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The Story of a Crazy Lady in Chains

On the first night of the festival in Kihihi, Uganda, a man grabbed my hand and urgently asked me to follow him. He pulled me to where a woman was crouched under a tree. I tapped her on the shoulder and asked: “Sister, what is your name?” She refused to look me in the eye and then she began to shake. Suddenly, she jumped to her feet and rushed toward the sound system and tried to pull out the microphone cords. Three people held her back with all their strength.

They pointed to her feet and I saw that around her ankles were thick metal shackles linked by a chain. One explained that she is crazy and the only way to keep her from hurting people is to keep her chained up. I laid my hands on her and began to pray, taking authority over the demonic spirits that were holding her captive.

Two nights later after the altar call, the same woman came to the platform to tell the crowd that Jesus had set her free. She said, “My name is Teriyeitu Milia. I am from Kihanda (parish) Kirima (sub-county) Kanungu (district). I am twenty-five years old. For many years I have been tormented by demons. The demons forced me to hurt others and myself so my family put chains on my feet these last five years. A woman from my village heard about this festival on the radio and brought me by motorcycle taxi from three hours away. Now, Jesus has set me free and I am in my right mind. I have given my life to Jesus and from now on I will live for Him!”