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Global Evangelist Alliance | A New Era in Evangelism

On today’s episode, you will hear about the official launch of the Global Evangelist Alliance. This is a world-wide network of evangelists of every race, nationality and language, united in one goal, winning the world for Jesus. A new era in evangelism is beginning and it is exciting to be a part of it.

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Evangelism Coach Daniel King (00:00):
On today’s episode, you will hear about the official launch of the global evangelist Alliance. This is a worldwide network of evangelists of every race, nationality in language United in one goal, winning the world for Jesus. A new era in evangelism is, and it is exciting to be a part of it.

Evangelism Podcast Host (00:31):
Welcome to the evangelism podcast with Dr. Daniel King, where interviews full-time evangelists, pastors, missionaries, and normal everyday Christians to discover how they share their faith, their powerful testimonies and amazing stories that will inspire you to reach people with the good news. And now here’s your host, missionary and evangelist Danielle King. Welcome

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (01:00):
To the Evangel podcast. I’m Daniel King. And I’m excited about telling people about Jesus. On today’s episode, I’m going to take you into the studio in Orlando, Florida, and on the ground in Amsterdam, where we are talking about the launch of the global evangelist Alliance. This is per it together by empowered 21 ministry led by Dr. Billy Wilson, the president of oral Roberts university, and the global evangelist Alliance is a ministry that’s designed to bring together spirit empowered evangelists from all, all over the world. This is very exciting. I think it’s gonna raise up an army of evangelists that are going to be passionate about bringing the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world. So come with me, live into the studio. As we listen to what God is doing,

Evangelism Podcast Host (02:01):
Hello and welcome to the law launch of the global evangelist Alliance. My name is Caleb Wehrli and I’m the executive director of empower 21. And we’re so glad that you’re joining us today for this global broadcast. You know, today I’m joined with one of my great friends, evangelist, John Luke Trel, the global co-chair of the global evangelist Alliance. John Luke, how excited are you for today’s launch? Oh,

Caleb Wehrli (02:25):
I’m very excited because we are living a historic launch of this global evangelist Alliance. But mainly in Caleb, I know, and I feel already the power and the presence of the holy spirit is coming upon you to be part of what God is going to do for this greatest harvest in the story.

Evangelism Podcast Host (02:44):
That is so amazing. You know, the global evangelist Alliance also known as the GA is a part of empowered 21. It’s a relational network of spirit empowered leaders from denominations and independent church ministry backgrounds that have come together in a relational network that spans the globe separate into 14 regions. We’re seeing God do amazing things around the earth. And part of our vision is to serve a movement and empower a generation. The global evangelist Alliance is one of the groups that we’re able to serve, that people can know more about Jesus and have an encounter with the holy spirit. When we look at the empowered 21 network and what God is doing all around the world, we’re amazed at how so many miracles are happening. And many times people have never even heard the stories, but through the global evangelist Alliance, we are gathering evangelists leaders, pastors, and ministry liaisons that can focus on reaching the end time harvest.

Evangelism Podcast Host (03:48):
We believe that through unity, the holy spirit, reaching the next generation and focusing on the great commission, we can see God do amazing things in the future. We know in the past, the God has done so many amazing things, historic things, even today, as we’re standing in this stadium live from Amsterdam in the Netherlands in 1954, Billy Graham held a crusade in this very stadium reaching an entire nation. And we thought what a better way that we could ever the launch of the global evangelist Alliance, then right here live from the Netherlands. And also with our friends that are gonna join us in just a few moments from the studio live in Orlando. And so on. Today’s broadcast. We have evangelists from around the world that will be here with us, and you’ll hear from them later in the broadcast. And also some that are with our friends in Orlando.

Evangelism Podcast Host (04:43):
It’s gonna be a powerful time over these next few moments. Probably the next hour is gonna impact your life in amazing ways. I wanna encourage you right now to text a friend, email, someone to jump on live right now to the YouTube channel, or they can go live dot power 20 one.com and you can catch all of what God is doing during this historic launch. Now, Sean Luke, when you think about the vision and the mission of empowered 21, there are many people, they, they don’t understand what is empowered 21. And why is the global evangelist Alliance so important?

Caleb Wehrli (05:22):
Well, I do believe in power 21 is really God’s idea. And actually we all know after this pandemic, I hope it’s the end. And we believe the dark season is behind and great, great new season is opening, but I really believe it’s a new area. And actually even the non-believers they know something has changed. We have entered into a new area and this new area, it’s an area to preach the gospel to every nations of the world. And that’s for, I so much enjoy the vision of I power 21. And I encourage you to be part of this vision, not just to watch, but to become an actor, to bring to every human being on this planet earth, to have a personal, real encounter with Jesus Christ through the power and the presence of the holy spirit by Pentecost 2033. Now I have a good news. My friend only through the holy spirit, with the help of the holy spirit, we’ll be able to do that. And the good news is the holy spirit is normal going to bring division among the body of Christ because he is God. And he’s our helper to reach the greatest harvest of E story.

