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Healing Power | Why Do Some Healings Take a Long Time?

John Tasch told me this story. In China there is a type of bamboo which achieves spectacular growth in a very short period of time. This Chinese bamboo will actually grow to the height of a nine story building. However, it requires careful planning to prepare for the growth. The gardener must plant the seed in perfect soil, then he must faithfully water the seed.

For the entire first year that the gardener waters the plant, nothing happens. Even though the plant can not be seen, the gardener must continue to water and fertilize the soil. Two years pass, nothing has happened. Three years, and the gardener must still water the plant. Four years go by and still there is not one sign of the bamboo above the surface of the dirt. Finally, in the fifth year a tiny shoot appears.

Within five weeks from the time the first leaf appears, the bamboo will grow to a height of over ninety feet tall! Did that bamboo grow ninety feet tall in five weeks, or did it grow ninety feet tall in five years?

Even though amazing growth could be seen over a five week period, it actually took five years for the Chinese bamboo to grow. If the gardener had taken even a month off from watering the ground where the bamboo seed was planted, the growth spurt would never have happened. For five years, the plant was putting roots down into the ground so it could support its dramatic growth. Without five years of watering, five weeks of growth could never happen.

Our faith often works the same way. For years, we develop our faith by reading God’s Word, by confessing His promises, and by praying. Then, when we need a miracle, it can happen instantaneously. But did that miracle really happen in an instant, or did it require us to build up our faith for years beforehand?

This is why it is so important for you to read this book, even if you are not sick. Right now you are building your faith for healing, so when Satan tries to attack you, you will be ready for an instant miracle.

If you are sick, you need to continue building your faith. Keep reading God’s Word and confessing His promises. Your healing shall surely come! Even if you do not see any evidence of your healing right now, keep watering your faith. It is planting deep roots into your heart, and when the time is perfect, God will perform a spectacular miracle!

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