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Alejandro Arias | Boy Preacher from Costa Rica Used by God

Alejandro Arias started preaching the Gospel when he was just a boy in Costa Rica. Now he has traveled to 45 nations on five continents and led thousands of people to Jesus. Today he shares the amazing story of what God is doing through his life.

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Evangelism Coach Daniel King (00:00):
Alejandro Arias started preaching the gospel when he was just a boy in Costa Rica. Now he’s traveled to 45 nations on five continents and led thousands of people to Jesus. Today. He shares about the amazing story of what God is doing through his life.

Evangelism Podcast Host (00:20):
Jesus said, go into all the world and preach the gospel. Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord shall be Welcome to the evangelism podcast with Dr. Daniel King, where Daniel interviews, full-time evangelists, pastors, missionaries, and normal everyday Christians to discover how they share their faith, their powerful testimonies, and amazing stories that will inspire you to reach people with the good news. And now here’s your host, missionary and evangelist Daniel King.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (00:55):
Welcome to the evangelism podcast. I’m Daniel King, and I’m excited about telling people about Jesus today. I have a very special guest with me, Alejandro RDS. Welcome to the evangelism podcast, my friend.

Alejandro Arias (01:08):
Thank you, Daniel. It is such an honor to be on your podcast and I’m blessed. Thanks for the invitation

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (01:15):
Start at the beginning. Do you remember how you and I met?

Alejandro Arias (01:21):
Sure. I tell the story to my friends and everyone that knows you and anyone that is acquainted with your ministry that I happened to meet on the road. We met at a very large gathering in Costa Rica. A number of years ago, probably two decades ago. I was 12 years, so, and back then I was just starting the ministry. I was known as the boy preacher in Costa Rica. I had just started and being preaching for a year. The Lord called me at a very young age. And so my, my testimony is quite unusual because I actually happened to, to lead my dad to the Lord when I was 12, he came to one of my camp meetings and he got saved and one of my meetings. So anyway I heard that TL Osborn he was coming to Costa Rica and he was going to be holding a large rally crusade.

Alejandro Arias (02:21):
And he was also going to have a pastors gathering. And so some of my pastors, some of my friends invited me. They said, you should come. You know, at that point I had already read some books. I had already heard some things about Dr. DL Osborn. So I really want it to be there. And it was like a divine connection and I was able to get I think I was sitting in the first row or second row. I don’t remember, but I was, you know, with all the other pastors and I got to meet you there. And I think you grabbed me and you said, would you like to meet TL Osborn or something? Like, I don’t quite remember the details, but I know you took me into this office and TL Osborn was there and it was just you and somebody else. And me and we were just sitting chatting. And then you know, he got to pray for me, pray for both of us. And I think that’s how we got connected.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (03:18):
That’s such a wonderful story. You’re a 12 years old, you’re already preaching the gospel. You were the boy preacher, and you came to the TL Osborn seminar and what a privilege it was to be prayed for by Dr. TL Osborn. I call him the grandfather of healing crusade evangelism, and he was a great man of God. What did you learn from TL Osborn at the age of 12?

Alejandro Arias (03:49):
His boldness, his tenacity, his, it was a very courageous man. The stories that he shared, the stuff that he went through. And actually one thing that I learned while I was in this and then in the seminar is that he was many years before that and thinking the fifties he was kicked out of Costa Rica. He had a very difficult experience. You know, the government actually deported him because he was doing he was seeing a lot of signs and wonders and they actually accused him of what is that criminal charge back then? It was like, you know, practicing medicine without a license. I think there is a term for that. If you help me with the term. So

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (04:42):
I don’t remember the term, but I do remember that he was kicked out of Costa Rica back in the 50’s. And when, when he was there, they gave him a pin from the senator’s office in Costa Rica. And I remember him wearing that pin all the time and telling people, this is a pin that only the senators of Costa Rica have. And he was so proud of that pin. Yeah.