Evangelism Podcast Host (06:43):
You know, as you share the passion and the vision for souls, that’s what E 21 is all about that people would have this authentic encounter with Jesus, through the power and the presence of the holy spirit and make be. You’re watching right now in your room, in your house, in your car, wherever you are, as you’re hearing this vision, as we’re launching the global evangelist Alliance, and you’re wondering, is it about others or is it about me? I wanna encourage you. It’s about you. It’s not about you just starting a MENA or moving to the mission field, but you understanding that God is called each of us to evangelize our mission field for some it’s around the world and for some it’s across the street. But for all of us, we’ve been given the commission to go everywhere and to tell everyone as a network, not only are we reaching people through this global evangelist Alliance, but through many other initiatives that we are seeing people come together in ministries, working together to reach this world for Jesus Christ. I’m joined today by one of my other good friends, evangelist Mattias van dine, who is living here in the nether. And you have ministered around the world and maybe shared just a little bit of how empowered 21 and the global evangelist Alliance is reaching and training leaders around the world.

Speaker 5 (08:10):
Thank you so much, Caleb, such a privilege to be here with you here in Amsterdam, in the Olympic stadium. Thank you for watching this very incredible moment in history. As an evangelist years ago, I came into a beautiful environment. In an event was called empower 21, a network of fathers and mothers who are helping empowering leaders all around the world for the great commission empower 21 is just not a, a movement or just an organization. What I saw and witness all over the world is it empowered 21. It’s helping leaders to unity, very important to unity, to focus what I love about a power 21. It’s not just a unity, but the unity around a fresh outpouring of the holy spirit on this 21st century focus power. 21 is a, a network of leaders who are focusing on the harvest and the challenging. And at times we are facing right now, it’s also discovering together a common strategy, how we can involve every generation to live an empowered life.

Speaker 5 (09:14):
What I love personally, as an evangelist the most is that empower 21 is all about witnessing a love. John three for 16 for God, loved the world so much that he gave his one and only son Jesus Christ, so that everyone who believes in him shall not bear, but have eternal life. And that’s exactly Caleb. Why, why we are here. This is exactly why we are here and why we’re doing empower 21. Why we are launching the global evangelist Alliance. This scripture, I just checked with you is used many times just for evangelists, but listen, imagine this is God’s passion in dream that everyone on planet earth will be saved and encounter Jesus Christ through the power of the holy spirit. And God is talking about you. I don’t believe that this vision of empower 21 is just from an organization it’s straight from the father, heart of God. Imagine every believer starts to end raise this passion. Yes, everyone. Imagine right now from your home, you can do this. This is not just only for evangelists. This is for every spirit filled and empowered Christian. Yeah. Is it possible that before the year, 2023, we can reach every personal planet earth with the power and love of Jesus Christ to the power of the holy or mine? I will say yes. So dream with us, dream with us, dream with us and be part of the global evangelist Alliance.

Evangelism Podcast Host (10:45):
So what you’re talking about and what you’re hearing about from John Luke, and now here from Mattias is this decade of evangelism focused and strategic. He hearing and obeying listening, and then moving forward. We believe that through this broadcast today, it’s gonna be another step in the process of what God has called you to do as you’re watching. And as you’re listening and even in just a few moments, as you hear from our friends in the Orlando studio, Ashley Wilson is our executive assistant director of empower 21. Along with evangelist Nathan Morris, they’re gonna be leading in the conversation there in Orlando and asking questions, hearing stories, and inspiring you and all throughout the broadcast today, you’re gonna have an opportunity to respond first, to responding in understanding what the global evangelist Alliance is all about. You can join the GE. You can go to the website, they’re gonna give you more information on how you an ordinary believer empowered by the holy spirit or a ministry leader, leading an entire denomination or an omega church, wherever you are, wherever you find yourself in ministry.

Evangelism Podcast Host (12:01):
This is a place for you to connect so that we can reap the harvest together. You’re also gonna hear some more information about an exciting initiative that we’re launching today, that we’ll meet next year. And it’s gonna be powerful. You’re gonna hear about it in just a few moments, but more than anything, our heart is that you would be inspired to reach the nations of the earth and the people in those nations like never before. So right now, we’re gonna go to a quick video for the global evangelist Alliance. We’re gonna come back with our friends in the Orlando studio, and they’re gonna share about the global evangelist Alliance

Speaker 6 (12:53):
Moment between the, and the morning when the darkness is overcome, The splits, it surrendering to the light. The is shaped by defining Moments, change the course of history.

