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Healing Power | Why Do Churches Need God’s Healing Power?

Healing is at the heart of Jesus’ ministry

When Jesus lived on earth, He had a three-fold ministry composed of preaching, teaching, and healing. All three were essential components of Jesus’ ministry. Preaching ministers to the spirit, teaching feeds the soul (the mind, will, and emotions), and healing provides for the body.

Preaching announces the existence of the power of God, teaching explains the nature of the power of God, and miracles are manifestations of the power of God. Healing miracles serve as proof that the message of Jesus is true.

The three-part ministry of Jesus could be compared to the three dimensions of a room. A room has height, depth, and width. If any one of these three dimensions are removed, one is left with nothing. In the same way, if preaching is removed from ministry, it is difficult to win anyone to Christ. If teaching is removed from ministry, one’s mind will not understand the ways of God. If healing and miracles are removed, then one is left with a powerless God. All three are indispensable for a complete Christian life.

Divine healing was an essential part of Jesus’ ministry, because it validated His message. Without healing, the words of Jesus are nothing more than moral teachings. With healing, the words of Jesus are proven to be the words of God Himself.

Thomas Jefferson, one of America’s founding fathers, did not believe in supernatural healing. He wrote his own version of the Gospels where he took out all the stories about Jesus healing people. However, his powerless rendition of the life of Jesus is barely remembered today because the ethical teachings of Jesus without the miracles of Jesus are nothing but powerless religious guidelines.

Visible healings demonstrate the miracle of the Incarnation. When Jesus was born as a baby, God became man. By cloaking Himself with a thin covering of skin, He assumed the pains and joys of His creation. This stupendous event marked the explosion of the kingdom of heaven upon an unsuspecting world.

Healing was an important part of Jesus’ ministry because He wanted people to be whole: spirit, mind, and body. Healing is just as important to Jesus today as it was when He walked on earth. Healing is available for you right now.

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