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Emmanuel Array Gewe | How to Follow Up After a Big Crusade

Bishop Emmanuel Array Gewe pastors World Harvest Church Assemblies of God Church in Kahama, Tanzania. He served as the crusade director for a Christ for All Nations crusade in Kahama. He considers Reinhard Bonnke to be his spiritual father even though he never met him. In today’s podcast, Bishop Emmanuel talks how his church plans to follow up on all the new believers who get saved at the crusade in Kahama.


Bishop Emmanuel talks about the huge impact Reinhard Bonnke has had on his life.

One of the methods Bishop Emmanuel uses to follows up on the new believers is to host a twenty-one day seminar for the new believers in his church.

Also, you will learn how Bishop Emmanuel deals with witchcraft in his city.


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Evangelism Coach Daniel King (00:00):
Our guest today pastors World Harvest Church in Kahama, Tanzania. He served as the crusade director for a Christ for all nations crusade in comma. He considers Reinhard Bonnke to be his spiritual father, even though he never met him. In today’s podcast, Bishop Emmanuel talks about how his church plans to follow up on all the new believers who get saved at the crusade in

Evangelism Podcast Host (00:31):
Jesus said, go into all the world and preach the gospel. Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved. Welcome to the evangelism podcast with Dr. Daniel King, where Daniel interviews, full-time evangelists, pastors, missionaries, and normal everyday Christians to discover how they share their faith, their powerful testimonies and amazing stories that will inspire you to reach people with the good news. And now here’s your host, missionary and evangelist Daniel King. Welcome to

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (01:07):
The evangelism podcast. I am here with Bishop Emmanuel, from world harvest church and the nation of Tanzania, the city of Kahama. Bishop. Thank you so much for inviting us to come to this city.

Emmanuel Array Gewe (01:23):
Thank you, evangelists. It’s a pleasure to have you here in Kahama.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (01:29):
Now we are here for the Christ for all nations gospel crusade with evangelist Daniel Kolenda, and you have been working to help to organize everything for the crusade. And so you tell me your position

Emmanuel Array Gewe (01:47):
With Christ for All Nations here is I am organizing the crusade. I’m the, I’m the leader of crusade organizing team.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (01:57):
And so you’ve been helping to organize all the pastors helped to get to permissions for all of the, the permits that are required to be here in the city. Tell me some of the preparations that have gone into preparing for this crusade.

Emmanuel Array Gewe (02:14):
Preparation is started from early August. When, when we, the team Stefan team came here and Urrutia, we had Jacko, we had Lucas and later came my ma my Clift on. Then we started moving church to church and we also went to the government offices to have permits, to have field permits, to have the crusade permits and promotion permits. So we move all around the city and we have been meeting pastors on September three. We also had 450 pastors meeting together. And they were told about the crusade and the sea fan teams were there. And for sure it was a good day and still go from those days everything was going well. And then later the see fun. And as we have been doing some other things, at least to promote the crusade, we had the youth promotion day. We promoted the crusade to the youth and more than one, 1000 youth gathered together. And it was very good. I tell you, and we also had prayers as well, and everything was going good. And we have about 12 committee preparing the crusades. So to now, every committee is doing good. And with ongoing, everything is going on. Well,

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (03:42):
So a big part of doing a crusade is the promotion and all over the city. I have seen posters and banners. People passing out flyers. Does everyone in Kahama know what is happening this week?

Emmanuel Array Gewe (03:55):
For sure. It’s like everybody in Kahama knows because I don’t think if something like this one has happened before. I know there were many preachers around Kahama who came from America, from Europe, from Korea, from everywhere. But I think this one has been different because there were flyers. Everybody’s having a flyers. There were billboards everywhere. There are banners everywhere. And we have trucks moving around everybody. And it’s like, for two weeks I was moving one to one place to another. I want it’s like, I wanted to know if there’s somebody who do not know that there is crusade. So for the two weeks asking if there is somebody who do not know that there’s crusade, I only found one old woman, old woman, and I don’t blame her because it’s like, she’s not good in hearing. She’s also not good in speaking. And because of her age is like, she doesn’t have the company with other people. So I can say every body in Kahama knows crusade. And last day, when we were to the field, one guy say, if I want to be saved in this crusade, I think I won’t be saved anymore.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (05:13):
Well, I believe he will be saved. Amen. And so tell me about some of the needs here in the city. As, as we were coming here, you told me that Kahama is a city of witchcraft. What do you mean by that?

