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Fernando Fleming | Apostolic Leader in the Dominican Republic

Fernando Fleming has organized almost two hundred crusades in the Dominican Republic and Haiti for dozens of evangelists. Today he talks (in Spanish) about what God is doing on the island of Hispaniola in the Caribbean. You will be inspired by his faith and he talks about the miracles he has seen God do.

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Learn about evangelism from Daniel King, the Evangelism Coach.


Evangelism Coach Daniel King (00:00):

Fernando Fleming has organized the most 200 crusades in the Dominican Republic and Haiti for dozens of evangelists today, he talks in Spanish about what God is doing on his island. In the Caribbean. You will be inspired by his faith. As he talks about the miracles he has seen God do.

Evangelism Podcast Host (00:19):

Jesus said, go into all the world and preach the gospel. Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord. Welcome to the evangelism podcast with Dr. Daniel King, where Daniel interviews, full-time evangelists, pastors, missionaries, and normal everyday Christians to discover how they share their faith, their powerful testimonies and amazing stories that will inspire you to reach people with the good news. And now here’s your host, missionary and evangelist Daniel King.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (00:54):

Welcome to the evangelism podcast. I’m Daniel King and I’m excited about telling people about Jesus today. I have a very special friend. He’s been a friend for many years for Nando Fleming from Dominican Republic. Thank you for joining me today.


Fernando Fleming  (01:17):

[Speaking in Spanish]To have an encounter again with you. Can I make [Speaking in Spanish]Pedro [Speaking in Spanish]remind me that you are a young man, but working with you, man, Microsoft [Speaking in Spanish]passion for the soul and for the nations. [Speaking in Spanish]Every evangelist has to have that passion for the souls into the world to talk about [inaudible]. And even though you’re a young man, [Speaking in Spanish]you have been a big blessing for the world. [Speaking in Spanish] mainly for my nation, the it and hate [Speaking in Spanish]because you can’t [Speaking in Spanish]to ministry. The word meant that we need to solve. And not only you came by yourself, also, you brought the [Speaking in Spanish]to continue going to the Dominican Republic. [Speaking in Spanish]Being a great blessing for [inaudible]. And for me, it’s a pleasure and honor to be with you in this moment.


Evangelism Coach Daniel King (02:25):

I remember the very first crusade that I came to be with you was in Puerto Plata. It was my second crusade. And I still did not know very much about preaching, but you worked very hard and we had a very good crusade there and Porto Plata. Do you remember that?


Fernando Fleming  (02:49):

[Speaking in Spanish]Okay. You were coming from Honduras. They didn’t have that crusade over there. [Speaking in Spanish]Got broken. So you remember that you came to Puerto Plata, local mall. And I remember like [Speaking in Spanish]because it was really impactful what God did meet up [Speaking in Spanish]you know, for us to organize that crusade, it was hard for us [Speaking in Spanish]because my guys even were taken to Gale [Speaking in Spanish]the theories from the city gave us the permission for the crusade. [Speaking in Spanish]When they saw how many promotions and posts they saw on the city, no Yamato. Then they called us and they took our permission away. They said we will not permit [inaudible].


Fernando Fleming  (03:41):

