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Gaby Galvez | Reaching Latin American Women with the Gospel

The women of Latin America face unique problems including the lack of self esteem, poverty, and lack of opportunity. What is the best way to reach them with the love of Jesus? On today’s episode, Gaby Galvez explains the best way to reach women in Latin America. She also talks about the unique ways a minister’s wife can support her husband in his calling. 

Show Notes: 

The strength of the church in Latin America is often the women. They come to church every time the doors are open. It is important to tell women they are valuable and have value in the eyes of God. Women need to be given a voice. 

On this edition of the Evangelism Podcast, Gaby answers questions like: 

How do you balance being a wife, a mother, and a minister? 

What priority should your children have in the life of a mother?

How do you as the wife of a minister support and help your husband?

What message moves the heart of the women of Latin America?

Do you get scared when you stand in front of 20,000 women who are looking to you for answers?

Key Verse: Joel 2:28 “It shall come to pass that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh…your daughters shall prophecy.” 

Key Quote: Never allow the ministry go ahead of your children. Choose family first before ministry. 


Daniel King(00:00):

Today, I’m with a very special friend, ms. Gabby Galvez. She is from the nation of Honduras and she’s married to my very good friend, Rigo Galvez, who has helped me to organize crusades in Latin America for many years. And so Gabby is a powerful woman of God, and she really is a great passion in her heart for reaching women throughout all of Latin America. So ms. Gabby, thank you so much for being on the podcast today.


Gaby Galvez (00:34):

Thank you, dr. Daniel, for me, it’s a great privilege to be here. I really are exciting about this meeting, talking about passion, really how passionate our heart to the harvest and how God is Toro.


Daniel King(00:49):

Now, as I’ve traveled throughout Latin America, I’ve noticed that the, the strength of the church in Latin America is often the women. Usually there is a male pastor, but when you have a service, all the people who are singing and dancing and playing the tambourines and, and who come to the prayer meetings, the all night prayer meetings, they’re the women. And so the, the women are really strongly used by God throughout Latin America. And also the women are very effective at reaching out to others through evangelism. And so in your ministry, you’re very big on training women that they have value in God’s eyes, that they are valuable and talking to them about how they can be empowered through the Holy spirit to reach people. So, so ms. Gabby gave me some of what God’s put on your heart for women.


Gaby Galvez (01:54):

Yes. One other thing really the Lord has been putting in my heart is how we can be a voice. We are really God’s voice inner earth. We have to be jumping into this new area sometimes as a women’s. I can tell you, we are very comfortable in home. I has been home all the time and waiting for so long in some way, you know how I can go out from that box. You know, Ang is spread really the gospel and traveling with my husband. We find down, you know, how are our learnings into the, every now the women’s?


Daniel King(02:40):

And so you’re a wife and a mother. You’re also a powerful minister. How do you balance being a wife and mother with also being in the ministry?


Gaby Galvez (02:55):

Well, it’s a gray question always are in the process of the balance. But one of the thing that I really believe has been helping me is to have a very deep communion with the LER. You know, I don’t do many things. I do the important things saying has been to making many choice, like one day I remember I received an invitation to go into a women’s conference and they want me to go, I was ready to go. And I was looking for somebody to take care of all my kids. I love my mom. I love my mother. Love. I look for people who I know and nobody was ready. Nobody was how a time. And I say, I get to the, I remember this colors of my home. And I sit down there and I say, Lord, how you want me to do ministry? Because I am ready to do it. But it’s nobody who, who is helping my kids. And immediately the Holy spirit told me, never do the ministry going up in their head,


Daniel King(04:03):

Never allow the ministry to go in front of the children, make the children your first priority,


Gaby Galvez (04:10):

First priority. And, and that was like a fresh water into my heart. And I say, okay, Lord, I would do it from that time. I remember, you know, choosing family first, before ministry.


Daniel King(04:28):

There’s a verse in the book of Joel that has really impacted your life is in Joel two verse 28. It says, and it shall come to pass that I will pour out my spirit on all flesh. Your sons and daughters shall prophesy. Your old men shall dream dreams. Your young men shall see visions. Talk to me about that verse and, and what it means to you.


Gaby Galvez (04:55):

Yes, diverse for me is very inspiring. I believe really, as I told you before, we are a boys as a women, I remember going to a women’s conference and be so many women who come to me and say, look, I am a pastor wife, but I, I think just my husband came preach. I don’t believe I wanted, but I don’t believe that is for me. And I find many women’s, you know, fighting with the ideas when I believe really, you know, the Holy spirit inside of us and we need to live enough in now in this season, are people lifting their life out to VA boys, but in different ways, but the Lord wants us to speak his word and bringing hope to those in need women’s children’s and people who are waiting for us.