Speaker 7 (13:21):
Six five,

Speaker 8 (13:25):
Hey, good day. I’m Ashley Wilson. I’m the assistant director for empowered 21. We are here, live in the shake. The nation’s studios here in Orlando with a bunch of fired up evangelists and people of God here in the room with us today. We’re excited about the launch of the global evangelist Alliance and this new era of evangelism that God is launching us into all around the world. I’m here today with our host evangelist, Nathan Morris, Nathan, why don’t you tell me a little bit about what God’s been saying to you about this new era of evangelism?

Speaker 9 (13:58):
You know, I believe this is potentially an historic day. You know, this began over three years ago and power 21 invited evangelists from across the nations of the world to join Johannesburg, South Africa. It was there that God began to birth this vision that we could see a network. We could see an army of evangelists arise. That’s why we believe the holy spirit is speaking to us. He’s speaking to you right now that this is the Dawn of a new era. I believe multitudes from around the world are gonna hear this call today that there is a fresh harvest of souls that is about to sweep the of the world. You know, as we met also in Dubai, also in Columbia, we felt the stirring of the holy spirit to give this Clarion call today that we, we are about to see a movement. This is not an organization.

Speaker 9 (14:50):
This is, imagine me, imagine just for a moment that there is a network available, a platform, a stage that we can join with you around the world. Imagine if you have a dream to see your city shaken with the gospel of Jesus Christ, we’re gonna provide the, the platform, the network that you can join with evangelists in your region. You can dream together that every single year we’re gonna meet together. Imagine a moment when an army that we can literally converge on a nation on a city evangelists from around the world without agendas, without our ministry titles coming together with one accord, to see God move and shake nations. In these last days, my heart is stirred. I know evangelists around the world. We are stirred because we believe this is not a man idea. This is something that God is birthing by his spirit. You know, we’ve just come out a season of great darkness. That’s right. The nations have been locked down, but I remember the scripture that Paul said to Timothy. He said, I am in chains. I’m locked down. But he said, the word of God is not chain that’s right. And we’re coming out of this lockdown. It won’t be just whimpering and scampering nor we’re coming out as an mighty army to reap this end time harvest in Jesus mighty name, man,

Speaker 8 (16:02):
I’m fired up. I don’t know about you watching at home today, but if your spirit is stirred, like my spirit is stirred. I want to challenge and encourage you connect with GE, go to join ge.org, sign up. Let’s be a part of this. Let’s work together, collaborate together. We believe that God is going to help us reach every person on planet earth by 2033. Yes. And we need your help to do it. So if you’re wondering, man, what is this all about? How can I get more info about this? We want to take a moment and have some of the members of the GE executive team evangelists from all over the world, share with you. So we’ve got a video we’re gonna show you quick. And then we’ll be right back here in the studio with some of other evangelists here, live talking to them about what God is doing in their life and ministry. Okay.

Speaker 10 (17:06):
Imagine a worldwide network of

Speaker 11 (17:09):
Hundreds, of thousands of men in women,

Speaker 12 (17:13):
Young and old of every race, nationality, language United

Speaker 13 (17:17):
In one goal, winning the world for chases.

Speaker 14 (17:20):
Imagine being able to find people just like you,

Speaker 15 (17:23):
Who are passionate about evangelism from all over the world. Imagine being able to lean with them quickly and ease.

Speaker 16 (17:32):
Imagine being able to work together with them

Caleb Wehrli (17:35):
For exponentially greater gospel impact.

Speaker 16 (17:38):
Imagine having an ongoing source of community collaboration and equipping for evangelism.

Speaker 17 (17:45):
Imagine that all of this was real, totally free and that you can be a part of it.

Speaker 18 (17:51):
Well, it is through the global evangelistic Alliance and it’s just one click away.

Speaker 19 (17:56):
The global evangelist Alliance is a part of empower 21, which was established by hundreds of the most influential spirit empowered leaders in the world. Today.

Speaker 5 (18:08):
The purpose of empowerment, 21 is that every person on earth would have an authentic encounter with Jesus Christ through the power and the presence of the holy spirit by Pentecost 2033

Speaker 20 (18:24):
In 2018, there was a historic gathering in Johannesburg. South Africa were many top influencers in evangelism from around the world, gathered to unite around the vision of empowered 21.

