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David & Donna Blanchard | One Million Bibles for One Million Souls

David & Donna Blanchard set a goal to give one million Bibles to one million souls. After years of doing evangelism invasions across Mexico they have now completed that goal and their new goal is 10 million Bibles for 10 million souls. They have enormous passion for reaching the lost.

David Blanchard, president and founder of VCH, received a vision from the Lord while in a prayer meeting in 1990. He saw the country of Mexico covered with ocean waves. When the waves receded, they left big black Bibles with gold crosses on them. In this vision, God spoke to David telling him to get His Word out “for it will not return to Me empty or void without accomplishing what I’ve sent it forth to do.”

“How many BIBLES do you want me to get out, Lord?” David asked.

“How many SOULS do you want to see saved?” was God’s reply.

David answered, “The whole nation of Mexico!”

“Me too,” said God, “But how many souls do you want to be responsible for?”

“I’m not Dr. Billy Graham nor Dr. T.L. Osborn,” David said, “I’m just meBut I want to see a million souls come to know You.”

“Then,” God commissioned David, “Get One Million BIBLES for One Million SOULS .”

Thus the vision for Victorious Christian Harvesters was born – One Million Bibles/One Million Souls.

Visit David & Donna Blanchard’s Website: https://www.vcharvesters.org/

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Evangelism Coach Daniel King (00:00):
David and Donna Blanchard set a goal to give 1 million Bibles to 1 million souls. After years of doing evangelism invasions across Mexico, they have now completed that goal. And their new goal is to give 10 million Bibles to 10 million souls. They have enormous passion for reaching the lost

Evangelism Podcast Host (00:23):
Well, Jesus said go into all the world and preach the gospel. Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord shall be welcome to the evangelism podcast with Dr. Daniel King, where Daniel interviews, full-time evangelists, pastors, missionaries, and normal everyday Christians to discover how they share their faith, their powerful testimonies and amazing stories that will inspire you to reach people with the good news. And now here’s your host missionary and evangelist Daniel King.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (00:59):
Welcome to the evangelism Podcast. I’m Daniel King. And I’m excited about telling people about Jesus. And today we have very special guests with us, David and Donna Blanchard from Mexico. Welcome, and thank you for joining me. [inaudible],

David Blanchard (01:18):
We’re very happy to be here today and we’re excited to be here with you all. Well,

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (01:22):
David and Donna Blanchard have been missionaries for many years and really have a passion for soul-winning telling people about Jesus. Tell me, how did you first go to the mission field?

David Blanchard (01:35):
Well, back in in fifth grade, actually, I started doing I had Spanish in school and so I w we had this reel-to-reel cassette tapes and we’re learning Spanish Imani Mondo on his time on, but Beto Beto Benecchi Maria don’t ever. And so we had all that. And so anyway, it was something that seed was sown in my heart back then and for Mexico. And then we would go to California on our vacations and take trips. And then we would always go see over to Tijuana, Mexico from California. And, but there’s something that was just in me that I loved about Mexico. And then in 1979, I graduated from Colorado state university with my animal science degree in pre-veterinary medicine. I studied to be a veterinarian but in my heart, I really wanted to be a missionary at the same time.

David Blanchard (02:27):
And so I got involved with an organization called youth for Christ campus life, and we began working with teenagers. And as we begin working with teenagers, I met Donna in Kansas. We were in Emporia, Kansas, and that she’s in garden city, Kansas. And so we met there and and got married in 1982. And God began to work in a, in a great way as we began to take teenagers on mission trips. And so we started taking them to the mission field. We went to India, we went to Mexico and started doing different trips. God began to move in a great way, and it was very exciting to see what God began to do. And the missionary in Mexico, they were working with said, when are you going to move down here? And we said, well, work, we’ll be back here next year. He said, no. When are you going to move down here? And so we prayed about it and sock God and sought the Lord. And so in 1986, we moved from Emporia, Kansas, where we were executive directors of youth for Christ campus life. And we moved to Nueva radio, Mexico and began full-time mission work.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (03:31):
So your base is now they’re in Nuevo Laredo. And tell me some of the ministry Ms. Donna, that you guys are doing from that place.

Donna Blanchard (03:43):
Well, actually there’s a lot of ministry that takes place. And just for the record, it’s always starts out small. So don’t be discouraged if you’re doing something. And I mean, it was just me and my husband and our, at that time two daughters. And then we had our son while we were down the mission field. So it starts small at use what you have use your family and you can grow in it. So then when we first moved down we were working with another ministry for six years and we just, whatever they needed us to do, that’s what we did. But then in 1992, when we received the vision for victorious Christian harvesters at that time we decided, okay, God as we branch out and do what the Lord wants us to do you just start where you’re at. So we started out, we planted churches, we had mission teams that came down from all over the United States, worked with your parents a lot to junior high teams that would call us.

