains[a];

I will break down gates of bronze

    and cut through bars of iron.

I will give you hidden treasures,

    riches stored in secret places,

so that you may know that I am the Lord,

    the God of Israel, who summons you by name.

For the sake of Jacob my servant,

    of Israel my chosen,

I summon you by name

    and bestow on you a title of honor,

    though you do not acknowledge me.

I am the Lord, and there is no other;

    apart from me there is no God.

I will strengthen you,

    though you have not acknowledged me,

so that from the rising of the sun

    to the place of its setting

people may know there is none besides me.

    I am the Lord, and there is no other.

I form the light and create darkness,

    I bring prosperity and create disaster;

    I, the Lord, do all these things.



Daniel King (00:01):

Well, I’m here with a very special guest. My friend, Rigo Galvez. He is a crusade organizer who is from the nation of Honduras, and he has organized some of the largest evangelistic events that have taken place in all of history. And so Rigo, thank you so much for being here with me today.


Rigo Galvez (00:24):

Thank you Daniel, for inviting me to be with you. And I know that we’re going to have fun. This is going to be something very special.


Daniel King (00:32):

Now, what I want to talk about is one nation. One day in the nation of Honduras, it happened in 2013 and it was a tremendous outreach that really impacted the, the entire nation of Honduras.


Rigo Galvez (00:47):

1Nation1day has been the greatest event that ever take place, not only in Honduras, but all also on the globe, because what God did it is like we say unique, God, trust a dream in us. And we make that thing happen because his grace and his love for that nation. So


Daniel King (01:07):

In Isaiah 66, verse eight, it says, can a nation be saved in a day? Can a country be brought forth in a moment? Okay.


Rigo Galvez (01:17):

And now we say Daniel, after four nation, we say, yes, that can be possible.


Daniel King (01:21):

3000 years ago, the prophet Isaiah gave this prophecy looking into the future and asking the question, can a nation be saved in just one day? Yeah.


Rigo Galvez (01:32):

Can you make a little, a special announcement right now for everybody who has listened to us? That’s the question. Can a nation be saved in a day?


Daniel King (01:44):

All right, here comes the announcement [inaudible] yes. The prophecy has been fulfilled. A nation can be saved in just one day. Wow. Well, the first one nation one day was held in the nation of Honduras. 18 evangelists joined together to conduct 18 festivals in the capital of every single district.


Rigo Galvez (02:10):

A little more specific air court Hondura has 18 different States or department, you know, and we put an a and an evangelist and each capital city of each,


Daniel King (02:25):

But in my own state, they called yarrow. We did two series


Rigo Galvez (02:30):

Because I was thinking in total, what really 19 different evangelism,


Daniel King (02:36):

Same time that whole nature came to the stadiums. Yeah. And I remember I participated in my city. My city was copilot boundriness. Yeah. In the event that happened in Copan was just amazing. We had over 30,000 people that came to the crusade. We had 1,285 people that out decision cards. I remember we had a hundred team members of young people on that trip. And we had an amazing week of ministry, just my team of a hundred people ministered in 64 schools to over 20,000 students. And I remember that together, the 2000 missionaries that were there, ministered face-to-face to more than 1.2 million students in the nation of Honduras and another cool thing that happened. I had the privilege of giving away my book that I wrote for new believers through it was called a welcome to the kingdom. [inaudible] Alana waver, Honduras


Rigo Galvez (03:41):

That’s because we call one nature one day, the new Honduras, even the actual present right now, one Orlando Hernandez, anytime that he are open a new things in Honduras or fixing something, he say, this is happening because we are in the new Honduras. We are prophesied through the, through all of these event that we are going to have a new country. And even the politicians and many different people who are not Christians. And that time they, they now are talking about the new Honduras. Wow. And though


Daniel King (04:18):

Books that we printed, we printed 520,000 books or half a million books. And those books were put in the hands of all of the people that got that week. I remember you organize it. We had stacks of books that went out all over Honduras to all the cities. And so that when the people got saved, the counselors came, they gave them the book. And in the back of the book, we had a decision causation, the counselor helped to fill out the decision card. And then there was one copy for the person. And then they would rip out the other copy that we could give to the local church so that they could follow up on the neutralino.