Daniel King(05:53):

And so when you go and speak at a women’s conference, and I know you’ve spoken to two women, there’s been thousands and thousands of women at these women conferences. What is your, your message that you give to the women? Yes.


Gaby Galvez (06:09):

One of them matches is Alvaro. I really love to inspiring the women. You know, how they can become a more visionary, seen theirself, you know, her self esteem up, I believe for the last day, the Lord wants to use many women who, who want to think in God’s way trying to let them know that they are not down. They are not even up the man, but they can be, you know, a gray bustle in this generation to chain their generations. Also coming in with the kids, you know, with the childrens in his, you see women is very hustler inference over even the, the house in, in everyday teaching is going on. And then we have a self esteem down and then it’s me in a going to conquer, you know, that play where the Lord want us to take us in the way, doing the right decision, you know, for the family, for the children, same and to have a great perspective about the future, where it’s going, you know, the house and the family Parasso to have a the victory, not just to be in, in a box, but also to a spreader hands, you know, beside or humps and surrender.


Daniel King(07:46):

Yes. Wow. You know, in the book of Genesis, it talks about how God has given women as a help meet to men. And boy, man sure do need a lot of help. And so your husband, Rigo is a man of great faith, but I think that when he’s standing in faith, he’s able to stand like that because you are a woman of great faith. Talk to me some about how you support your husband and how you encourage him and how you, you, you, you join your faith together to believe God for amazing things. Yes.


Gaby Galvez (08:26):

A 100 thing. I really, you know, the Lord Brown me all the time is praying for my husband, praying for my family, taking a quality time. But no, I want to tell you, dr. Daniel is not a religious prayer as like I has to do. That is a really desire to be there, you know, in God’s presence. And their moment know when I am praying sometimes even I am not praying exactly just for healing or for my family. I just, you know, be there in his, pressing a no hearing and delay me in healing in the moment. You know, I believe the Holy spirit show me things about, you know my husband of our future and say things like I believe what the Bible say. He would show us the secrets, you know, and then we can pray more boldness with a lot of boldness.


Gaby Galvez (09:30):

I remember those times where my husband is in another country, I am in my country with the kids. And that moment, the Lord brought me into prayer. I am praying right now. And I am taking a picture. What is going on with my husband in another country? I made some phone calls or I sent a text to him and he read the text and he say, wow, this is going on right now. You, you can keep praying. You know, it’s kind of like he’s in another country, but we are really connecting in the spirit. I believe every evangelist, everything we do for the Lord has to be bullying on prayer, but NOI prayer, like many people say, okay, let’s do this step of prayer. Step number one, step number two, step number three. And then they get boring. But as, so we get that prayer like that really or alive for, and really, you know, what we really want to do. The Loris started doing his job, the secret, really


Daniel King(10:36):

Talk to me about your children. Tell me about your children and tell me what you’re doing to train your children up in the Lord.


Gaby Galvez (10:43):

Yes. I have a passion really for my children’s. I always say they are the extension,


Daniel King(10:53):

They’re the extension. Your, your children are your extension


Gaby Galvez (10:57):

Extinction and does extension has to be even better than us. We have a three childrens are seeing I get praying it. I knew, you know, the Lord has been charging me because when I get pregnant of grace, the oldest child, you know, and I see how my belly was growing and everything. I just think about it, how the Lord controls the baby in me, you know, because in that moment in a probably I wasn’t ready for a baby, but the Lord trusting me and I take the challenge in, you know, the good challenge. I will say that training my kids into God’s word from the very beginning, I has been very jealous. What they hear, what they see with that’s around him. You know, I’m not trying just to make something like I know one day go away with people around, but I am building, I am helping to build something in the spiritual area in their life, and I need to be very jealous.


Gaby Galvez (12:11):

You know, I’m very careful with them. They has been some training about how to read the Bible. No, just as a book, but also get get I would say a revelation, what they are reading. I has been able to create a environment in my home that they just know knowing about God, but they experienced God in our home. That’s make a big difference. They can go and pray by themselves and they can come and say, Hey mom, I hear clearly duller Watson speaking that to my heart. And he say this and that, and that is wonderful. When I see the calming and say, mom, I got a dream. Tassie’s fishing mom. The Lord has been showing me this, this like a Daniel. Daniel is very well, you know, with Bishop and he all the time come mom, the Lord say to me that you will have a baby. Do you have another baby? I say, Danny, I finished grace and you are enough. And I say, well, but the Lord say that I was away for that two years later, I got pregnant. And he said,


Daniel King(13:30):

So God’s revealed it to your son before you even knew about it.


