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Jabran Inayat | Mission to Asia

Jabran Inayat is the founder of Mission Asia, a satellite TV network that aims to reach over a billion people with the Gospel across South Asia. Today we talk about what God is doing in Pakistan.

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Evangelism Coach Daniel King (00:00):
Jabran Inayat is the founder of Mission Asia, a satellite TV network that aims to reach over a billion people with the gospel across South Asia. Today we talk about what God is doing in the nation of Pakistan.

Evangelism Podcast Host (00:28):
Welcome to the Evangelism Podcast with Dr. Daniel King, where Daniel interviews full-time evangelists, pastors, missionaries, and normal everyday Christians to discover how they share their faith, their powerful testimonies, and amazing stories that will inspire you to reach people with the good news. And now here’s your host, missionary, and evangelist Daniel King.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (00:52):
Welcome to the Evangelism Podcast. I’m Daniel King, and I’m excited about telling people about Jesus. Today I have a very special guest with Me, Jabran Inayat. Thank you for joining me on the Evangelism Podcast.

Jabran Inayat (01:03):
Thank you so much, my privilege to be on the podcast, and it’s wonderful. I am excited to talk something special today.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (01:12):
Your family is great friends with my family. The Inayat family has been working in Pakistan, and then there was some persecution and you had to leave. And so your father went to California. I’ve been to his house in California. Your brother Temran. I was with him in Pakistan just a couple of weeks ago. He lives out in North Carolina. And you’re living in Norway. That’s right. And in Norway you have a wonderful ministry called Mission Asia. Yeah. Tell me, what is Mission Asia doing?

Jabran Inayat (01:49):
Thank you so much for the friendship that we have in the Lord. Mission Asia is a satellite Christian TV channel, and the vision is from Acts 2:11, that everyone here the wonderful works of God in their own language, the vision for Mission Asia is to reach in our own language. And and the vision is for 1 billion people who speaks Urdu, Hindi and Punjabi. That’s the vision to reach to people in their own language because that’s the, that’s the heartbeat that people who are praying, people who are listening and they are reaching, they, they want to be reached. They have never heard the gospel. So this is our vision that we reach by satellites, and we have incredible response where the Lord has been done in last two years in pandemic. We have started that first September, 2020, we were on the satellite.

Jabran Inayat (02:44):
And now as we’re sitting here in two years, we have been on the s we have seen incredible response. The calls has been coming, and people who have been receiving Jesus Christ in Corona time, sitting in their home, watching tv, watching live programs, and you know, that’s the, that’s the heart that we have seen. And it’s because of the gospel. Gospel has the power, the anointing comes on the gospel. So when we have preached the gospel, we don’t have to say many other things to people in Pakistan or about Islam. We have Bible to preach and, and, and that’s the word of God. So we thank God for this vision. We thank God that your program is on Mission Asia. You have listed the office there in, in Pakistan, Asia, the call center. And that is the reason that we have seen, whenever we are doing the live programs, it has been mostly 2000 calls, a recorded calls that we have experienced in one and half hour program.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (03:44):
Yeah, it was absolutely amazing. I got to visit the offices. I, I saw where all the video editing is done, and then where the call center is, where prayer partners will pray with people who are calling in. And many of the people who call in are asking for prayer. Some of them are asking for a Bible. Some of them are sharing testimonies. What are some of the, the testimonies of lives that have been changed?

Jabran Inayat (04:11):
Yeah, the, because it’s a, it’s it’s a live programs that what we have experienced that every Thursday it’s we call it live prayer program. It’s on Thursdays. And me and her wife, gta, she’s on the program and we, we receive live calls and we pray for the people. It’s ministering to the people. One of the testimony we have seen, it was a guy, a, a Muslim name, a Muslim guy that was watching. And, and he told me it is the story last year, It was a story last year. And he told me that he has been watching Mission Asia Channel. And he told me that he has been reading all the books. He was not a Christian, he was a Muslim guy. And he said that he has been reading all the books. He has been, you know, searching everything.

Jabran Inayat (04:59):
But he has came on a point and he has been watching actually the programs in his own language. And he understood. And he called me, I talked within 58 minutes, he called me from Pakistan and I talked with him 58 minutes. And, and I asked, I went to into the deep questions. I said, What is the reason why you want to receive Jesus? So he told that he has tried everything, but there is no peace in any other thing. There is no peace in any other religion. Jesus has a peace. So I prayed with him and then later on, I mean, he told me that I want to take a baptism. And I said, It is just you. And, and then he said, No, it’s, it’s my family. And I thought that maybe it’s four people. And then he said, It’s, it’s our entire family.