Rigo Galvez (04:53):

I remember very well that the cover of the book look almost like a passport because people was coming to the keynote gap, but also in the practical way to the new Honduras. And I was like, you are the new citizen of Honduras. That was a really,


Daniel King (05:10):

And then in the front change of the book, we also put the picture of the proclamation from the government. Exactly. Numbing us to come preach the gospel. That was a huge miracle


Rigo Galvez (05:23):

Happen. Daniel. That was a request from us. The, when we went to the present officer before one nation one day, or course two years before, because took for us to organize that two years to work because never happened before we didn’t have a picture. We didn’t have a clear idea how this is going to be from history. We haven’t chose a vision in our heart. And we went and we talked to the president, mr. President, we would like to do one nation one day in going to look this way. And we painted the picture. How many people will come in for an outside of Honduras to help us, how many medical outreach, how many books would be distributing, how we’re going to help the schools and how many containers of help we come into the nation, but I will need this. And we are one thing we say, mr.


Rigo Galvez (06:18):

President King, can you pass a low on the Congress saying that you lied 2013? We are going to, as a Honduran, people would be United as a one family. So you ask the president to pass a law in Congress who celebrate the one nation one day, July, 2013. Wow. That was the re the request. And then we say, mr. President, we need all these soccer stadium. Remember in our countries to talk about our stadium, you are going to use the grass. And first of all, that, that place is expensive. You know, they don’t give it to you, those places free. And then they take care of so much to the, the grass, please. That is just for, to play soccer, the grass, please. Oh, no, no, don’t do that. Don’t, you’re destroying the Holy ground, you know, anyway. And and, and only a stadium, but any spore facility that we will need it.


Rigo Galvez (07:20):

And that was one part of the request also to get into the country easily containers will help, you know, open, open con doors on the, on the poor and poor people who were coming for an oxide also to, to be flexible and help the people who are coming. Remember Honduras during those days, Daniel, I don’t know if you remember, was considering especial some Pedro Sula that the murder capital of the world, the water and more people were dying in San Pedro Sula every single day than any other city in the world. He was saying all the time is so dangerous to come to Honduras. And if you remember, the, the governor of United States make a letter or a informed to the, to the community, even the embassy in a United States, 800, do not allow not America to come 200, because I saw how dangerous that was.


Rigo Galvez (08:29):

That was difficult to dealing with because the, the policeman was so corrupt. You know, you were sometime you, you didn’t know who you was talking to the right policeman or to the wrong policeman because everybody looked the same. And then the, the military the same. But we put in a request, we were thinking it’s better to be close to those people are not too far away because you don’t know what they are doing. And we say to the president, we need the help from the military whole military system in Hondura has to work and help to may happen one nation one day. And they end the end. Danielle, you know, they say, yes, they pass the law. And I still have in song sauna papers about that. And that was really a miracle,


Daniel King (09:14):

A miracle opening up the door for the team to minister, to the military and to, to the police. I remember in our city, we went and ministered at each of the police stations in the city. And it was in the early morning before they would go out to do their duties. They would have their morning assembly. And so we went and we got to preach to all the policemen and we gave an altar call. Many of them got saved. And then I remember we went to the military base in Copan and they gathered all the soldiers together in one room. And I got to present the gospel to them. And then I gave the altar call. And I said, if you want to receive Jesus today, I want you to lift your hand in the air. And the commander was sitting on the front row.