Donna Blanchard (04:36):
We would send them to your, your ministry with the Kings because you guys were amazing. And we knew you did great work with junior highers. And, and then we also did other high school and junior high and, and, and even some grade school teams, but anyway, what we do now 28 years later, Zell VCH is right. Are we 28, 30 years? I’ll be on my word 30 years. We were still expanding you know, don’t despise the small beginnings cause right now we w our staff and some of our students will go, yeah, but you’re doing all this great stuff and look how many people you’ll have to help you. And so when we started out, it was me and my husband, our three children, and we did it all. We hosted a hundred team a hundred member teams, and we would put the teams to work. And so basically right now we have a Bible school in Nuevo Laredo. We have students that come from all over the nation of Mexico and we’re raising them up to go back home and bless their, their churches that they’ve come out of and teaching them how to multiply our number. One thing, if you would want to know what we’re really known for, I would say it’s evangelism. We eat live, breathe. Anything that moves, we witness to it.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (05:50):
Well, you’re on the right podcast, the evangelism podcasts, or we love evangelism, anything that is going after souls and leading people to Jesus. I remember hearing your vision and it inspired me many years ago, 1 million Bibles for 1 million souls. And I think you’ve completed that now. Tell, tell me about that, that vision.

David Blanchard (06:12):
So we were I was out we were with a group of missionaries, the one that we joined up with first in Mexico that asked us to come down to Laredo, Texas. And and, and so we, in a prayer meeting while we were praying Daniel, God showed me a vision of all of Mexico covered with ocean waves. When the ocean waves left, the dentally white foam, like on the beaches of Acapulco, Cancun, Matson lawn, and left big black Bibles with gold crosses on it all over the country. And God said, get my word out because we won’t return empty or void without accomplishing what I sent him for it to do. And I say, God, well, how many Bibles you want me to get out? He said, how many souls do you want to see saved? I said, well, I’m not Billy Graham. I’m not till I was born.

David Blanchard (06:53):
I’m just me, David Blanchard, but I want to believe for a million souls. Then he said, they’d get a million Bibles for a million souls. And that became the goal of victorious Christian harvesters in 1992. And so then we started out we had we became pastors of a church in leveled, righto, and 99. We started building our Bible school and then we started doing evangelism seminars. We were training up nationals to to be pastors, evangelists, missionaries teachers, preachers. And so we had a two-year Bible school. And so we’re training up all these evangelists and ministers, how to do all that and doing evangelism seminars. And then one of our staff in Mexico city said, why don’t you, why don’t we invite many churches to be involved in this evangelism seminars that we’re holding? And so in 2010, we started a program called invasions and invasions. The, the cartels in Mexico have been invading the country, the city for many, many years. And so he said, let’s get the body of Christ to rise up, come together, train them in evangelism methods and techniques and form evangelism teams, and then blitz the city, invade the city with the gospel of Jesus Christ. So that’s what we started doing back in 2010. And

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (08:15):
So now you’ve gone to many different cities across Mexico doing these invasions. What type of results have you seen

David Blanchard (08:25):
When in 104 cities, major cities throughout Mexico, and even in El Salvador. And it’s been incredible because our evangelism through the crusades and different things like that, where we’re, we’re good. But when you capacitate, when you get a, equip the body of Christ to get ready, to win souls and teach him three days, we did three days of methods and techniques formed evangelism teams. And then we went out and blitz. The city with the gospel for three days, came back together and everybody’s shared the results or testimonies, what happened. And then they do the followup. Each church. It was phenomenal because we have trained over 5,000. I think it’s about 5,548 different churches throughout Mexico. And we’ve actually seen, I believe it’s 40,000, over 40,000, like 44,000 church members that have been trained how to win souls effectively. And so what’s happened is that exponentially took us to our first goal of a million Bibles for a million souls. And we reached that in August of 2016.

Donna Blanchard (09:37):
And another very encouraging thing about this training is that there are so many people, we all Alaska at the beginning, how many of you have never led one person to the Lord? All these hands go up, Christians that have been in a church. So when you see these pictures that we have all these mass groups of pictures, people, oh, is this the people you got saved? No, these are the people we trained, but then on Saturday, how many of you lead somebody to the Lord for the first time hands go up? And they’re just super excited. And then Daniel, we not only do the training Monday, we teach them how to actually we speak on breaking their heart for the lost cause if you don’t know where the destination of the lost is, you won’t have a passion to win them. And then the second day, of course, we need the empowerment of the holy spirit.

