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Adam Culp | Missionary to Nepal

Adam and Julie Culp took their five kids and went to the nation of Nepal as missionaries. In today’s program, Adam talks about the challenges and rewards of taking your family to the mission field. He has also done missions work in India and Myanmar. Listen to his stories about what God is doing on the other side of the world.

About Adam Culp: 

Adam Culp was saved and baptized in the Holy Spirit at five years of age. He first knew that he would minister worldwide when he was ten years old. God called him in a vision and prophesied to him that he would help bring “hope and healing to every nation through their children and youth”. Since that day, young people and issues concerning them have been his consuming passion. Adam graduated from Oral Roberts University in 2000 with a degree in International Community Development and from Rhema Bible Training College in 2001 with a specialization in Youth Ministry. He is now an ordained minister through Rhema Bible Church and Kingsway Fellowship International. He has been a full-time minister, along with his wife Julie, since 2002. He first started ministering in India and Asia in 1992. Adam has been an instructor in many seminaries and bible colleges, a youth and assistant pastor at Jubilee Christian Center in Tulsa, and a professional project manager. He is currently the International Director of Leadership & Ministry Training Center – Nepal and Harvest Bible College – Myanmar.


Hear the story of how Adam and his wife decided to go to the mission field right before they found out she was pregnant.

What is it like raising your children on the mission field?

What is going to happen in the body of Christ in America in 2021?

Key Quotes:

Sometimes you have to go through a closed door with faith and trust that God will open the door.

The Greek word “ekballo” ἐκβάλλω means “to cast out.” It is the word used when Jesus commands his disciples to “cast out” demons. But the word is also used in Mathew 10 when Jesus said, “Pray that the Lord of the Harvest would “send out”  laborers into the field.” The word translated as “send out” could be translated as “cast out” or “violently throw out”.

Website: https://www.fhgttn.org/

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Evangelism Coach Daniel King (00:00):
Adam. And Julie cult took their five kids and went to the nation of Nepal as missionaries in today’s program. Adam talks about the challenges and rewards of taking your family to the mission field. He’s also done missions work in India and in Myanmar listened to his stories about what God is doing on the other side of the world.

Evangelism Podcast Host (00:26):
Jesus said, go into all the world and preach the gospel. Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord shall be welcome to the evangelism podcast with Dr. Daniel King, where Daniel interviews, full-time evangelists, pastors, missionaries, and normal everyday Christians to discover how they share their faith, their powerful testimonies and amazing stories that will inspire you to reach people with the good news. And now here’s your host, missionary and evangelist Daniel King. Welcome to the evangelism

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (01:04):
Podcast. I’m excited about telling people about Jesus. And today I have a very special guest with me. Adam Colt has been a missionary for more than a decade. He spent 10 years living in India. Then he took his entire family five children to the nation of Nepal. And so he has been on the front lines of what God is doing in the 10 40 window. Some of the greatest on reach nations on earth. Adam, thank you so much for being with us today. Pleasure. I’m really happy to be here. So Adam, tell me a little bit about how you got called into the ministry. Well

Adam Culp (01:46):
When I was a kid, I would always listen to stories from my grandparents. They were missionaries in what was then Belgian Congo became Zaire. I always thought that those were like the most exciting stories and probably the most exciting thing you could do with your life. But I really didn’t know if I was called until I was 10 years old. I was in a revival service at our assembly of God church. And the evangelists gave a word and said, if there’s anyone here who wants to know what the call of God on their life is, come to the front. I believe God’s going to tell you and being 10 and having complete faith that what the evangelist said would happen. I went to the front and I had a vision. And then this vision, I saw myself preaching in a country.