Daniel King (10:06):

He lifted his hand. And when he lifted his hand, every soldier lifted their hand. And I thought, maybe they don’t really understand what I’m saying. They’re just doing it because they’re imitating the commander. So I gave the entire gospel a second time. Jesus died on the cross. He Rose from the dead. If you call on Jesus, you can be saved. I presented the whole thing. And I said, now today, I want you to make a decision. I don’t want you to do this because someone else does it, or because your commander does it. This is just between you and God. If you want to give your life to Jesus right now, I want to invite you to stand in your feet. And the commander, he stood up straight to his feet, and then every soldier in the rules stood to his feet. And they all prayed with me to receive Jesus every single one. Yeah.


Rigo Galvez (10:54):

And that happened all over the country. You know, whatever, there was a military Daisy, they, they, they w according to the law, they had to participate to be part of the the big event. And, but our people were hungry. You can, you can say that almost anybody wasn’t an desperation plate. And when you brought the gospel and bring the, the, the good news people was receiving very well, that was a very special day for Honduras.


Daniel King (11:22):

We saw hope. We saw,


Rigo Galvez (11:24):

Ah, God loving the nation and the stadium, you know, the stadiums and the majority the same. We’re so small, for example, in the capital C that they will say, Galper the biggest, biggest stadium was pack in more than 40 times.


Daniel King (11:39):

People couldn’t get it


Rigo Galvez (11:41):

In for security reason. You know, this saying San Pedro Sula dollar, the big cities, even in Europe, when we don’t even have a, a very nicest stadium that was an open fee, or like maybe five fields together. And one of the preacher get there. He already been in different nation in a big stadium. When he get there, he said, well, this, this play, I don’t know if it’s too big. I don’t know if they see it, it’s too small. But the, the, the, the that testimony was so amazing. They almost, everybody left home alone and they came to the vent. That was amazing, you know? Wow. Yeah. So, so many stories,


Daniel King (12:23):

What a tremendous miracle God did for the entire nation of Honduras to, to hear the gospel in one day. But let’s talk a little bit about the, how this idea came to be, how this vision came to pass in how God put it in your heart.


Rigo Galvez (12:41):

Well you know, me, I’ve been involved in and doing, I was involved in doing massive crusades. For many years, I learned in frontier loss war a lot. And I think one of the par that, that really he passed to me, or even when he didn’t preach and directly to me, or praying all over me, but, and the way he was acting and lobbying people w the passion that he was carrying to say


Daniel King (13:16):

Sold that CLR Osborne, the great missionary evangelist.


Rigo Galvez (13:22):

He really impact my heart, my life, and to solve big that never allow me to think different when I see people, you know, and then being with my friend scene or the saying, you know, he was so close to, to TL and I was going to different nation, organizing their events. And and that I was praying one day in my little office and [inaudible] came to my heart. That was so clear, a Isaiah chapter 45…


Daniel King (13:59):

Isaiah chapter 45. That’s the passage about Cyrus Cyrus, the King, the King is prophesied to, to impact nations. 


Rigo Galvez (14:08):

It was a little crazy because the Holy spirit told me, I don’t know. And during those day, I couldn’t understand everything in my hair, but he say, remove the word Cyrus and put the name Rigo.


Daniel King (14:22):

So, so God told you, take out the names Cyrus from those prophecies and put your name Rigo into it. Okay. Let me read Isaiah 45, verse one


Rigo Galvez (14:33):

To the seven to the chap, to the


Daniel King (14:35):

Verses one through seven. Yeah. Okay. Let me read the first verse of Isaiah 45, please. Verse one for, and I’m going to put your name in it


Rigo Galvez (14:43):

For you or listen right now. Get a Bible for you can and put your name there. Don’t put my name. Don’t put the name of the kin. Put your name over there. Something special going to happen right now, Daniel, I feel, or I can tell, I feel the presence of God, and we’ll go into transfer there’s a night and know I didn’t to everyone who are listening right now, get ready.


Daniel King (15:08):

Thus sayeth the Lord to his anointed, to Rigo.


Rigo Galvez (15:13):

Yes. To Daniel, to Daniel.


