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Healing Power | Why are Some People Not Healed? -Part 1

There are several reasons people are not healed. In this video we examine the first two reasons.

1. Ignorance of God’s promises

The number one reason people are not healed is because they are ignorant of God’s promises concerning healing. God says, “my people are destroyed from lack of knowledge…” (Hosea 4:6). This is one of the greatest tragedies in the church today.

Knowledge is the only antidote for ignorance. God proclaims, “I am the Lord your healer;” the Gospels are full of stories about Jesus healing people; and the Bible has hundreds of promises concerning healing. We can cure our ignorance by becoming familiar with the truth of God’s Word.

When I took tests in college, I read the textbook, took detailed notes, and repeated the material over and over again until I thoroughly grasped it. This same process is great for building faith for healing. Read the Bible, take notes on what it says about healing, and verbally repeat the truths over and over again (this is called confession) until you absolutely know God’s will concerning healing

2. Traditions of man

Over the centuries, man has invented traditions which are not found in the Bible. Some churches say the age of miracles is past, others say God makes people sick in order to teach them a lesson, still others say it is not God’s will to heal. How did these traditions develop?

The early church believed in healing and regularly experienced great healing miracles. But over time, as some church members grew lukewarm, there was not enough faith to believe for healing. Rather than blaming this absence of healing on their own missing faith, man invented reasons to blame the lack of healing on God. Because they did not experience miracles, they did not believe miracles were possible.

Never allow a negative experience determine your theology. Most doctrines of healing are based on man’s experience (or lack of experience), rather than on God’s Word. Do not permit someone’s past failures to dictate your level of trust in God. Why should you accept the word of a preacher or scholar who has a doubt based theology? Doubt and unbelief are not gospel truth, instead they are a perverse lie about the good news.

Your theology should be based on God’s Word. If you can not take His words as absolute truth, what right do you have believing you are saved? If one accepts the fact that God wants to save us, one must also accept the indisputable fact that God wants us to walk in divine health. Neither the doctrine of salvation nor the doctrine of healing are based on experience, rather, they are based on faith in God’s Word.

How do you know you are going to heaven when you die? Did you ever die and go to heaven? No, you know you are saved because of your faith in God’s promises concerning salvation.

How do you know you are going to be healed? It does not matter whether you have a physical manifestation of healing yet. You can know you will be healed because of your faith in God’s promises concerning healing. You were healed two thousand years ago; you are healed right now, and you will be healed.

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