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7 Levels of a Missions Minded Church

The mission of the church is missions and the goal of missions is building the local church. It is important for churches to have a heart for missions. Here is a diagnostic test you can take to discover how your church is doing.

Where does your church fit on the scale of missions minded churches? How can your church move up a level?

Level 1: No missions heart. Little exposure to missionaries. Does not support any missionaries or give any platform time to talking about missions.

Level 2: Invites a missionary to speak at least once each year. Sends an occasional offering to missionaries.

Level 3: Has adopted one or more missionaries and supports them on a monthly basis. Talks about the Great Commission from the platform. Exposes people to missions literature through a missions bulletin board, map, or mission table. Pastor may go on an occasional short-term mission trip.

Level 4: One Sunday each month is Mission’s Sunday. Receives a monthly offering for missions. Regularly invites missionaries to share updates by video or in person at church Bible studies and/or on the platform. Provides at least one opportunity for people in the church to go on a short-term mission trip each year.

Level 5: Church has adopted multiple missionaries and develops long-term relationships with them. Regularly prays for missionaries. Provides multiple opportunities throughout the year for church businessmen, staff, and young people to go on short-term trips. Has a yearly missions conference.

Level 6: Church has a Bible school that trains people to be missionaries. Church trains, sends out, and supports multiple full-time missionaries. A significant percentage (5%-15%) of the church budget is devoted to missions. Church may have adopted a particular nation or people group to focus efforts on.

Level 7: Church has a world-wide Apostolic vision for growing the body of Christ. Church reproduces itself on multiple continents by planting Bible schools and churches. Speaks mission vision to the body of Christ and develops strategy for world evangelism.

About Daniel King

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