Alejandro Arias (05:13):
Yes. And the amazing thing is, you know, he came, he prayed with the pastors you know, there was an act of reconciliation. And I think even there was a prayer of forgiveness. The pastors came together and they basically asked forgiveness to Dr. TL Osborn. It was such a humble moment, you know, when you saw these pastors coming together acknowledging the anointing, honoring the ministry and the legacy and just saying, you know whatever our precedent did back in the forties and the fifties that has nothing to do with what God is doing now. And so we actually felt you know, the past is there felt like there was such a blessing by doing that. It was almost like a prophetic act like an act of a release and reconciliation. And I think that that allowed the next move of God to come even stronger because after his visit, I believe we had some other generals and Benny Hinn came, then others came and then there was an explosion of church growth where God began to move from nationwide and Costa Rica you know, in a greater metal. So we definitely sell revival after that really.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (06:31):
Now you’re not a boy preacher anymore. Now you are growing up, you have traveled to many different countries around the world and you have grown into a beautiful evangelistic ministry going and preaching the gospel in nations all over the world. Tell me a little bit about how your ministry has developed for you.

Alejandro Arias (06:56):
Yeah. So I’ve been preaching now for 22 years nonstop in 50 nations and it’s been an amazing journey. I never thought I was going to be to all these amazing places around the world. I never thought I was gonna married an Australian, someone from the other side of the world. We actually met I was in Perth on the other side of Australia, was doing some ministry there. And she was Austrian during the one of the meetings. And we met in the meeting and you know, the Lord has actually blessed us. You know, we, we have two beautiful daughters. We have carry out who is eight years old, Celeste was three years old. And one of them was actually born here in Florida where we are living. We, we, we have our ministry based here in Orlando, Florida but to make a long story short, you know, it’s, it’s been God’s grace.

Alejandro Arias (07:55):
I’ve received a lot of prophetic words when I was a little boy that I was gonna go around the world that I was going to preach the gospel to thousands of people that I would actually forget the number of airplanes and airports that I would be that I would go to. And so the, those words have actually come to pass because now if you asked me how many airports have you been to? I tell you, I don’t even know that, you know, and that probably is your experience, you know, once you travel so much and you go to all these different cities, towns, villages, nations everything just becomes a, you know, part of the journey all the highlights, all the miracles and everything that God did, and it’s doing it’s part of the journey. And over the last two decades, I have seen God move in a mighty way you know, in many nations.

Alejandro Arias (08:47):
And so it all started when I was 11 years old and missionary from Venezuela, he was doing an outreach in one of the local parks there in, in the city where I was living Alajuela and Orlando Lopez, right? Yes, that’s right. So he actually gave me the opportunity to preach in, in this rally. And he gave me a new test. I mean, he signed it for me. He gave it to me. It’s like, you know I believe in what you carry, I believe in our calling. And I would love for you to share the gospel. And this is my first time because I had never done it out in public. You know, I had to preach to my friends at school. I had done some, my home groups, cell groups and things like that, you know, but I had never done anything out in, in, in, in the public arena.

Alejandro Arias (09:39):
And so when he gave me that opportunity, obviously I was struck by fear and motion, you know, I was overwhelmed and I’m standing there. I don’t know what to say. And you know, trying I’m trying my best, but I’m having a hard time putting my thoughts together, but then I just looked at it. I felt like the holy spirit just inspired me. I felt like this boost of power. You know, I felt like I was struck by this lightning supernatural force. You know, it was like, God just gave me this boost. And so I began to preach with a bonus that I had not known a bonus that I didn’t have before. And so I preached for like 45 minutes, you know, it was, it was my first time. My first message. I remember my first message was based on Jesus is the way, you know, there was a narrow way in a white path.

Alejandro Arias (10:28):
And so you got to choose what path you need to be on. And so I preached on that message, you know, and seven people came to Jesus as a result of that message and revival broke out, you know, God began to touch a lot of the attendees. P people came forward. I was able to pray for them. It was almost like falling marriage. And it was like, God just decided to push me into the pool. I had no preparation, nothing. Just, God just pushed me, you know into the, this pool of ministry, full immersion. Right. And so I had never been to Bible school. I never been to a ministry school. I was just a church kid. My mom, you know, she had been a believer for a number of years. She came to Christ when I was seven years old.