The entire city is [inaudible]. I didn’t know what to do. No one took him off. We were hauled out. And then my guys and I went to pray [Speaking in Spanish]and they came back to the governor for the seat [Speaking in Spanish]and I said to him, who has invested so much money [Speaking in Spanish]and this is a touristic place. [Speaking in Spanish]These people are going to bring like a group of north American [inaudible]. If I tell them those news, they okay. Know how many they will not come for. [Speaking in Spanish]that’s not going to be good for the [Speaking in Spanish]because it’s a touristic city. Okay. And then he said, okay, then I’m assuming I may have a couple of meetings to jam all a policy called the police charge and lay my guys go out of jail. [Speaking in Spanish]Longer not explaining, well, don’t do anything yet. Wait [Speaking in Spanish]we were just three days away from the, for the crusade, the Birmingham and okay. And then he called me, he said, okay. He, he seemed more like a silo. And then we have the crusade. [Speaking in Spanish]Incredibly [Speaking in Spanish]because [Speaking in Spanish]nobody knew yet. And you were like, yo, man [Speaking in Spanish]were not popular. [Speaking in Spanish]But the people decided to go [Speaking in Spanish]the whole city of port supply. [Speaking in Spanish]Gathering this place. [Speaking in Spanish]And remember that we gave out so many books you send to, to make many books. It don’t say [Speaking in Spanish]and then he was such an amazing [inaudible]. And I don’t know if you remember [Speaking in Spanish]but one of those nights it rained. He [inaudible]. And he was running in the whole seat of [Speaking in Spanish]in the place of the crusade where the people were [Speaking in Spanish]30,000 people and it didn’t rain [inaudible].


Evangelism Coach Daniel King (05:45):

Yeah, I do remember this miracle. It was raining all over the city and our whole team was praying. We’re praying saying, God, you have to give us good weather. And so the sky opened up above the area of the crusade, everywhere else was raining. And just in the place of the crusade, there was no rain. And we saw so many miracles at that Crusader. I remember there was one boy. He was named Valentino. He was about maybe like eight years old. And he was deaf and dumb. He couldn’t speak, but Jesus healed him. And he came up and began to speak in front of the whole crowd. And everyone was talking because that was a great miracle. And I remember there was another miracle at that crusade. There was a little girl who she had been in an accident and she was in like a wheelchair. She couldn’t walk. And so her mother brought her to the crusade and, and she was not healed the first night, but then she took her home and put the little girl in bed. And then the next morning in the other room, the mother felt a tap on her shoulder. And her little girl had gotten up and walked from her room over. You remember that?


Evangelism Coach Daniel King (06:57):

She came and brought the testimony


Fernando Fleming  (07:01):

To this, to the crusade. [Speaking in Spanish]Again, you guys were not popular preachers [Speaking in Spanish]but it was a risk with you guys and God made it [inaudible]. And then after that, you’ll be perceived. That’s when they saw [Speaking in Spanish]is that where it started? And we made [Speaking in Spanish]and I remember that pastor villager would tell me, look, [Speaking in Spanish]you have learned in this share with others [Speaking in Spanish]and then we have made crusades to other people [Speaking in Spanish]people in the crusades. See?


Evangelism Coach Daniel King (07:56):

Yeah. And so, since that time, you, you have organized many crusades for, for many of my friends Dr. Jack Myers comes Peter Youngren has been with you. Mike friends seen Billy Joe Doherty. You, you have had so many great evangelists that have come Andrew Palau and the whole Palauan team.


Fernando Fleming  (08:18):

Mike May go law. I love him.


Evangelism Coach Daniel King (08:21):

Yeah. And so, so many people have come and, and worked with you. And you’ve been doing crusades in the Dominican side of the island, but also going to the Haiti side, which Dominican and Haiti, they share the same island, but they’re very different. I remember we did a crusade in Cape, Haitian in Haiti and also in one, a men. And it is very different. It’s very difficult. Sometimes working. [inaudible]


Fernando Fleming  (08:50):

Really difficult. [Speaking in Spanish]Yeah, [Speaking in Spanish]in Haiti is really, really hard singing. [Speaking in Spanish]However, we were able to see the glory of God. I quit. [Speaking in Spanish]Like when I’m in there, I remember it. For example, in [Speaking in Spanish]the amount of Mirakuru [Speaking in Spanish]we were praying, she lost so much weight. [Speaking in Spanish]Fail, power [inaudible]. And then we also saw in that Tuesday, it was a whole week of crusade [Speaking in Spanish]and people would move to the crusade side. Even to the day of today. I saw somebody on site that was many years ago, pips on, well, even today, they still have the poster of the promotion [Speaking in Spanish]and everything. I go around [Speaking in Spanish]they’re always asking me, you can come in back, [Speaking in Spanish]back there with all the pictures [Speaking in Spanish]but they always remember [Speaking in Spanish]extraordinary. And it’s so good. [Speaking in Spanish]Because that’s what [Speaking in Spanish]glory of God manifested [Speaking in Spanish]makes people to come to the [Speaking in Spanish]and at the end, that’s the goal. God Alma, Barclays win souls for Christ.