Speaker 12 (18:37):
They all laid their swords on the table. They agreed to leave their egos and logos at the door and to help spark a worldwide movement of evangelism. That’d be greater than the sum of any of its parts,

Caleb Wehrli (18:50):
But the global evangelist Alliance is not them. It’s not about us. It’s about you.

Speaker 21 (18:56):
It’s about a place where hundreds of thousands of individual evangelists from around the world can find one another work together, be encouraged and equipped. We have been working behind the scenes to build a firm for you. And now it’s ready.

Speaker 9 (19:12):
You don’t need a big ministry or a big name. All you need is a passion to reach the world for Jesus.

Speaker 18 (19:18):
If this is your desire, your passion, you can join the global evangelist Alliance and apply to become a member@globalevangelistalliance.com. You

Speaker 22 (19:31):
Can also call us on social media and download the app to stay connected.

Speaker 23 (19:36):
We look forward to working with you to win the world for Jesus.

Speaker 7 (19:41):

Speaker 8 (19:49):
Hey, welcome back to our studio here in Orlando. I’m Ashley Wilson. Again, excited to be here on the stage. Of course, we’ve got evangelist Nathan Morris with us, but we’ve also got a couple other members of our GE executive board here in the room with us. We’ve got evangelist, Levi, Lutz, and evangelist, Rubens Kuya with us today excited to have them here. And so guys, I want you guys to have a moment to share with the audience that’s watching and talk a little bit about what God is stirring in your spirit around this vision of GE and reaching every person on earth. Rubens. Why don’t you tell us what the Lord’s saying to you?

Speaker 24 (20:24):
Oh, really excited. I

Speaker 11 (20:27):
Believe there is a new season. I believe there is a new season of evangelism is starting right now. You know, God works with his people through seasons of opportunities. And I believe there is a new season of opportunity in the area of evangelism that is starting right now. As Nathan said earlier, this is not just an organization, an institution. This is a holy spirit movement. This is an opportunity we must grasp and reach the world for Jesus. This is a chance we are having, this is our time, our generation and we must go for it.

Speaker 8 (21:05):
Awesome. Awesome. So Levi’s here with us as well. Levi is a firepower guy for the holy spirit. He was drinking a red bull this morning, too. So, so he’s fired up today. Levi, tell us a little bit about what God is stirring in your heart. I know you have an evangelistic ministry and you also head up boot camps for evangelists sending evangelists out all over the world in some tough situations, but seeing God do incredible things. So talk to me about what God’s saying to you.

Speaker 19 (21:35):
Actually, this is like a dream come true for evangelists because we’re not talking about some distant day of vision. Something we hope comes to pass. We’re talking about a reality. Yeah, that is, that is upon us where the day days of the lone ranger, evangelists, you know, living some life by yourself, calling pastors, trying to book meetings are done and instead Evangel strategically mobilized it. You know, something pops off in the world. Some you know, just a Mon event and people are hurting. They can strategically collaborate. We’re gonna target that area with the gospel mobile and come in and just send a shock wave of the holy spirit, power of God. These are the days we’re about to be living in. And that’s what this launch of the GA is all about.

Speaker 8 (22:18):
You know, I’m so excited about that as I’ve prayed about the GA and what God is doing in this season, you know, I, what my sense and what I think the Lord tells us in the word is things are gonna get tougher in the world. Not easier. You know, Jesus talked about famines and plagues and wars and rumors of war. We’re seeing that if you’re watching the news right now happening all across the world and even in Europe. But I, I, I agree with you that I think the platform, the Lord is building that we want everyone who’s watching to be a part of, of is gonna give us the opportunity to counter attack the enemy and punch him right in the face. When he, I love it rises up with evil. We’re gonna come in like a flood with the holy spirit and God is gonna take what the enemy intended for evil and turn it on its head. And we’re gonna see a harvest. Like we have never seen. I believe that everyone is gonna be touched by the power of the holy spirit and have the opportunity to know Jesus, but we gotta get our act together. And so that’s what the GE is all about. Nathan, what do you think?

Speaker 9 (23:22):
You know, I’ve been waiting for this day, really, since I came to Christ, you know, when I got saved, the Lord showed me a vision and I saw in one night I saw whole nation shaken. And I, I, I saw stadiums all over the nation, just evangelists ascending into that place. And, and I saw a nation tremble and I said, Lord, how can this happen? What I’m seeing right now, when I sat around those tables with evangelists from around the world, the we came and said, holy spirit, what does an end time harvest look like? And the first thing we heard was need to come together. Yeah. With one heart. And I, I need people to hear this from our heart evangelists around the world. You’re gonna hear from major ministries today. In the past year, we had great evangelists, Billy Grahams, Reinhardt, bunks, TL Osbornes they were generals of the faith, but this is the end time harvest.

