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Roselyn Ayeola | Can God Use Women Evangelists?

Dr. Roselyn Ayeola was my co-evangelist at a Christ for All Nations crusade in Iringa, Tanzania. It was her first opportunity to preach the Gospel at a massive crusade. She is from Nigeria so the people were intrigued to see an African woman share about Jesus. Today she talks about how the simple Gospel works to save people whether it is preached by a man or a woman.

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Evangelism Coach Daniel King (00:00):
Dr. Roselyn Ayeola was my co evangelist of the Christ for all nations crusade and I ringgit Tanzania. It was her first opportunity to preach the gospel at a massive crusade. She’s from Nigeria. So the people were intrigued to see an African woman share about Jesus today. She talks about how the simple gospel works to save people, whether it is preached by a man or a woman,

Evangelism Podcast Host (00:27):
Jesus said go into all the world and preach the gospel. Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord shall be welcome to the evangelism podcast with Dr. Daniel King, where Daniel interviews, full-time evangelists, pastors, missionaries, and normal everyday Christians to discover how they share their faith, their powerful testimonies and amazing stories that will inspire you to reach people with the good news. And now here’s your host missionary and evangelist Daniel King.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (01:03):
Welcome the evangelism podcast. I’m Daniel King. And I’m excited about telling people about Jesus and I am in Tanzania rice. Right now. We have just finished doing a great gospel crusade in Iringa, Tanzania. And at that crusade, I had the privilege of sharing the platform with Dr. Roselyn Ayeola. And so thank you so much for being on the podcast. Thank

Roselyn Ayeola (01:32):
You. Thank you so so much. I am very grateful. I’m deeply honored that you have invited me to participate in this podcast. Thank you so much. And yeah. What a time to be alive, to love Jesus, to serve him, to preach his gospel. It’s truly amazing. Thank you.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (01:52):
This crusade that we did together with Christ for all nations here in Tanzania was a unique event for you. It was your very first opportunity to preach at a massive gospel crusade. So what was that like for you?

Roselyn Ayeola (02:13):
It was not anything like I have imagined it was going to be, or even thought it was going to be, it was way beyond that I was blown away by just the powerful demonstration of the presence of Jesus. It was so, so, so beautiful. I was honored to preach tonight. And the first night I preach on the power and the blood of Jesus. And the second night I preached on apart from message called redeemed. And even throughout all the nights of the five nights of the crusade, I saw the power of God inaction. I saw that the simple gospel, when it is preached, it is truly powerful to save. I saw the saving power in the name of Jesus and in the blood of Jesus. So it was definitely a moment, not just the moment, the whole entire crusade w really marked my life. And I’m very grateful that God has given me the honor and the privilege of seeing what he does on such a mass scale.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (03:26):
Well, you did such a wonderful job. You are a powerful woman of God anointed by God and you connected so well with the crowd. And honestly, it didn’t look like your first time. It looked like you were extremely experienced. You knew exactly what you were doing and the crowd responded so well. And, and it was so amazing. We had so many salvation in our city of Iringa 15,715, which is such a tremendous count. Just praise the Lord for all the people that got saved. Let’s talk a little bit about your background. Where are you from and how did you come to this point?

Roselyn Ayeola (04:08):
I I’m originally from Nigeria. I was born and raised there and at the age of 16, I went to medical school in Russia. And I’m a medical doctor. That’s my, that’s my background. I wasn’t born and raised in a I’m not a pastor’s kid or from a super you know, on fire kind of background or family. But I met Jesus while I was in medical school. He saved my life. I was lost and he, he found me ever since then, I’ve been walking with him and serving him. But how I got here, how I got to this point was to S it was by saying yes. He told me he’s told me since I was in medical school, but it was, it was hard to say yes, initially lane medicine down to preach the gospel and go to the nations.

Roselyn Ayeola (05:06):
But in 2017, I had tried to do it my own way. Try to, you know, push that to later on in the future, I will go and I’ll preach. But it didn’t work out that way at all. Not even in the list way at all. I ended up just going back to the Lord when nothing was working, when the way I expected it was going to, and I said like, this, wasn’t what you said, Lord, this wasn’t what you promise. Why is nothing working in my life? And he said, well, I’ve called you to preach the gospel. And he kept thinking, it’s for a future version of you, but it’s not it’s for right now. And so’s are hanging in the balance and you need to go. And so in 2017, I remember clearly was in November. I repented of my rebellion and the delayed.

