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Winfried Wentland | Risking Your Life For the Gospel

Winfried Wentland has been working with Christ for All Nations since 1979, the year I was born. He has been kidnapped, held at gun point, captured by child soldiers, arrested, and he rescued a Christ for All Nations sound truck that was on a boat that sank in a river. He came close to dying nineteen times as he drove CFAN Gospel trucks thousands of miles across Africa. Today, you will hear his amazing stories from the frontlines of Gospel evangelism.

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About the Book: Laboring under some of the toughest conditions on earth, risking death at the hands of rebel warlords, traversing disease infected jungles and crossing seemingly impossible routes across Africa, Winfried has learned from the examples of missionaries who have gone before while blazing a trail for others to follow.

From a background of driving tanks in the German Special Forces, yet now armed with little more than a Bible and the promises of God, ‘Wini,’ as he is known to friends, has for over thirty years promoted the Gospel, literally cleared the ground and stage for what many have said are ‘the greatest evangelistic initiatives in Africa.’

By Life or By Death is a gripping account of endurance, highlighting the miraculous and harrowing escapes of Winfried Wentland, as he sought to bring light and life to the continent of Africa. This is a story of love, family and the determination to overcome. It is a compelling testimony of a God-given calling, propelled by initiative, determination and faith yet under-girded by God’s protective hand. It contains a message to all who have heard the call to missions and is a testimony of God’s unrivaled faithfulness in and through all things.

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Evangelism Coach Daniel King (00:00):
Winfried Wentland has been working with Christ for all nations since 1979, the year I was born. He has been kidnapped, held at gunpoint, captured by child soldiers arrested and he rescued a Christ for all Nations sound truck that was on a boat that sank in a river. He came close to dying 19 times as he drove CFAN gospel trucks, thousands of miles across Africa today, you’ll hear his amazing stories from the front lines of gospel evangelism.

Evangelism Podcast Host (00:31):
Jesus said go into all the world and preach the gospel. Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord. Welcome to the evangelism podcast with Dr. Daniel King we’re Daniel interviews, full-time evangelists, pastors, missionaries, and normal everyday Christians to discover how they share their faith, their powerful testimonies and amazing stories that will inspire you to reach people with the good news. And now here’s your host, missionary and evangelist Daniel King.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (01:07):
Welcome to the evangelism podcast. I’m Daniel King and I am excited about telling people about Jesus. And today I’m with Winfried Winland who he has traveled with Reinhard Bonnke for many years. What year did you first start traveling with brother Reinhard Bonnke?

Winfried Wentland (01:24):
I started in 1979 and I’m still on it to today.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (01:30):
Wow. What a tremendous privilege to have you with us? Tell me some about how you got started.

Winfried Wentland (01:37):
I started with Reinhard Bonnke we have a church and he came sometimes to our church and preach and I was a Bible student and God called me to the mission. And then a young man came from Reinhard Bonnke and said he is looking for young people to come and work, to distribute African messenger and newspaper around Africa and all the countries for the secondary schools and universities in 79, we traveled, you know, first to South Africa and then we distribute it, the African messenger, millions of papers to the secondary school around Africa. Then in 81, when this program was come to an end, I went with my wife to South Africa to build the big new tent, which we had. That was a time I worked there when it was installed. And I was a tent master. Then in a second, smaller tent is what we call the yellow tent, which I traveled around South Africa and some neighboring countries. And in 85, we came back to west Africa because Reinhard Bonnke saw that the open air meeting was another option to preach the gospel beside the tent crusades. So we moved our family to Africa and started with one truck like we did. Now, we did crusades with a very simple platform sound system and some lights, and then is how we started. And then we traveled from one country to the other.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (03:14):
Let’s talk a little bit about the big tent, because it was actually the largest tent that was ever created. What did it take to put the tent up and to move that tent around?