Daniel King (15:15):

Do you who are listening exactly whose right hand? I have held to subdue nations before him to loose the armor of Kings to open before him the double doors so that the Gates will not be shut. I will go before you and make the crooked places straight. I will break in pieces, the Gates of bronze and cut the bars of iron. I will give you the treasures of darkness and hidden riches of secret places that you may know that I, the Lord who call you by your name in the God of Israel for Jacob, for my servant sake in Israel, my elect I’ve even called you by your name. I’ve named you though. You have not known me. I am the Lord, and there is no other, there is no God besides me. I will. Gurge you though. You have not known me that they may know from the rising of the sun to its setting, that there is none besides me. I am the Lord, and there is no other, I formed the light and create darkness. I make peace and create calamities. I, the Lord do these things. So I think the amazing thing here in this passage, it says two to Cyrus. I will subdue nations before him. So what did that mean to you?


Rigo Galvez (16:26):

Well, I, I was happy watching how [inaudible] Sally been a lot of thousand of people in a one crew say in one city in one city and is, I will say in a small location comparing to one nation, but all we was carrying this idea. Why not that rather than think just in one city, think about the whole nation, but that mean you have to impact the whole country to come in or to be able to preach the gospel. And then another character that was so clear to me during those days, that before we did one nature, one day was Psalms, Psalms two eight asked me, and I will give it to you, the nations. And I always prayed, Lord, give me the idea, how can we reach one nature at the time? And, and I prayed and I’m prayed for so many years. We were doing crusade, our satisfies and so many crusade, but at the same time, deeply my heart, this is not what the Lord is really looking for.


Rigo Galvez (17:41):

You. We got to talk to the president of a nation and not just the pastor. One thing is to work only with the, with the church. But another thing is to work with the political leaders who are responsible for the cities and for the nation, you know, or the health, policemen, or military. And I, I always carrying that fire in my heart. And and one day I remember, I will say Daniel, I give up about the normal crusade in my, in my opinion, in my personal way to think in my brain. I, I get, I will say somebody can say born out. I was discouraged. Just curious, because we was spending such a big money. And, and then so many pastors, they are already tired. They don’t want to, they don’t want to do a Knoll. All the crusade, they become, eh, rather than be good friends, they become enemies.


Rigo Galvez (18:48):

And I was not really satisfied. I like it. This is something is not going well. And I told my wife for me, crusades are over these or no. Yeah. You almost gave up. Exactly. I, in my, in my opinion, I gave up well and my wife, praise, praise God for my wife. She say, maybe you are you have something in your heart. And I say, no, your wife has a wise woman of God. I say, no, I am okay, no check you heart. And I say, honey, we’re going to be members of our church, the local church. We’re going to pay your tie. We are going to give, offering. We are going to help our children to become ministries. But me, I did enough. This is over anyway. I don’t want to make the long story, you know, the whole, the whole chill today.


Rigo Galvez (19:42):

But my wife say take some time to fast and pray, make sure that your car is correctly. And I say, okay, I will do one week. And I was fasting and praying for one week and nothing happened. Then I was the same person. I, I was a little except with the Lord. And I say, I care in this idea that we’ll be one country and looking what is going on. I don’t want to do nothing else, nothing more about this crusade. And I trying to forget the dream that God gives it to me, you know, year like a 10, 15 years before. And, but when in the end of those seven day, I feel like I really need to be clean from whatever bad experience I went to the 21 and I was praying and I start feeling very good in the end of the 21 day to the point that I think, wow, forget about crusade for gout, forget about everything.


Rigo Galvez (20:51):

I just need to be in the presence of the Lord. And I say, I told my wife, I want to fail last for 40 days because it is all good. And I remember after the 30 day, the Lord has started [inaudible] he will do something new an, the entire world. And he didn’t ask, he didn’t ask me that I will be part of that. He didn’t talk about to me in that moment. I just get excited for what he will do. And because it’s something new is coming, I was not even thinking about the one crusade to impact the whole nation in that moment. I just feel so fresh at, I feel so good and he’s present and I get to the 40, and I feel like I, I have I, but ruin too fast, a little more. And now my wife, at that moment, she would become a little scared because I was so, so skinning.


