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Rescue the Lost | A Dream About This Generation

Do you feel an urgency about leading people to Jesus? I still vividly remember a dream I had several years ago…YOU WILL BE INSPIRED by this dream to save people from hell. Here’s what happened…

In my dream I was standing on the edge of a massive highway. It looked like sixteen lanes of traffic were flying by at breakneck speed. Out among the traffic, there were hundreds of people.

The people on the highway were ignoring the cars and going about their normal business. Some were goofing off. Girls gossiped and flirted with some guys playing basketball. One group set up a TV in the middle of a lane and played a video game. A collage kid was sitting on the ground intently studying a book. A young girl was quietly dancing to music on her headphones, facing away from the traffic and narrowly avoided being hit several times.

The people were oblivious to the traffic. From time to time, a car would zoom by at 90 mph and smash into someone. The body would flip through the air and land bloody and beaten up. Few of the people seemed to notice. Occasionally they would look at the body and weep for a moment, but they quickly went back to what they were doing.

I stood at the edge of the highway and yelled for the people to get off the road. I pleaded and implored them until my voice was hoarse. No one listened. They were as oblivious to me as they were to the traffic.

Next to me stood an angel. I asked him what was happening. He replied, “This generation is living in danger and they don’t even know it. Many are dying and going to hell, but they are so captivated with the distractions of the world that they have no idea what danger they are facing.” I asked, “What should I do?” The angel replied, “Rescue them.”

I knew the angel meant I should go out on the highway and talk to them, but I was scared. The cars were going so fast that it looked impossible. But if I did not try, everyone on the road would eventually die.

I tentatively walked out to a teenage girl who was close to the edge of the road. I tapped her on the shoulder. I took the headphones out of her ears and began to talk to her. After I explained the danger she was in, suddenly she noticed the traffic, as if she had just woken up. Immediately, she rushed for the side of the road. As she stepped over the line that marked the edge of the road, I saw Jesus appear.  He greeted her with a hug and then she walked off hand-in-hand with Jesus.

Encouraged by this result, I ran from person to person telling them to get off the road. Some listened; others did not. I began to gather small crowds of people and talk to them. Sometimes whole groups would suddenly wake up, realize the danger and run for the side of the road. Other times, I would see someone at the edge of my crowd wander off only to be hit moments later by a speeding truck. A few argued vehemently that there were no speeding cars and despite my best efforts to show them the bloody bodies and to get them to see their peril, they denied there was any danger.

Every time a person was rescued from danger, I saw Jesus meet him and they walked off together.

Suddenly I woke from the dream. I sat up in bed with sweat pouring off my body.  Now years later, the dream is still fresh in my memory. I recall the horror I felt watching the people wander around in heavy traffic. I remember the joy I felt when I rescued someone.

The memory of this dream vividly reinforces my mission in life. I am called by God to rescue people from certain death and to give them eternal life.

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