Adam Culp (02:34):
It looked like it was India. And all the adults had on blinders and ear muffs. So they couldn’t see or hear anything I was saying. And I remember in the vision that I was very discouraged, but then I looked down at the front of the platform that I was preaching from. And I saw these children playing with the lamb, no blinders, no earmuffs. And they’re laughing and singing and dancing this lamb and completely full of joy. And the vision ended and I stood up and the evangelists pointed at me from the stage and said, son, God’s called you to bring hope and healing to every nation through their children and youth. So I had this vision I had a confirmation from that, a, a prophetic confirmation from that evangelist, like right after the vision took place, I knew it was from God. So from that moment on, I set my face like a Flint towards accomplishing, you know, that that vision that God gave me.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (03:32):
So then you, you went to, to, Oral Roberts University. Yep. And tell me, how did you, you meet your wife, Julie?

Adam Culp (03:40):
Huh? That’s a good story. Well, I had never been West of the Mississippi river. I grew up in Michigan and God called me to ORU. I had scholarships to other universities, but I think it might’ve been run loose. I don’t remember who was preaching, but I went to a youth conference that totally messed up my life and this youth conference I think it was Ron Luce, but I can’t say a hundred percent. He said that you’ve probably been told that God calls like leads people through open and closed doors. And he said, that’s not correct. He said, if you look in the Bible, you see time and time again, women of men and women of faith who got a word from the Lord for a door that looked like it was closed. And when they went towards that door and faith that opened and his altar call was, I want you to come to the y’all to the altar.

Adam Culp (04:35):
And I want you to take everything you think, you know about your life and lay it at the foot of the cross and let the Holy spirit give you his plan. So I did that that night. Within a week I was broken up with my girlfriend at the time in high school. And I had also decided that I wasn’t going to go and take the scholarships at the universities that I had gotten. But I took a day, three days to fast and pray for three days. All I heard was Oklahoma. And so as I was praying and researching, I found out, you know, the, the, what the Lord was leading me to was oral Roberts university. So I packed up all my stuff. I came here while I was in registration line I was standing behind this girl and for four hours and back then, I don’t know how it is today, but like, you’d stand four hours in one line to get a piece of paper to take it and hand it into another line. So for four hours, I talked to her and she’s my wife today.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (05:40):
Well, that is a good line to stand in for hours is what it took. That’s wonderful. And so what I really like about you is that you took your entire family to the mission field. And so I was a missionary kid when I was growing up. Parents were missionaries in Ciudad Juarez right across the border from El Paso, Texas. And so I grew up as a, as a child and then as a teenager working right alongside my parents. And I’m a big believer that God does not just call individuals, he calls entire families. And so tell me, what was that like taking first year wife, and then you start having kids you’re your whole family to the mission field?

Adam Culp (06:22):
Well we faced a lot of persecution over at first persecution from who well from people that knew us because when we were preparing to move to India for the first time, full-time I had a really good job and we had kind of purchased everything that we dreamed of having, we had a small farm in Quita and we had, I had my sport motorcycle and all these things, and we were finishing up our our education at Raymond Bible training college. And we’d gotten really comfortable, but this fire permissions kept burning on the inside of us. Financially we felt like we were reaching every milestone that we had set or that we desired, but there was one thing that we didn’t have that we desired more than anything that was that my wife and I had gone almost seven years with no children.

Adam Culp (07:23):
And we were praying for a child and years were going by and a child wasn’t coming. So there was a miss, there was a pastor from India who came over. I met him for 15 minutes. He asked me to be assistant director at his Bible college in Northeast India. So my wife and I went out and prayed and we felt like we had peace. So we said, we’re going to come. And two weeks later we found out she was pregnant with our first child. As we were preparing to go to the mission field we didn’t get there until she was seven and a half months pregnant. Wow. So selling off everything taking what looked like security for our family and for our friends and they were looking at the secure life we had and in their eyes, we were just throwing it all away. So when we sold everything, when she went to India with me full time and she was pregnant with our first child and we’re going to meet a pastor that we had talked to for 15 minutes, it looked pretty crazy. Wow. And so tell me

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (08:36):
Some of what God did in your ministry during that time in India.