Rigo Galvez (21:45):

And, and, and she was a little nervous, you know, and the physical perspective. And anyway, I remember getting into the fifties because I knew that we’ll pray. I will go to the 50 day. I, I was, I think, at the 47 days. Wow. Yeah. Not even Jesus did 47 days. During those days, I was trying to drink a little bit on juice because I knew that I would come in and out and I knew him. It has to be very, very wisely and the way I will come out from the class and get an into the normal life. And, but I get why nice. So a week that I was in my physical body, I was dying, but in the spirit, I was so strong that I was so excited. I saw my flesh getting Greek and in my spirit source turn.


Rigo Galvez (22:42):

And I was a very unique feeling because I know the guy was taking care of everything. God, I know I’m going to die. My body was dying, but I knew that I had not died. And I just knew, and that will be those hours. And I remember two o’clock in the morning, maybe two 30 God present came. And then I don’t talk too much about this because some people can be making another, another way too sick. And God is no, my idea today, that was so personnel don’t be crazy. You know? And, and, and he, he, he, he did a ceremony. He remind me the nation waiting. Wow. He gave it to me and that ceremony a Reen. And he talking about the covenant that he has with us. And it’s so alive. And then that sermon and they put him the rain to me, remember my covenant.


Rigo Galvez (23:44):

I am with you all the time. I am a, I am a, I’m exciting for nations. Not just, I love one soul, of course, but God is looking for the entire nation to come into to his presence, to surrender to him, looking for somebody who are willing to take my Kingdom to the entire nation. And I saw Daniel. Dave was amazing. I was walking and I, there was this like a red carpet. And that was a multitude of people in one side and another multitude of people, all of them like, look like a soldiers or military from the high rank to the small to far away and all day there was say it well done. Well done. Well done was getting closer to the, to the, to the, to the king of kings, you know? And,uand then there was given to me that, and, and then they give it to me like a stick of authority.


Rigo Galvez (24:43):

And he say, that’s what I want to bring. My, my, my, my authority, my kingdom to the entire nation. And given to you this, to remember that, that, that I, to be you just follow me, don’t, don’t try and meet to follow you. Please follow me. I, you have the Holy spirit. He will directly, you, he will do the negotiation with you. Think about every time that you will be phasing out present, you are not alone. The Holy spirit would give it to you. The words that you need to talk about it. And I was getting so excited and I, and that’s her money, you know? And the Lord was so clear to me and then he’s give it to me in, he, he gives me to me financials already. He’s he mentioned the nation, that court that was Honduras. I didn’t know if it were going to start with Honduras, but he given Honduras.


Rigo Galvez (25:43):

I saw myself getting into the presidential house with that, in that dream. And that was the assignment. And I sending you and I, you, I know you will do it. And that’s the way, and the spiritual arena, Daniel, that’s the way one nation, one day a star. Wow. That’s amazing. And then the, the other side of it yeah. Was organizing everything. And so a lot of that was, was put together by, by my friend, Dominic Russo, who dominate. I was very unique Daniel, because remember I give up that I call traditional crusade, right? Yeah. I don’t know if I’m okay with that. But then Dominic came to Honduras and he came to do a, a juice conference in San Pedro. Yeah. And he called me, I didn’t even want to come to, I said, Daniel, I say Dominic and sorry. And those, those things you are talking about, it is over for me.


Rigo Galvez (26:44):

And I didn’t want to come, but something really brought my attention from him was next day, when he was coming back to United States, he called me from the airport of Honduras in San Pedro. He said real unliving back. But let me tell you something. I couldn’t sleep last night when he told me that I would think, Oh man, somebody trying to Rob or steal something from him, something really bad happened. And I said, Dominic, please tell me what happened. I stopped feeling bad because I didn’t want to come in to see him. And I said, no, I read a creature on the Bible that doesn’t allow me to sleep last night. And then he said, is Isaiah 60, say 66, eight can have nature and be saving on a day. That’s scripture, West connecting to my spirit, you know, already, when you say that, that really make me think twice to hear his conversation more.


