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Imran Fazal & Mehwish Imran | What is Ministering in Pakistan Like?

Description: Imran Fazal & Mehwish Imran are evangelists from the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. On today’s podcast, Daniel King, the Evangelism Coach, talks to them about what it is like to minister in Pakistan. If you want to go tell people about Jesus in Pakistan, listen to this episode.

Website: https://harvestgospelministries.org 

Show Notes: 

Imran Fazal & Mehwish Imran answer questions: 

What is ministry in Pakistan like? 

What type of food do people eat in Pakistan? 

What are the people of Pakistan like? 

What are the differences between American culture and Pakistani culture? 

What is the difference between a “love marriage” and an “arranged marriage?” 

Is there freedom for Christians to worship in Pakistan? 

What is a typical worship service in Pakistan like? 

How does your ministry start house churches in Pakistan? 

Is there any reason to be afraid for someone from the West to come to Pakistan? 

Bonus: Hear a beautiful Christian song in Urdu. 



Evangelism Coach Daniel King (00:00):

Welcome to the evangelism podcast. We are back with brother Imran, futsal, and his wife may wish. Thank you so much for joining me today. And man, there’s the Lord. Thank you so much, pastor Daniel King. So we are being blessed with you. And today we had a great time with you. You had a beautiful wife and we have wonderful time together. We give all glory to God. Let’s talk a little bit about the nation of Pakistan. You’re from Pakistan. Yes. And tell us a little bit about your nation. Praise the Lord. Pakistan is a great nation and we love Pakistan. And we are daily praying for Pakistan and God gave us a van for Pakistan to reach souls for the kingdom of God. And we love to see when people they came to Christ, give their heart to Jesus. And that moment is a wonderful moment. When people lift up their hand to heaven and we give all glory to God, praise the Lord. Hallelujah. Amen. May wish. One of the questions that I am frequently asked when I traveled to another country is what did you eat while you’re there? So tell us some about the food in the nation of practice.


Speaker 2 (01:28):

God, the Pakistani food is really delicious food. So we have chicken Berea, Bonnie, and we have lamb. We eat beef as well. Lentils watch the rise. So the food of Pakistan is really,


Evangelism Coach Daniel King (01:45):

And the good bud BQ, praise the Lord and good barbecue. So what’s your favorite food to eat? Our favorite food is chicken Briani and then when I went to Pakistan, they made special bread. It’s called roti. How they make roti.


Speaker 2 (02:01):

They make a floor door and with a floor door, they make roti. And the good thing about Pakistan in our country, we’ve made three meals a day and we ate fresh meals three times.


Daniel King (02:14):

Wow. That’s a lot of work.


Speaker 2 (02:17):

Yeah. It is a lot of work. You are right.


Daniel King (02:19):

And do your children like your cooking?


Speaker 2 (02:22):

Yeah. My kids love my cooking whenever I cook. Oh my God. They’ll say, Oh mom, this is so delicious. We love what you made.


Daniel King (02:29):

Wow. And tell us some about the culture in the people of Pakistan. The culture there is very different than


Speaker 2 (02:38):

Oh, very loving people are very loving and kind and respect one another. And we really had a good culture or there praise God for that.


Daniel King (02:47):

W what do you see are some of the differences in culture between the United States and Pakistan


Speaker 2 (02:55):

In Pakistan? We really have a family culture, people together, people, you know, whenever there is some thanks people. If somebody is sick or some problem everybody’s gathered so quickly, it’s not like that you are alone sitting in your home and nobody’s there to see you. So people care one another, a lot.


Evangelism Coach Daniel King (03:14):

That’s such a wonderful part of, of culture. And also marriage happens differently in your culture. How do people typically get married?


Speaker 2 (03:26):

Now our culture is a little bit getting changed. People are doing love marriages as well, but still to do a love marriage. You still need to have a permission from your families, your family of the family say, okay, then you are able to do that. And mostly many people that do arranged marriages as well, but praise God in our country, the marriages are really good. People are fateful. And we believe in just one. Marriage and Noam are most like, it’s not like that. So many people come and go and you decide that you are sure that this is the one or not. So it’s not like that.


Daniel King (03:59):

Talk about Christianity in the nation of Pakistan. The majority in Pakistan are Muslims and follow the yeah.


Speaker 2 (04:10):

Sarah country name is also Islamic Republic of Pakistan.


Daniel King (04:13):

And how, what percentage is Chris


Speaker 2 (04:16):

Officially? It says that there is 3%, but praise God, what we are facing and what we are seeing, many people are giving their heart to Jesus Christ. So we give glory to God.


Daniel King (04:27):

W and is there freedom for Christians as they live in Pakistan,


Speaker 2 (04:31):

Some problems as well, but praise God that we can freely worship the God. So we give glory to God as compared to we see in other countries that in other countries you can do really big campaigns and all that stuff. If you look at Malaysia or other countries, so praise God, we still have a freedom to preach and to worship our God. Yes, there are some persecution. There are some problems exist, but praise God, we have freedom as well.