Adam Culp (08:43):
Well the Bible college that we were working with was getting ready to close God moved to bring partnership and finances. And he anointed me to my right, my first college level curriculum. I had never written a curriculum in Mali, in my Y in my life. But then I wrote to renewing the mind in two and a half weeks as we got ready to start. So the school is still going today. And then he put it on our heart to start an orphanage, which we did in South India. We started with 10 kids in a one-room church building. It grew to over 50 kids and we saw God provide land. And like over 20 acres of rice Patty to provide for the orphanage God put it on my heart to start a 40 day pioneering school because as I would go around evangelizing we had I think it was around 300 villages where in our altar calls, we’d had more than 50 salvations and years were going by.

Adam Culp (09:53):
And there was no pastors going to pastor those flocks. And one day I is, I was teaching a different seminaries around India. I’d always give the call. If you feel called to an unreached village, I know a village where you can, there’s a, there’s a flock ready to be pastored, and I could never get anybody to go. So one day I was praying and I was saying, Lord, I feel like that fruit is you know, how, if you have an Apple tree the fruit that’s really ripe will fall to the ground. If you don’t pick up that fruit, that’s on the ground it’s going to get trampled or worms are going to eat it. So the most vulnerable fruit is the ripest fruit. And I said, Lord, this is the ripest fruit in each of those villages. Like those are the first people who came in.

Adam Culp (10:42):
We didn’t have to shake that tree. They, you know, fell from the tree and if we don’t get someone to pastor them soon, I feel like we’re going to lose them. And that’s when the Lord spoke to me. And he said, if you can’t find the qualified, just take the willing and obedient. So he put out a call to if you feel called to start a church and unreached village, we’ll train you. And we got a one room church building and we trained them for 40 days. Our first batch of students was 15 half of them couldn’t read and write. Most of them worked in Patty fields were Rick Shaw polars, but every single one of them started a church. And over the 40 day pioneering school is we’re doing it in different sessions. Over 150 pastors were trained all, but one of them started a church in unreached village. The youngest was 15, the oldest was 76. So that was probably

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (11:34):
Amazing fruit. That was awesome. Wow. And so now you don’t have just one child, you have five kids and all of them have been on the mission field with you. What, what has that been like raising your kids on the mission field? Well

Adam Culp (11:52):
It can be difficult, especially when you have kids who feel like they’re pulled between two different cultures. It can also be difficult in that. A lot of missions kids end up leaving the church. I mean, I was born to a mission kid. He professed to be an atheist for a long time. And I’ve met a lot of mission kids over the year, over the years. And a lot of them fell away from the Lord. So to raise kids on the mission field, you have to be very intentional about making sure that you minister to your family, that you in part the vision, not just to the people you work with, but to the people you live with. And to make sure that you pastor your family, just as much as you pastor the flock that’s outside your home

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (12:46):
And are your children involved in the ministry with you?

Adam Culp (12:50):
Well, we had a season where we were not on the field full time. It was 10 years long because our middle child while we were in India and all these awesome things were happening our third child was finally born. And when he was born, he had major birth defects. His eyes didn’t fully develop. He didn’t have a soft spot in his skull. He had his features were a little disfigured and he had a hole in his spine. It looked like he had spinal bifida. So we ended up medically evacuating and moving back to the States. For 10 years I worked a month in Tulsa and then I would go overseas and do missions work for a month. And one thing I did to try and keep my family connected with our family vision was every time I would go on a trip, I’d take one of my kids with me. And if you talk to my teenagers, they’ll probably tell you that those were life changing for them. That one side they were there and they were on the front lines of ministry that it kind of changed their heart.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (14:04):
Tell me about the ministry that you you’ve done in the nation of Nepal. My wife, Jessica actually lived in Nepal for a six month period. And at the time that she lived there, it was a very closed nation, very difficult to minister. They actually prided themselves on being a Hindu kingdom and so very difficult. And, and the capital of Nepal was very cold where she, when she lived there still is still is. And so, so tell me what w what was it like doing ministry there in Nepal? What did you do?