Rigo Galvez (27:43):

And then he’s a real ongoing to the Amazon Peru. And can you come, we can talk about it and see what we can maybe doing Honduras. And he was thinking maybe not a night crusades a day and a day. And I say, no, that is doing exactly what the Lord is wanting, but I’m willing to go to Peru and we can talk and going with him. I connected him with gray ministers in the jungle, and we went together and every night we was riding the ideas and talking how one nation one day would play.


Daniel King (28:21):

I mean, I think it’s so neat how God allows us to be a part of, of, of, of what he does in people’s lives. Dominic was actually a student at Oral Roberts University at the same time as me. We were on the same floor and I was talking about doing my first crusade. And one day I wandered into his room and he had a picture of a big crowd. I think it was one of like Reinhard bunkies crowds. And he had cut out a picture of himself and put himself over Reinhardt Bunky. And I said, Oh, you you’re interested in preaching to, to masses of people. And he said, yes. And I, I said, well, I’m going on a trip to Honduras. Why don’t you come with me? We’re going to do a crusade. And so he came with me on that first crusade that we did in, in [inaudible]. And then the next year Dominic Russo and I, we did two crusades together. We did one in Panama, which you helped with. And then we did one in Dominican Republic. Yes. Which was a magnificent crusade. That was amazing that, that you and pastor Fernando Fleming from Dominican Republic help with yes, I don’t remember. And, and, and God began to launch Dominick into crusade, evangelism doing these massive events. And then now doing these entire nation shaking


Rigo Galvez (29:42):

Events one nation one day. So you’ve done Honduras, Honduras, you did Dominican Republic. You’ve done Nicaragua and Peru. And right now you’re planning a an event one day LA right here in the United States, which Los Angeles is like a country all by itself. That’s huge, huge. And every, and every area is huge, you know? But it’s I would say it is more a it’s more easy to understand what God wants to do in an LA, because we already have a little history for what he had done in this nation. You know, before, when we did Hondura, there was not pictures about 18 a stadium event and the same time, and only that there was so dangerous that there everybody was in panic hundreds, where people are dying, people was killed. And, and, and, and also we didn’t have all this connection that the dominant high right now, for example, people from South Africa, people from Australia, people from different part of the world, they are coming to be part of this event.


Rigo Galvez (31:07):

Now we’re believing for 20 to 20,000 volunteers that will come into serving for one week in Los Angeles. And and it’s going to happen. I am so glad that I’ve been working with the Hispanic pastors in LA or ready, and to see how hungry in and ready are therefore something, a significant peep. I know this Daniel, I believe the church is tire to be doing the same thing and no having different result. So many, they don’t tell you. But the, yeah, I find out the man, Oh, the pastors and song ways, they’re also weak because their faith there is not an action. S N and they probably haven’t activated their, fix it in a practical way. It’s like, if you don’t if you don’t take the right food, the right nutrition, you will be no healthy. It will be not strong enough your physical body. And if, if you get the right food, you will be so strong. Your masters will be so strong is the same way in your faith that you have been not doing so many significant things in own city, that they there’s muscle, that we call fate is not really strong. Now the church need to eat giants. If you get giants, you will be ready to take anything. There is, are trying to control the city of the countries.


Daniel King (32:59):

Let’s talk some about the results that you saw in the nation of Honduras. So, so as we mentioned before, hon San Pedro Sula was called the murder capital of the world before one nation. One day it was plagued by drug and gang related violence. But after one year later, statistically homocide went down in San Pedro Sula by 60%. Exactly. That’s the power of the gospel. When the gospel is preached, homocide went down by 60%. Suicide dropped by 15%. And according to the FAO, that is the official UN organization, the food and agriculture organization, extreme poverty in Honduras dropped by 3.4% in the 12 months after the one nation one day. And so after that, a notorious drug dealers and Honduras were apprehended and sent to the United States to face trial. Corrupt politicians were thrown into jail before all the teachers in Honduras were always going on strikes and the children did not get educated because the teachers were on strike.


