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The Story of Kanti Devi in Ranchi, India

Kanti Devi is a Hindu woman who lives 1.5 kilometers away from our Gospel Festival site. She was given a flyer that announced that Jesus would perform miracles and she decided to come to the Gospel Festival. When she heard the preaching and saw the miracles, she knew the rest of her family needed to hear the same message.

She called her daughter, Seema Devi, who lives 130 kilometers away and invited her to come. The daughter got on the bus and traveled for four hours. Together the mother, her husband, and her daughter all attended the next night. They sat in chairs at the very back of the crowd. They enjoyed the music from the local worship team.

They listened intently to a story about Jesus. In response to the altar call, the whole family came forward to pray to Jesus. We gave each of them a copy of the Gospel of John. We prayed for them and introduced them to a local pastor whose church is within walking distance of their home.

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