Winfried Wentland (03:27):
Yeah, that was a big structure. They had about 55 containers where the 10 parts, the cover and mass and all the steel parts were, had to be transported from one place to the other. So we had 15 trucks and so we had to do four trips to get all the parts to one place to the other one turn around, mostly took eight to 10 weeks. So it’s a lot of work that tent anchored in about 127 anchors, which we had to drill in the ground and the tent could take 34,000 sitting people inside. So we build it up in Soweto and then in Cape town where the tent cover blew off, then came a new tent in San Baba. And then we saw that the crowd was bigger than the tent could take. Then we had to open air crusade. I remember in Kenya with about 180,000 people. We had another crusade in blank. Taya was 150,000. Then I not decided believe the tent we go on open-air crusades. And that is what we did to today.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (04:41):
So even though the tent seated 30,000 people and was the largest tent that had ever been made it quickly became too small. And it’s Christ for all Nations started seeing such big crowds out on the fields that you just had to leave the tent behind. And plus it was a lot of work

Winfried Wentland (04:58):
That was it. And a lot of finance and work and people involved, you know, we heard about this stuff from 120 people to go around with it. And so the decision to make it, you know, an open air crusade was much simpler more flexible and, you know, to build up the platform and the rest of it, it took us maybe two to three, four days and we could easily move it from one place to the other. So we, as a technical crew, we were very happy, but the tent was still then in motion, ran out gave it to some people, they were still moving. It. One became a church, you know, we could divide the tent in three parts. And so we go on because rhino said, the glory of God is what covers the people. And that is where we stay till today.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (05:54):
Tell me about the, the, that you had specifically in Christ for all nations over the, these years. What was it that, that you did to help make the crusades happen?

Winfried Wentland (06:07):
Yeah, in the beginning, when I came was the distribution of the African medicine. And then I worked for a while in a workshop because there was no people who can repair the costs. Then some other people came like Peter Vandenberg who was more qualified than me. He took over and I went and for the tent master, till I came back to the African crusade to boot it up with one track, we make the open-air crusades. So as I said, we had one track and up to today, we have now 16 trucks. The mission grew the size crew, the people that attended screw, you know, in the beginning we had 50, 70, a hundred thousand, 150,000 people, but we had crusades over a million, 1.6 million, 1.3 million closely 800, 700,000. That was many crusades with this size. So we had then to increase also our equipment, you know, more loudspeakers more lights so that the people could at see at least see it in the night where they’re standing. Tell me about

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (07:21):
Some of the challenges that you faced in doing crusades, doing crusades. Sometimes it looks glorious in the pictures, but there have been a lot of challenges to overcome in order to make the crusade happen. What are some of the big challenges

Winfried Wentland (07:36):
That you faced? Yeah. The big challenges are the different countries, you know, and the changes some of the countries have, you know, I mean, Africa has over 50 countries and I have traveled most of them. And the travel first is the roads. Secondly, the borders, thirdly, the unstable government sometimes, you know, I remember that we, one time entered a country and the president was still in power. When we came out on the other side of the country while we were driving, the president was already overthrown. So all this problems can come when you are on the road, you never know what is coming. So many times we enter out into a war zone or we got hostage taken or we got, you know, captive. And then we had to see how we can survive and how we can come out. But I always believed that we are on the right track.

Winfried Wentland (08:38):
You know, my aim was to preach the gospel or make it possible that somebody else like I not, or Daniel now can preach the gospel. So we have to transport the equipment from one place to the other that is on the road, on the train, on on the ship, on seaways. So everything is, you know, sometimes can cure to the problem. I think with a ferry down in the river, it meter deep because ferry was not good enough. So then they had to take the truck out the trailer out, you know, it took us five weeks, but at the end we survived and at the end, the gospel, good preach. Many people could say, could be saved. And so this is what I thought in my heart. That is the best we have to do, not to retrain or go away, but to stay then other problems can be, some people cannot take the food.

