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Geoffrey Ijsenbruk | It’s All About Jesus

Geoffrey Ijsenbruk is an Australian evangelist who graduated from the Evangelism Bootcamp at Christ for All Nations. He is passionate about following Jesus. Today, he talks about the vision God has given him for evangelism.

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Evangelism Coach Daniel King (00:00):
Geoffrey Ijsenbruk is an Australian evangelist who graduated from the Evangelism Bootcamp at Christ for all Nations. He is passionate about following Jesus today. He talks about the vision God has given him for evangelism.

Speaker 2 (00:28):
Welcome to the Evangelism Podcast with Dr. Daniel King, where Daniel interviews full-time evangelists, pastors, missionaries, and normal everyday Christians to discover how they share their faith, their powerful testimonies and amazing stories that will inspire you to reach people with the good news. And now here’s your host, missionary and evangelist Daniel King.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (00:52):
Welcome to the evangelism podcast. I’m Daniel King, and I’m excited about telling people about Jesus today. I’m with a very special guest Geoffrey Ijsenbruk from the great nation of Australia. Thank you for being with me today.

Geoffrey Ijsenbruk (01:07):
Thank you bro. Very much for having me, Mr. King.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (01:10):
And so we are right now in Ethiopia, we have just completed a great gospel crusade in the city of Ambo and you have come to be a part of it. Tell me, what do you think about what God did in the city of Ambo this week?

Geoffrey Ijsenbruk (01:27):
Wow. Wow. I’ve never seen so many miracles in my life. I’ve seen a lot of miracles, but in a span of four days, thousands and thousands and thousands of salvations, thousands of miracles, I believe more than we could ever even see. Just ridiculous. I believe we’ve, God has really shaken up the, the city of Ambo and even more.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (01:47):
Now we first met at the Christ for all Nations (CFaN) Evangelism Bootcamp in Orlando, Florida. You were a student at the bootcamp and evangelist Daniel Kolinda invited me to come and to be one of the instructors at the, the bootcamp. How did you end up going to the Evangelism Bootcamp?

Geoffrey Ijsenbruk (02:10):
I felt the call of God from, from a very young age. I was saved at 17 and essentially from, from the Geter, I knew that I, it was just like a, a sense that I had that I didn along here. I belonged doing what God wanted me to do. And I felt called to Africa. But for a very long time, I didn’t see it come to pass. I remember telling God one day in my car, I’m gonna book a, a flight tomorrow, God, and I’m gonna go tomorrow. I was only about 17 this time. And I said, I’m gonna go. And I was here and on the radio a man started preaching and he, he was preaching a message and he said, everybody wants to go to Africa. Everyone wants to go, but now is not your time. Soon, you will go. But not now. Now you need to focus on the neighborhood. You need to focus on where you live. And I, that was one of the first times that I really, God spoke to me like that. I was shocked. And when Daniel calender announced the bootcamp, I was a part of Y intake three. I saw it on his YouTube channel and it was exactly everything that God has been speaking to me about. And I knew that I had to go.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (03:23):
And so I was one of the instructors at the Evangelism Bootcamp, and there were many great instructors. What were some of the key things that you learned while you were at the Evangelism Bootcamp?

Geoffrey Ijsenbruk (03:33):
Wow. There’s, there’s so many. They love to teach you crusade, evangelism, even just being a evangelist evangelist. I learned how to be the best part of myself, who Jesus has created me to be everything that I thought was hidden that I thought I couldn’t do. Jesus revealed in me. And suddenly I became bold. I became a preacher and every Daniel Kolenda helped to refine even my theology, my theology, the way that I each, the way that I talk to people, the way that I even love people, everything about me became more like Christ.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (04:06):
And as part of the Evangelism Bootcamp, they always take people on an initiation to one of the crusades in, in Africa. And so you got to go to Ibadan, Nigeria. Yeah. And, and tell me what that initiation was like and what it was like being at the, the, the big flagship crusade there in Ian.