Evangelism Coach Daniel King (10:28):

Yeah. I remember one night in, in one, a man, we, we had five nights of services there and on the fourth night was holy spirit night. And so we were praying for people to be filled with the holy spirit. And on that night, a white dove came and flew three times around the crusade, the crusade. And then it perched on the banner behind where the crusade was. And I said, wow, that is amazing. The holy spirit has come Stacy. And, and I remember in Kate patient, when we were in Kate patient, you remember we were in the main Plaza, right in the middle of the city.


Fernando Fleming  (11:07):

Remember [Speaking in Spanish]we had so many problems. The crusade was not supposed to be there. [Speaking in Spanish]Soccer, c’mon soccer. The crusade was supposed to be in a soccer stadium. [Speaking in Spanish]But he doesn’t know if [Speaking in Spanish]they took the permission. [Speaking in Spanish]Crusade. They took the permission. [Speaking in Spanish]I told you that because I didn’t like to give back. [Speaking in Spanish]Like to give back [Speaking in Spanish]were saying to us, the whole seed is going to go to the crusade [Speaking in Spanish]and they are going to damage the grass [Speaking in Spanish]and you know, that new grass in the stadium [Speaking in Spanish]and there are 30 said to me, [Speaking in Spanish]for us to be able to have that grass [Speaking in Spanish]we worked for five years. When I say mama, and you in one week, we’re going to destroy. The entire seed is going to go to the number. We want to set up a lot. So we went to the [inaudible],


Evangelism Coach Daniel King (12:26):

Remember that the, the Archbishop of the Catholic church, he was upset about us being there because it was right in front of the beautiful white cathedral. And so they, they were angry and even on yeah. Radio. And they said


Fernando Fleming  (12:40):

That like, that place belongs to them, actually.


Evangelism Coach Daniel King (12:42):

Yeah. And, and, and on the radio, they said, these people that are coming, you don’t go tannic. But every night there were great miracles. Jesus was healing. So many people. And so we would give the testimony, Jesus healed me. My ear was healed. My arm was healed. My I can walk now. And so he, he was listening. And after several days of the crusade, the Archbishop of the Catholic church called us and says, I hear the miracles. I believe this is Jesus. And he says, will you come and pray with me?


Fernando Fleming  (13:24):

[Speaking in Spanish]They didn’t want to allow us to be there in front of the Plaza [Speaking in Spanish]shop. And he didn’t want us to be there. [Speaking in Spanish]But the people came, Vino people came ultimately, and again, God glory, if you have wind up on the [Speaking in Spanish]Jesus words, when he does those moments, those moments are going to get there again. This one call you after COVID, we’re going to go back to it.


Evangelism Coach Daniel King (13:58):

Many years ago, one of the people that came with us on the team, they had a prophetic gift and they prophesied over you and said that God is raising you up with an app, historic anointing, the anointing of an apostle for the Dominican Republic. And since that time, you have done crusades across Dominican, across Haiti, you have been on television, you have been on radio. You have a beautiful church that God has given you. And, and, and Barahona, and it is so magnificent to see the influence and the, the blessing that God has given on your menu, even, how am I


Fernando Fleming  (14:41):

Going to, let me tell you this [Speaking in Spanish]I knew I was going to [Speaking in Spanish]they’re in my city. [Speaking in Spanish]You spoke about the TV, Canada. [Speaking in Spanish]I used to cover the city of [inaudible], but you know, the Dominican Republic has 33 cities. You’re the boy I went out on the air and then I said, I’m going to see Danielle [Speaking in Spanish]because I want him to be with me and support me in this project. [Speaking in Spanish]Because now our TV challenge is not only for the one city national. Now she, the whole seat Dominican Republic, CC [Speaking in Spanish]has been working. [Speaking in Spanish]Doesn’t have anything with do with [Speaking in Spanish]church has, has grown. [Speaking in Spanish]Has grown in the middle of the pandemic. More [Speaking in Spanish]in the calling of [Speaking in Spanish]in what God has placed in us. [Speaking in Spanish]Believe me. I’m happy. [Speaking in Spanish]Because the only thing that changes, I own a persona, a personal model of being from bad to good is Jesus.