Adam Culp (14:39):
Well, I would say that it’s, it was extremely exciting. Up until recently, Nepal had the fastest growing church in the world. I was recently surpassed by Iran. I think Iran has the fastest church growing church now, but you had all these people who got saved very quickly. All these people in ministry. A lot of them didn’t have much training. So as someone who does a lot of ministry training works a lot with Bible colleges, equipping people for the ministry. It was really exciting for me. The students that I had, I had I was teaching in a seminary there, the oldest one in the country. And one I had about 70 students. I’ve taught in seminaries all over the world. And in India, when I would teach in seminary and ask people, you know, how many of you are, are were born into a Christian family?

Adam Culp (15:40):
A lot of hands would go up because a lot of the people that are in Bible college or seminary are pastors kids. I asked this to my students in Nepal about 70, and I said, how many of you were born into a Christian family? And four hands out of 70 went up. And I was thinking, wow, this is very different than, you know, I’ve, I’ve ministered, what are considered unreached areas, but still the people you’re working with are fairly churched. But in Nepal, it’s different. So then I asked another question. I said, how many of you are the only believer in your family? And over 60 hands went up?

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (16:20):
Well, so many of them are first-generation Christians. They have no foundation in the Christian faith. So you’re starting much more basic.

Adam Culp (16:29):
Exactly. But it also is a wonderful opportunity because you can put a very good foundation. You don’t have to deal with a lot of false beliefs or things that are unbiblical that creep in. So you’re really laying the foundation, you know, kind of like Paul was talking about how he didn’t want to build on another foundation. Nepal, Nepal is a great place to build your own foundation of Christ in someone’s life.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (16:57):
Yeah, a few years ago, we, we did a large evangelistic festival in Nepal, had a wonderful time. We’re able to, to build a church that is still there. That’s awesome in that place where we did the festival and saw a lot of Hindus that heard about Jesus, a lot of Buddhists. And we had a lot of a demon possessed people cast the demons out. It was a very beautiful people, absolutely wonderful beautiful people. And so I’m really excited about what God is doing there and the nation of Nepal. And then you’re also working in, in Myanmar as well. W what are you doing in Myanmar?

Adam Culp (17:41):
Well we’re partnered with the orphanage there and we also help start a Bible college outside of, so yeah,

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (17:51):
Come back here to the United States during COVID, because it’s very difficult to do, to do ministry when you’re stuck, locked up in your house. And so I know a lot of missionaries that have come back to the United States during this time, because they’re able to accomplish as much on zoom as they would be just, just living there. So tell me what, what comes next? What, what do you think is going to come next for you for your ministry and family?

Adam Culp (18:19):
A really good question. Like you said, during the lockdown, in, in Nepal, it was difficult to minister, but I took that four months that we were in our house. And just to give you an idea of what our house was like in Nepal they don’t build wide, they build tall, so you would have a bedroom on each floor and then a hallway, a stairwell. And if I put one arm out this way and the other arm out that way I couldn’t stretch them out fully before I would touch my neighbor’s house. And my house so tells you how small our yard was. And we got really stir, crazy being locked up in our house for four months, but I took that time to pray and ask God about the next season. And for four months he just kept talking to me about the United States and about this next season that we’re going into. And speaking to me about what, why even this whole COVID thing was allowed and, and what God’s plan is through it. So when we came back, I feel like I really have a message for America right now. And the big thing, if I had to put it in one word of what God’s doing in America right now is the Greek word Kabbalah.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (19:42):
So explain to our listeners, what does the word egg Caballo mean?

Adam Culp (19:47):
Well, at Caballo BOLO, little Bible teaching Balo means to throw or to cast. It’s easy to remember because you throw a ball

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (19:56):
And act means out. So EQ Balo means to cast out, like to cast out demons. Yes.

