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Does the Bible Agree with Science?

The Bible is not written as a science textbook—and that is probably a good thing. As Oswald Chambers, the author of the classic Christian Devotional, My Utmost for His Highest, wrote: “If the Bible agreed with modern science, it would soon be out of date, because…modern science is bound to change.” Nonetheless, the Bible does contain many scientific concepts that agree with modern science. For example: 

The earth is a sphere. Many different cultures used to think the earth was flat, but the Bible describes the true shape of the earth in Isaiah 40:22. 

The construction of the cosmos. At one time, people in different cultures—Hindu, Chinese, and native American—believed the earth was supported on the back of a great turtle. Greek mythology gave this role to the Titan, Atlas. The ancient Biblical book of Job states that the earth and the cosmos are suspended in nothing (Job 26:7). 

The world under the oceans. Long before scientists were able to explore the oceans using submarines, the Bible describes underwater valleys (Psalm 18:15) and fountains and springs in the depths (Job 38:16). 

The hydrologic cycle. Referring to how water changes from a vapor in the atmosphere to become precipitation on land and water and then evaporates once again, Ecclesiastes 1:6-7 is understood to be an ancient observation of this scientifically important cycle.

Significantly, science owes a great debt to the Bible and Christian theology. The Bible teaches that the universe is orderly, because it was created by a God of order, who is not the author of confusion (1 Corinthians 14:33). This theological understanding of the world contributed to the beginning of modern science in the Renaissance. Other gods of the ancient world, like Zeus and Thor, were powerful, but they were capricious rather than consistent and orderly. The Biblical God provided a philosophical foundation for science to flourish. It is not an accident that Galileo was both a theologian and a scientist.

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