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Six Words To Describe Your Life

If you had to describe your entire life in only six words, what would you say?

There was a trend on the Internet a few years ago, started by SMITH Magazine, for people to write their memoirs in only six words. Here is what I think various Biblical characters and famous Christians would write about their lives if they only had six words to use.

Biblical Characters

Adam: “I lost garden by eating apple.”

Noah: Saved from flood by building ark.

Abraham: Trusted God, Father of many nations.

Moses: I said, “Let my people go!”

Joshua: Marched around Jericho, took Promised Land.

David: I killed giant, became Israel’s king.

Obed-Edom: God blessed me because of faithfulness.

Solomon: Built Temple, married too many wives.

Jonah: “Have you heard my fish tale?”

Esther: “I’m born for such a time.”

Daniel: “I pray lions are not hungry.”

Mary: “Thy will be done unto me.”

Jesus: God’s Son, died for your sins.

Peter the Apostle: Followed Christ, Denied Christ, Preached Christ.

Paul: Persecuted Christians, Encountered Christ, Wrote N.T.

John: The Disciple whom Jesus loved. Revelation.

Thomas: “Doubt no longer, I touched Him.”

Church Historical Figures

Polycarp: “How can I blaspheme my Savior?”

Constantine: Pagan; saw vision, converted Roman Empire.

Jerome: Translated Bible into Latin, became Saint.

Martin Luther: Nailed revelation: Solo Scriptura, Solo Fide

John Calvin: “I was destined to write this.”

George Whitefield: The apostle of the English empire.

Jonathan Edwards: Sinners in hands of angry God.

John Wesley: Fiery preacher who founded Methodist denomination.

Modern day Preachers

Billy Graham: Preached the Gospel, Thousands accepted Christ.

Oral Roberts: Healing ministry, Built university, seed-faith.

Rick Warren: Purpose-Driven Preacher returns church salary.

Bill Hybals: Seeker-Sensitive Church reaches unchurched people.

Ed Young: This memoir should be really creative.

Benny Hinn: “You can be healed!” “Sing choir.”

Marilyn Hickey: Covering the Earth with the Word

Joyce Meyers: Life is hard, you can overcome.

Reinhard Bonnke: “All of Africa shall be saved!”

Joel Osteen: Father Died; “Your Best Life Now”

Joseph Prince: It is by GRACE you’re saved.

David Barton: Founding fathers were Christian, America strayed.

My Life

If I had to summarize my life up until this moment in only six words, this is what it would probably be.

Daniel King: Rescued Millions of Souls from Hell

What would you say about your life if you only had six words?



Evangelist Daniel King, D.Min is on a mission to lead people to Jesus. He has visited over seventy nations preaching good news and he has led over two million people in a salvation prayer. To support King Ministries in our quest for souls, click here!