Alejandro Arias (11:20):
So that’s when I got saved. I came to Christ like two weeks later after she made her decision that I went to a cat meeting. And I just, I remember running to the alter and giving my life to Christ and the preacher gave me a new Testament. And I remember keeping that new Testament, like it was the best treasure, you know, it is. So I remember holding into it. I didn’t want anybody to take it. I was you know, I was beginning to read, so I was reading it little by little and just putting the stories together and learning about Jesus. And I just fell in love. I fell in love with the power of the gospel, with Jesus, with his his power, his persona, everything about him. And so I began to preach in my community, you know, to my friends when I was eight years old, I was tested big time.

Alejandro Arias (12:10):
Cause I was diagnosed with a deadly tumor between my heart and my lungs and the doctors. Back there, they basically gave up on me. They said, I had only, you know, I have two alternatives. One was laser surgery, which was out of our you know, out of our financial reach. And at that point it was new technology and they were only trying it here in the United States, in Miami, in some places. So it was definitely out of reach and the other one was a miracle. So it was basically the number two choice. We had to rely on God for a miracle because that tumor was growing and it was going to it was actually located right in between that there’s an artery that’s right in between your heart and your lungs. And it is a very, you know, important battery. So it was right there and it was growing.

Alejandro Arias (13:03):
And so the doctors basically said, you know, we, we give him a year if he makes it well, that’s good, but you know, you may not make it so they weren’t planning their study and to start talking about chemo and all of that. And so before that, before that went into effect, the Lord actually came through. I began to pray. I begin to pray for three consecutive months and I, I remember receiving a prophetic word. And I remember you know, hearing God speaking through this pastor, this guest speaker again to our church, and God basically said your testimony is going to be known around the world. So I just knew that God was going to heal me. And so I was holding into that word. And next day, I went to see the doctor and, you know, to make a long story short, they, you know, they took an x-ray three hours later.

Alejandro Arias (13:53):
They called me and called my mom. I was with, with my mom. And so they walked us into the doctor’s office and the doctor was speechless. Like, you know, I’m taking your medical file, I’m looking at all the files and looking at the history. And there’s no way for this test to come back, you know, with a different result. And he was astonished, you know, he couldn’t believe it is looking at the test. It’s like, I know what to tell you. All I know is that this is a miracle. So at that moment, I just knew that God had a special destiny for me. And I just devoted my life to preaching the gospel to my friends, to my family members, to people around the community, you know passing out literature. It was my favorite hobby giving out tracks and, you know, talk, talking to people about bowel Jesus.

Alejandro Arias (14:44):
It was my favorite hobby. So that’s what I did. And my dad knew that. And so that’s why he, he, he me to do it and, you know, out in the public and he met this missionary and he happened to have a pile of tracks. And that’s how the conversation that started when the missionary asked him about me and, you know, my story, my dad told him, named the missionary, decided to invite me. And that’s how the Lord just, you know, open a chapter of ministry, which has been a journey, you know, more than 22 years of ministry. That’s when that everything started.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (15:18):
It sounds like your ministry really got started when you were healed of this tumor that had invaded your body. What role do miracles play in your ministry today?

Alejandro Arias (15:33):
Well, that’s such a good question because I, I believe that is number one and knowing thing you know, I, I love preaching to the loss. I love seeing, you know, the last come to Jesus, but I also love seeing miracles and seeing, you know, the power of God at work. So I started seeing miracles at a very young age. It, you know, I saw the miracle with my with this tumor that disappeared, the Lord just removed that and was gone. And the Lord healed me of all their things like prototype test and chronic asthma and things like that. And at the age of, you know, when I was doing these rallies at the park a lady two weeks into this, came to one of the meetings she heard about the revival meetings. She came forward. And she, you know, she told me what was going on.