Donna Blanchard (10:18):
So the second evening we teach on the empowerment of the Holy Spirit. They get filled with the Holy Spirit. I mean, we have all denominations together, Wednesday, we commission them and then we say, you’re going to go out and do these great things for God. And we don’t pray over anything that looks sick and walks around needs. Jesus, tell them every plant, tell everybody that you meet about the Lord. And then when we’re done, we partner with them. We not only give them the tracks, the new testaments and Bibles, while we’re there, we make a covenant with them. If they want to continue to go out these 5,000, over 5,000 churches, we say, we a partner with you. If you still send out your teams, because everybody we trained in those invasions becomes their church evangelism team. And if they want to continue to go out, all they have to do is send us a report. We did this event, we held this month, we witnessed to this many people. We had this many children. If they get people that, that become born again, we have a new Testament for them. After they get baptized, they get a full Bible. We give them follow-up material and we continue the fellowship with them. And we still continue to get results from them. They, they let us know what they’re continuing to do long after we’re gone. So, so what do you say

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (11:25):
To these church members to inspire them to be soul-winners? Cause I find that sometimes church people that they, they know that Jesus called them to be soul-winners, but they’re content to just sit in the sea on a Sunday morning and they’re not really doing anything. So what do you say to them to inspire them to go out and lead people to Jesus?

David Blanchard (11:46):
Like Donna said the first night, we’re talking about the heartbeat of God. What is the of God? And so, you know the disciple, John, he leaned back on Jesus’ chest and he had his head up against the chest of Jesus at a dinner. And, and what did he hear? He heard the heartbeat of God. What is the heartbeat of Jesus? The heartbeat is Jesus is that none would perish and all would be saved. And that is what the great commission is all about. Go and make disciples of all the nations, teach them that none would perish, that all would be saved. And so that is what we, we impart into the congregation of every church member, because we desire for them to realize, Hey, what is God’s heart about? Why did God even sent Jesus to the earth? Jesus came to the earth so that none would be lost, but all would be saved that they would come to know him as their Lord and savior.

David Blanchard (12:49):
And so we inspire them that this is the heartbeat of God. And God is in you. The spirit of God is spirit of Christ is in you. And that, and that, that urge is inside of you. That anointing is inside of you. That spirit Christ spirit is inside of you. And what is it saying, tell your brother, tell your sister, tell your family member, tell your friends, God has a better place. God doesn’t send anyone to hell. That’s your choice. God made hell for the demons and his aim and that the fallen angels and the devil. But if we don’t, if we don’t choose God, we’re going to hell. So we’re teaching on the heartbeat of God, that compassion of God, that what, what is, what is God’s heart all about? And when they get that, when they understand that you know what that is, and you do, you want your friend to be with you in heaven forever. Do you want your friend to live with you forever? Well, you know, together with your relative or whoever, it may be. That’s God’s heartbeat. God’s heartbeat is that none would perish that all would be saved. And that’s what’s inside of you, his spirits inside of you.

Donna Blanchard (13:59):
And on top of that, we also teach them how simple it is to open a conversation that I think that’s the biggest thing. Everybody wants to lead someone to the Lord. Yeah. I want to be a soul winner, but what do I say? How do I start a conversation? That’s what we teach them during the day, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, different techniques. When you’re on the bus, how do you start a conversation? When you’re on the plane, how do you start a conversation? How do you witness to a Catholic? How do you witness to a Buddhist? How do you witness to a Muslim so that whoever they encounter? And we also teach them that there’s four words that we want them to remember. It’s plan, problem, solution decision. If you keep this in your head, no matter what you use, your personal testimony, everybody’s got a testimony.

Donna Blanchard (14:39):
There’s no more powerful testimony to when someone to the Lord, except for how he saved you. How did you come to the Lord? So plan God has a great plan for people. Problem. We’re separated from God, but there is a solution and that his name is Jesus. And so you, you can put your testimony in, I didn’t know God had a purpose for my life. I was a drunk. I was this. I was a prostitute or I was just out there. I was a religious person. I went to church all the time, but I didn’t know God had a plan for me. But then the problem is, wait a minute, all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. I’ve got to do something. It’s gotta be personal to me. And then solution is Jesus. So you present, this is how I got out of this mess that I was in.

Donna Blanchard (15:17):
And then then, then, then the decision you always close the deal. That’s one of the things we teach in this seminar, you witness, but you always close the deal. And we also take times to be teach them how to be led by the spirit. We’ll even do it during the seminar, after they’d been filled with the spirit on Tuesday, we’ll say, okay, now we’re going to ask God to give us a word for the persons, right beside you, that you don’t know right here in the seminar. It’s comfortable. These are all church people. And so then when they say, okay, I heard this word, just give it to that person. And then say, after you give it to him, I feel like the Lord wanted me to tell you that you should be more encouraged at what you’re doing. You’re doing a good word.