Winfried Wentland (09:36):
Others, you get sick, you know, then you have to see, you know, there’s not like, you know, everywhere, a good hospital or doctors, or you have to treat yourself, you know what to do. And there’s so many small challenges. But on the other hand, we always know that Jesus was on our side and we can trust him. And, you know, even if I was taken hostage, once we knew, even when we wouldn’t come out of this situation, because the people wanted money, they wanted, you know, this money to take away. And I told them, you know, I don’t have dollars and I don’t want to pay dollars. And my mission will also not pay. Then the guy said, okay, then we shoot you. I said, okay, but before you shoot me, I will tell you or ask you one thing. You know, I’m a Christian, I will go to heaven, but you about 10, 12 people there.

Winfried Wentland (10:31):
I said, you will all go to hell. So then the other one of them, they said, oh no, no, no, leave him, leave him. I’m not ready to go to hell now. So that saved the situation at the moment. So they put me aside, they said, we’ll deal with me later, but it helped the situation. And when I think about today, where did I get that courage? You know? But later I saw, this is what the Bible said. You know, you don’t have to think about what you say. So you fear suddenly maybe the time is over. You go to heaven now, but I wanted to tell them something. And so just to creation was revolved. After 10 days, we could, I could get released, you know, without paying anything. The whole thing was settled with the government and was a president. So we could go home. And this is what I see. God takes you every step and you have to trust him and you do it. And if you do it, there’s no problem. You will see that the power of God is stronger than the power of the evil.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (11:39):
Tell me the story of how you rescued the truck from Sierra Leone during a time of war.

Winfried Wentland (11:48):
Yeah. We had a wonderful crusade and we were going from Leone to the neighboring county for the next crusade like Liberia. So we parked the truck with the UN and the echo mark peaceful troops

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (12:02):
In a place. And

Winfried Wentland (12:04):
We went home. So when we came back after four weeks to Trevor, the whole situation in the country changed the rebel forces. We’re getting stronger and stronger. So that the U and the echo mock troop, that’s a west African piece too. Had to remove from Sierra Leone to the neighboring country of Conakry. And they were waiting for me to take my truck and to leave. They offered me to go with them, but I said, look, I’m not going in the wrong direction because we have to crusade on the other side. And so when I prayed the story of Jonah came to my heart, Jonah went the wrong direction. He had more difficulties. Then when he would have gone to the in obedience with God. So I said, no, I’m going to Liberia. They said, we cannot protect you. They wanted to help me going through.

Winfried Wentland (12:59):
But they said it’s two days. So I had to go alone. So they gave me a ride letter of recommendation. So I went from Freetown and over Waterloo to Kenema there. I parked in a barracks with the soldiers who were there and they couldn’t help me either because they said they were leaving next morning because the rebels are coming. And we heard from them that some of them got killed already in Waterloo where I passed. So I just missed the rebels in two hours time. So then the next day I read even the Bible again, because they persuaded me to come with that message. You have no chance to go there to Liberia this. The rebel is this very strong there. So I read the Bible and the first came to me and from Luke where it says, anyone who will look will save their own lives, they will lose it.

Winfried Wentland (13:52):
And when they trust Jesus, then that will give them life. So I thought I would go. So then I decided with my team, we should go to the, the other direction. So we were totally alone. And when we traveled and in the jungle, after the second stop, there was a children, soldiers, you know, they recruited childrens. The commander of the children were 14. The rest was between 10 and 14. So we got captive. We would put aside, then we saw many people who was already dead now, or they will have tortured them. So they said, okay, I should sit down there and wait till my turn comes. So when I was waiting, I talked with one of the child, how he was raised, rescued, and know how he was recruited to the children’s soldiers team. And what I hear from them was terrible. But suddenly I heard some you know, some noise.

Winfried Wentland (14:53):
I prayed all the time in my heart. And then the truck came and then there was many soldiers on a thing, 25, very heavily armed because they had some families in the jungle. They wanted to rescue their own family. So they said what you are doing here, because I knew me from the last night before. So they put their guns on the children. They didn’t shoot because the children were all running. And then they said, okay, let’s go. So we traveled with them. And some incident happened. They, we, you know, we followed them. They said, you know, when we have a shootout, we everybody’s on his own, you know? And he said, you shoot there, shoot everybody, but we cannot rescue you if something happened. So, and then the truck slipped in a very slippery road in a, in a, in a, in a pothole, down in in the gutter.