Alejandro Arias (16:30):
She had been dealing with cancer with a rare type of cancer. It had invaded her bones. And so she was dying. I mean, she looked like she was almost dead, you know, to be honest, I mean, she was pale. She was really sick. You know, she had the sick look in her face. And so I just had faith and I just laid hands on her. I prayed, you know, rebuke the spirit of death. And two weeks later she came back and she had a, a folder and she was so excited, you know, she was so happy to see me. And, you know, she was almost like, you know, like jumping and with joy. And so she came around and she’s just like, you gotta see this, you gotta see this. And so she told me this story, she was totally cancer-free at that day, when not prayed for her, she received the power of the holy spirit.

Alejandro Arias (17:23):
She was healed. Two weeks later in the, during the period of two weeks, she was experiencing a lot of miracles in her body. And so her body just recovered quickly and the power that God healed, you know, her body and remove the cancer. And two weeks later, she comes back with a medical report she’s cancer free. And so we begin to see a lot of this miracles. You know, a lot of people then brought the sick, you know, the deaf, the blind, you know, with different needs. And we begin to see a mighty move of God. You know, this revival took place right there, right there, out in the public square of five weeks of consecutive meetings every Saturday. And God, we did the roof. I mean, we had young people, kids, you know, families, whole families that would just come and there would be like glued to this you know, evangelistic outreach.

Alejandro Arias (18:16):
And it wouldn’t move. You know, they would stay there because he had no idea. It was so strong. It was like a magnetic field. You know, when the anointing is like that, when it’s moving like that, it becomes like a magnetic field. And so people were just stuck to their seats or wherever they were standing, even taxi drivers would help. They would dump out of their taxi and they would just, you know, listen to the gospel and come forward and receive Christ. It was that kind of annoying thing was very special. They’re unique. And so at the end of the five weeks and missionary, you had to wind up the meetings and he felt he needed to go back to Venezuela, to Euro you know I guess he to take care of some personal affairs and some of his business deals. Anyway, he said he was gonna shut down the meetings.

Alejandro Arias (19:01):
And I was really upset. I was really sad, you know, emotionally distraught. He was like, this is my, you know, my first love. I mean, I’m doing this for five weeks. I’m all excited. I’m building momentum. God is doing amazing things. And then all of a sudden, this missionary tells me he needs to wind up and shut down the meetings. And you know, he’s almost like blessing me and same song, you know, I believe in you keep going. That’s got amazing things for you. I see that your destiny is promising. So he’s almost like, you know, releasing me. And I was really disappointed. Daniel. I went back home. I was really upset, almost mad. You know, I’ve got like, I can’t believe this is happening to me. I’m like eating the best season of my childhood and I’m living my dream. And this missionary is about to shut down the meetings because I was having fun.

Alejandro Arias (19:48):
I mean, I was having a great time. You know, every Saturday seen God move miracle signs and wander salvations. He was awesome. So that night the missionary had a dream and an angel came into his bedroom and spoke to this missionary and basically gave him instructions. You are take care of this young man. You are taken to Venezuela with you. You are pay for his airfare. You are to provide for him while he’s in Venezuela to take care of his food. And all of these expenses does ongoing to give somebody something amazing. And so this missionary, you know, he obeyed in the next few days later, and then the next Saturday or last meeting, he basically had a one-on-one meeting with me and he told me the stream. And he said, oh man, I really feel like you, you need to come with me to Venezuela.

Alejandro Arias (20:42):
I don’t know how this is going to be possible because your dad is not a believer, but we’re going to pray and we’re going to believe God. And so what I told my mom, she was excited, but then she’s like well, you’re a miner and my husband is an unbeliever. So I don’t know how this is going to work, but you know, it had to be God. So when I went to my dad and I approached him and I told him the dream and you know, everything that was going on, I mean, my dad was taking me to these meetings. So he was seeing some of these miracles. He was a firsthand witness. They would actually you know, at the end of the meeting, see what I asked questions to those who received miracles, that he were interrogate people, you know, almost like telling me it’s not real, you know, real miracle.

