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Healing Power | God’s Healing Gifts

“To one there is given through the Spirit…gifts of healing…” (1 Corinthians 12:8-9). One of the nine gifts of the Spirit is healing. Every child of God can heal the sick through faith in Jesus, but some Christians are given a specific gift for healing the sick.

In the body of Christ there are many needs. God has provided for every need by giving a member of the body a gift to meet the need. One of the greatest needs is healing, and God has placed many people in the body who have a special anointing to believe for healing.

The “gifts of healing” are plural. This means there is more than one gift of healing. God has given some people tremendous faith to believe for certain healings. Everyone has a measure of faith, but I believe some people are specially gifted to believe for certain miracles.

There have been many great healing evangelists in the last one hundred years. Each of them was given a special gift to believe for healing. Some healings occur because of faith in the heart of the sick person, but other healings happen because of the faith of a preacher. After a preacher has seen thousands of healings, he is better equipped to know how to deal with a particular case of sickness.

Many doctors and nurses have also been given a healing gift. The desire to make people well sustains them through years of medical school when others without the gift drop out. Their spiritual gift for healing helps them seek a natural means to heal the sick.

Someone who has fought a particular disease and won will have an advantage when praying for others with that disease. God gives the healed person a gift in the area of their miracle. Experiencing healing in one’s own life builds faith for healing others.

I think there are as many gifts for healing as there are diseases. Within the body of Christ, God has provided a solution to every disease. Someone is gifted in the area of your greatest need. As you seek God, He will reveal a person with the answer to your problem.

So, in your quest for healing, look for those who have been given a gift of healing. When their faith is added to your faith, you will have the perfect climate for a miracle.

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