Geoffrey Ijsenbruk (04:29):
Wow. If, if you have ever seen a Reinhard Bonnke crusade or Evangelist Daniel Kolenda crusade, they are unbelievable millions of people. 1.2 million people attended over the, the course of three days, 1.2 million and 700,000 people gave their lives to Christ. In, in three days, over the course of three weeks, me and my team of 90 evangelists, we saw over 230,000 people get their lives to Jesus. This is on the markets. These are in the schools of Ibadan, Nigeria. These are genuine decision. And each and every one of these people got followed up. We gave them decision books. We gave them everything. We saw miracles, deaf ears, blind eyes open every single day, we saw arms grow out. We saw people, supernaturally regain gain the ability of just supernaturally learn English. I can go on and on. There’s so many things that God had done in that crusade.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (05:30):
You feel that God has called you to be an evangelist. Yeah. And God’s given you a name for your ministry. What’s the name of your ministry?

Geoffrey Ijsenbruk (05:38):
My name of the name is all about Jesus.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (05:41):
I love that. What a tremendous name, because really it is all about Jesus. Jesus is the one that we lift up as evangelists. And so you’re living in the country of Australia. And I believe that there’s much evangelism to be done in Australia. What’s it like telling people about Jesus in Australia? Have you have you done that?

Geoffrey Ijsenbruk (06:04):
Yeah, me, I organize a team and we go out every Friday night, you know, it’s, it’s been, it’s really tough Australians. They’re, they’re very cut off from Christianity. But when the holy spirit comes, you see people start to cry. People who said they didn’t even believe in God, they come and they give you a hug. They said, I really needed that. Cuz when the holy spirit fills them, they, they feel something they have never felt before. They feel something that feels real for the first time in their life. And I believe there’s a revival coming in Australia. And if you’re Australian watching this, get ready for the revival, equip yourself and get under a great evangelist and start to learn. Start to learn even someone like Mr. King here. He has great sermons and great training on young for young evangelists.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (06:52):
Let’s talk some about the future in what God has placed in your heart. Art. What are some of the dreams? What would you like to do as an evangelist?

Geoffrey Ijsenbruk (07:04):
Oh, there’s, there’s too many things I’d love to do. The, the biggest thing is I wanna see the world saved. I wanna see salvation after salvation, after salvation. I believe that my generation, our generation, we will see the come to Christ that has ever seen before. And I, I don’t say that to, to boast or anything. This is gonna be built on every single one of the, the people who have come before us, it’s gonna be built on their shoulders. And I believe we’re gonna see incredible harvest. The vision that I have for all about Jesus is firstly, I’m believing to see more than a million souls come to Christ. We’re gonna have crusade evangelism similar to what Daniel King does, crusade evangelism from country to country. We’re also gonna be equipping churches in those cities, but I also want to hit the, the countries that have really never really been hit by the gospel and have never had a lasting impact. I come from a place called Japan, mom, his she’s Japanese, I’m half Japanese. I have a vision to bring revival to Japan, to see the streets of Japan flooded with the gospel to see a place that is known for the suicide rate to begin to know Jesus as their savior. So many more. We wanna plant churches as well so that people in Japan can have a safe place to go. Even countries like Philippines. Yeah. So many different things.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (08:27):
Amen. Well, I believe those dreams come from the Lord and over the, the years to come, you are going to see God do tremendous things through your life. And this week here in Ambo, Ethiopia ha has really been tremendous. You, you really came to participate to be a part. And, and I just so much appreciate that you came with a servant’s heart, just ready to do anything. And, and you’ve been doing lots of different things. I mean this one day you’re taking pictures another day you’re sharing your testimony on the platform another day you’re you’re you’re down beside the platform, laying hands on deaf people and praying for the, the ears to be opened. And, and so this has been just tremendous having you here and you really came just with a heart to do whatever it took to, to help us have a, a successful cruc, but you’re still in the beginning stages of the ministry that God has for you. And, and one of the big reasons that you came, I think was just to, to learn. And so what are, what are some of the things that you, you feel you’ve learned this week good or bad, or, or what, what are some of the, the, the lessons that you’ll take with you?