Roselyn Ayeola (05:58):
Yes, because in some of us say yes to what God is calling us to do, but we mean it for the future. We mean like, oh yes, God I’ll do that for sure. But just not now later. But later is not what God is calling us to his calling us to his work and his heart right now. And I said, yes in 2017, I was living in Colorado at the time. And ever since then, God has been the one opening the doors. He said, you say yes, and now I’ll take you where I want to. So he’s been taking me there every step of the way. And that’s how I got here. So

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (06:31):
The secret is to say yes to Jesus, which is such a wonderful thing. And, and I, I think it’s, it’s really amazing that you’re doing that because as a doctor, of course, you could make lots of money. Doctors get large salaries, but you have sacrificially put that on hold and you are pursuing your calling as an evangelist. And so you go from fixing bodies to now, you are fixing souls in helping people to go to heaven for all of eternity. And tell me some about your passion for soul-winning and why that drives you and motivates you.

Roselyn Ayeola (07:14):
I thank you for that question that my passion for. So winning really comes from it comes from the heart of Jesus. I, I look at the human body and doesn’t matter how, how well you take care of it is going to come a day. It’s only going to go in the ground. And it’s, it’s just a case. You know, it’s a case we, we take care of. So, so much we lose sight of what really matters in that disaster. So it’s why Jesus said, if you gain the whole world and lose your soul of what profit is that, and that’s truly like wet for me. The passion comes from Jesus himself. It’s I feel his heart for the nations. And for people that non-well perish, none, none will perish. That’s the heart of Jesus. And he has gripped my heart with his heart.

Roselyn Ayeola (08:08):
And that’s where that passion comes from. That every white girl, I would stop for the one. And I’ll preach in front of the millions that none will perish. And that all will come to know the saving knowledge of the name of Jesus that everyone doesn’t matter where you are. You may be on your debt bed right now. You may, you may be in school. You may be working that not will perish. I’ve seen people pass away in the blink of an eye. Nobody knew they were going to pass away, but they just did. And what mattered in that moment was where were they going? That grips my heart? Like, where are we going? Like, we take care of our bodies, but where are we going? Because we only sojourn is on this earth. This is not our final destination. It’s actually the beginning of the journey, but exactly are we going?

Roselyn Ayeola (08:56):
And that grips my heart to know that I have preached the gospel to know that I have shared with someone who was on their way to hell. And now there is not just only a redirection, but there is a what the Bible calls a regeneration that whosoever is now in Christ is a new creation. And all things are passed away. Someone may have been on their way to help or for in one moment that they hear the gospel and respond to the gospel. It’s powerful enough to shift the entire life. That’s amazing. And so for me, my passion for the gospel too, to see souls, one comes from a heart of Jesus. It comes from sitting before him and let him grip your heart because we are caught. We all call to this. I’m just evangelist. It’s why he gave that commission. It’s why we read act one eight, that we will receive power after the holy spirit comes upon us, that we all will be witnesses, not as evangelists, but all, all that comes to him will and should be witnesses of the gospel. Because if you change your life, it can change someone else’s life. No, it will change someone else’s life so long as we open up our mouth. And we, we we, we respond to his call to share with other people.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (10:14):
We saw God do tremendous miracles in Iringa lots of salvations. When you go home, what are some of the miracles that you will remember that God did here in Tanzania?

Roselyn Ayeola (10:28):
The first miracle I will remember is on the night I preached I saw almost every hand go up in response to the call to surrender their lives to Jesus. At the end of the message, I preach evangelists, bunkies story of the 10 rooms. And in that story talks about nudges giving 90% of the rooms in your heart to God are 50%, but a hundred percent. And after that, I said, if you’re here and you want to give a hundred percent of your heart and life to Jesus to follow him, that he will be the Lord and master of your life. I literally saw almost every hand go up. I think that is the biggest miracle I would take with me. And there was this mama that also got her healing and it really touched me because she was paralyzed in her right arm and right leg for three years.

