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The Story of Yasmeen from Pakistan

“My name is Yasmeen and I am 26-years-old. For many years I was tormented by demons. They shook my bed in the middle of the night and kept me awake with horrible nightmares.

Eighteen months ago, I saw a poster advertising a Miracle Festival in the Medina suburb of Faisalabad here in Pakistan. The poster announced that Jesus would set people free. I went, hoping to find freedom from the evil spirits that were oppressing me.

On the first and second night of the festival, I tried to listen to the message but the demons kept snatching the ideas and thoughts from my mind. I could feel the demons covering my ears so I would not hear.

But on the third night of the festival, the foreigner who was speaking took authority over every demonic spirit in the Name of Jesus. He commanded them to leave the festival grounds. Suddenly, I could think clearly.

The preacher asked the crowd to pray to Jesus for forgiveness of sin. I cried out to Jesus to save me and immediately I was filled with great peace!

Never again did the demons torment me. After the festival was over, I started attending a local house church that met a short distance from my home. I began to read the Bible and pray every day. I have served Jesus for eighteen months now. I love Him with all of my heart and I am so thankful for everything Jesus has done for me.”