Donna Blanchard (15:51):
I always feel terrible about what I do. See you heard from God. So then when we’re out in the streets, they’ve already learned plan, problem, solution decision. One day we do it. We do the ultra call for them the second day. And we stand behind them where they do their altar call. The third day, we stepped back and watched them do the alter call. So then they get this confidence. And then we also say, there’s a lot of fish that leave the net while we do the altar call, people come forward. So while someone’s up there giving the article, you look at the ones that scattered and you go after them. And so then that then, Hey, can I just ask you a few questions? If we did a drama, we’ll say, ask them a question about the drama. Did you understand what you just saw?

Donna Blanchard (16:29):
Did you understand what this meant? Did you understand what that meant? Then you can do your own personal testimony, but once people realize it’s so easy, one of the easiest things, Dave and I teach us how to witness to a waiter or waitress. You got four contacts with them. They come to you, they bring you the, the menu. And then they ask you what you’d like to drink. You tell them what you want to drink. Then they come and take, they bring your drinks, they take your food order, and then they bring your food and they ask you a question, always ask you a question. Is there anything else I can do for you? And at that moment, that’s your cue. We always thank God for our food, but we always like to pray for our waiter or waitress. And then you’ve just mentioned their name.

Donna Blanchard (17:04):
If you see their little name tag, Sharon or Bob, what prayer requests do you have? And then when they tell you what it is, you can look them in the eye because we teach. You don’t have to close your eyes when you pray. And they’re a little bit embarrassed. So if you’re got your eyes closed, they’re doing this and you just grab them by the hand. If it’s a young lady, I’ll take her hand up. It’s young, man. I’ll put my hand on his shoulder, pray their, whatever their prayer request is. And then we’ll plan, problem, solution decision, and just lead them in a prayer. So I think what we try to do is make the gospel simple and take the fear out of it. Proverbs 29 says the fear of man will prove to be a scenario to you. So you’ll never witness if you’re fearful, but if most of the time people think they’re going to be rejected. When the majority of the time people are hurting and they want someone to tell them about Jesus

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (17:47):
David years ago, you shared a little message with me. You said that a soul is the greatest treasure in heaven. A soul is the greatest treasure in hell and assault is the greatest treasure here on earth. Share with me why souls are such great treasures.

David Blanchard (18:03):
So in heaven, when we read revelations, we see Daniel that, that in revelation, there’s, there’s a street to gold and there’s big old gates of pearls that we’re going to walk through. And we, we, we we, we see that there’s jewels in the walls. We read about it all kinds of different jewels in the walls, and we’re going to have gold crowns, but is that the most important thing in heaven? No. The most important thing, a heaven that God sent his son here on the earth for our souls. Why do I say souls, Daniel? Because, because God created us in his image and in his likeness and he wants to have fellowship with us. And he wants to have communion with us, not just here on earth, but for ever any eternity. And so the most important treasure in heaven is a soul.

David Blanchard (18:58):
And that’s why the devil is fighting so hard to take people to hell. That’s why there’s so many drugs, pornography and morality. There’s so much confusion, chaos and destruction because the devil wants to destroy people and take them to hell. And not only that, Daniel, that means that if the most important possession in heaven is a soul and the most important possession in hell that the devil is fighting for is a soul. The most important possession on earth. The treasure here on earth is not the gold. The diamonds is Juul is the money. It’s a soul because there’s two things that you know, and I know, and everybody listening knows that are eternal. Those two things are the word of God that will last forever and souls. We will all live somewhere forever, either with God or without God. And so that’s why I share with you the most important treasure in heaven on earth or under the earth is a soul and all, all, all Christians, all believers must listen to this, write this down.

David Blanchard (20:03):
All Christians, all believers must put souls in your goals. Write that down, put souls in your goals because you and I need to have as Christian believers, souls as part of our goals, because every place would go. Just like Donald’s saying, when we go to a restaurant, when you go to a store, plant a seed, water, a seed put out some fertilizer, you know, do something and then harvest as he, because I soul is the most, a person is the most important treasure we are created in God’s image, Dr. TLR and told me Daniel. And he said, God made all the animals. And then he made humans. Then you made man. He made man. And the difference between man is that man can speak to God. God can speak to man. And we have a communication and God created man in his image, in his likeness, in his character, in his ability to have this fellowship with him there, the animals were there and I love animals.