Winfried Wentland (15:44):
So the, these other trucks went and we were left alone. And there was a big mountain area where small road went in the, in the valley. So one of the soldiers, he gave us six soldiers to protect us, you know, in the truck. They said in 20 minutes out here, so you have to take us out there. But at the end, you know, we were working very hard to get us out. But then another truck came because we put us with a winch on the tree, but the tree came out of there of the ground was not strong enough to pull the heavy truck. You know, we had 50 ton truck out. So we left then to the border. Where’s the soldiers because we met the other one on the way later in the afternoon. And then I asked them whether they can help us to bring us to the border because there was still another 40 kilometers.

Winfried Wentland (16:38):
So they helped us. And it was very good. We came to other block roadblocks, and they, you know, how they know how to handle them. And so we could go 10 to the border. Then at the border, we were not arrested, but we will take all the papers away because we had nothing left. The soldiers, left us then back home. And so they said, we have to wait till the morning, come. Then we have to offload the whole truck. And then I said, no, we have a crusade in Monrovia, Liberia. They said, no, no, no, you don’t. They didn’t trust us. So, but they radio then the station in Monrovia and there, our director from the crusade, all the city knew about our coming though. They know that we are there and they’re very joisting because they were praying for us that we come through this dangerous Zune soon.

Winfried Wentland (17:34):
And then the president himself sent a, you know, 10 people up to the border and to bring us down. So when we came, when they came to the border, they organized everything. I mean, it was this African way, how they do it, you know? And we were going with them, one car in front, one in the back. They only said, okay, you have to follow us. You know, you don’t have to come out of the truck. The rest, our soldiers are doing it. So we know what it means, and this is how we lived. And then we came to the crusade and we had a wonderful crusade. I mean, the president came, the, the ministers came, you know Monrovia was, was after many years of war and now they had a little time of peace. So, and the president, you know, said to some of the church leaders and our director, we need somebody who preach the gospel and who can reconcile this different tribes and the whole country.

Winfried Wentland (18:35):
So then ran Punka came and he preached, you know, reconciliation and saving you know, that the people got saved and so on. And then we, at the end, we were over 200,000 people on the field. So that was where I see, you know, if you just listen to what God is saying and what God is doing, and that we are on the right track, you know, the, the main thing is always for me, what I’m doing is for the gospel and for the good thing, what Jesus told us to do, go ye and preach the word. So if you do it, every obstacle, what comes in between, you know, it’s from the enemy who will stop us. So then Jesus is on our side to help us, if it’s difficult, good, it’s difficult. But at the end we made it,

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (19:25):
You have transported the sound system by truck, by train, by ship. And even by plane, how do you fit the entire sound system into a plane?

Winfried Wentland (19:37):
Yeah, I have to see what type of plane it is. Then we know how, what we can take. So we cannot take everything, what we have in the truck or in all our containers when we have to load the plane. So we choose what we need. And then what we took the plane was at 707 Boeing. So we know how much tonnage we can take, and that is how we choose. And then we put it all in. So we could make with set condition. We had, we had four crusades done in Congo and Kinshasa Kananga Madame bay and Kisangani. And the biggest crusade we had was over 300,000 people with a system. So that is possible. And you know, we had to hire than trucks and trailers when we landed. But because of the roads, in some parts of this country, there was no roads to travel with. So the only thing is to go by plane and the plane was possible to fly internally in a Congo. So is what we did.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (20:49):
One of the amazing things about Christ for all nations is the longevity of some of the staff that have worked with, with CFAN. Some of you have been around 30, 40 years, which is very unusual. Many organizations they’ll have an employee who comes for one year, two year, and then they’ll, they’ll move on to go do something else. And so I’ve always wondered what is it that, that keeps people at Christ for all nations for so long? Why did you stay all of these years? In spite of all of the difficulties, the challenges, the heat of the sun, the just even danger being shot at and, and being held hostage, what is it that has motivated you to continue to help, to preach the gospel?