Emmanuel Array Gewe (05:33):
Kahama is having this demonic worships. We can say did this kind of demonic worship people. They are witch doctors, witchcraft. I mean these people who are watching the evil, that the kingdom of darkness, these are the people who are worshiping the kingdom of darkness. And truly speaking. This city is four of these kind of demonic activities because the city of gold, I, we don’t understand, you know, gold mines are many here. So people love that people are doing many business is like they’re doing their business. It’s like they, they, they are relying to the witchcraft thinking that the witchcraft will help them. So that’s how, what they are doing. And it’s not easy. It’s not easy. Even here to start a church. It’s not easy. When we started the church here, 2003, 2000, and 2013, it was not easy.

Emmanuel Array Gewe (06:29):
It was not easy because this place was known to be the darkest place in the city of Kahama. And people are not even building the houses because when you build a house, when you build a goose house, you can die. But even other pastors were opening the churches here somewhere, somewhere, even running. When I came here, we had some pastors, one came here. He is having his family. He is married. But when he, when he got, when he came, he started a church. You know, he left his family. He ran away. He left the ministry. The other one came the same. When I came here, 2012, they told me the same story that my friend, you cannot open the church here. So in 2012, I spent the whole year praying for this place so that when I planned the church, that the ministry will grow and it was not easy. We have been praying, delivering people from demon possession and everything. And from them, there was broke through. I want to tell you, since I started the ministry here, many churches are being open around here.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (07:32):
There is tremendous breakthrough and your churches full on Sunday morning. Oh yes. And many miracles go,

Emmanuel Array Gewe (07:40):
God has been doing goddess. Open the blind here. God has opened the diff God has, God has helped heal. Many people who are having deadly diseases. You see God has helped in him and are men. The church is full of testimonies. If you come around the church and look to the church and ask who is healed from demonic oppression, you will see them rising the hand that they are healed and they are totally free. So

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (08:09):
Reinhard Bonnke had a profound impact on your life. Tell me, what have you learned from Reinhard Bonnke?

Emmanuel Array Gewe (08:19):
Reinhard Bonnke is really interesting. It was 2009, 2009 to eight. When I got saved, it was on March. When I got saved. When I got saved I had a friend called Ezekiel came and brought me a book. I was just a new convert and say, the book of, from evangelists written by Bonnke “Evangelism by Fire.” So he gave me that book. And by that time, you know, I got saved and it’s like, my family has separated me. I was like, I was chest from home. And just because I got seven and I was Holy spirit field, and the spirit of God was really moving around me and I was ready to die for Christ in those few months. So this man came, he brought me a book. I started reading the book when I started reading the book bonkers book, evangelism by fire.

Emmanuel Array Gewe (09:16):
It’s like I found I was burning from inside, outside. I was burning and my heart was full of joy. I was courageous. I was to preach. And there were pictures of Reinhard Bonnke to the middle of the book. When I look at the book and I see the multitudes Bonnke had been preaching and it’s like, I was drinking. I know, I know if Bonnke is preaching, I will also preach. And I become passionate for the gospel. And I finished the book evangelism. I finished reading that book and I started looking for the books. You can even see right now, I have this one mighty manifestation, the gifts and the power of the Holy spirit. I bought many books. It’s like, I’ve read almost all the books of Bonnke. What happened is I become full of God’s fire. When, when with this, with that fire, you know, because of how, because of faith, it’s like, I was fiery my life.

Emmanuel Array Gewe (10:13):
I spend my life to the church. I preaching people all around the villages. My brother is like, he was angry. Say, this one here is going to be a pastor instead of being a student. So he took me and he sent me to the boarding school. So I went to boarding school is it’s like, he wanted me to go to boarding school because there is no church. But truly speaking, when I entered to two school, they choose me to be the CEC chairman of student fellowship. I started preaching the gospel from three students to 20 students.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (10:47):
Wow. So, so you never had the opportunity to meet Reinhard Bonnke, but still, what, what did you consider him to be in your life right now?

