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The Legacy of Susan King, My Mother

On April 17, 2021, my mother, Susan King, went to heaven. She was surrounded by her children and grandchildren all singing worship songs. As I reflect on her life, I am grateful to God for her example. She was such a tremendous influence on my life and I am thankful for all the time and love she invested into me.

There are many things I admire about my mother’s life.

  1. She was a great Christian.

My mother exemplified Christian living to her family. When she was a child, she memorized lots of Scripture and those verses sustained her as a believer. Her favorite verse was, “Trust in the Lord with all her heart, and lean not on her own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths” (Proverbs 3:5-6). She taught me to pray, to read the Bible, and to worship God. She faithfully read through the entire Bible every year. When I was a child, she read a Bible story to me every night. She walked in forgiveness and kindness. She lived a true Christian life and glorified Christ through her words and her actions.

  1. She was a great mother.

She always loved her children and sacrificed for us. She cooked us meals, washed our clothes, changed our diapers, disciplined us, loved us, cheered for us, and encouraged us. I am grateful for her years of sacrifice. Her labor has not been in vain. Her five children and five grandchildren are a wonderful legacy, a living memorial to her love.

  1. She was a great wife.

For many years, my mother exemplified being a loving wife. She remained committed to my father through thick and thin. The word “divorce” never crossed her lips. She chose to love my father in spite of the challenges that every marriage goes through.

  1. She was a great teacher.

I am grateful that my mother homeschooled me for all twelve grades. I remember my first semester at Oral Roberts University; I was worried about being able to make good grades. But I quickly discovered that my time as her student prepared me well for college. Now I have a Doctorate of Ministry and much of my success has to be credited to her account. For the past eleven years, my mother has been teaching students in Afghanistan.

  1. She was a great missionary.

My parents served God faithfully as missionaries in Mexico for twenty years and then they moved to Afghanistan, one of the most difficult places in the world to minister. They lived sacrificially and gave their lives in order to lead people to Jesus. My mother was always generous and compassionate. Every Christmastime in Mexico we would do large evangelistic outreaches. My mother loved giving away pieces of fruit and Christmas gifts to the children we ministered to.

My father did most of the preaching, but my mother labored behind the scenes to make the ministry possible. Her commitment to putting out a newsletter every month without fail is what kept the ministry going.

She also led a missionary prayer network for over forty years. Her labor has resulted in thousands of prayers ascending to heaven. I am sure there will be a multitude of people in heaven because of her intercession. This makes me thankful for people like you who pray for our ministry.

  1. She was a great friend.

My mother remained friends her whole life with people she met when she was three years old. This is a testament to her commitment to friendship. When I was a teenager, she kept a prayer board on the wall of our living room with pictures of all of our friends. We prayed for them every day. Today, I continue to pray for my friends like you.

  1. She was a great peacemaker. She told us, “kindness is the rule.” She always worked to keep peace between her children. She always looked at the best in each person.

I am inspired by my mother’s love for Jesus and her love for others.

Crying but thankful,

Evangelist Daniel King


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