Winfried Wentland (21:38):
I think the main issue is that you are not only looking for a job to do because that you have to get your money. So my aim was, and is still that I been called by God or called by Jesus so that we know why we are doing it. And I have some opportunities or some times there were people who asked me to join other missions or go to another job or to get more money or whatever it was, you know, but all the time I saw that the calling of God is very important thing. And who has this one? I believe they would stick. Whether you get money or you don’t get whether I got sick or you will die because, you know, my favorite thing is always, when I say it’s not so easy to die in my book, if you read it, I have about 16 situation where I thought my life will be over.

Winfried Wentland (22:44):
You know, I mean, I was very sick, even in the beginning, you know, after some years I was being hospitalized and my doctor, they tried everything, but they couldn’t save my life. So they called my wife and then they said this 90 will die. So that at this point, you know, you know, if their life is over, you go to heaven. That is what I always thought. So, but when the doctor left, when my wife left the pastor, they prayed over me or with me. And I had so much pain for the last three days. I didn’t know whether I want to live or want to, better to die. So, but when I woke up in the morning, you know, five 30, I was, you know, I had drips on my arms, you know, on its side, you know, they filled me with 50 bottles of any medication that I had in that hospital.

Winfried Wentland (23:36):
And so when I woke up, I looked and I saw where I am. And then I realized I was in a hospital, but I, to my head, because I had high fever, you know, over 42 degrees Celsius, where you normally say the, the body can’t take it anymore. And everything was good. I felt like healthy, strong. So I put my trip, my drips out there and went to the shower and shower and I was singing there. So the nurse came in and saw the empty bed, the drips hanging down from the bottles there. And she was crying. I mean, shouting. So the doctors came running and the main doctor, they said Mr. Vanderlande, it can happen like this, go back in the bed. You know, you were so sick. I mean, it can happen like this, that some of the adrenalin comes and then you collapse.

Winfried Wentland (24:35):
And then I said, no, doctor, I believe you tried everything in the last 10 days, but tonight Jesus hit me. So literally he locked the door because he was convinced I will collapse. So you lock the door of the room and said, I will, he will not let me go. So till afternoon, my wife came here to share, to pay the hospital bill, and then I could go. And, you know, a week later I was on the next crusade. So there’s many issues. You, what, you know, I would say what the enemy would try to convince you. It’s enough now, you know, after eight years after 20 years now, it’s over 40 years. So he didn’t convince me that it’s enough because of all the time I see he, they want to try, but they’re not succeeded. And I believe inside my heart, it is.

Winfried Wentland (25:30):
And with my family and with everybody, I said, look, we are all going to heaven. If be right with Christ, I told my children, I have four children. And said to them, you know, if I’m not coming back from the crusade, and sometime they were informed that I was in danger and I didn’t come back in time where I was planned. So they were praying. But I said, you know, make sure you come to heaven that you see me. And this is where I’m convicted and where I stay. And this is what some of my team also say, oh, many of the teams, there are also many years with me, some left up different situation, some left because it was too hot, some left because I see this is not my life. I can’t take it anymore. Sickness, danger, all this thing. Can you prevent people to come? But the people who have really a calling, which God called them to do this, they stay through sick and sin. What we say, you know, and they’re not going away and shied away because of any problems.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (26:39):
So you’ve helped to organize over 400 crusades now, all over Africa. What are some of the biggest victories that you think about? What are some of the greatest things that you’ve seen in all of these crusades?

