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How to Fulfill God’s Will | Does God’s Word Reveal God’s Will?

God’s will for your life is hidden within the pages of His Word. If you obey God’s Word, you will be fulfilling His will for your life. It is never God’s will for us to do something contrary to His Word. If your course of action is against God’s Word, then it is against God’s will for your life. According to the Ten Commandments in Exodus 20, lying, killing, and committing adultery are clearly outside of God’s will. Obviously, if you do any of these things, you are outside of God’s will. Nothing that is against God’s Word can ever be God’s will. Period.

The simplest way to discover God’s will is to ask, “What does God’s Word tell me to do?” Many people ask, “I understand the Bible reveals God’s will, but how do I know what God wants me to do today? I know I should not sin, but how do I know how to choose which mission trip I should go on? As you obey the general will of God for your life as revealed in the Bible, you will discover the specific will of God for your life. You will never discover God’s hidden will for your life until you first do God’s known will. God’s Word is the beginning point for knowing God’s will. Usually those who do not obey His Word find it difficult to hear His voice.”

Some people was so paralyzed by fear of missing God’s will, that even simple decisions became difficult for him to make. “How do I know if I should go to the grocery store first or fill up my gas tank?” “What do I do when God’s Word does not specifically address my current situation? After all, there is no commandment that says, ‘Daniel, thou shalt marry Jessica.’ So, how was I supposed to know whether I should marry my girlfriend Jessica? Within the confines of God’s Word, God gives us great freedom. The Bible reveals God’s moral will but in relation to the area of volitional will (our personal choices) we are allowed freedom of choice.

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