Speaker 9 (24:20):
Won’t be about one man stood on one pulp. It will be about an army of believers. Yeah, we can’t. This is not even about evangelistic ministries. This is about the body of Christ. If you have a heart that is burning to preach the gospel, come join us. We’re waiting for you. We’re ready that we’re gonna, we’re about to make some announcements today that are gonna be historic. This is not some distant thing. We’re we are about to converge inters and see them shaken for the glory of God. In one night, nations are gonna be shaken. That’s right in Jesus mighty that’s

Speaker 8 (24:55):
Right. I believe it. If you’re at home watching and your, your heart is stirred, you say, man, I gotta be a part of this. I want to join with the army that God is putting together. Again, go to join ge.org. You can sign up there. It’s free. We want you to be a part of this. And we’re gonna talk more in just a little bit about some of the benefits of doing that and how we’re gonna practically put this thing together so that we can reach people all over the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Guys. Why don’t you tell me a little bit about what you’re seeing God in your personal ministry. I know Rubens does a lot of ministry in Brazil. He’s also been doing crusades and towns across the United States. He was in my hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Last summer saw miracles, demons cast out right there in downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma. It was awesome. Rubens, tell us a little bit about what God’s doing.

Speaker 11 (25:44):
Yeah. I believe God is really open up hearts during this season for the end time harvest. I’ve been in ministry for close to 30 years, and I am realizing I’m seeing openness in people’s hearts that I haven’t seen before. The miracles are increasing. The hunger for Jesus is increasing many times. I heard people saying, Hey, you’ve been preaching around the world in Africa and south America. And you see those miracles. Why don’t we see those miracles here in America? Well, we are seeing them. Yeah. We had a campaign in Tulsa, Oklahoma, another one in St. Cloud, Minnesota. And we saw blind eyes open. The deaf are hearing the labor walking demons being test out. It is revival time.

Speaker 11 (26:27):
And the through GE one thing that really amazes me is that we will be able to work together as evangelists. We will be able to come together to share the experiences we had to share the anointing from the anointing we have received from the Lord. And, and this is vital because I believe collaboration is at the very heart. Yeah. Of the great commission. Yeah. If you see in mark chapter 16, verse 20, the Bible says that the disciples, when everywhere preaching the gospel and Jesus worked with them. Yeah. Confirming the message with signs and wonders. Yeah. So listen to that. As, as the disciples went out, collaborating with one another, Jesus collaborated with them. Yes. For a harvest of soul and miracles. And I believe with all my heart that through GE evangelist will enter a level of collaboration that is unprecedented. Yeah. And we will see an unprecedented harvest of souls and miracles.

Speaker 8 (27:31):
Amen. I

Speaker 11 (27:31):
Believe that’s this season.

Speaker 8 (27:33):
Amen. Levi, tell us a little bit, what is God doing? What are you

Speaker 19 (27:36):
Seeing? Amen. Ashley, I’ll tell you exactly what I’m seeing. And, and Nathan and I talked about this as a few weeks ago on a broadcast. I’m seeing a divide right down the middle, across the world of those who want an excuse and to say, things are locked down and those who want harvest, but people can’t have both ways. Okay. And so whether it’s through together in the harvest and what we’re doing, you know, igniting churches with revival, fire, mobilizing believers to go out are the Christ for all nations boot camp, raising up evangels. Those who wanna see soul save. There’s not a lockdown. There’s not a hindrance that can stop them. And I say that for you, that are hearing this invitation right now to join the GA, to be part of this, you can sit at home and have another excuse. You can say, well, that’s something I really want to do.

Speaker 19 (28:18):
That makes me burn. But the time is not right. There’s this hindrance or that hindrance, or you can say, Jesus now is the season. The time is short. I want to be part of this in time harvest. And if you want that, my friend, Ashley, people that want that, I’ve seen God pour out the presence of God. People are coming to salvation. We look at these lockdowns and things that have happened as a hindrance, man, this is one of the greatest things that’s ever happened because people have had to face themself. They realize all the things I’ve trusted in sand. I need something that will be a rock and an anchor Jesus. And his name is Jesus Christ. Amen.

