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Is There Enough Evidence to Believe God is Real?

Each one of the seven proofs I presented in my previous blog posts has its flaws and counterarguments, and it could be argued that no one proof is enough to prove conclusively that God exists. But think of these seven proofs as the stones in an arch. No arch is held up by a single stone. The architectural marvel of the arch is in the capacity that all the stones together have of supporting tremendous weight. In the same way, when all these proofs are considered together, they are strong enough to support the weight of proving God’s existence. When I consider all the evidence—from cause, from design, from reason, from morals, from the Bible, from miracles, and from experience—I say: God is THERE. 

Christianity is not built on blind faith, but on faith supported by strong evidence. The thinking person can embrace the Christian faith on a rational basis. But even with all the evidence, believing in God is still a matter of faith. As William Lane Craig has said: “Pascal was right in maintaining that God has given evidence sufficiently clear for those with an open heart, but sufficiently vague so as not to compel those whose hearts are closed.” Having a closed heart to God isn’t unnatural in life or abnormal in any way—because of sin, every human is naturally closed hearted. But the evidence for God IS there, and I encourage you to lay aside disappointment, or weariness, or skepticism, or whatever else may be closing you off. According to Pascal, “Those who seek God find Him.” If you will open your heart to the evidence for God, you will find that God is waiting for you. You will discover: God is THERE!

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About the Author:  Dr. Daniel King is a missionary evangelist who has traveled to over seventy nations in his quest for souls. His goal is to lead 1,000,000 people to Jesus every year through massive Gospel Festivals, distribution of literature, and leadership training. Because of his experience and research on evangelism, he is widely regarded as one of the world’s leading experts in mass evangelism. As an evangelist, he has a deep interest in using apologetics to convince skeptics that God is real.

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