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Healing Power | Top Ten New Testament Miracle Headlines

Crippled Man Causes Uproar in Temple After Being Healed Two followers of Jesus, Peter and John, healed the crippled man who sat by the temple gate for years. After he was healed, the man went running and leaping and praising God. Read more in: Acts 3:1-10

Peter’s Shadow Heals the Sick Peter was so full of God’s anointing that even his shadow had the power to heal the sick. Read more in: Acts 5:15

Stephen Performs Signs and Wonders Even though Stephen was only a deacon, his ministry produced miracles which rivaled those of the original apostles. Read more in: Acts 6:8

Many Paralytics and Cripples Healed When Philip traveled to the city of Samaria to preach the gospel, he cast out demons and healed many cripples, producing much joy in the city. Read more in: Acts 8:5-8

Simon the Sorcerer Tries to Buy God’s Power Simon was impressed with the miracles of the apostles so he tried to buy the power. To his surprise Peter rebuked him. Read more in: Acts 8:9-25

Saul Healed of Blindness Saul persecuted Christians until he was blinded by a light from heaven while on the road to Damascus. Later his sight was restored when Ananias prayed for him and he became a Christian. Read more in: Acts 9:1-30 and Acts 22

Tabitha Raised from the Dead Peter caused great rejoicing in the church in Joppa when he raised a woman named Tabitha from the dead. Read more in: Acts 9:36-43

Slave Girl Set Free After Paul cast a demon from a fortune-telling slave girl, he and his companion Silas were thrown into prison. But during the night, a surprise earthquake set them free. Read more in: Acts 16:16-40

Young Man Who Fell From Second Story Window Raised from the Dead A boy named Eutychus fell asleep and fell from a second-story window as the apostle Paul was preaching. He hit the ground and was declared dead until Paul prayed for him. Reportedly, after this miraculous raising from the dead, Paul went back to preaching his sermon. Read more in: Acts 20:7-12

Snake Fails to Poison Preacher After a poisonous snake bit Paul, onlookers believed he would die. However, the apostle was unconcerned; he simply shook the snake off his arm. Hours later everyone was surprised to see that he still lived. Because of this, many sick people came to him seeking healing. Read more in: Acts 28:1-10

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