Evangelism Coach Daniel King (16:07):

Amen. Now all these different, great leaders, great evangelists have come and worked with you. What are some of the things that you have learned from these evangelists? I remember one time you told me a lesson from pastor Billy Joe Doherty, and to help me be a better evangelist. Do you remember that?


Fernando Fleming  (16:27):

SI SI SI Bina. [Speaking in Spanish]I’ve worked with so many people, emotional number, many men names. [Speaking in Spanish]I will not mention now I say squalor, but that’s cool. You guys pass your calls that at school beat or the Christian center victory Christian center [Speaking in Spanish]is a school [inaudible]. And if we learn from him, [Speaking in Spanish]it’s like getting closer to Jesus and being closer to Jesus for the hemp. For example, [Speaking in Spanish]that passion for the soap. [Speaking in Spanish]Totally feels, he goes faster. Billy y’all transmitted that where the passion for the soul [Speaking in Spanish]humility, humbleness from [inaudible]. He hasn’t seen that in anybody. And I did not. Nobody. I’m gonna have to let me give you a testimony. [inaudible]


Fernando Fleming  (17:26):

I was with possibility in Haiti. [Speaking in Spanish]In our, in our, in our city called careful [Speaking in Spanish]mothers in mid persona. And the last night of the crusade, we have more than 100,000 people in your medicine. And I get close to pastor and I told him [Speaking in Spanish]15 minutes. [Speaking in Spanish]We’re going to hand you the microphone. You know, we’re going to worship for 15 minutes because people are here. Ready? [Speaking in Spanish]People came from the miracle. [Speaking in Spanish]We’re going to hand you the microphone. And pastor Billy Joe told me no, no Kim sent me no bill, 15 minutes. [Speaking in Spanish]The preacher of tonight. Maybe also not to me. He gave him his last night [Speaking in Spanish]was a joke. And he said, no [inaudible]. And he ran from him. [inaudible]


Fernando Fleming  (18:24):

He kept organizing and you know, keeping attention to the crusade. And he came back to me and he said, you are the preacher [Speaking in Spanish]scripture from the Bible. And preach tonight. He told y’all see your thoughts. And even so I was like this. And then he handed me the microphone [Speaking in Spanish]and I spent seven minutes and after seven minutes I handed him back the microphone. He said, no, no I [inaudible]. Well, I worked with so many preachers. I know that that’s really hard. They’d never give away the microphone [Speaking in Spanish]that I’ve worked with. I can say, look, we got to say it. You’re the one who knows more about crusade. It’s a mental DNA out of a movie. When, and also you have something really good. [Speaking in Spanish]I know so many people have it. [Speaking in Spanish]And it’s that you help others to become great. I can remember. And that’s a huge blessing.


Evangelism Coach Daniel King (19:30):

Amen. Yeah. I remember that. The lesson you taught me from, from possibility to authority. You said that one night possibility Joe was finished preaching. He was ministering to thousands of people. Great miracles. And then when he walked off the platform, there was a lady there who came for prayer and he’s spent time just praying for her spending time with her taking making sure that she was cared for. And you saw me one time. I was preaching. And then when I got off the platform, I run to my car and drive off to the hotel. And you told me, Daniel, you need to spend more time caring for the people. And I always remember that big. And now when I go to a crusade, I always make sure anyone who wants prayer take the time. And because that’s what they’re there for. [inaudible],


Fernando Fleming  (20:17):