Daniel King (04:56):

So you have freedom to practice your faith. And there are churches in, in Pakistan. Tell us some about a typical worship service in Pakistan,


Speaker 2 (05:08):

A typical worship. So express God that we begin with a prayer, some worship songs, and then afterwards the Soman and afterwards again, a song and worship. So praise God,


Daniel King (05:20):

Can you sing a little song for us? Do you sing the song? Sing, sing, sing a song in Urdu for us. Yeah,


Speaker 2 (05:37):

[Inaudible] [inaudible], [inaudible], [inaudible] made us in who


Daniel King (06:06):

Now what the translation is


Speaker 2 (06:08):

That my Jesus Christ is living forever with me. And he’s saying that do not worry. So when my Jesus is with me, why I will be worrying? Well, I will be living under fear. He is with me. So I do not need to be worried. I do not need to be afraid or fearful.


Daniel King (06:25):

Now you have lots of home churches, yes. That you helped to pastor T tell me about the home churches, praise the Lord. We have planted a lot of hosts judges and offer after the prayer festival, when people came to Christ and then we change people and sending them to the host churches and also local churches as well. So pastures that chain and send them to a different part. So we give all glory to God. So this is like all the work, the Holy spirit is doing the Jesus, the Holy spirit. He did all the work. So we make, this is for his grace. He use us for his glory, praise God. So when people come to the prayer festival, then they, they cry out to Jesus and Jesus forgives their sins. And then you invite them to one of the houses in their neighborhood. And they join a house church and, and, and tell us how long it takes them to disciple the people who have cried out to Jesus.


Speaker 2 (07:38):

So we sent back and forth. Our pastor steams, we do free Bible distribution as well. And our pastor esteem. Yes. So it took time as well. And we provide a pastor local pastor in those areas so that they can help them build and develop.


Evangelism Coach Daniel King (07:54):

Do you have a systematic plan for helping people to grow in Christ? Tell me some about the plan and what you do.


Speaker 2 (08:02):

Praise the Lord. As they tell you that we send individual teams, they set with them. They share the word of God with them, pray with them, and you tell them how they can grow one to one. So I don’t think so. There is much better thing than to one to one counseling and leading them people,

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (08:18):

Each one, each one. So each one reach one. So, so after the festival is over, then one by one teams will go and meet with people and talk with people. Yes. Wow. That’s so beautiful. It’s so amazing to see how God works in every culture and every place and every country, God works and, and ministers did it. The needs of the people. And what type of, of miracles have you seen over the longterm? In, in these lives?


Speaker 2 (08:51):

We have seen that their, her life has been changed. They have a trust start trusting on God. God has blessing them financially, physically healing. So we solve a miracle working. God, nothing is impossible before him. So whatever need people have, God is there to help.


Daniel King (09:06):

Yeah. And the thing we encouraging people. So this is not matter before leg Jesus. So you are, your life is in like a 30 year. You are in sin 20 year, 10 year, the single moment he will change your whole life. If you are in problem. Same. Like if we see so many miracle in the Bible, like 38 year, like the blend blind man, and also the one lady, she had a shoe of the blood lasted 12 year. But when they believe on him and when the, like a trust on him. So this is like the single moment he changed your whole life. Wow. That’s tremendous. What a tremendous miracle God does in the lives of people. So tell me, what advice would you give to someone who’s coming to Pakistan for the first time? What would you tell them? In order to prepare them to come to Pakistan


Speaker 2 (10:12):

Is the largest. Listen, what the Holy spirit is saying to you. The not be afraid to not be fearful. The one who is sending you is with you. And he has a better plan for you. If God has a plan for you that you want to use you in Pakistan, he will definitely use you if you are running from that plan. Anyhow, whatever time God is, he is going to bring you there.


Evangelism Coach Daniel King (10:32):

And man, I mean, and right now, if you are evangelist, if you are a pastor, so we encourage you and God loves you. So we welcome you in Pakistan. Anytime you will be a part of [inaudible] and also harvest gospel, the church ministries of Pakistan, and we have art and we have passion to take the gospel to every home of Pakistan and also all around the word, praise the Lord, like sometimes from here in the United States, when people hear about Pakistan, they only hear the negative stories, stories of persecution, stories of danger, even stories of terrorism. Is there any reason for missionaries or for a Christian person to be afraid to come to Pakistan? Or if they come, will they be protected and taken care of?


Speaker 2 (11:29):

Aye, they come, we will make sure that they will be protected and taking care of PSAs media. You know, that they always show the other side of the picture, but there is another side of the picture, which is that God is really bringing revival and working in the nation of Pakistan. So take a step of faith and you need to come out from the safe zone. The moment you follow the cross, it’s not an easy path. God, who is with you. He’s your protector. First of all, that he’s the one who protect us. Other than that, when you will be coming to us, we will make sure to tear good care of you


Daniel King (12:02):

And praise God, Pakistani people. They are very caring, loving. And when you are there, so you have a great time with the us and with all the Pakistani Pakistani people, they are very loving and caring. We love Pakistan, Pakistan. Zindabad


Speaker 2 (12:23):

That’s me long, lived Pakistan


Evangelism Coach Daniel King (12:25):

Long live Pakistan. Well, thank you so much for being with me today. God bless you. God bless you too.

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