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Evangelist Daniel King Earns a Doctorate of Ministry

Exciting News! I just graduated from Oral Roberts University with my Doctorate of Ministry degree. Now I am officially Dr. Daniel King.

This doctorate degree is the culmination of many years of study and I am thankful the work is finally finished.

God’s Miracle Provision

When I was eighteen years old, my parents told me they wanted me to attend Oral Roberts University. They also explained since they were missionaries in Mexico they did not have the money to pay for me to go to college. My father said, “Daniel, you need to use your faith to believe God for provision for your schooling.”

The summer before I started ORU, I considered getting a job flipping burgers in order to save up a little money to put toward tuition for my first semester. But, after doing the math, I realized I would quickly run out of money if I got a job paying minimum wage.

 Since I needed a miracle, I decided instead of getting a job paying minimum wage, I would use my time as a seed and donate my time to my home church. For several months, I volunteered to serve full-time in the children’s ministry at Victory Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

When my first semester started, God miraculously provided for my tuition with a combination of scholarships and grants. It was a miracle, but that was just the beginning of the miracle. Let me tell you what God did…

Called to Learn

In undergrad my major was New Testament and I minored in Non-profit Business. I studied the Old and New Testaments, Biblical Greek and Hebrew, Exegesis, Hermeneutics, and general education classes like Humanities, Mathematics, and the Natural Sciences. I completed 139 academic hours of study, graduated summa cum laude, and was awarded the Senior Paper of the Year. The cost for my tuition and lodging was about $80,000.

A few years later I started my Master of Divinity degree. I studied apologetics, Christian ethics, ministering cross-culturally, systematic theology, how to preach a sermon, church history, counseling, and distinctives of Charismatic theology like healing and the doctrine of the Holy Spirit.  I completed 87.5 academic hours of study and graduated with high honors. The cost for tuition was about $33,000.

My Doctorate of Ministry degree required 32.5 academic hours of study at the highest level. The major focus of my research project was mass evangelism. The cost of tuition was about $21,000.

The cost of all my tuition for three degrees was over $134,000 and God provided it all!

My parents did not have to pay for my education. I never had to go into debt for my schooling. The cost of my tuition was covered supernaturally through scholarships, grants, and God’s favor. God gave me a $134,000 miracle!

I am thankful for my education. It is a blessing from God. All the reading and studying will help me be better at fulfilling the call of God that is on my life. Now that I am Dr. Daniel King, I expect that my enhanced knowledge and my increased credibility will open up new doors for me to preach the Gospel.

Do you need a miracle?

So, how does my story relate to your life? You may not need to pay for school at this time, but I am sure there is some type of miracle that you need in your life. I believe that the same God who did a miracle for me, will do a miracle for you!

In the summer before I started ORU I gave my time as a seed into the kingdom of God and the Lord gave me a harvest of provision in the area of paying for my education. I encourage you to believe God for a harvest every time you plant a seed into the kingdom of God. Your seeds of time, love, and money are powerful and they will produce a harvest.

Thank you for sowing seeds into King Ministries. Our goal is to lead people to Jesus in every way we can. We cannot do it without you. Because of your faithfulness, I believe God will be faithful in providing for you!