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Healing Power | Top Ten Quotes from Great Healing Evangelists 

During the last century there has been an explosion of healing power that is unprecedented in church history. This is a sign of Christ’s imminent return. Let us look at what the greatest healing evangelists have said about healing.

“Be not afraid to ask, because God is on the throne waiting to answer your request.” – Smith Wigglesworth

“Disease, like Sin, is God’s enemy, and the devil’s work, and can never be God’s will.” – John Alexander Dowie

“Beloved, we have not begun to touch the fringes of the knowledge of the power of God.” – John G. Lake

“Sin and sickness have passed from me to Calvary – salvation and health have passed from Calvary to me.” – F.F. Bosworth

“Divine healing is wonderful, but divine healing is like the bait that’s on the hook. You don’t show the fish the hook, you show him the bait. If he gets the bait, he’s got the hook, too. If a man can ever be healed and see the power of God…he will then become a believer.” – William Branham

“God’s plan for His saints is more than divine healing. It is divine health.” – Gordon Lindsey

“Expect a miracle!” – Oral Roberts

“People must have proof of the gospel and evidence that Jesus is alive.” – T.L. Osborn

“I am not a woman of great faith – I am a women with a little faith in the Great God!” – Kathryn Kuhlman

Marilyn Hickey’s advice to those who want a powerful ministry like hers is, “There are no shortcuts. You must study the Word four or five hours a day and then put even more time into prayer.” – Marilyn Hickey

“That which is considered great today is going to be normal tomorrow!” – Reinhard Bonnke

“A miracle settles the issue!” – Mike Francen

“You will no longer be following signs – signs will be following you.” – Benny Hinn


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