Adam Culp (20:02):
So if you borrow something, you throw it. If you ever, Caballo something, you throw it violently with all of your energy. And we see that a Kabbalah is used for casting out demons. The man who was in the marriage supper, but wasn’t clothed correctly, he was echoed hollowed out. But then when Jesus went around preaching and teaching and healing, and after doing everything he physically could do in ministry and just pouring himself out completely he looked and he said, it says that he looked upon the people and they were like sheep without a shepherd. And so Jesus, you know, I can just him, after putting in everything he had in ministry, there was, it still was not enough because there were still were lost people that he couldn’t reach. He said, pray to the Lord of the harvest, to EC BOLO workers and to the harvest

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (21:05):
And to cast out workers to, to, to cast out or violently throw out workers into the harvest field. Correct. Wow. That is a unique insight. I, I didn’t know that that Greek word was the word that’s used there,

Adam Culp (21:17):
That’s the Greek word that’s used there. And the amazing thing is for us, we, we listen to that and we’re like pray for the Lord to send workers into the harvest. And it seems very like gentle. And, but the way that Jesus prayed that prayer and the, and the heart cry that he prayed it from was not gentle. It was almost violent. And if God would take his beloved ministers and workers and children and violently cast them out into something that tells you a little bit about the urgency of what he’s casting them out to do.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (21:55):
Wow. So you’re, you’re praying that God would violently throw out laborers into the harvest fields here in America.

Adam Culp (22:06):
That’s why the things that are happening in our country and in the world right now are happening. And I can give you a new Testament example of it, give it to me. Okay. So in the first seven, six, seven chapters of acts, yeah. How many people were murdered?

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (22:23):
Tell me zero. Okay. Then you have Steven and the seventh, correct? End of the seventh chapter. So before Steven,

Adam Culp (22:31):
Yeah, no martyrs before Steven everybody’s needs are met. It said that there was no one who lacked anything in the church before Steven, they, even when they get arrested, they can’t keep him in prison. They are living graced like amazing grace, amazing. It’s like they, they are untouchable. Even the people that are, their enemies are afraid of them.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (22:57):
And then Steven gets martyred and then people start getting persecuted the assault.

Adam Culp (23:04):
Yes. So it says Saul entered every home in Jerusalem and arrested people. Every Christian home had a family member who’s in prison. And it says that those who escaped. And if you imagine like the police are coming to every Christian home and this citywide raid and the people that climb out the window, or, you know, right away with just the clothes on their backs are the only Christians who are not in prison. That, and the 12 disciples, they weren’t imprisoned, but every like family and the church, someone, or even the majority of their family was in imprisoned and being in a Roman prison. You’re going to be sold into slavery, horrible conditions, Coliseum, you know, all kinds of things. It says that those who escaped went everywhere, preaching the gospel. And then we start to see entire cities being saved,

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (24:04):
Acts chapter eight, Philip, the evangelists goes down to some area, preaches the gospel and people are, are saved. They’re baptized, correct. Peter and John come, they’re filled with the Holy spirit

Adam Culp (24:16):
Signs and wonders, but it, it changed because in the, in the first six chapters, we see a possible centered ministry. And when you see the Kabbalah wing or the casting out of the church from Jerusalem, you start to see people like Phillip who were not the 12 apostles. You start to see the ekklesia or, you know, the entire body being mobilized into ministry.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (24:48):
I’ve always found it. Interesting acts one eight says you shall receive power after the Holy spirit comes upon you, and you should be witnesses unto me in Jerusalem, Judea Sumeria, and to the outermost ends of the earth. And so the first seven chapters of acts is all in Jerusalem and Judea. And so acts one eight says you’re going to go to Samaria and to the uttermost ends of the earth, but you don’t get there until acts chapter eight, verse one, where the they’re scattered because of this persecution, they go preaching everywhere. And it’s in acts chapter eight that we see Samarria being reached by Philip. And then Ethiopia being reached by the Ethiopian UNIC, that Philip is able, which for them, that was the, the uttermost ends of the earth for their day. I mean, that was as far as they could think of as Ethiopia is so far away.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (25:41):
And so they, so it took that time of persecution for that prophecy that Jesus gave to, to really start to be fulfilled. So, so the church here in America is being persecuted in many ways in California, churches are not allowed to meet and some churches are anyways, but some churches have completely stopped meeting. And other States have some, some have freedoms, some, some don’t, but there does seem to be a lot of verbal persecution of Christians in America. So far we haven’t seen people being killed, but you, you think that that more persecution is coming before we

Adam Culp (26:23):
We’re getting a lot more intense. Wow. And we have a youth group that we partnered with in Nepal. There, you know, how churches will have prayer for bringing in the new year. We have a youth leader named Paul who had a prophetic word for 2020, which he said, brother, Adam, I feel like the Lord’s telling me that 2020 is going to be like the sifting for Gideon’s 300. Mm. And if you look at what God used to sift out, the 300, you started with 30,000. And then everyone who was afraid was told to go home. And I feel is like in that four months of lockdown from March to July I felt like the Lord was telling me that all of this fear is the first sifting and everyone who’s afraid. And they say, you know what?