That’s something that possibly he would pay attention to. [Speaking in Spanish]He wouldn’t run from there. Like if he was an artist, he will go one by one. [Speaking in Spanish]Even sometimes if [Speaking in Spanish]he will leave the area, the state from the [Speaking in Spanish]after everybody would have left already. Yes. I’m willing to put it back. And that’s really [inaudible]. That’s like, that’s why for me, it was a privilege to work with possibility, Joe [inaudible]. That was amazing. When I basically come more, I think sometimes in Haiti [Speaking in Spanish]we will have security guards for him. [Speaking in Spanish]Would call me. He might say, take those people away. And I would say, pastor, I’m sorry. [Speaking in Spanish]They have to be there. That’s okay. And he’ll say, okay. [Speaking in Spanish]And then after we were done, he would say to me, [Speaking in Spanish]your thing. Where are you sure that it was necessary for them to be here? You’ll see. And then I say, yes, pastor. Yes. See, I’m not going to him for the answer. He was such a great experience.


Evangelism Coach Daniel King (21:27):

You’ve done so many crusades, more than a hundred more than you, would you say 200, 200 crusades in Dominican and in Haiti, what do you think the impact of those crusades have, has been, have the churches growing? Has it had an impact on the nation? Okay.



Fernando Fleming  (21:51):

[Speaking in Spanish]he, hasn’t only been that the churches have grown [Speaking in Spanish]but also the city takes a different attitude. [Speaking in Spanish]Like, if you started like the life of [inaudible], they go to talk to one another and over and over [Speaking in Spanish]because they know what, that, the only thing that changes a city, a country is the gospel [inaudible]. And I think that it’s smart for an evangelist or for the pastor to take territory. I say, go to that country. [Speaking in Spanish]many times it’s necessary. I can be able to pay in order for them to change the [Speaking in Spanish]change. Our country [Speaking in Spanish]change. [Speaking in Spanish]Change the way people will look at the gospel. So that’s like that.


Evangelism Coach Daniel King (22:58):

Sometimes it’s very difficult to organize crusades. What are some of the biggest challenges and problems you’ve faced in organizing crusades


Fernando Fleming  (23:09):

May not be like [Speaking in Spanish]he will always be difficult. What? I have brilliant because in my case, [Speaking in Spanish]when the evangelists allow me to have the city for the crusade. [Speaking in Spanish]I go three days to the, to that city. It Camino and I walk around [Speaking in Spanish]and I ain’t checking around what God wants in the moment for the city. [Speaking in Spanish]If it’s a good city, it doesn’t matter. [Speaking in Spanish]I just want to receive the tip from God it’s him. Okay. And then we’ll say, okay, [Speaking in Spanish]that had been to Aquino. And I said, no, not here. [Speaking in Spanish]That’s the first thing we’re looking for God’s direction. And they’ll say, [inaudible], what’s the main challenge or challenge of this [Speaking in Spanish]that it doesn’t rain. We don’t want it to rain. [inaudible]


Fernando Fleming  (24:05):

We don’t want it to rain so that people can come to this, to, to the area. However, though, [Speaking in Spanish]we have seen so much rain and get a castle up with the plot. I do. You remember important? The plateau and people stayed there [Speaking in Spanish]once we were in San Francisco with Dr. Jack Myers [Speaking in Spanish]and it rained a lot and people stayed [Speaking in Spanish]with pastor Billy Jo [inaudible], Billy Jo at 7:00 PM. No, I’m hoping that we will not have the crusade today. And he said, why [Speaking in Spanish]because it rained the last few, like [Speaking in Spanish]CDs full of water. [Speaking in Spanish]The place of the crusade. We only have like 50 people in [Speaking in Spanish]and he said to me, no. And he said, if there’s one person I’m going to go to preach. And there were 50 people seeing Metro, like 100 meters. I mean, I don’t know no CMBS until you got a [inaudible].