Roselyn Ayeola (11:23):
And she started crying as she shared. And she said, I say, thank you, thank you much. I didn’t heal you. Jesus healed you. It’s all Jesus. But at the same time, I also recognize what kind of pain and oppression she could have. She would have been in, or she had been in for those three years that she couldn’t lift her arms or use her leg. And Jesus set her free. Jesus healed her. And that, that would mark me that this is what Jesus does. He sets free. The oppressed, he heals the broken hearted. He delivers those who have been held captive. This is what Jesus does. And I, nobody can tell me otherwise he does miracles and he loves to do them. And so that, that for Shelby, another miracle I take with me as much as I can remember, there are many miracles that took was that we ourselves don’t know.

Roselyn Ayeola (12:15):
I feel like it turned will truly tell us. I feel like God, God has this amazing camera. We’re better than our best cameras and I phones and everything. It has an amazing camera that is capturing every single miracle that happens on such a mass scale, because we don’t see all the way into the field, but he does. And he’s going to show us, it’s going to be like on that night, when you push that Irina that happened, I bet you didn’t know. Like now I know because he’s heart captures every single miracle, even though our eyes can’t. And I feel like it turned, it would definitely surely show the impact of all that. Jesus has done an earring at this week.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (12:53):
Amen. In acts chapter two, Peter, the apostle quotes, the book of Joel. And he says, in the last days, God says, I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh, both men and women, the young and the old, he says your maid, servants, shell prophesied. So in the last days, God is going to raise up women that are going to prophesy and speak God’s word with great boldness. And unfortunately in the body of Christ, there are some traditional churches that have told women that they are not allowed to speak. And they say, you’re not allowed to speak in church, but God is raising up women who can boldly proclaim the gospel. And I believe that God wants to raise up a strong women of God here in Africa that would rate that would, would stand up and, and call the nations to Christ. And so what advice would you give to women that have sometimes been told by the church to sit down, shut up, just listen. And instead of getting up and participant in, what, what would you say to those women to encourage them? I w

Roselyn Ayeola (14:07):
I would say the words that are reading here in the Bible. If you go to the book of Esther, I’m going to say what Monica said to Esther, to any lady, any woman listening to this podcast right now. And you, some of you have even been called since you were a little girl, some of you, you received that call when you were in your high school or in your university, or when you started working wasted, a serving, you fell and received a call from God to prop, to be a prophet, to the nations, to be a profit to you community, to preach into speak. The word of God. You see, this was what, this was what Mary Kay said to Esther. He said here in Esther, that, so chapter four, verse 13, where the Kiah sent this reply to ESSA, don’t think for a moment that because you are in a palace, you will, you will escape when all or the Jews are killed.

Roselyn Ayeola (15:04):
If you keep quiet at a time like this deliverance and relief for the Jews will arise from some other place, but you and your relatives will die. Who knows? This is a popular verse that most people say, who knows if perhaps you were made for such a time as this, you see my friends. If you’re listening right now, and you’re a woman that God has called to preach the gospel, your little girl, your lady with doesn’t matter how old you are, how old you are, how young you are. It doesn’t matter where you are. What matters is that perhaps you were called for such a time as this. And I want you to know that the same God who annoyed and who speaks through the mouth of male preachers and male evangelists and pastors and apostles, and prophets is the same God who has called you and anointed you for such a time as this.

Roselyn Ayeola (16:07):
So do not take no for an answer. Rise up. Esther rise up. Deborah preach the gospel. The nations are hanging in the balance. The souls of men are hanging in the balance. So rise up. I would, I would say to you what evangelist bunkie said when he was asked that if female if there should be a female, preachers are familiar evangelists. He said, if I was drowning, this was the illustration he gave. If I was drowning, it would not matter to me who is throwing the life jacket. It wouldn’t matter to me who is about to rescue me, male or female. I need rescue immediately. And that is the same thing with what God has called you to do men and women around you need rescue immediately. And it doesn’t matter. Who’s throwing the life boat or the life jacket. It matters that you respond and you go, it matters that you respond and you go, and the word of God is on your lips.

