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Sociologists today are saying that we now live in a post Christian culture. The past several decades have brought no end of confusion as postmodern philosophies have dominated our public schools. The reality is that these philosophies are nonsensical, but we have lost the ability to reason that western society was founded upon. It was that incredible reasoning ability that caused them to found the United States on biblical principles. But now, truth is seen as relative. Enemies of truth use reason in an attempt to destroy reason. They use their existence to disprove existence. They make truth statements in an attempt to say that truth does not exist. It seems crazy that they would get away with it. Who would fall for such fallacious arguments?

The answer to this question is a sad one: nearly everyone. Beginning with our public intellectuals, our institutions have fallen to these fallacies. The result is that God has been undermined, and His ways, once the moral bedrock of the West, have been discarded. On the plus side, many in the postmodern generations have begun to feel the spiritual void left by the exit from truth and the Church. But sadly, without a firm grasp of cosmic reality, those same seekers are stumbling into demonic and false religions such as New Agism, and some chic and repackaged versions of ancient unbiblical eastern religions. And then there are the new atheists. Atheism has become a religion in itself, complete with its own creeds, cults, and “evangelistic” plan to convert the world to irrational unbelief. “Evangelists” like Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins, or Christopher Hitchens, are not content to revel in their own disbelief, but see the need to crusade against belief in God. Another phenomenon lately seems to be the mass exodus of high profile pastors from the Christian faith. Nearly every day there is a news article on another one who, after decades of faithful ministry, just seemed to change their mind about Jesus, often succumbing to personal sin, or cultural pressure from an unbiblical worldview. What was their faith built on? We are finding out that shaky, easy-believism is not enough when beliefs and norms begin to be challenged, and once common moral standards become unpopular.
What is needed is a thorough understanding of belief in God, the Bible, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
People Need Proof God is Real
Daniel King has written a book and study guide on the apologetic arguments for, not only the existence of a Creator, but of the Creator, God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Starting with logical premises, Dr. King draws a map on which all possible roads of inquiry lead to the astounding truth that Jesus Christ is truly who He claims to be. He is the Son of God, the Savior of the broken and fallen world, who will return at the end of days to gather His Church and bring about our eternal existence in the New Heavens and the New Earth after judging the world, and vanquishing Satan, sin, and death.
Christians are called to live by faith, but it is not the blind faith that the world accuses us of. Rather, it is a reasonable faith based on the evidence of objective reality. After reading Dr. King’s great book by yourself, with a small group, or with a youth group, you will be able to not only believe, but be well aware of exactly why you believe. Not only that, but you will actually have the answers to the questions posed to you by unbelievers who are crusading for their atheism. You will be able to point them to the Bible and to the logic of belief in the Creator of the Universe, the Word made flesh, Jesus Christ.
As you work through Dr. King’s book you will build a case layer by layer for the necessity of belief in a Creator, then you will see why that Creator must be The Triune God of the Bible. The Father, and the Son, Jesus Christ, and His Holy Spirit.