Speaker 8 (28:53):
Amen. Well, if you’re burning, like my friend is here, then I want you to sign up again, go to join ge.org and sign up and join with us. We’re gonna see God do some amazing things right in the I’m very excited to let you know that we’re getting ready to see a video from our global evangelist Alliance. Co-Chair Daniel Kalinda head of Christ for all nations. He’s joining us by video today. And so after Daniel, we’re gonna hear from another group of our executive committee members. They’re gonna be sharing with you while they’re so excited about what God is doing with the GE,

Speaker 14 (29:35):
Hey, everybody, Daniel calend here. And I am so excited because guys today is a really exciting day. This is almost three years in the making. Now we have been working behind the scenes and preparing for you the launch of the global evangelist Alliance, which I believe God is gonna use to see one of the greatest harvest of souls, maybe the greatest movement in evangelism, in history as being launched right now. And we’re inviting you to be a part of it. And you know, we’ve already seen so many of the top generals of evangelism in the world coming together, locking their shields together, combining their efforts and their voices to prepare this platform, not for them, but for you. Ordinary believers spread all over the world that have a passion and a desire to see their cities and their nations. One for Jesus. I believe this is the finest hour for evangelism in the history of the world.

Speaker 14 (30:31):
Now you might say, Daniel, what is the global evangelist Alliance all about? Well, dream with me for a moment. Imagine having the ability to connect quickly and easily with evangelists from all over the world, to collaborate with them, to reach different places like, like we are actually working to have right now, local representation in every city on the planet. That means any place that you have a burden for any place where you want to be able to minister any place. God is calling you to, you are gonna have friends and co leagues and collaborators in that place. Also, we’re making all kinds of amazing ongoing training available for you. And we’re preparing opportunities for you to synergize and collaborate with other evangelists. Like for example, our yearly Congress that we’re offering to our members. It is a community that is literally spread around the world with men and women like you and me that have a heart for evangelism, fathers, and mothers in the faith and millions of ordinary believers that have a burden to reach the world for Jesus. If this sounds like something that you want to be a part of, then I want to encourage you to join the global evangelist Alliance today. I hope that I get to meet you very soon at one of our events, and we’re gonna see Jesus go horrified in the nations. The harvest brought in and the return of Christ ushered in, in our generation. Love you guys. God bless you.

Speaker 21 (31:50):
Hi, Kevin Pau here, president of the Louis Pau association here in Portland, Oregon. I’m so excited to be part of the global evangelist Alliance and to see this dream fulfilled of thousands of evangelists from all parts of the world, world, working together to fulfill the great commission.

Speaker 13 (32:06):
What I love about getting together with all of the people with GE is finding out what is going on in the world. We have to connect. We have to be a part of what is happening with everybody else, encouraging everyone else to win this lost world Jesus. And when we get that heartbeat of God, we cannot help, but tell this world how much Jesus loved them and died for them.

Speaker 25 (32:34):
It’s a new era of evangelism. And in order for us to reach everyone everywhere, we have to lay aside our logos and our egos and focus really on the importance of sharing the good news of Jesus Christ for those in great need.

Speaker 15 (32:47):
God has raised GE as a place for us to be, if you are an evangelist, join us in GE a place where you’ll be trained coed. We will strategize together. We’ll plan together, how to reach this cogniti and the rest of the world for Jesus Christ.

Speaker 10 (33:06):
The GA offers so much, there is training online. There’s hands on experience. There’s opportunity for you to get connected with other evangelists. You know, there’s something that happens when you’re connected to people are passionate about seeing the loss save and making disciples. When you are a part of this, you’re a part of a community. And I wanna encourage you to get connected. Let’s reach the loss together. It’s harvest time.

Speaker 8 (33:37):
Well, we’re back here in our studio and I’m super excited to be with two very good friends of mine. Siegfried Thomas Shefsky and Dr. Daniel King, you know, one of the things, any good fisherman will tell you is that if you have a hole in the net, it doesn’t matter how many fish you catch. They’re gonna swim right on out. And so one of the things that we have to do, I believe if we’re gonna reach every person on earth for Jesus, we’ve gotta have some really strong nets. That means we’ve gotta have some, some things in place that help people become better at reaching their friends and family and neighbors and reaching the lost for Jesus. And so we’re here today with Siegfried. He is our director of the global evangelist Alliance. He is helping us put all of this together behind the scenes. And we’re gonna have him talk for just a moment about some of the great things that you get to experience when you join GE. So Siegfried, why don’t you tell us a little bit about some of the benefits of being a part of the global evangelist Alliance?

