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Why I Don’t Engage With Heresy Hunters

By Daniel King

1. Heresy Hunters waste my time.

            I only have 1,440 minutes in my day. If I spend lots of time with a heresy hunter, I have no time left for what is truly important to me. I never want to spend more time with a critic then I do with a friend.

            The day after my wife gave birth to my son Caleb, a heresy hunter wrote me an e-mail criticizing one of my sermons. His comments deeply disturbed me. I spent hours formulating my response. I carefully addressed each of his points. When I finished, I had written him a ten-page letter. I thought I could change his mind using Scripture and logic but his reply to me was nothing but more arguments.

            I realized it was foolish to spend time writing to him. Why was I wasting time arguing with a ignoramus instead of being with my wife and new-born son? When was the last time I wrote a ten-page letter to my mother? I have hundreds of people who love me and support me and it would be far better to write each of them a letter encouraging them in the Lord.

            As a farmer said, “If you wrestle with a pig, you both get muddy.” Arguing theology with a blood sucking “hairy-tic-hunter” distracts me from helping someone who genuinely needs ministry.

  1. Heresy Hunters deny the clear interpretation of Scripture.

            Four times the Bible says “the just shall live by faith” (Hab 2:4, Rom 1:17, Gal 3:11, Heb 10:38) so how can a heresy hunter preach against faith? The Bible says, “By his stripes, we are healed” (1 Peter 2:24), so why does a heresy hunter deny that God heals? The Bible says God gives us the power to get wealth (Deuteronomy 8:17) so why does the heresy hunter preach against prosperity? The Bible says that God blessed Abraham (Gen. 12:2), so why does the heresy hunter preach against God’s blessings? The Bible says life and death are in the power of the tongue (Proverbs 18:21) so why does the heresy hunter preach against positive confession? It is because, despite their obsession with being like the Bereans, they ignore much of the teaching of Scripture.

  1. Heresy Hunters believe in a different God then I do.

            I believe in faith. I believe in healing. I believe that God is a good God. Heresy Hunters often exalt the Sovereignty of God to such an extent that they make God responsible for the evil that occurs on the earth. Often they teach that God puts sickness on people in order to teach them a lesson. Or they teach that when a hurricane hits the United States, it is an expression of God’s judgment.

  1. Heresy Hunters misrepresent the teachings of my friends and mentors.

            Kenneth Copeland has given over thirty million dollars to Reinhard Bonkee to help him evangelize Africa. When was the last time a heresy hunter gave $30 million to world evangelism? First, go do something for God and then you might have the right to start correcting people.

            I have heard Kenneth Copeland preach for many years. Not once have I heard him talk about us being “little gods” or about the “spiritual death of Christ.” I have heard him talk a lot about faith and love. It is unfair for heresy hunters to focus on a speculative sermon he preached back in the 80’s and to label him a heretic for the rest of his life. As one theologian said, “In essentials, unity; in non-essentials, freedom; in all things, charity.”

  1. Heresy Hunters only want to confront, they do not want to learn.

            If you want to argue about prosperity then buy the book I wrote about “The Power of the Seed.” In it I examine over three hundred scriptures that talk about how God wants his children to be blessed. Perhaps I misquoted or took a few of those scriptures out of context, but there is no way I missed the meaning of over 300 verses. After you have refuted every point I make in my book, then we can talk about whether I am wrong about prosperity. But, until you have taken the time to read my writings, there is no point in us dialoguing.

  1. Heresy Hunters have rarely accomplished much for God.

            Do you know why dogs bark at a passing train? They want to go where the train is going but they cannot because they are tied up.

            Much criticism is rooted in jealously. Many people criticize because they can’t do. A keyboard and a blog does not qualify you to be a spiritual leader. Do something significant for the kingdom of God and you will earn the right to bring correction.

            A critic is someone who never goes to battle, but appears afterwards to shoot the wounded on his own team. Criticizing other ministries is not a ministry.

  1. Heresy Hunters do not walk in love.

            1 John 4:8 says, “He who does not love does not know God for God is love.” When I am called a “heretic”, a “blab-it-and-grab-it, name-it-and-claim-it leach on the body of Christ”, I don’t feel much love. Stop calling me brother to my face and heretic behind my back or on your blog.

  1. Heresy Hunters act like Pharisees.

            During the time of Jesus, who was the most spiritual? Who fasted and prayed more than everyone else? Who was fanatical about giving a tithe to the Temple? Who knew the Scriptures? It was the Pharisees. What did Jesus say about the Pharisees? He called them “white-washed tombs.” He said they were clean on the outside but dirty on the inside. Knowing Scripture does not make you a good Christian.

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