Emmanuel Array Gewe (10:57):
Bonnke, I have never met him and I was praying that one day I met Reinhard Bonnke and sometime I have even written him an email. If at all he can allow me to see him. And even I wrote that in one of his book, I think many books Bonnke wrote the story about George Jeffrey, George, different and evangelists from British. So it’s like I was telling Bonnke because George Jeffrey agreed you to go in and he blessed you. Please allow me as well to come to you and bless me as well. But the problem is when he died to that point, I’ve never seen. And the email was not replied 2017 is like, I think [Daniel] Kolenda, I was told that Bonnke is coming to Dar Es Salam and I was preparing to go, but I did not see him, but it was called Kolenda.

Emmanuel Array Gewe (11:51):
So by that time, I did not, that Kolenda is going to be the president of Christ for All Nations. So Bonnke has made me passionate. If you see the ministry growing is because of Bonnke. If you see everything going on spiritually with me, that is Bonnke. Bonnke has made a big impact to my life. My choice lie right now, full of preachers because I’ve been preaching to the streets. Everybody here is to the church is a preacher. So they, we used to go to the street preaching. The same passion I got from Bonnke is the same passion that the church is having from me. So it’s like the church is full of passion and my heart is really for the harvest, really for the harvest. And, and as the church, we have mission. As you see, we are really having a mission to plant a missionary church in South Sudan. That’s our mission that we have,

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (12:47):
Amen. That is such a wonderful vision, and God will make that come to pass. And so one of the important parts of doing a crusade is the followup of new believers. What is your church planning to do to help, to disciple those who get saved at the crusade?

Emmanuel Array Gewe (13:07):
Oh, yes. I’m, I’m prepared, prepared to use this opportunity to, to have a soul that will go that will be saved from Stephan crusade tomorrow from tomorrow. What we are prepared is to the church. We have prepared 21 days for the seminar. So we’ll have different preachers. They will be here doing deliverance, praying for the people, helping the new converse to grow spiritually. So the church you know, the church is right now excited for the concern. And after the crusade, we are also prepared for the seminar. Not only that, but every church member of weld harvest is given flyers and they are inviting their friends. Everybody, not only that, but also we, we, we, we prepare an invitation later. We have sent many invitation letter to the people so that they come to the church. And you can’t imagine the day before yesterday, I received a call from a Muslim teacher. He said, pastor, I have got the flyer. I have got the invitation letter, M as a Muslim, as a share, am I allowed to come to the seminar? I told you, yes, you are allowed to come to the seminar. Not only to the seminar, start with the crusade, then come to the seminar. So for sure, we are prepared our deacons. Last week, we did an election, we added more deacons. We added more deacons and church elders so that they, we have the team of followup. And we are really prepared for that.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (14:36):
You are prepared for, for growth here in the church. And you’re going to do a 21 day seminar starting after the crusade begins 21 days of preaching, healing, deliverance, teaching the new believers, the basics of

Emmanuel Array Gewe (14:52):
The gospel. What are some of the things that you’ll teach them? Of course the first thing is will be, they will be believe they be teaching how to overcome the challenges of the world. They’ll be told how to preach others as well. They will be told how to grow in Christ. Those are very important things and they will be towed the do’s and don’ts that they should observe is as new Christians. Yes. So tell me, what do you expect God to do here in this city this week?

Emmanuel Array Gewe (15:32):
Evangelist? I tell you, every pastor is excited as a crusade organizer. You know, I’ve told pastors to prepare. Every church should have a seminar. Every church should have a seminar so that we have with the city, this opportunity comes, comes come doesn’t come. Always Stefan. When Steven comes it’s can take 20 years again for Stefan to come back because Stefan is moving all around the world. So by grace, you know, we, we, we, we have got this grade, but for sure, what I am seeing is God is going to do great things in this city that everybody nobody has ever seen. And if you go, even to the city, even people of the offices, they are saying we will be going to the concert. So the impact is going to be very big.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King

Awesome. Bishop Emmanuel, thank you so much for all of your work, helping with the crusade. We could not do it without you. You are a great blessing, and I can say you are a great man of God, so God bless you, sir. Thank you, evangelists. God bless it. You are also welcome to come

Evangelism Podcast Host (16:37):
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