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Grace Wins | Is Grace Fair?

I have been a Christian almost my whole life. I have faithfully served God since I was a child. But in God’s eyes, I look exactly the same as the smoking, drinking, drug addict who just got saved five minutes ago. When we get to heaven, we will both be dressed in the same white robes of righteousness. It does not seem fair. I have given my life for God, led over a million people to Jesus, sacrificed on His behalf, and strived to live a holy life. Yet, a man who has thrown his life away in sin and depravity will be given the same reward I receive.

In Matthew 20:1-14, Jesus told a parable about a landowner who hired laborers to work in his vineyard. As the day progressed, he hired more laborers. One hour before sundown, the landowner went to the marketplace and hired another group of laborers. The landowner paid those who only worked for one hour the same amount that he paid those who worked all day. Both received a full day’s wages. There is nothing fair about grace. That’s the point. Grace is not fair. None of us deserve grace.

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Grace Wins!