David Blanchard (21:06):
I studied to be a veterinarian. I, animals are great, but you can’t exactly have a fellowship communication time in a relationship with an animal to the level you can, as with a human being. And God created humans and created man and woman to be part of his kingdom, which I know there’s going to be animals there as well, but we can speak, we can talk. We are intelligent. And so God made us in his likeness, in his image so that we can have fellowship with him forever. The devil wants to steal that fellowship that God wants to have with mankind. And, and, and that’s the devil’s purpose to kill, steal and destroy. Yeah. The only the way

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (21:50):
That the devil can hurt God is by stealing a soul from his grasp. And that means that the only way that we can hurt Satan’s kingdom is by going and redeeming a Thall and taking that person with us to heaven. I mean, we can stomp around and intercede and pray all day, but until we actually go out on the streets and lead someone to Jesus, we haven’t hurt Satan’s kingdom. And so we have to go after souls and lead as many people as we can to Jesus. Right. That’s

David Blanchard (22:18):
Exactly right. And the most important thing that we can do is live like Christ. And you know, to know God, and this is eternal life, John 17 three, that you would know God, the only everlasting God, the only true father and his son, Jesus Christ, whom he has sent to this earth, for who, for souls, there is salvation. And no one else except the name of Jesus Christ and God desires for all to come to know him, that none would perish that all would be saved. You know, that is God’s will God’s will, for all mankind, is that we would find our true identity in our relationship with him and our relationship with Jesus Christ. That’s right.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (23:05):
So if someone wants to come down to Mexico and participate in an invasion, or maybe bring a short-term mission trip down to work with you guys, or, or maybe even support your ministry, how can they find out more information about you? What’s your website?

David Blanchard (23:20):
Yeah. So our website is www.vc harvesters.org. And you might be thinking, well, wait a minute, Daniel, they already reached their goal of a million Bibles for a million souls. That’s exactly right. Well, what are we going to do now? So, and, and that’s a good question. I told Donna, well, let’s just go on cruises for the rest of our life. But that our, one of our staff in Mexico city gave me this gold ring. This is my ring, but this was a gold ring for a million souls. And so in a vision, in a, in a church, we are worshiping the Lord in Houston, Texas. After we reached that goal, I was worshiping the Lord with my hands up and I closed my eyes and I saw my 10 fingers were with each one, had one of these rings on it. And I said, Lord, what are you talking about? 9 million more? And that’s the new vision, 10 million Bibles, 10 million souls. So they, you can come with on a mission trip. You can come and get involved with us in, in our outreaches. You can come at our Bible school and revel, the radio, Mexico come and be involved in our church activities. When COVID passes, we going to start a Nate invasions, again, get involved with us and find out about us. You can call 9 5 6 7 2 7 0 0 5 9 or get on WW w VC harvesters.org org. And

Donna Blanchard (24:41):
I also less dislike to comment that every soul that we won, it’s not like, wow, when David and Donna get to heaven, it’s like, oh, look, these people came that they won the million or the 10 million. And I’m sure with Reinhardt monkey and teal Osbourne as well it’s all of us together. Everybody that’s ever given any, anything. Every mission team that’s ever come down, they passed out Bibles to, they did the altar calls to every person that was ever involved in any invasion. They were passing out Bibles they’re winning souls. So that we’re all going to say, Jesus, you get the glory. We give you the credit, the little grandma on the corner that says she’s 80 years old and she can’t go on a mission trip, but she’s praying on her knees. She’s going to say, this was my part in these millions of souls for the Lord. I have been, we all going to put our crowns down before the Lord, and he gets all the glory.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (25:31):
Amen. Well, you guys are great missionaries, great evangelists. I’m very inspired just by your story, in your example, for so many years, thank you for being on the evangelism podcast with me.

David Blanchard (25:45):
Thank you, Daniel, for having us.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (25:47):
Thanks for listening to the evangelism podcast today. I want to ask you to partner with me, to help lead people to Jesus. For as little as a dollar a month, you can be responsible for helping us lead at least one person to Jesus every single month. Over our 20 years of ministry, we’ve found that it costs an average of about $1 for every person that we’re able to reach. And so if you could just go to king ministries.com and partner with us for at least $1, just $1 partner with us to help us lead people to Jesus. Imagine for a dollar, you can be responsible for starting a party in heaven every single month. And would you do me a favor, go to apple iTunes and leave this podcast. A review. Your positive review will help other people who are excited about evangelism to find this show. Thanks so much. And God bless you

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (26:51):
For more information about how to share your faith or to financially support our worldwide evangelistic outreaches. Visit king ministries.com. Again, that’s king ministries.com.


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