Speaker 26 (34:37):
Yes. First of all, let me tell you for an evangelist, it’s the hardest to sit on this chair and talk about GE that’s right, because I believe GE is the culmination of my own life and ministry. I’ve been traveling around the world over 90 countries. But what I see here happening today is just mind blowing reason. Number one we have been traveling throughout the world. We have the target groups north Africa. Now this year, may we are having 20,000 evangelists going out in all over the continent of Africa. But with GE, we are connecting evangelists from every country, every nation, every city of the globe. And, and I, I don’t know but about you, but I’m for the first time we are standing together. You’re talking about the net and I, I see not only one net right now, there are so many nets all over the world, but it seems to me like the holy spirit is noting all, or kniting all those nets together to one major network. And this is just, just something that I’ve never even dreamed about. It’s not about anymore about denomination. We have seen Louis Palao African enterprise. It’s not about denomination. It’s about salvation.

Speaker 8 (35:55):
That’s right. That’s not about denomination, but about salvation. So one of the things I’m super excited about, I’m a bit of a, a techy kind of nerd guy. Sometimes when you’re part of GE, you’re going to be able to go in and actually see where the evangelists are located all over the world. So if you want to go do ministry in E Ethiopia, you’ll be able to connect with people who are already on the ground there in Ethiopia doing ministry and collaborate with them. Is that right? Yes.

Speaker 26 (36:24):
Yes, exactly. You know, in the previous years, people called me, said, I just come back from this city. We had a groove, wonderful crusade. Two weeks later, somebody else called me, pray for me. We are going to that same city. I said, that’s wonderful. Why don’t you talk to one another? And, and what I see here today, number one, every member of the global evangelist Alliance puts in all his details, his information. So we know exactly where the evangelist is located. Number two, they put in their crusades, their campaigns, their school events, them marketplace outreaches, every event that you, as an evangelist are having you put in there. And we have a global map so everyone can see what’s going on. Where at, when, what a time. So we can sit together. Not only that we see what’s happening, but here comes the most important point to me. Now, for the first time we see areas, what I call white areas, where nothing is happening. We can strategize sit together. We are connecting with the largest prayer movements in the world with the unreached people, groups, with the church apostolic networks, with the church planting networks. So the evangelistic network is kind of gearing and steering it. And we go into areas and we see and cover those areas. You sat in the beginning, beginning that by the year 2033, every city will have a responsible evangelist covering every city in every place.

Speaker 8 (37:48):
That’s an awesome vision. I believe that could happen, but in order for that to happen, we need you to sign up. So go to join ge.org. One of the other things I’m excited about with the GE is the training that’s available to you. When you join GE, we have Dr. Daniel King with us. Dan Daniel is a, a powerful evangelist, but he’s also a scholar a, a, a man of, of books and learning. And so he’s developed a GA masterclass that he wants to tell us about.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (38:15):
Yeah. He graduated from oral Roberts university where your father is the president’s there. Yep. And such an instrumental part in helping to put the GE together. I think that the evangelism masterclass is one of the biggest benefits of joining the GE. When I was a young evangelist, I, I, I first wanted to learn about evangelism and I started looking for resources on, on how to be an effective evangelist. And I, I didn’t find anything that I could really learn from. And I spent thousands and thousands of dollars traveling to different parts of the world to meet with evangelists and just sit with them for a few minutes and ask them some questions. And I realized that people that want to be evangelists, they wanna be used by God to lead people to Jesus. They, they needed the resources to help them to become effective at sharing their faith with others.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (39:10):
Yeah. And so we took some of the greatest evangelists in the world today, put them in a studio and they recorded all of their wisdom, their mentorship, their holy spirit impartation. It comes through the camera and we put it together into an evangelism masterclass. And we actually have two classes. One is a class for every believer to learn how, how to share their faith with others. And then we have a specialized class for those who are called to the office of the evangelist. And so if you’ll go to join ge.org today, once you join, you gain access to those evangelism master classes and, and listen to some of the teachers that we have. We have Daniel Kalinda, the successor of Reinhard bunker. We have Nathan Morris, we’re sitting here in his studio. He’s full of the holy spirit. We’ve got Todd white, Michael cuanas. We’ve got Nick hall, Kevin Pau, Andrew Pau, Jerry Hill, Donna Schach and a bunch of other great evangelists who are full of holy spirit fire. And so as you watch the evangelism masterclass, you are going to receive mentorship from these great evangelists. You’re gonna receive the impartation of the holy spirit, and it will be a blessing to you. And, and so if you wanna partake in those classes, go to join ge.org today and be a part of what God is doing.