Alejandro Arias (21:27):
Yeah, exactly. He was so curious and so hungry at the same time, but he couldn’t understand it, you know? And he’s in his mindset as an unbeliever, he was trying to rationalize everything. And so when I told him my dad, my dad just went quiet and we were actually having dinner. And he says, you know what? I ended up, I had a dream last night and I saw something weird. I never dream of airport airplanes, but I just saw you at the airport. And we were saying goodbye to you. You were waiting and you were going somewhere. And so, you know, this is before I even share my dream because I hadn’t, I hadn’t even started, you know, I hadn’t said a word, you know? And so I’m standing there and all I’m like, well, dad, I’m about to tell you something I’m about to tell you.

Alejandro Arias (22:22):
I’m about to share this invitation that I just received it from, you know, our friend Orlando, he wants to take me to Venezuela with him. So my dad is like, well, you know, I, I barely know this guy. I’ve only met him a couple of times, but I believe this, this has gotten, you know, he even said it like, this has gotta be God, you know, he wasn’t a good Catholic, but you know, he, the loader was really working with them. And then he was starting to kind of, you know, come to that realization that there was a supernatural God that something was going on that God really was, you know, doing some things in his life. And so God began to deal with him, you know, and a few weeks later he came to Christ. That’s when I, I actually bothered him to one of my meetings and he got saved, but this is how everything started. It all started in Venezuela, this missionary July 1st, 1999, that was my first international trip. And so I went to Venezuela. I did a bunch of meetings preached the first time, you know, in front of hundreds of people. Then, you know, some Christian radio stations heard that I was in town. They invited me, we, I had interviews, TV interviews. And so everything that I had been prophesied and it, you know, over by different prophets, it all came to pass in one trip.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (23:52):
That’s tremendous what a tremendous viewpoint you have on what God is doing around the world. You were born in Costa Rica, ministered it all over Latin America. And then you married a wife from Australia. You are living in Orlando, Florida, but working next week over in Africa and doing crusades over there. So with this bird’s eye view of all these different places where God is moving, what are some of the most exciting things that you’ve seen that God is doing right now?

Alejandro Arias (24:35):
Well, I believe this is the best time for return. I mean, I have no doubts that the Lord is about. And then we are leaving in a post pandemic season. There is a great falling away happening, but at the same time, there was a great revival. And it’s kind of you know, is happening side by side. It is a parallel situation where you have God moving around the world and you have God staring up the hearts of the hungry and the thirsty have got awakening, new generation of believers. And you have God even using a nameless and faceless generation. It’s like, God is really doing some amazing things. He’s bringing some people out of you know, out of the cave, you know, and, and putting them out on the spotlight. And so God is really using some amazing voices right now.

Alejandro Arias (25:29):
People that we haven’t heard of people that have never written a book, or they don’t have a website and have a Facebook profile, nothing yet God is doing something in this hour. This, why do you need where God is using a new generation of evangelist? And so I’m excited to see that I’m excited to be part of that because you know, I’ve been doing this for almost, you know, of two decades or more, and it I’ve seen God raise some evangelists and profits, and I’ve seen all their boy preachers, you know, come after me. And, and the Lord has really done amazing things. But what I’m seeing in this hour, it’s like, God has decided to put his foot on the accelerator. And this is revival time. This is harvest time. This is a time where we need to be awake. We need to cease the opportunity that God is giving us.

Alejandro Arias (26:19):
And don’t waste any time, because time is precious. You know, time, I know that we have the same inner ear in America. You know, time is money and, you know, time is equivalent to money. Well, in having time is equivalent to a divine appointment. So we got to seize our opportunities in God, we gotta have a, a kingdom mindset and we gotta use every resource. God has given us to spread the gospel. So that’s what we’re doing. I’m excited. This is the hour for the church. This is the hour where we’re going to see a great awakening among those that are hungry, thirsty, and ready to be used by God. But you also have a great falling away happening too. Where one out of five believers in America. I think that’s what I heard recently. Don’t want to go to church. You know, you have one out of three churches, a lot of churches are shutting down.

