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Why I Believe in Soul Winning

  1. The greatest treasure in heaven is a soul.

Despite the golden streets, beautiful mansions, gemstone foundations, and pearly gates, the most valuable object in heaven is a soul who has chosen to love God.

The only thing which is valuable to God is a soul. Why are souls so precious to God? Since every human being has free-choice, a soul who chooses to love God is infinitely cherished by God.

God can create anything He wants just by speaking a word, except for a soul. When God created the world, He said, “Let there be light” and there was light. The only thing God cannot create out of thin air is a free agent who chooses to love Him.

The saddest day in heaven was the day Adam and Eve were separated from God by sin. The happiest day in heaven was the day Jesus made it possible for mankind to be restored to God.

God has paid an immeasurably high price for each soul – the blood of Jesus! This blood was shed on the cross to pay the redemption price for every sinner.  Nothing else in the universe could command such a high purchase price.

A soul was the only possession for which God was willing to sacrifice His only Son. Jesus …redeemed my soul from going down to the pit (Job 33:28).

  1. The greatest treasure in hell is a soul.

Souls are the commodity of the universe. God wants souls. Satan wants souls. Eternal lives are what Satan and God are fighting over. This is because the only way for Satan to hurt God is by stealing a soul.

Every time a soul enters eternity, either Satan or God rejoices. If the soul goes to heaven God and all the angels throw a party. If the soul winds up in hell, Satan and all the demons throw a party. Jesus said, Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather, be afraid of the one who can destroy both soul and body in hell (Matthew 10:28).

Stealing a soul from Satan is the only way to hurt Satan. Casting a demon out of a soul is the only way to hurt a demon. Spiritual warfare without soul winning is pointless. You have not won a spiritual battle until you have snatched a soul from Satan’s grasp.

The angels rejoice when a sinner gets saved, equally important to understand is that demons get angry each time a sinner comes to God. Demonic powers will use any weapon in their nasty arsenal in order to prevent a soul from getting saved. Satan’s greatest attacks are against those who are stealing souls from his evil kingdom.

  1. The greatest treasure on earth is a soul.

In the hustle and bustle of life, we often place great value on money, cars, and houses; but when the Father looks down from heaven, the only valuable He sees on earth is people. God does not care about worldly wealth, all he cares about are souls.

A soul is worth far more than the accumulated wealth of the world. Jesus said, What good will it be for a man if he gains the whole world, yet forfeits his soul? Or what can a man give in exchange for his soul? (Matthew 16:26). If you piled up all the world’s wealth on one side of a balance and placed a soul on the other side, one single soul would outweigh the wealth of the entire world.

The greatest gift you can give God is your soul.

The second greatest gift you can give God is someone else’s soul.

Giving money or time to God has only two purposes. First, it is a way to show God your soul truly belongs to Him. Second, it is a way to help win more souls for the Kingdom of God.

You cannot take money or possessions with you to heaven. Souls are the only treasure you can take to heaven with you when you die.

The greatest use for earthly treasure is buying heavenly treasure. The only way to trade earthly treasure for heavenly treasure is by winning souls.

Feeding the poor, taking care of the sick, building Bible schools, and starting churches is only worthwhile if it helps people go to heaven. A beautiful church building is useless if it is empty. God does not dwell in church buildings, He lives in the hearts of the souls who occupy church buildings.

When you arrive in heaven, you will be judged based on the condition of your own soul, but you will be rewarded based on how many souls you purchased with your talents and resources. The only economic indicator of success or failure in heaven will be the souls you bring with you. The jewels in your crown will be rewards for the numbers of souls you helped save.

All God really wants from you is your soul. He does not need your money, He desires your love. Giving money to God is just a way of letting Him know that He has all of your soul.

Winning souls is the greatest occupation available on earth. Winning souls is the only mission or task worth investing your life (and wealth) in. …He who wins souls is wise (Proverbs 11:30).

Every soul on earth desperately thirsts for a relationship with God. As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, O God (Psalm 42:1). There are millions of souls ready to accept God if only they will be told the truth about how to get to heaven.

God’s blessings are rewards for those who win souls. There is one level of blessing for those who have given their own soul to God, but there is an even greater level of blessing for those who lead other souls to God.

The only gift worth giving to God is a soul. Giving money towards soul-winning is the greatest investment you can make. It is the only investment where a finite amount produces an infinite return.

To Infinity…and Beyond!

Every soul will live an infinite amount of time.

Every soul is infinitely precious to God.

God was willing to pay an infinite price for every soul.

The blood of Jesus is able to save an infinite number of souls.

Each soul is worth an infinite amount of trouble on our part.

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