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Do I Need a Mentor?

Here are seven reasons why you need a mentor in your life.

  1. A mentor will save you from making mistakes.You can either learn from your mistakes or your can learn from the mistakes of your mentor. Learning from your mentor is much easier.
  2. A mentor will open doors you are unable to open.
  3. A mentor will protect you from your own weaknesses.
  4. A mentor will save you from wasting your time.God puts mentors in your life to help you learn faster.
  5. A mentor will encourage you when you are discouraged and correct you when you are overconfident.
  6. A mentor’s lifetime of experience can save you years of heartache.
  7. A mentor will prepare you for battles you do not know you are scheduled to face.

About Daniel King

Evangelist Daniel King, D.Min is on a mission to lead people to Jesus. He has visited over seventy nations preaching good news and he has led over two million people in a salvation prayer. To support King Ministries in our quest for souls, click here!