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Healing Power | Can I Believe in Healing and Still Go to a Doctor?

Health care is one of this nation’s largest industries. The quest for health consumes almost twelve percent of our gross national product and employs millions of health care professionals. It is undeniable that thousands of people are healed by the medical profession each year. Medicines, surgery, and therapy are all used by God to heal.

I appreciate the medical world, but I believe every cure is wrought by God whether the cure comes through medical means or supernatural intervention. C.S. Lewis says, “All who are cured are cured by [God], not merely in the sense that His providence provides them with medical assistance and wholesome environments, but also in the sense that their very tissues are repaired by the far-descended energy which, flowing from Him, energizes the whole system of Nature.”

Each of us is “fearfully and wonderfully made” (Psalm 139:14), and the entire healing process is dependant upon the principles of healing which God built into the amazingly resilient human body. All healing can ultimately be traced back to God; He created the plants from which medicines come; He created the brains of the surgeons, and He guides their hands as they operate. God is the healer regardless of whether medicine or doctors help bring healing. We should always give God credit for our healing and thank Him for the skill of the doctors treating us.

I do not believe it is right to trust God for healing while ignoring the medical profession. In fact, every medicine is against disease, which is more than I can say about every Christian. Since all healing comes from God, it is fine to seek help from medical science. You can trust God for protection when you are driving, but at the same time it is prudent to wear a seatbelt. In the same way, you can believe in “faith healing” and still go to doctors without compromising your faith.

Doctors deserve a lot of credit, but they do not have all the answers either. For example, the woman with the issue of blood visited doctors for twelve long years. She spent all of her money on physicians, but they were unable to help her. When doctors give up, it is time for Dr. Jesus to take over!

Jesus is the Great Physician. He specializes in every disease. He never makes a wrong diagnosis. He never prescribes the wrong medicine. He never does invasive surgery. At no time do you have to worry about germs after He touches you. You never have to wait in long lines to see Him. You do not have to fill out paperwork on your medical history because He already knows your medical history more intimately than you do. He does every surgery for free so you do not have to worry about whether your HMO will cover His bill. His office is open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, fifty-two weeks a year. Dr. Jesus is definitely the best choice for medical help.

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