Alejandro Arias (27:16):
I mean, a lot of evangelical, a lot of institutionalized churches are shutting down. Like I just I have a friend in a small town out in Iowa, you know, you would probably consider the middle of nowhere, you know, a really small town and the Lutheran church just call him. He’s a senior pastor. He was a pastor of a rather small church. And the pastor called him and said, you know what? We’re about to fold our minister. We’re about to shut down everything. There’s a small group of people that are still wanting to, to meet, but they are actually willing to transition. And if you’re willing to buy this building, this building is a, has been on the market for $500,000, but we’re going to sell it to you for $5,000. So if you’re willing to take this building, we’ll give it to you for $5,000. And we also give you the people. This is the kind of a crazy transactions that we are seeing right now in this hour where God is moving, but in celebrate it, Ray, and he’s awakening the church.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (28:21):
I think it’s really neat to see how God’s hand has been on you since a very young age in, in my life too. I preached my first sermon when I was six years old, I was called into the ministry when I was five, a prophetess prophesied over me that I was going to be an evangelist. And then at the age of six, I preached my first sermon. And then when I was 10, my parents became missionaries in Mexico. And, and, and so I never had a moment in my life where I back slid or had a time of rebellion. And I think that’s the way God wants it. You know, I, when I share my testimony and say, you know, God’s saved me from a life of alcoholism, God saved me from a life of drug addiction. God saved me from a life of prostitution and theft and a life of murder. You know, God saved me from all that. I never experienced it because ever since I was very young, I’ve been serving God. And it sounds like you’re in the same position. What advice would you give to young people, maybe a child or a teenager, maybe early twenties who feel like they have a call from God on their life? What advice would you give to that young person

Alejandro Arias (29:33):
Pursue the calling? Don’t look back. Believe every prophecy God is giving you, embrace your calling and your destiny, no matter where that takes you. God knows. And he’s got the last word. So pursue your calling and don’t listen to others. Voices. You know, the enemy is going to use a lot of voices to discourage you, to put you down. You know, God’s got amazing things for you. And, you know, I believe in this hour, he’s going to use you. You are needed, your voice is needed. So we need more people like you. And the loan has gone to use millennials generation Z. This is your hour and God’s about to use you big time.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (30:20):
Another question I have is you really feel like you’re called to be an evangelist. You you’ve really walked in that calling ever since a very young age. And, and nowadays a lot of times when people want to be in ministry, that they immediately think of pastor, okay, I want to be a pastor. And they, they go to school in order to learn how to be a pastor. But you, you have walked in the calling of an evangelist, preaching, the gospel, seeing miracles. What do you think are some of the differences between a calling of an evangelist and maybe some of the other ministry gifts like being a pastor or a teacher in the body of Christ what’s unique about being an evangelist?

Alejandro Arias (31:06):
Well, the unique thing about the evangelistic calling is that, you know, we, we get to share the gospel and we get to take it outside of our local community city nation. We get to take it to the world. You know, that’s a very unique mandate that God has given the evangelist. And I, I believe that you have the evangelistic gifting, you have the evangelistic spirit and even, you know, you know you know, Paul said we, we are all called to evangelize. We’re all called to reach the lost, you know, I think that is the global calling for the body of Christ. Now not everybody’s called to the office of the evangelist, you know, because that’s that’s one of the offices of the five ministries. And so there is a difference between the anointing and the office, and also a difference between the gifting and the office.

Alejandro Arias (32:01):
And then, you know, I have a teaching on this where I break it down, where I actually teach on the spirit and the gifting and the ministry and the office rarely because the office is when he becomes full-time, it becomes your whole life. It becomes your passion. It becomes your, your calling, your primary calling, and you can operate another Colin’s as well. You know, like I can teach, I can prophesize, but I would say my number one calling is a calling of an evangelist. And I love what I’m doing right now. And this is, you know, I can tell you something. I went to Australia recently we, we moved back in 2019 and we had a short season about 10 months during this lockdown in, in 2020, you know, between 2019 and 2020, we were based in Brisbane. And so we experienced the tough lockdown.