Jabran Inayat (05:44):
My brothers there. And there were 15 people. There were 15 people together. It’s one of the testimony that I’m telling what the Lord is doing, and I believe that this is the last time, this is the end time when God is doing his work, when because of his word, we have seen that incredible hunger is there in the people of Pakistan and, and in all over the world, the hunger is there. What is the truth? And there is only one truth. And Jesus is the truth. He is the life. And you, we have seen that kind of miracles, that kind of life changing testimonies because that’s a big miracle when, when someone gave their life to Jesus. That’s the biggest miracle in the life. So we thank God the response is incredible good. And that’s why we have seen the satellite. We have seen calls coming from India because we speak in, or we speak in Punjabi, we speak in Hindi language.

Jabran Inayat (06:39):
These three languages are our focus. And we want to reach our people, even though wherever, if they’re in us, we have ip, TVs, people watch the programs on IP TVs like Apple TV and RO car TV and, and Amazon and every, every platform that we are there. So we thank God for the vision that God has given, but it is, it is the vision to work together with churches, work together. This network is not, is just for one church. It’s a network open for everyone who has a heart, who has a vision to come together for people in Pakistan. And we thank God, God has been faithful in everything what he has provided. It’s a very costly thing. But the Lord is the source. He has been giving, he has been providing, he has been showing what he has. And he said in his word, what I have what you have started in spirit, it will be not in finished, in, in flesh. So we thank God that the vision is growing more. We have seen many testimonies what the law is doing in the network.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (07:42):
And so in order to reach people in these areas, you have the, the air battle. Yeah. And you also have the ground battle and you’re actually working in both areas. And so in just a couple of weeks you’re going to, to go to Pakistan and they have recently experienced flooding. Yeah. That has covered 70% of, of Pakistan. 70% of the people there have been impacted by the floods. And so people are hungry. Some of them are starving. They, they have lost all of their possessions if their house was covered by the water. And so tell me, what are you going to do to help reach these people that are hurting? Yeah,

Jabran Inayat (08:30):
It’s a very sad story. It’s but I have seen in the crisis, Christ has been all always glorified. This is the time when we have seen there is an unreached area in Pakistan that, that is very difficult to reach people with the love of Christ. No churches there, there is no campaigns. You cannot do anything. And we have already partnership with other churches together. We have already helped more than thousand families with the food. That was our first, you know, aid. Because initially the need was hunger ness was so much people were starving. So in the start, it was that we have helped together with the churches, together with the partners, help more than thousand families. We gave them floor and rice and sugar and, and we bought, you know, mosquito nets because of that the, the water, because of the, the flooding, it was diseases, malaria mosquitoes has came.

Jabran Inayat (09:27):
And you know, I have, I know some stories. Children’s had been died because of that. So the compassion of Jesus in our hearts, it is that we are there to help. The church is there to help when there is a need there. And it is not just we are helping, we are just sh showing the love of Christ in action. And I believe in coming times that this unreached areas, I I speak by faith now that in unreached areas, I believe that now when they are in need and as a church, we are going there and and giving them food, giving them what their need is. But the, but the most important need is Jesus. And we are sharing the love of Christ also. So we are already planning to do some of the things in Bloche stone, in, in, in the areas in sin.

Jabran Inayat (10:15):
We have already, our teams are there, they are on the field. This time when they were there, they have borrowed the, the, the small boots. They went into the places. They worked really hard. They were themself on the risk because mosquitoes and other things. But I thank God that the vision that God gave us, it is inside the team also. And they’re working hard. So I ask people who are listening, pray for us, help us stand together with us, that we can reach these unreached areas that was not possible. But crisis can bring Christ in these areas.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (10:54):
There’s a lot of evangelists and pastors who listen to this podcast. And if someone is interested in putting their television program on your network, you actually have the ability to translate it into ou, into air, someone’s TV program in Urdu. What is your, your website or how could someone get in contact with you if they’re interested? Maybe someone is listening and would be interested in helping to support this unique outreach to the nation of Pakistan. How can they find more information about you? Yeah,

Jabran Inayat (11:30):
They can go on Facebook, just write Mission Asia. Other information is there. There’s a website called mission asia.org, mission asia.org. And they can go onto the website, the email is there and, and they could search jabon ani. So our, our contact details are there so they can contact us and help us and pray together in this time. Because it is not only the, the financially help that we will, you know, give, It is a spiritual help that we want. And the people who wants to do programs, and they have, it’s a open, open heart. I mean, whatever the Lord has, you know, asked them, Let’s work together. Let’s, it is this channel. I feel it’s heart to heart that we know you are. 15 years ago, we had a relation and you had a heart there. Your parents had a heart there. You did.