Geoffrey Ijsenbruk (09:33):
I’ve learned so many things for, from healing, the sick to essentially preaching a simple gospel message. You, you preach the message and it was on the, the second nine of the crusade. So clear, so clear that even, even someone who maybe like a six year old, I really believe a six year old could even comprehend that. So simple that many times we complic too many things about the gospel, but I really learnt how to preach a simple gospel message about healing, the sick. And even it gave me watching, watching you and pair evangelist pair organize this crusade. It gave me this hope and this joy that I know that I can do the same. It gave me this sense that, wow, wow, I’m gonna be doing this. I’m gonna be doing this. And it made it realistic as well. I, I loved every single part of it. It’s been so, so important to me. Yeah.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (10:27):
The, the message that I preached was on the four greatest miracles in the Bible, miracle. Number one, God created you miracle. Number two, God loves you. Miracle. Number three, God saves you Nu miracle. Number four, God heals you. And, and you’re right. It is very simple. But it’s powerful. And, and I actually preach the exact same message in two different services during the crusade. And some people will say, well, why are you preaching the same thing again? Well, because those are such powerful truths. Yeah. God hated you. Yeah. God loves you. God saves you. God heals you. And I, I hope that long after the, the people that were there, forget my face, that they would still remember those powerful truth. That, that, oh, wow. God created me. God loves me. God, God is the one who saves me. And so I encourage you to, to preach that same message you, I give it to you. You can go and preach it at, at your crusades.

Geoffrey Ijsenbruk (11:25):
Actually, I saw when I was out with my friend Evangel, Daniel Patterson a man approached us and he actually, we, we began to talk to him, took some photos and everything. And he told us, he said, wow, you were the one preaching the message and everything. I remember that message. I remember everything. And it’s so powerful. Like everything that you were preaching was so powerful, cuz you’re right. It sticks in their brain. And a man, a random guy came up to and, and noticed us and noticed everything. And he remembered the message. So powerful.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (11:57):
How old are

Geoffrey Ijsenbruk (11:58):
You? I’m 23, 23.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (12:00):
And so you’re very young starting out in ministry, but I believe that God is raising up a new generation. And so what advice would you give to this new generation?

Geoffrey Ijsenbruk (12:11):
Wow. That’s you? Yeah. As a, as a 23, 3 year old, I wanna give advice cuz I really, one of my passions as well is raising up the next generation. Even though I am part of the next generation, I really believe there’s gonna be a generation walking in things like miracles, sign wonders and incredible things that are even unimaginable to us. Biggest advice that I could give you is don’t let go and don’t let anybody destroy your passion for Jesus. Too many times. People of religious mindset have come and they’ve tried to shift my love for Jesus, but I’ll tell you stay the course stay the course. Jesus. He has a calling for you. He has a, a purpose for you. And you know what? I never got prophesied that I’ll go to the nations. Nobody ever came to me, no one ever prophesied you’re going to the nations, but I believed it in my heart. And Jesus, he honored that and you where I am now, we’re in the city of a country of Ethiopia. See God has a purpose. He has a calling over your life, believe in it. And he will honor and respect it and he will make it come to fruition. Yeah.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (13:21):
Well Jeffrey, Thank you so much for being on the evangelism podcast.

Geoffrey Ijsenbruk (13:30):
Thank you for having me speaking,

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (13:33):
Thanks so much for listening to the Evangelism Podcast, I am excited about telling people about Jesus and we could not preach the gospel without your help. Over our years of ministry, we found that we’re able to reach one person for Jesus, for every dollar that people give us. And so that means that you would give us $1. We could start a party in heaven. In fact, I’m asking people to join our partnership program and give at least $1 every single month to help us to lead more people to Jesus. This is the greatest investment of your dollar that you can make in. It’s the only investment that’s gonna matter 10,000 years from now. So if you would like to help us lead people to Jesus, please visit king ministries.com K I N G king ministries.com and help us lead people to Jesus today. God bless you

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