Adam Culp (27:21):
I don’t want to be persecuted. I don’t want to take this hard path. I don’t want to pay the cost that it looks like it’s going to cost me to do what God’s called me to do. God’s saying, if you’re afraid, if you want to quit, go home. And that’s the decision so many people are in right now. And 2021 is I believe is going to be the second sifting. If you look at the second sifting, Gideon took his men on military exercises. It doesn’t say this explicitly, but we know from if you’ve ever been in the military, you know, someone who has, when you go on a March in the military, you’re carrying your equipment, your hot they were in a you’re tired. They were in, in Israel, which is a pretty air-dry place. So you can imagine they’re hot, they’re dusty, they’re dirty, they’ve got grit and you know, their color.

Adam Culp (28:16):
They’re hungry, they’re tired. They come to a stream. Gideon says Addie’s. And I believe that we are going to have a season. That’s going to say Addie’s where it looks like everything that we’ve gone through finished, we’ve got a reprieve. And it says that the soldiers went down and the Lord said to Gideon to look and see how they responded to this season of ease, where they were able to take off their equipment, where they were able to wash their face and wash their neck and drink. And it says that all of them went down and just put their face in the water. They’re splashing water over their head. They’re washing their face, their neck. They’re totally focused on on rolling that hunger that fleshed need. Cause our flesh has been such trouble getting comfortable again, after a time of discomfort, but 300 with their spirit, their sword in their hand, we’re still alert like a soldier, bringing the water up to their mouth. And that second sifting, which I believe is going to be taking place after this new year is going to see if people return back to where they were before we went through all this. And those who returned back to the way they were and life is normal. And they don’t learn any lessons from this are not going to be a part of the 300,

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (29:44):
But there will be a remnant. There will be a remnant that will, that will continue to fight for God, continued to evangelize, continue to be bold and sharing their faith. Even in the midst of difficult times, times of persecution, it will stay on watch. And I believe we will see a time of revival in America. Again, we’re, we’re where thousands and thousands of people will turn towards God. Amen. Another great awakening. That’s what I’ve been praying for asking God, God send our nation a a great awakening. And I I’ve been very concerned about America too. In the beginning of this year, I’m going to launch a brand new book called proof. God is real. And it’s a book I wrote specifically to attack the atheistic mindset that you often find on YouTube and on Twitter. Many atheists on both those platforms are very aggressively coming against Christianity, mad at Christianity. And so, so I wrote this book proof. God is real in order to attack that atheistic mindset, that that has attacked our nation, because I do think that God wants America to turn back towards him. Yup. You know, America for many years has sent missionaries out all over the world. Yeah. And now it’s time for America to have missionaries. I mean, we need people, we,

Adam Culp (31:10):
Or missionaries coming into America now than we’re sending out by a large number

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (31:15):
W which is exciting. We need it here in America. Well, I’m so glad that you have dedicated your life to serving God and really sacrificed in your whole family sacrifice, being in different parts of the world. For, for those who are listening, if they wanted to, to support your, your ministry and find out more about you, what’s your website?

Adam Culp (31:39):
Well, the name of our ministry is for his glory to the nations.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (31:57):
Well, I’d encourage you to, to go to Adam’s website, find out more about their ministry and thank you, Adam so much for being on the podcast.

Adam Culp (32:06):
Thank you. I had a great time and God bless all. Everyone who’s listening and watching

Evangelism Podcast Host (32:11):
For more information about how to share your faith or to financially support our worldwide evangelistic outreaches, visit King ministries.com. Again, that’s King ministries.com.


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