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Healing Power | Does God Cause Sickness?

Does God cause sickness? No! It is completely against His nature. Everything that is good comes from God and everything that is bad comes from the devil. Sickness is undeniably bad.

Norvel Hays says, “No sickness or disease comes from heaven because none can be found there.” If God wanted to put sickness on someone, He would have to borrow it from the devil. This is such a ridiculous picture, can you imagine God going to Satan and saying, “Listen, there is this guy I need to teach a lesson, can I borrow a little bit of cancer?”

I think God is perfectly capable of teaching me without making me sick. There are other ways to get my attention. On the cross, Jesus bore our sicknesses on His own body. After paying such a high price to get rid of pain, why would He choose to put that pain on someone?

Jesus said, “…the Son of Man did not come to destroy men’s lives, but to save them” (Luke 9:56). Jesus comes to save your life, not to take it from you. Not once did Jesus make anyone sick during His ministry here on earth. If Jesus had wanted to use sickness to punish someone, all the Pharisees of his day would have died from leprosy. But Jesus always responds in love to those who oppose Him. It is completely against His nature to make a person sick.

In Mexico they have a saying, “The apple does not fall far from the tree,” meaning that sons are often like their fathers. Well, I want to tell you, Jesus is exactly the same as His Father (Hebrews 1:3). If Jesus did not make people sick when He was on earth, his Father will not make people sick today.

Have you ever been to a pool and seen the round styrofoam rings hanging near the water? These are strategically placed so the lifeguards can throw them to a swimmer who is in trouble. When someone is drowning, those rings can save a life! Jesus is like the life-saver thrown to a drowning person; He does not pull you down, He lifts you up. Our Lord is a Life-Savior.

Can you imagine the uproar if a lifeguard saw a drowning child and started throwing bricks instead of the life-saving device? Unfortunately, some churches are throwing drowning people bricks of doubt like: “God does not heal anymore,” or “God is using sickness to teach you a lesson.” These words of doubt will take a drowning man straight to the bottom of the ocean.

Always remember, Jesus will never pull you down, He will always lift you up. Christ does not take your life, He saves your life. The Son of God will never make you sick; He will always make you well.

God is on your side, He wants to heal you. God is not looking for a way to bring you home to heaven, He wants you to live a full, satisfying, healthy life right here on earth. Oral Roberts once said, “I believe in healing because I believe in Jesus Christ.” Jesus and healing are inseparable because healing is an essential component of Christ’s nature.

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