Winfried Wentland (26:54):
You say that many things, sometimes you come to a city where you think where the people, so, and then you see how the people flock to the crusades. You know, I, wasn’t an area where it was really Bush and I told our, or as our director is this the right place? He said, yeah, the people would come. So when they saw what God is doing, you know, sometimes God is doing something unexpected in this situation. It was, we came to a very remote area, which pagan situation, witchcraft devil stuff and all this one. So some people, they want us others, they don’t want us. So when we put the platform, there, there was a big tree, which was their gods. They prayed to. And that tree one morning, fall down. I mean, big tree, five, no four meter in diameter, boat, 60 meter, high and fall, right to the floor.

Winfried Wentland (27:58):
So they sought, I cut it. I said, no, look at it broke. So then they were astonished. So they wanted to, or they went to the high priest who is residing over there, you know, group. And when they came to their house, they found the high priest dead on the floor. So all this one reacted, you know, on the population, what is going on. And the people said, you know, if the people of Reinhard Bonnke has this power already, what will happen when Reinhard Bonnke comes? So even then the witchcraft house was staying there, the caterpillar moved it there, people thought they will explode, you know, the caterpillar, but all these items, you know, saw, we saw that the people were astonished. And when then heard the gospel at the end of this crusade, the king came with a whole entourage. And that brought a white ox, which is a highest gift to the end, gave it to Banca now.

Winfried Wentland (29:02):
And he said, he was so happy that he heard and his tribe or his ethnic group heard the gospel. And they know now what is the truth? And this is what I see, you know, is one of the things, what I feel we are on the right place. The other item was in another city. I put the platform in one area. Then the commander there was next was a big military camp. They came and he said, I can’t put the platform there. So I said, why? So they said, no, there is a graveyard near to platform. And some people are buried there. So I said, well, but they are dead. What is a problem? No, no, that’s it. You know, when Reinhard Bonnke comes, we don’t want any one of them to be raised, you know? So you have to go far out. So I have to go to the other side of the field because it was a city where one of the people were raised by dead. And that story makes the round, you know, in the city. And they said, no, no, we know what God can do. And this is where you see the, some there, they got the information and the conviction that the power of God is moving. And this is what, you know, many people in around Africa, different countries, it’s not every country is the same, but where people got moved and they accepted Christ and millions give their life to Jesus.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (30:31):
You’ve written a book with all your stories and adventures, both the successes and failures and the challenges of doing crusades all over Africa. What’s the name of it? Your book,

Winfried Wentland (30:44):
My book is called “By Life or by Death” in the English version. It’s also then translated in some other languages. But this is the book, somebody I told the story and we, he wrote it then actually. And because I have no time to write a book and maybe I’m not so good writer, but I can tell the story. So we met and then I, for a few days, and I told them everything I knew, and then he wrote it and it started, you know, with my start, how I met my wife and we traveled then in Africa, as I said, we have four children. They got born in different countries. They grew up in Africa to the last one. We got born in Germany then. But so they know everything and they know what we are doing. And they supported us. They knew all the challenges we have.

Winfried Wentland (31:42):
And this is also what is written a book. And I believe my wife and me, we were a good team, you know, because if you read it, you know how we met. And it is very interesting because actually she didn’t want to marry me. So when I say the first time, she said, no, but then also God spoke to her. And that is what the team, what is seeing changed. And she said, you know, she would never married, had married me if she would know that God so clearly spoke to her that God wanted us to be together. And now we are, you know, 42 years together. That is the same time because we married. And two weeks after the marriage, I went to Africa and then she had still a contract. She was a left-hander Suarez. She had still a contact for half a year. So she had to fulfill, I went alone and then later he joined me too. Today we are together and all our children, you know following the Lord and Monmouth, my son is still working with Syphon. Also,

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (32:51):
Your wife must be an amazing woman of God to walk with you through all of the challenges. And back in the early days, you didn’t have a cell phone. You can call immediately. Sometimes. Maybe she didn’t know where you were or what was happening. All she knew to do was to pray.