Jabran Inayat (12:21):
I mean, that’s why I said Brother Daniel King, it’s open, come and do. And because it’s a Buffet TV channel, it’s a 24 hour tv and it’s the on set light. And we are, the Lord is providing, Lord is giving. But we need, I mean, people who, who have, I mean programs or if they have heart to con connect with us, we can send the programs in Pakistan. They will dub I do myself translations and you know, help us to reach many, many people because the gifts that the Lord has given, it’s is the body of Christ. It’s one beats thousand, but two beats, 10,000. That’s my heart. To work in a unity, to work in synergy, to work together for the kingdom of God. And as we are here in Turkey with many different ministries. But the aim is one, the prayer of Jesus in John chapter 17 is to God for his disciples, that they will be one and people will see that they are my disciples.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (13:19):
Amen. Tell me about how this vision got started. It’s a big vision. You, you have a desire to reach this entire region in the 10 40 window. Yeah. How did, how did that happen when you were young? What did God put in your heart that made you want to reach people who were lost? Yeah.

Jabran Inayat (13:45):
Yeah. When I was 16, 17 year old, and from that time I was finding in my life I was, I got saved. And I was finding in my life, where is my call? What is, because that’s very important. And I fell in my heart that I have evangelistic call in my heart. We start doing campaigns with many, many different evangelists. We start doing, I mean, we seeing things are happening. And then in 2007, we had a TV in Pakistan. It was a very small TV station. God put it on my heart. I was inspired not by any Christian channel, I was inspired by another Muslim channel. I watched the, the name of that channel was a peace channel. And when I watched that, the guy on their channel, he was just interpreting wrong Bible. And it was a Muslim channel. So when I saw that it’s inside of me zeal, I, I felt that if this guy, what, what, He’s not speaking right.

Jabran Inayat (14:48):
He’s not telling right things. If he can, you know, do on tv, why not? We can do that. Vision had started in 2007. We started something and you know, it was hundreds, hundred thousand people we were reaching that time. And then the persecution came, then the vision just diffused and we have to leave the country. And I came in Sweden and then I just felt that, I don’t know if we can do, if we cannot do, But then after I’m, in some years, when I was in Sweden, another channel asked me and called me and they said, Do you want to work together with us? And we want to do, you know, work in Asia and we want to work in Pakistan. That was the time when I just felt that again, that I can see that light. I can see that how we can reach many, many people without knocking doors.

Jabran Inayat (15:34):
We are into their homes. And, and from that years, we have seen incredible move of God. And, but for from two years, we are more focusing in, in especially when the Lord has opened a door for us to start a mission Asia, a settle Christian TV channel. We are, we are actually focusing more now in these areas. We have response from India. It’s not only just Pakistan. We have wonderful response from India. My wife name is Gita. They think that she’s from India. You know, Gita is is a holy Bible holy, holy book for Hindus. And they think she’s from India and I’m from Pakistan. It doesn’t matter for us. We are from Hammond. And you know, that’s, that’s the main thing. People are getting saved in India. People are getting saved. And because of the language, we speak Hindi and Udu.

Jabran Inayat (16:19):
And you know, that’s how the vision started. And my wife together, when we have decided that we have to seven days, we were praying and fasting, me and my wife, we were praying and fasting and everything. When you start something, when it is birth in prayer, when it’s birth in fasting, God is, God is there to help you and, and provide you. And, and it, it cost a lot. It was 150,000 Norwegian Crowns, it is $15,000 or $20,000 you need every month to pay everything. And we said, How could we do it? We didn’t have a single throne, we didn’t have anything, but the Lord has put it in our heart. We had a house, We have sold that house. The Lord has put it us that we could use that money for some of the places, for some of the thing.

Jabran Inayat (17:04):
And then Lord was blessing. Lord was giving us, you know, David, when he gave for the temple, it was his private money also. God has given him favor. He had given his money also. So I believe nothing belongs to us. Everything belongs to him. Our heart, our money, our houses, our shoes, our cars, it’s all belongs to him because it’s his birth in us. It takes one second that we will be died. So if something happened today, my money or my home or my car, it doesn’t, doesn’t help me anything. Only the thing I can take to heaven, it’s my soul and it’s someone that I bring into heaven is that’s I can bring. So that’s how it birthed. God has been so faithful and I believe that people who are hearing it, someone is hearing and you are thinking that how this will happen. Mary said the same thing to Angel, how this could happen, but you know, as the Holy Spirit will come upon you and then you will birth and his name will be Jesus. I believe there’s a vision that is, that is birthing inside of people and God will use you, someone who’s watching be bold and take a step of faith, and God is there to provide because he is the source.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (18:23):
Amen. Well, thank you so much for being on the Evangelism podcast. I’m so excited to see the fruit that God is going to bring through Mission Asia. The Lord bless you, and we appreciate you so much.

Jabran Inayat (18:38):
Yeah, thank you so much for having me. I really appreciate your time and God bless all the people. Thanks a lot. God bless you.

Evangelism Coach Daniel King (18:44):
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Evangelism Podcast Host (20:03):
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