Daniel King (34:20):

But in the one year after the one nation, one day, the teachers did not go on strike. And it was the first year that the kids had actually had 200 full days of, of education. And so the churches were unified pastors from different denominations who used to not talk to each other, we’re working together. And I remember pastor Misael from LACOE SAGIA. He was so excited about how God was using all the churches working together, down there. And then of course, Honduras voted in an election and elected a one Orlando Hernandez, and he gave, he looked very favorably upon the Christian. His wife is a Christian. And, and so what I found really interesting is on October 25th, 2014, Juan Orlando Hernandez, the president of Honduras and his wife, they knelt down publicly and prayed for the nation of Honduras. And that was the first time in history that the president had kneeled down in humbled himself before the nation and cried out for God’s blessing to be upon his people. What a tremendous testimony.


Rigo Galvez (35:34):

Okay. Now Israel for the first time in history has a embassy in an office in Honduras. Wow. Yeah, because of this president, of course, is because what God had been doing through the body of Christ in that country. Wow. Now the, the Alliance with Israel is so, so directly between Honduras and Israel, you know, that is really amazing. Then no, another president took the risk because there was so difficult to do it. Anyway. One of the great beside that, one of the greatest miracle for me in Honduras, or course to see the pack stadiums in miracles taking place, but to see for the first time, the body of Christ, the leaders, the pastors getting together for one purpose, because of that, we have one precedent who represent all the bang Gallico churches and the entire nature that didn’t happen before we have like a, before they were saying that there was four different hair.


Rigo Galvez (36:45):

We didn’t have a, a church United. We have a Moster because for three different hair, you know, already is not a normal person in any way. They it’s like a monster because it’s having gone in every different direction. And now we have one hair in represent the church facing any institution or organization. It that mean we are very organized. And that, that, that, that really is a miracle. And that is something that we have been able to see. And when we, after we do one nation, one day, the pastor get in unity. It is a tremendous open heaven. When is real unity in the body of Christ, wow. Unity is going to bring the real gospel to the nation is not that we have to do to work so hard creating ideas and how to put it together. These two look so beautiful that the plant less fine unity become one right there.


Rigo Galvez (38:01):

When you become one with Christ and the Barack, right, right. There is a blessing from heaven. That’s is one of the greatest miracle happened in Honduras after one nation one day. Wow. That’s amazing. I think it’s so beautiful how God back in Isaiah’s day gave the vision to Isaiah, can a nation be saved in a day. And so God looked into the future and saw what was going to happen. And then God came to you and began to prepare your heart and gave you this idea and gave you this vision. And you began to pray for nations and God gave you a priority


Daniel King (38:36):

Over, over nations. Exactly. And then God brought all the pieces together in, so it’s a huge miracle for an entire nation to be saved in a day. What a, what a great miracle that is. But it’s something that, that God has been orchestrating for thousands of years, Exxon and knowing, and I think it’s not finished yet. No. That the greatest days are still in the future. God has more, I can see nations being saved, even continents being saved all of central America at one time. Yes. There is more that God has,


Rigo Galvez (39:11):

I will say, let’s get in ready and get open. And exciting for example, right now, I will say there is not a better opportunity for the body of Christ in the entire world than now, because we, we, we already saw how the world system collapsing is so weak. It’s already broken because it’s ready for us to get into the nations with the kin. None of God. The answer for this world is not a man. A politician idea is God’s kingdom in now I will. I say the very confidence that this is the best moment for the church. Less run it. Get into that as a get ready and get into,


Daniel King (40:13):

We asked the question. I want you to answer it. Rigo, can a nation be saved in a day?


Rigo Galvez (40:18):

Yes. We’re ready.


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