Fernando Fleming  (25:19):

Okay. 100 feet before I Wade from that, from the stage [Speaking in Spanish]couldn’t keep going. So we got off the call [Speaking in Spanish]and the water was covering him, both his knees coming down. And we were walking in the water until we got to the field. [Speaking in Spanish]Five minutes later [Speaking in Spanish]there were more than 7,000 people that live to say equal phenol. And by the end of the [inaudible], the crusade was done with more than 20,000 people. [Speaking in Spanish]in the middle of the rain. So like, our challenge has been rained [Speaking in Spanish]but God is God, he lost it. And he does because of the people


Evangelism Coach Daniel King (26:07):

See, amen. What are some of the greatest miracles you have seen? What have you seen do


Fernando Fleming  (26:14):

Many I’ll help us out again. We’re going to spend the whole day here. [Speaking in Spanish]I’m going to tell you one. That was really impactful for me. [Speaking in Spanish]My fantasy. I ain’t got a nice act to say for my friend sin, E L L [Speaking in Spanish]and the place was full [Speaking in Spanish]and there was an old woman [Speaking in Spanish]with a boy that was around eight years old. He, so I’m walking, I’m walking towards the stage. [Speaking in Spanish]And the woman touched me like this [Speaking in Spanish]we had around 37,000 people in there and she touched me and [Speaking in Spanish]and she said to me, please tell mommy, Nina, take my key. [Speaking in Spanish]Take him to the state. But I kill all that. So that he prays for angel [inaudible]. You know, that boy was born blind. He had a Nino and the boy [Speaking in Spanish]when he’s, when she finished telling pass dad, and then they blow was touching her over there. No, mommy you’re well, no, mom. I see now, but then my first time he had seen his mother. No, mommy, you will. He was stuck her and saying, no, mom, I see you Yulia. And pastor said, this is incredible. The God [inaudible].


Fernando Fleming  (27:39):

And I’ve seen so many [Speaking in Spanish]with pastor Billy Jo homing. There was a young woman Benia she was coming. He’d been on about the forest. He came to the state testimony to give her testimony. [Speaking in Spanish]Went through the depression [Speaking in Spanish]she was walking on the, on the seat of [Speaking in Spanish]and she decided to commit suicide. Y’all hit me with the mother. She said, today’s my last day [inaudible]. And she ran out to take her, take her life flyer. And she found a flyer [Speaking in Spanish]victory for Santiago. And she’s looking at the flyer. And he said, [Speaking in Spanish]victory for Santiago. She kept reading the flyer [Speaking in Spanish]and she said, I’m gonna wait either way, put that on your plate. And then I’m going to go to night for the crusade [Speaking in Spanish]and she went to the crusade, Evie also testimonial. And she gave her a test. She will say yes. And that’s the best miracle. Wow.


Evangelism Coach Daniel King (28:38):

Amen. That’s amazing. God did so many miracles. Well, I am so grateful to know you. It is an honor to have you as a friend, God has raised you up as an apostolic leader in Dominican Republic. And I believe that God will give you the entire nation for Jesus. And I think this, this next stage where you are taking the television channel across the entire country, God will give you a voice. And thousands of people will come into the kingdom of God. And so thank you very much for being on the evangelism podcast with me.


Fernando Fleming  (29:17):

Okay. [Speaking in Spanish]Thank you. Then. I would like [Speaking in Spanish]but thank you. I want to say something to you then when I say I need that, I have an old woman [Speaking in Spanish]that I’ve known him for almost 26 years. So, nah, see I’m a board teacher. Her name is [Speaking in Spanish]and we were, I said, [Speaking in Spanish]you are [inaudible]. And when I heard that from her, she’s an old lady [Speaking in Spanish]I said, that’s what makes the difference. [Speaking in Spanish]In this dirt, like integrity. [Speaking in Spanish]For me, for me, it’s an honor to be your friend Siegel. I follow, I follow everything you do. And I think I, for your life [Speaking in Spanish]family, I have blessed you come with them and how good it is. Thank you, Daniel. Thank you so much. God bless you.


Evangelism Coach Daniel King (30:20):

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