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Revival Fire | How Can I Catch the Fire of God?

Recently, I went on a mission trip to the country of Jamaica. Our group experienced powerful ministry at churches and evangelistic crusades. Hundreds of people were saved and many miraculous healings were reported.

The days in Jamaica were extremely hot and quite humid, so as we walked through neighborhoods inviting people to church, we quickly overheated. By the time we arrived back at our hotel that evening, we were a sticky mess. Unfortunately, the showers at the hotel were broken. We fixed this problem by deciding to go for a late night swim in the pool.

As we swam, I noticed there was a panel near the edge of the pool that looked like it was smoking. I was curious, so I foolishly swam over to check it out. I was treading water right by an underwater light when – zap – I was shocked. The electricity shot through my body and numbed my feet and hands. Terrified, I leapt out of the pool. Immediately, I became concerned for the safety of the other members of my team. I started screaming at them to get out of the pool as fast as they could.

None of them knew what was wrong so they just looked at me. As I kept yelling at them about the danger, some began to get out, but most of the people thought I was playing a practical joke on them so they stayed in the pool. I frantically began       grabbing people and pulling them out of the pool. I pointed at the smoking panel and screamed, “Get out!” I yelled repeatedly about the danger until I was hoarse.

When everyone realized how serious I was, they climbed out of the pool. Several stubborn boys refused to fall for what they still thought was a practical joke. I was frustrated as I watched them swim in a dangerous situation. I began to talk to them and show them the danger they were in. Finally, my sense of urgency compelled them to climb out of the pool. I was so relieved when I had saved everyone’s life!

God stopped me right then and He told me, “You need to save people from hell with the same passion that you saved those people from an electric shock.” This word from God has given me a passion to see the lost saved. This passion is God’s fire inside of me. By the grace of God, I had been saved from being electrocuted. After I had been spared, I began to yell and scream, and pull people out of danger. I experienced an   intense urgency about it. I did not rest until everyone was saved, because I was concerned for their lives.

God revealed to me that I need to be just as concerned about the lives of people who are headed for hell! I have to do whatever it takes to rescue someone from the grasp of Satan. If I have to speak loud and boldly, I will. If I have to talk them into salvation, I will. I made a commitment to myself that day that I would do whatever it takes to help save a soul from hell.

Someone has described the Christian walk as “One   starving man who has found food, telling another starving man where he can find food.” I experienced salvation, and now my duty is to help save others! After someone discovers God’s fire,   spreading that fire as far as they possibly can becomes their     responsibility. God gave me a revelation about the urgency which I need to have in my spirit to save the lost. The sinner who has recently been saved is the most motivated person to go out and save others. It is important to continue to burn intensely. Our job is to catch the fire, keep the fire, and to spread the fire!

Fire gives boldness! I was not worried about what people thought about me when I was trying to save their lives. I did not care what I looked like or how my message sounded. I became bold and I pulled people from danger. When it is a life and death situation, you must burn with a compassion that forgets about all the normal details of life.

I have caught the fire of God, now it is time for you to catch the fire of God!

“God, I pray, light these idle sticks of my life and may I burn up for thee. Consume my life, my God, for it is thine, I seek not a long life, but a full one like yours, Lord Jesus.” – Jim Elliot

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