Speaker 8 (40:39):
Yeah, man, that’s so exciting. Again, if you’re there sitting on your couch, I can remember being a young man stirred to reach people for Jesus. I would’ve loved to have had something like this at my disposal right there. So go to join ga.org, sign up, and you can get access to these evangelism master classes, to a wealth of mentorship, knowledge and importation that you’re not gonna get anywhere else. Well, we’re privileged today to having the studio with us a great worship leader, Eddie James. He leads worship in crusades, huge crusades in Africa. Yeah, go ahead. Give him a head. He leads, worship a huge crusades in Africa, churches all over the world. And he’s here today to lead us in a moment of worship. As we experience the presence of God together, take it away. Eddie,

Speaker 27 (41:27):
Come on, put your hands together. If you are in love with Jesus, the name of Jesus is lifted high all over the earth. Come on, let’s have some holy ghost Tre for a moment. Put your hands together. Also stirred, come on. The name of Jesus is lifted. High lifted, high lifted high. The name of Jesus is a lifted high.

Speaker 7 (41:54):
The name of

Speaker 27 (41:59):
Lift the name

Speaker 7 (42:02):
OFS, The name of Jesus

Speaker 27 (42:22):
In town.

Speaker 7 (42:41):
Now’s coming

Speaker 27 (42:47):
Now That your sons and daughters shall be safe, shall be safe, shall be safe. Your son and daughters shall be safe.

Speaker 7 (43:10):
Sons and daughters shall be safe, shall be safe, shall be safe. Say sons and daughter shall be safe. Say your sons and daughter shall be safe, shall be safe. Shall be safe. Son shall be safe.

Speaker 27 (43:34):
Come on and to celebrate, lift up your voice. We worship you. Jesus. We magnify your

Speaker 7 (43:41):
Name. We give you praise. Go

Speaker 27 (43:45):
To this with me

Speaker 7 (44:09):
And, And Listen, I

Speaker 27 (44:25):
Hear the sound of an army. I hear the sound of an army

Speaker 7 (44:33):
Army, the, of an army of anybody, your hands off arising warriors come

Evangelism Podcast Host (45:23):

Speaker 7 (45:34):
Name of high. The name the To,

Evangelism Podcast Host (46:34):
I love the gospel of Jesus Christ, the message of the cross and the blood forgiveness, and a second chance. And we need to get it out there and we need to finish the great commission of Jesus Christ, right? Reaching the unreached people, groups, and the towns and cities that I’ve never heard. And we need a platform somewhere to collaborate, find partnership you know, find others to join hands with and pray together with. And I got good news for you. It’s there. It’s called GE a global evangelistic Alliance. You need to join us. This is a global platform where evangelists from all over the world are coming together. Let let’s finish the great commission together. Let’s preach the good news to every tribe and every nation. And I wanna see you at GEA,

Speaker 19 (47:22):
The power of agreement, who you move in relationship with determines the harvest that is coming. These are men and women. There are no small plans here. It is literally unlocking the power of God that every human being on this planet will hear the truth of Jesus Christ.

Speaker 25 (47:41):
All of us as evangelists need encouragement. We need to find around the world where people who have a like mind for the gospel are and how we can strengthen each other. How we can learn from each other’s graces. It’s gonna become a global community with one thing in mind, show the world, Jesus. It will be so glorious to be part of this because we will see so much of what God is doing in a bigger picture and how we can work together and find the best strategy to reach the world for Jesus. In this hour, we fully believe in you. We believe in your calling across the globe. We believe in what God has given to you. And we just want to champion that and encourage you. So we invite you, please come join, bring your fire. And let’s make this a historic event, not just an event that happens, but one that has a ripple effect across the nations, that more people would hear about Jesus, both in church and out of church, that we would equip the family of to live a naturally supernatural life for the gospel.

Speaker 28 (48:33):
We are a team of red hot spiritful evangelists intent on plundering hell and populating heaven become part of the family today.

Speaker 29 (48:43):
I believe that the gospel of Jesus is the greatest message on earth. He died on a cross out of lavender on the let’s reach the world with a gospel you’re evangels, join this movement, join GE and let’s stand together. Unless everybody has heard that Jesus is alive.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (49:09):
Thanks so much for listening to the evangelism podcast. I am excited about telling people about Jesus and we could not preach the gospel without your help. Over our years of ministry, we found that we’re able to reach one person for Jesus, for every dollar that people give us. And so that means that you would give us $1. We could start a party in heaven. In fact, I’m asking people to join our partnership program and give at least $1 every single month to help us to lead more people to Jesus. This is the greatest investment of your dollar that you can make is the only investment that’s gonna matter 10,000 years from now. So if you would like to help us lead people to Jesus, please visit king ministries.com K I N G king ministries.com and help us lead people to Jesus today. God bless you

Evangelism Podcast Host (50:11):
For more information about how to share your faith or to financially support our worldwide evangelistic outreaches. Visit king ministries.com. Again, that’s king ministries.com.


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