Gaby Galvez (13:35):

Yes. Yeah. The Lord revealed to my son and he say, and he will be a boy that how he say, and I said, well, we will see. And then the Lord, two years later, I have a boy. I never think I’m going to be praying after 10 years. You know,


Daniel King(13:54):

I know, I know that you’re a woman of prayer and in God speaks to you. So, so what has God been speaking to you recently


Gaby Galvez (14:03):

Has been in speaking to me to be a voice,


Daniel King(14:06):

To be a voice


Gaby Galvez (14:08):

Your voice are with tell you, I know really altcoin as people, you know, are very good at TV stations, radio thing like that. But I believe, you know, when we have a time for the Lord, when we pray in, we are full of the word of God. We just need to be in that stage, in that play with the Lord. Just want to flow one of the characteristics that I believe I am not really a public, I would say like, I really like to be in public, talk on videos on TBS. So I really don’t like I really, the work behind the scenes. That’s what I really like. Even when I do things in my home so that I don’t do things just in front of my husband or in front of my kids, I do a stuff behind them because I enjoy him between God and me.


Gaby Galvez (15:08):

But I, the Lord has been putting me in a play where he say, I will use you in now with rise your boys, because I need for the last time, you know, people who are really, you know want me to, to be, you want me to flow through dang, I would do it. I remember the first conference I have in my life. It was from song Americans coming to that was in Columbia. I remember doing a crusade over there and there were ladies coming from America to preach, but there they were missing Wang and they say, Gavi wants you to preach here. And I say, well, I am not ready. And they say, no, you, you ready? You can do it. Okay. I will do it. I take the step. That was my first conference was 20,000 womens in that Coliseum.


Daniel King(16:10):

So your first conference, there are 20,000 people listening.


Gaby Galvez (16:13):

I was there and I say, Holy spirit, I will do whatever you want me to do. And you know what? I start educating my ear. The Lord was talking to my ear and I was telling the people like I was God’s voice in a moment and releasing what the Lord wants me to do. And that moment, when I feel really that pressing on the Holy spirit, God in my life, I see many women, you know, I hear a women crying in the back and I see another woman crying in the healer. And I, I start talking and talking and preaching, you know, and was a pick a outing and the Holy spirit taking the, you know, all those women around the Coliseum. It made me think Laura, how it happened, because I never want to think I’m going to be in front of many people, you know, but I took the decision and I say, yes, I will do it. You know, always when we say yes to the Lord, he come in Gregoire his word,


Daniel King(17:15):

When you say yes to the Lord, he comes and honors his word. What a tremendous word from the Lord. Well, we have many women who listen to the podcast. I want you to pray for those women, pray that the Holy spirit would be upon them and that they would be used mightily for his kingdom. So pray for our listeners who are women,


Gaby Galvez (17:39):

I would pray, but really I believe more what I can pray. I believe that you gotta do a actual, that is where really the owner wants us to do. Sometime we are waiting and waiting and waiting and seeing others and believing in others, but don’t believe in ourself. But really this is the time that we will be even walking and praying because sometimes we as a church or we as a women’s in some way, women’s pray. I believe in some way, women’s go around the corner of their bed and say, Lord, help me with this. Or help me with my husband. Oh, help me with my children in some way, even they are not Christian at all, but they know there is God, but the Lord is calling us for this system to work, praying what Kim praying I would call that beaker for several years.


Gaby Galvez (18:40):

Then yet we had been in the back praying and praying and praying and nothing happened. I know many, women’s wonderful. Women’s power for women. When you talk to them, they’re, you know, amazing in impressible, but they has been chatting a room praying, you know, and they say, I am waiting for the manifestation of the Lord coming here. I am waiting for the time that law we expose me. I, now the Lord is saying, expose yourself. And that would be my prayer. That will be your prayer, you know? And then I would pray. But I believe for this system, we need to step out and walk together in prayer father in the name of Jesus, I believe for degeneration. Thank you for make us a boys where we can speak you revelation, where you hasn’t been giving into our heart. Thank you for the 19, for the power, for the healing, for the changing or mindset and giving hope and giving all the, every women’s in the nation’s need.


Gaby Galvez (20:00):

Thank you Lord, because you’re a grip father and you’re so sensitive, sensitive, Holy spirit for your anointing. Every women to believe in theirself, in lift their heart to you, but also they can walk through any circumstance. They can walk lore through the adversity and they can conquer, or because we are your child. Thank you Jesus, for the Holy spirit. And I think every women, wherever they are in, I believe LER. I believe like Joel, two 24 say that you will rise. Does daughters to be a boys in this generations. Thank you, Jesus. I believe the Holy spirit would take them and to show them that future and to release the vision that you has been already putting in their heart. Thank you for a great harvest. Thank you for a great annuity, but also thank you for live for boys in this or


Speaker 3 (21:16):

Jesus’ name. Amen. Amen.


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