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What Are You Focused On?

Focus is your most powerful weapon and a lack of focus can be your most dangerous enemy. Focus is either a destiny maker or a destiny breaker. Your focus determines your success. Your lack of focus predetermines your failure.

Your ability to focus is the most important skill you can develop. Without focus, there will be no success in your life.

The definition of focus:

Focus is being single minded.

Focus is removing all unnecessary and unimportant things.

Focus is about being able to concentrate on the real issues.

Focus is about being able to maintain your long-term direction and commitments.

Today God gives you a gift of 86,400 seconds. You either use it or you will lose it.

The average American watches 4 hours of TV each day. If you watch four hours of television every day, you have wasted two full months of your year.

The number of seconds, minutes, and hours in your day are limited. If you spend time doing one activity, you lose the opportunity to do anything else with that time. Once time is spent, you never get it back.

Examples of the Power of Focus:

  1. A light bulb lights a room but a laser using the same light in a focused way can cut through steel.
  2. The blinders on a horse help him stay focused.
  3. If you chase 2 rabbits, you will lose both of them.
  4. If you try to shoot one arrow at two targets, you will miss both.
  5. Keep your eyes on the ball.
  6. A camera that is out of focus does not produce any useable pictures.

How does focus help you?

  1. Focus will help you get everything you want in life.

You can be successful at anything you decide to be focused on.

Your obsession determines who you are, what you do, why you do it.

What you focus on expands in your life.

The greatest decision I made in my life was to be focused on soul winning.

There are ten thousand things I could do, but there is only one thing I can do well. If I try to do ten things, I will do poorly at all of them but if I focus on one thing, I can do it with excellence.

* Your focus determines your mastery. If you spend five minutes a day to study any subject, within five years you will be one of the world’s foremost experts on that subject.

* Your focus determines your energy. Focus creates enthusiasm and excitement.

* Your focus determines the level of your prosperity. Different areas of focus produce different rewards. A person focused on becoming a great lawyer will be rewarded at a different level then someone who is focused on playing video games.

* Your focus determines the miracles that happen in your life. Only focused faith can produce miracles in your life.

* Your focus determines your rewards. Focus has rewards in your life. God wants reward you for your focus.

  1. Focus brings the right things into your life.

Focus brings right people.

Focus brings right ideas.

Focus brings right resources.

  1. Focus keeps the wrong things out of your life. Your ability to focus helps you to weed out the activities that will stop you from completing your assignment.

Broken Focus

The main reason why people fail is because of broken focus.

Lack of focus causes you to compromise your integrity.

Lack of focus causes you to waste your time.

Lack of focus causes you to miss opportunities.

Lack of focus creates insecurity and instability in everything around you.

Example of Broken Focus

            – King David committed adultery with Bathsheba because of broken focus. He was the king. He was supposed to be at war defeating the enemy but he lost focus. He stayed home and was hanging out on the roof of his palace and he saw Bathsheba taking a bath.

            – Samson was always distracted. He was called by God to be a deliverer but he kept chasing Canaanite women. His lack of focus caused his greatest downfall.

The Enemies of Focus

By breaking your focus, the devil can stop your blessings. When Adam and Eve were in the Garden of Eden they should have been focused on obey God. Instead, they started listening to the voice of the snake. When they lost their focus, they lost their destiny.

Your enemy is anything that breaks your focus. Television, social media, hobbies, sports are all fine if they are used properly, but the moment an activity pulls you away from your primary focus you need to get rid of that activity in your life.

Your enemy is anyone who breaks your focus. Some relationships you don’t need in your life. Some people are time stealers. They ask, “Hey do you have a minute?” and then they take an hour. They have no focus in their lives so they come and distract you from your focus.

How to Feed Your Focus

  1. Know your focus.
  2. Surround yourself with your focus. In my office, I have lots of pictures of crusades on the walls because I want to remind myself of my focus on a regular basis.
  3. Set goals based on your focus. Goals keep you focused.
  4. Spend time every day pursuing your dominate focus.


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