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Ten Ways to Share the Gospel During the Corona Virus Crisis

Jesus commanded His followers to go and share good news and this mandate is not canceled just because of a global pandemic. In fact, because of the challenging times, fear, and uncertainty, this might be the best possible time to talk about eternity. Many traditional methods of sharing the Gospel like witnessing door-to-door and holding evangelistic meetings in our churches cannot be done during a time of social distancing and self-quarantine. But, since many people are now at home with nothing to do, this could be the perfect time to share the Gospel with them. Here are ten ways you can reach out to people evangelistically during this time of crisis.

  1. Share your testimony on a Facebook or Periscope video. Possible topics could include: how you got saved, how God healed you, how God provided for your family, and how God is giving you peace during this time. Your personal testimony is a powerful evangelistic tool because no one can argue with your story.
  2. Reach out to your family and friends with a phone call. Start the conversation off by saying, “I’m stuck here at home and I’m thinking about you. How are you doing?” The Corona virus actually provides a great excuse for you to call people who you have not talked to in a long time.
  3. Write a letter to someone who needs Jesus. Share your testimony, an encouraging verse, and the Gospel. There is something significant about a handwritten letter that guarantees it will be read.
  4. If your church is airing services, start a watch party on your Facebook page and invite other people to participate. Your church may be able to reach people online that would never come inside a church building.
  5. Share daily encouraging words and scripture verses via social media.
  6. Host a ZOOM call prayer meeting. Ask people to share their prayer requests and then pray for them.
  7. Post a picture of the Three Circles Witnessing Tool on your social media. Ask people to comment on what they think it means. Once enough people have guessed, share the meaning of each circle and offer to pray with anyone who sends you a private message.
  8. Offer to pick up groceries for elderly people who cannot go out during this time. When you drop off the groceries at their house, give them a Christian book or tract to read.
  9. Minister online to people all over the world who are searching for God by becoming an online missionary with GlobalMediaOutreach.com This ministry was started by Bill Bright and Cru and now they have shared good news with over a billion people.
  10. Invite other people to join you for a daily online Bible study and prayer time. My friend Kevin Wagner records his daily quiet time on Facebook live every day. This gives him the opportunity to minister to and pray for those who participate.