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Power of Prayer | Pray for Others

“Isaac prayed to the LORD on behalf of his wife, because she was barren” (Genesis 25:21).

“To stand before men on behalf of God is one thing. To stand before God on behalf of men is something entirely different.” – Leonard Ravenhill

“Daniel, will you pray for me?” I am frequently asked. My typical response is to grab the hand of the person who is asking and immediately begin to pray. If I wait until later, I might forget. Rather then promising to pray and then breaking my promise, I usually try to immediately spend a moment in prayer.

Prayer is often talked about and rarely done. A true prayer warrior is a treasure to be appreciated. I greatly value the people in my life who regularly pray for me.

Recently, we were doing a Gospel Festival in the Muslim nation of Pakistan. While we were there, a pastor’s wife back home in the United States had a sense of urgency to pray for our protection. She started to pray. When we returned home, we shared how we were shot at while we were in Pakistan. She figured out that she was stirred to pray at the same time we were in danger. Her prayers saved our lives!

When we pray for others, we can have a big impact in their lives.

Who do you know that needs prayer? Who do you know that needs help? Who needs to be saved? Who needs healing? Who needs a touch from God? Begin to pray for them right now.

Your prayer releases the angels of heaven. You prayer moves the hand of God. Your prayer destroys spiritual blinders. Your prayer brings supernatural provision, healing, protection, and salvation. Your prayer is a mighty wall, a strong shield, a tall hedge; between the enemy and the person you are praying for.

Your prayer goes where you cannot go. Your prayer impacts people you never met. Your prayer changes lives throughout the earth. Your prayer reaches into the future and impacts generations that are not even born. Your prayer reaches across oceans, over mountains, around barriers, and across borders.

No law can block a prayer. No religious belief is immune to the power of prayer. No political ideology can halt the

results of prayer. No country is closed to the supremacy of prayer.

If you know someone who needs prayer, begin to pray right now. Your prayers will change his or her life!

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