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Fulfill God’s Will: How Does God Direct My Steps?

We can plan what we are going to do, but once we start moving, God will direct our steps.” Proverbs 16:9, “‘In his heart a man plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps” God wants to direct our movement or steps. God cannot steer a parked car. God will use your movement, even movement in the wrong direction. If you start taking steps, God will guide you into the right direction.

Once you begin to move, then God reveals His will for your life step by step. Your miracle is in your movement! When you start to move, God begins to move on your behalf. Are you waiting on God, or is God waiting on you? Almost any movement should do. Just point your life in the general direction (the compass heading) you think you should be going. Then take a step.

Many churches say they want a New Testament church. What was the distinguishing characteristic of the church in the Book of Acts? A clue is found in the name of the book! The apostles acted. It is not called the ‘Book of Intentions.’ Yes, they prayed and waited for the Holy Spirit, but that is only the first chapter. Once they were filled with God’s power, they began to move. If you act, God will move, but if you do not act, God cannot move. Jesus says, “You are My hands, you are My feet, you are My voice, take Me to the ends of the earth!’”

Some people want to hear the thundering roar of God’s voice, see a choir of angels, get singed by a burning bush, and receive a note written by the finger of God and delivered by the archangel Gabriel before they move. If you could hear God’s voice right now, you would probably hear Him shouting, ‘Do something!’ If an angel knocked on your door, he might say, ‘Do something.’” Two-thirds of God’s Name is ‘Go.’ Two-thirds of God’s Name backwards is ‘Do.’ So, if you want to be like God, then ‘Go Do.’ The supernatural is when God adds His ‘Super’ to our ‘Natural.’ God has already done all the ‘Super’ He is going to do. Now we must do in the natural what we are supposed to do. God has done His part; now we must do our part, by taking action.

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