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Why Are Christians Hypocrites?

If God is so good and following Christ is so fantastic then why are Christians such a bunch of self righteous hypocrites?

It is true that all people, including Christians, are capable of being self-righteous and hypocritical at times. This is because all people are sinners and are prone to fail and fall short of God’s standards.

However, it is important to remember that being a Christian does not make a person perfect or immune to sin. In fact, the Bible teaches that all people are sinners and that we all fall short of God’s glory (Romans 3:23). It is only through faith in Jesus and the work of the Holy Spirit that we can be forgiven of our sins and made right with God.

It is also important to remember that Christians are not perfect and that we are all on a journey of growth and spiritual development. We will all make mistakes and may sometimes fall short of the standards that God has set for us. However, as believers, we have the promise of God’s grace and forgiveness when we confess our sins and seek to turn away from them.

Ultimately, it is important for all believers, including Christians, to remember that we are all in need of God’s grace and forgiveness and to strive to follow Christ in humility and love.


Evangelist Daniel King, D.Min is on a mission to lead people to Jesus. He has visited over seventy nations preaching good news and he has led over two million people in a salvation prayer. He is often called “The Evangelism Coach.” To support King Ministries in our quest for souls, click here!