Alejandro Arias (32:55):
And so I had the privilege of working with a local church and they actually gave me this role of an associate pastor. And I was enjoying it. I was having a great time, you know, pastoring people getting to work with the local church, doing some of the inner workings of the local church, you know, trying to understand that world and trying to understand how pastors work with our people. And let me tell you something, Danielle I liked it for 10 months, but then after 10 months, I was glad I was out of it. You know, pastors are very, very special people. They have a very special place in my heart, and I can tell you, I just take my hat off to them because what they go through the pressures of ministry that they’re mans the expectations that people have and they place on pastors, you know, is, is unbelievable.

Alejandro Arias (33:50):
So I’m glad that you and I get to just go and share the gospel and we get to, you know inspire a grip and power believers. I’m not saying that our ministries are not challenging at all on the opposite. And you know, our ministries are very challenging, especially when you, we go to places and nations where we have to face witchcraft, where we have to face the monic legions, you know, where we have to face, you know, unbelief, or we have to face unwelcoming spirits, you know there’s some horrible attitudes, you know, I’m sure you’ve dealt with that. I have dealt with bad where pastors and even churches are not very welcoming to the ministry of the evangelists. And so you have to kind of break ground. So every gift has a responsibility and a sign and an anointing. And I think we all need to just learn to recognize or acknowledge honor the different giftings in the body of Christ and the different ministries in the body of Christ. Because just like Paul said, you know, the, the body we’ll work together as one body. You can’t tell your leg, Hey, I don’t need you today. I’m just gonna, you know, I’m going to walk without my legs. That doesn’t work right. You, you need your legs to work. I mean, to walk, you know, so that’s, that’s the thing. We are one body in Christ. And so we need to learn to honor the different giftings too

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (35:10):
Well, Alejandro, I want to say thank you so much for being on the evangelism podcast with me, I’m really excited because in a couple of weeks, we will be together on the mission field in the nation of Malawi. We’re both going there to participate in a big festival with Andrew Palau and the global network of evangelists, which is a network of partnering of different evangelists under the, the ministry of Luis Palau, who is a great Hispanic evangelists from Argentina and is now gone on to heaven. But his, his sons, Andrew and Kevin are continuing the ministry and doing a great job. And so I’m very excited to be there in Malawi with you. And I’m expecting God’s going to do tremendous things. And before you even get to Malawi, you’re, you’re going somewhere else. Where, where are you going?

Alejandro Arias (36:05):
I will be in Tanzania. I’ll be doing a GO evangelism conference with Vernon. So yeah, it’s going to be exciting. I’m expecting the Lord is going to do wonderful things.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (36:17):
That’s wonderful. Well, I look forward to seeing you and again, thank you so much for being on the podcast with me.

Alejandro Arias (36:25):
Thank you. It was an honor. Appreciate it.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (36:26):
Thanks so much for listening to the evangelism podcast today, our ministry is supported by people like you, who help us go to the nations to preach the gospel. Our goal is every soul. It only costs us an average of about $1 for every person. We’re able to tell about Jesus. And so could you do me a favor, go to my website, king ministries.com and become a partner with us for as little as $1 a month. You can start to partner with king ministries and help us lead at least one person to Jesus every single month. Imagine for $1, you can start a party in heaven every single month. So right now, go to king ministries.com and partner with us and help us to preach the gospel to those who need to hear the gospel. The most, the least reach people in the world. Also, I’d like to ask you to go to apple podcasts and give the evangelism podcast a five star review. Your positive review will help other people find this podcast who are excited about evangelism. Thank you so much. And God bless you

Evangelism Podcast Host (37:47):
For more information about how to share your faith or to financially support our worldwide evangelistic outreaches. Visit king ministries.com. Again, that’s king ministries.com.


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