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Grace Wins | Is God Angry at Me?

Is God judging America? Is God angry with you? Is He about to hit you with a lightning bolt? Or is God a loving God who is full of mercy and forgiveness?
Many Christians seem schizophrenic when it comes to what they think and believe about God. One day they preach that God is mad at you and the next day they say, “Jesus loves you.” One day the Almighty is judging you, the next day He gives you mercy. One minute, He is smiling at you, the next He is frowning. This schizophrenia produces two kinds of Christians: those who think you should get Jesus, and those who think Jesus is going to get you.
When the tsunami hit South Asia in 2004, some Christians said it was God’s judgment upon the heathen in that part of the world. When New Orleans was flooded in 2005, many pastors preached that the flood was a sign of God’s wrath for all the wild parties on Bourbon Street. After the earthquake hit Haiti in 2010, a television preacher said it was a sign of God’s anger at the sin of the Haitian people. And doubtless, as fresh disasters visit different corners of our globe, there will be a “Job’s comforter” to make similar kinds of remarks on those events too. But if God is so angry at sin, why is Las Vegas still standing?
What makes God angry? If you study the Bible, you will find that only sin makes God angry. But now, because of what Jesus accomplished on the cross, the price for sin has been paid. God is angry no longer.

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