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Power of Prayer | A Story of Answered Prayer

Daniel King (00:24):
I want to tell you a wonderful story about how God will answer your prayers. Couple of years ago, my wife Jessica, and I went to the nation of Pakistan to conduct a great gospel festival. And so the week before we went, there was a pastor in Texas and she had a dream about us. And in her dream, she saw that we were in danger. And so she called me and she said, Daniel, I am committing to pray for you the entire time that you’re in Pakistan, because I have this dream. I believe God wants me to pray. And so I said, thank you very much. I appreciate your prayers. And so we went and we had wonderful gospel festival. Thousands and thousands of people came. Many of them were Muslims. In fact, one of the local Muslim imams, he came and he saw all the people that were being healed.

And so he stood up in his mosque on Friday, and he told everyone, if you need healing, go to the Gospel festival and Jesus will heal you. And so God was doing so many miracles among the Muslims. It’s just so wonderful to see. But on the last night of the festival, we had a big problem. As we were leaving the festival, there was a suspicious car that began to follow us. And so we are very concerned about security. We saw there were five, uh, young Muslim guys in this car, and they looked very suspicious. They were acting very suspiciously. And, and so the bishop that we were working with, he told the driver, drive fast to get away from this car. And so when we sped up, this car sped up too. We were out in the middle of some farm roads, uh, dirt roads, just going as fast as we could go.

And we looked behind us and this car was still following us. And then up ahead on the road, there was a motorcycle parked right in the middle of the road and beside the motorcycle, there was a guy standing there and he had a rifle over his shoulder. And in his other hand, he had a, a piece of cloth. And he was waving us down, trying to get our van to stop. And so because of the suspicious car following us, and because this man had a rifle, the bishop told the driver, he said, just drive around that motorcycle as fast as you can go and keep going. Whatever you do, don’t stop. And so as we drove around, this guy passed him. Suddenly, the guy with a motorcycle, he took the motorcycle that he took the gun off of his shoulder, pointed it at us, and pulled the trigger.

Boom, it sh it surprised everyone in in our van. And, and suddenly, uh, the, the bishop’s wife, she started praying in tongues just as loud as she could. She was just praying, showed up. And I looked over at the bishop and, and, and you gotta understand this, Bishop is a, a kindly old gentleman. He’s like a big teddy bear. And when I would be preaching at the Gospel festival, he’d sit on the platform right behind me, and he would fall asleep while I was preaching. I’d be preaching, and, and I’d look over at him and he’d, he’d fall asleep. His head would be down. Then every once in a while, he’d wake up and he’d go, hallelujah, hallelujah. Hall, wake back up. And, and, and so I was so surprised to see this kindly old teddy bear of a man. Suddenly he’s pulled a pistol out of his pants.

He had it tucked right back here in the back of his pants. He pulled his pistol out and he is yelling at the driver, waving this pistol all over the van. And, and I don’t know very much about guns, but I do know that you’re not supposed to point ’em at me. And so I kept saying, Bishop Point, that gun out the window. And I looked over and my wife, she was ministering to bishop’s daughter, bishop’s daughter, had a, a little baby infant, uh, maybe about one year old. And, and she was scared. She thought maybe the, the infant had been shot. And so she was freaking out. And so my wife, she was just ministering to bishop’s daughter and, and, and talking to her and, and saying, God’s not giving you a spirit of fear. You’re gonna be okay. Your baby’s okay. And then I was busy looking out the back window of his car.

I was trying to see what was was going on. So my wife was ministering to bishop’s daughter, and she kept turning to me and, and pulling me down and saying, Daniel, if they shoot someone, if the terror shoots someone, they’re gonna shoot the white guy. Get down. So she was ministering, you’re gonna be okay. And then pulling me down. And of course, I didn’t listen to my wife. I just kept, I was looking out the, the, the back window. And, and so for about 20 minutes, we continued on these back roads as fast as we could go. And this car followed us just as, as fast the whole way. And finally, after 20 minutes, we got on a main road. We were able to make some turns, pass some vehicles, and we lost that suspicious car that was following us. And I knew that everything was gonna be okay.

When I looked over at the bishop and the gun had disappeared and Bishop had fallen back asleep, when I saw that he was asleep, I knew that everything was gonna be okay. But the amazing thing about this story is that all the way back in Texas, the church that had committed to praying for us, they were in the middle of their morning worship service on a Sunday morning. And right in the middle of the worship service, suddenly the worship leader at the church just heard from God and said, you need to pray for Daniel and Jessica right now. And so they, they stopped their singing, and everyone in the church together began to pray and to intercede for me and Jessica. And they prayed for about 20 minutes. And then they felt like everything was okay, and they went back to their normally scheduled worship service.

And so when we got back to the United States, we told them about this, this situation that we’d faced. And they told us about how they had been told by God to begin to pray for us. And so we began to compare the time zones and, and the difference between morning and night between Pakistan and the United States. And we discovered that the very moment that God was telling them to pray was the very time that we were in danger being shot at in the nation of Pakistan. And so in the midst of what was a very dangerous situation, God was telling people to pray for us and protecting us. And so I want to tell you today that your prayers are powerful and effective. When God brings someone to your mind, begin to pray for them. Who knows what reason? It is that God is asking you to pray. Maybe they’re facing a difficult situation. Maybe they’re in danger. Maybe they need a special encouragement from God. And so if, if God brings someone to your mind, begin to pray for them.

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