Winfried Wentland (33:10):
Yeah, that is what she can do and what she has to do. And, you know, I, two of my children were born and I didn’t know I was not there. And I didn’t know whether she delivered or didn’t deliver on one occasion. The second son, the third child, I was taken hostage. I was not sure when I coming home, I only knew my wife was, you know, in time, even before I left the crusade, the child was actually due to come. So we went to the hospital to the doctor and the doctor said, you know, there’s no sign to, to go now. So she will over carry her, him. And then I left because I had to leave for the crusade and for the next event. So, and then, I didn’t know. So when I came home after four or five weeks, six weeks, then from one of the city, it was in Mali, in Bamako.

Winfried Wentland (34:07):
I went to a good hotel. They had a telephone. So I phoned home. I couldn’t phone Nigeria, where we lived at the time, there was no connection, but it from home, I knew you, I got a son born then on then that was every single scoot. So I still had to travel 2000 kilometer and then I was home. But you know, we, at that year, and in this situation, sometimes we were apart for eight months and that was, you know, quite strong for both of us. And I thought, if that continues like this, you know, there was also one thought, I thought, how will I manage? But as I later said, always you know, no condition is permanent things change. So the next year it was only four months, five months apart. And so it all changes, you know? And that is how it is, you know? And the other time the last child got born, you know, I was also on the crusade. And when the people came from Germany to the crusade, they said, you have a daughter.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (35:15):
Wow. What advice would you give to a young man or young woman who feels called by God to be involved in evangelism, whether it’s on a technical side or preaching on the platform or, or maybe even taking pictures, what advice would you give to them? Who, who feel called to evangelism?

Winfried Wentland (35:34):
Yeah. If you are a call to the vendor realism or to anyone of God’s work, do it. So that’s the first thing the devil or the enemy will try to keep you away, whatever you have in mind, do it. You know? And then even people ask me, you know, when we went out in 79, my wife and me, we sold everything at all my car, everything, all my savings we put in Soviet traveled with $1,500. And then people came to us and said, well, what will you do when the dollar is finished? I said, look, first I have them. I will take care of them if they’re finished. Well, I said, Paul worked, I would go and find some work so I can survive. So, but till today, the pocket never get empty. You see? So if you sow into the kingdom, if you give your life and your time, God will also see that you will be returned.

Winfried Wentland (36:32):
It was not always easy, but we had always enough. You know, our children had always enough food. We had always a accommodation. We slept in a caravan. We slept in a tent. We slept in a very, you know, small place. You know, for one year we had only like six square meter was two people, my wife and myself. So, but today we have more. So this is where I said, everyone, you know, who has a calling? Do it. If you don’t succeed, well, you, at least you tried. But if you and God is on your side, you will succeed and you will be happy that you did this decision. I did this decision. I was, you know, from my profession, I’m a banker. Then I went to the army. I was a Lieutenant. I want to stay there, but God called me. And I’m so glad that I left it and listened to what God put in my heart and did it.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (37:31):
Well, I honor you for your many years of faith and persistence and following the plan of God for your life. It’s so beautiful. It’s wonderful. You are a great inspiration. So, so thank you. And thank you very much for being on the evangelism podcast. I appreciate it.

Winfried Wentland (37:50):
Thank you, Daniel King. I appreciate it as well. God bless you.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (37:55):
Thanks for listening to the evangelism podcast today. I want to ask you to partner with me, to help lead people to Jesus. For as little as a dollar a month, you can be responsible for helping us lead at least one person to Jesus. Every single month. Over our 20 years of ministry, we’ve found that it costs an average of about $1 for every person that we’re able to reach. And so if you could just go to king ministries.com and partner with us for at least $1, just $1 partner with us to help us lead people to Jesus. Imagine for a dollar, you can be responsible for starting a party in heaven every single month. And would you do me a favor, go to apple iTunes and leave this podcast. A review. Your positive review will help other people who are excited about evangelism to find this show. Thanks so much. And God bless you

Evangelism Podcast Host (38:58):
For more information about how to share your faith or to financially support our worldwide evangelistic outreaches. Visit king ministries.com. Again, that’s king ministries.com.


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