Roselyn Ayeola (17:06):
Don’t think you’re not qualified because you’re a woman. God has called you. He made you. And he said, in the last days, he will pour out a spirit upon all flesh. My sister, you are included in that all flesh. So go preach the gospel, your you anoint. It doesn’t matter what continent here, here in Africa or in the, in, in the Americas or in Asia or in Australia or in Europe, it doesn’t matter where you are go. Your voice is needed. Your voice is needed. Like SOS voice was needed right there before the king, your voice is needed in this generation. So go, go, let nothing hinder. You let nothing stop you. And I’m telling you the same way I’ve seen Jesus do so many things with just a simple, yes, sir. I’ve given to him. I had nothing else. I don’t have. I don’t have a scholarly degree from the greatest theological university on the planet.

Roselyn Ayeola (18:08):
But what I do have is a simple yes, in my heart that wherever Jesus sends me, I will go. And so wherever he sent you, don’t worry about how to worry about what you will say to stress that he is enough. He is powerful enough to do through you. That which he’s called you to do. I remind you of first Thessalonians five verse 24. It says the one who has called you, he is fateful for, he will do it to take that and run with that. Cause the one who has caught you or his well able his work capable, and he would do above and beyond all that you could ever imagine or even think in. So please, my sisters now is a time for us to rise up. Let’s take this Baton that has been, that’s been thrusted into our hands and let’s run. Let’s run like our very lives, depend on it. And let’s see all the nations come to Jesus, bow their needs and say, Jesus Christ is Lord. Amen.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (19:09):
Would you just take a moment right now to pray for those women and men who are listening, that they would be able to experience the fullness of God’s calling

Roselyn Ayeola (19:21):
Upon their life. Amen, Lord, Jesus. I, I lift up before you right now. Every one of my brothers and sisters who are listening to this podcast, Lord, I pray that each one of them would rise in this moment and they would respond to your call upon their life. And I pray over them that they will fulfill to the greatest potential to the fullest, potential all that you have called them to be. I pray that they will walk in their calling. They will walk in purity. They will walk integrity. They will walk in holiness father. I pray that their hearts and their lives daily will be postured in a insane yes. To you in saying yes to what you’ve called them to. And I pray what, even what eyes has not seen, what ears have not heard, what has not even yet been formed in the hearts and minds of men, we will see through the lives of this ones who are listening and they through their life will glorify you in Jesus’ mighty name.

Roselyn Ayeola (20:24):
Lord, I pray for strength for those who are feeling like they’re weak, they can’t go, they can’t do this Lord. I pray for strength that you will strengthen their hearts. You will strengthen their souls. You will strengthen their bodies, that they are able to go and preach the gospel. They are able to go and do what you’ve called them to do. It doesn’t matter in what sector, if it’s in the nations, if it’s in the media industry, if it’s in the educational industry, if it’s with entrepreneurship, it doesn’t matter in what sector you’ve called them to Lord. I pray you give them the strength to go and to be all that you’ve called them to be, I pray your blessings over their lives. And most importantly, I pray that daily, there will say yes, they will say yes to what you’re doing. They will say yes. So how you move it? They would to look at their own abilities, but they will look at your abilities and they would run hand-in-hand with you. Jesus, Lord. I bless them with your presence in Jesus’ mighty name. Amen.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (21:20):
Amen. Dr. Roselyn Ayeola, it has been an honor to share the platform with you in Iringa. And even though this was your first crusade, it will not be your last God’s hand is upon you. And I believe that as you continue to say yes to Jesus, that God will use you in mighty ways, in that you will see millions of people come into the kingdom of God through your ministry. So it’s an honor to know you and thank you so much for, for joining arms together with me. And of course we had a great team there and Iringa organizing everything. It’s been really wonderful. Yeah. But I

Roselyn Ayeola (22:00):
Want to say thank you to all of our team members the tech team, the media team. I want to say thank you to the Crusader organizer, Jacob Ebersole amazing interns who prayed and most importantly to evangelist Daniel Kolenda for such a privilege to run shoulders, to shoulders with him in the harvest. And this is only the beginning. All the nations will come to Jesus and hell will be empty and heaven for, for the sake of Jesus name. Amen. Amen.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (22:38):
Thank you for being on the podcast, Dr. Roslyn. Thank you. It’s such an honor.

Roselyn Ayeola (22:41):
Thank you, Dr. King.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (22:44):
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